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Post WS 32 webisode

Chapter 2


The following was recorded February 8, 2015

Jamie Sawyers catches up with the Demonic Couple as they start to leave the arena.

Sawyers: Crimson Lord, Gaze can I get a word with you?

Crimson dressed in street clothes already. Decked out in all black, with a trench coat his hair tied behind his head. His duffel bag swung across his right shoulder. He looks toward Sawyers. He drops the bag on the ground. Gaze also turns she is also dressed in all black with a skin tight dress on. Her hair tied into a pony-tail and a leather jacket with black eye shadow and black lipstick on.

Crimson: What do you want Sawyers?

Sawyers: Just a few words on your big win tonight.

He looks toward Gaze who seems to not want to be there anymore. Just by staring at her gold watch, he humors Jamie and looks back toward him as Gaze growls under her breathe.

Crimson: You got five minutes.

Sawyer: Oh well ok…first off you secured your spot in the rumble at All or Nothing what are your comments toward that?

Crimson cracks a half grin.

Crimson: My thoughts is now the entire UTA, the next generation gets to bare witness to why I was the most dominant UTA Superstar back in the day first hand.

Sawyers: You seem to have made quite a few believers already.

He nods in agreement, Jamie continues with his line of questions.

Sawyers: What about your thoughts on Nigma getting involved in your match not physically but was he a distraction?

He looks away for a moment Gaze is pointing to her watch, he slowly raises his hand to her in a way to try and have her be patient. He returns his look back to Jamie.

Crimson: Jamie do you think I honestly care whatever Nigma’s motives were seems the only one he distracted was Paladin.

Sawyers: Why do you think he came out there? Perhaps he was there to scout you? Or he was there to scout Paladin?

Crimson shrugs his shoulders before responding.

Crimson: I do not care, if he was out to scout Paladin…as for me if he thinks by typing in some laptop about how I operate in that ring. That this will give him some sort of edge against The Spectre on February 14, 2015. Then he is sadly mistaken I am not Spectre I do things differently in that ring we both reach the pinnacle of the ladder in this business in our own ways. So if he was out there to scout me for some sort of advantage on Spectre he wasted his time.

Gaze interrupts finally.

Gaze: Love we got an early flight tomorrow hurry this up I am tired!

He looks toward her and smiles for a moment then returns to Jamie.

Crimson: Wrap this up boy.

Jamie quickly tries to ponder what to ask him again quickly and blurts out something that does not sit well with Crimson Lord.

Sawyers: What are your thoughts of Abdul Bin Hussian beating Mr. Fantastic and joining you at All or Nothing March 8th?

Crimson: Fantastic has been in this spot before the man will get it together, Hussian got damn lucky all I will say about that!

Jamie quickly asks another question as it appears Crimson has had enough of the questions, but stops to answer Jamie’s final question.

Sawyers: Before you two go you face the same man that beat your fellow Spawn member at Victory XXVI any words for the former UTA Champion?

Crimson stares coldly at Jamie and snatches the microphone from him and pushes him out of the screen shot and stares at the camera.

Crimson: Hussian pray to that fake “God” that I do not take you out of All or Nothing that night. I intended to walk in with nothing but Spawn vengeance on my mind. You got lucky once you will not be so lucky next time!

He drops the microphone grabs his duffel bag and follows Gaze toward the exit of the arena


Fade out