Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- Madman Szalinski was backstage at the INTRUST Bank Arena. It is unknown as to why he was there as he is currently not medically cleared to wrestle and is not under UTA contract.

- It is unclear of the plans to follow up Chance Von Crank's attacks on Drew Stevenson after their match as Drew Stevenson is not book for the next WRSTLESHOW. Sources are saying that Stevenson is still expected to appear on the show and may address it at that time.

- Steve Solex, who had a video play during the show, is expected to debut sometime after the High Octane Wrestling LBI is complete.

- The identity of the Japanese person behind the recent promos on the last two shows is said to be revealed on the next WRESTLESHOW.

- Extra security is being considered as after the iPPV ended, the amount of threats against Abdul bin Hussain soared.

- Although not shown on camera, the big reveal for the now departed Shawn FX What's in the Box? segment insinuated that FX had left a mini version of himself in the box. The original plan was for Midget Von Crank to face off against Midget FX to keep the dream match of Shawn FX versus Chance Von Crank for a show down the road.

- The Jokers Wild is being said to be gearing up to be pushed even more as management is looking toward adding a more structured team element to the shows. James Wingate, President and CEO, is said to be a big fan of the trio, especially Scotty Addams.

- Kirk Irving is out for an unknown amount of time after injuring his shoulder at the iPPV. It is unknown the extent of his injuries.