Pandemonium V
FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV

Jan 08, 2020

Pandemonium returns for 2020! Tune in to see the fallout from #MAWA and witness the new direction for the new year. Exclusively on Fite.TV and shot at the brand new FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV.

Lance Mingle vs. Michael Byrd

Lance Mingle and Michael Byrd meet in this opening match.


Harry Black vs. Chad Chaos

Harry Black meets Chad Chaos in singles action.


Kentucky Tarzan vs. Raging Dead vs. Shawn Kutter

Triple Threat action as three of the FWF's most unique superstars face off against each other.


Jace Wheeler vs. Blaze Havoc

Returning to the FWF after a minor contract lapse, Blaze Havoc looks to get a win over Jace Wheeler. Will Jace be able to avoid being another victim of the CoV?


Daniel Leslie vs. Bobby Dean

Hardcore Match

    Hardcore Championship
    Hardcore Championship Match
Bobby Dean made a surprise debut at #MAWA unveiling what appears to be the new FWF Hardcore Championship. Daniel Leslie, the self proclaimed king of hardcore for the FWF, wants to get his hands on not only Bobby, but the championship. Who will come out victorious in this action packed match?


Lunchbox Larry vs. Stalker

    UTA Championship
    UTA Championship Match
Lunchbox Larry looks to be a fighting champion as he gives Stalker the first opportunity at the FWF World Championship after the two men have gained a respect for each other through the championship tournament.


RP Deadline: 1/7/20 @ 6:59am PST
Segment Deadline: 1/8/20 @6:59am PST


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