Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- launched a new website last night bringing cutting edge design into play. Feedback from media sources has been great so far.

- No longer a secret, Chance Von Crank's last match will be at the upcoming WRESTLESHOW #6. His official Twitter account created buzz after he announced he would be a free agent soon.

His departure from the company is after an internal memo was sent out about the new direction management wants to take the UTA as they strive for more sponsorship deals. Crank is said to be leaving on good terms and is doing so as he sees his character's vision and the company's vision to be going in separate directions.

- Jackson Keller is expected to debut on the upcoming WRESTLESHOW. Little is known about Keller's UTA re-package, but information is now coming in that his last few independent dates, he was seen working an All-American Hero gimmick. Rumors are speculating that Keller will counter Abdul bin Hussain's Anti-American persona.

- Drew Stevenson has not been on the road with fellow Jokers Wild members, Scotty Addams and Frank Washington. He is expected to fly into Oklahoma the morning of the next WRESTLESHOW taping where he is said to be an important part of setting the plans for the promotion to move forward.

- In other Jokers Wild news, this past Wednesday in Amarillo, Scotty Addams and Frank Washington set a new tone for the group. Fans were reported to be behind the two's comments about the business and fellow superstars Marcus Corbin and Howard King.

- Kirk Irving is said to be happy to be back and that his injury was not as bad as originally thought. Irving will continue to work live events and is scheduled to appear on the upcoming WRESTLESHOW.

- The recent leak of Madman Szalinski's medical records online, has many people curious as to why management is taking the chance on signing him to a contract. He is said to not have doctor's approval to perform. However, it is believed he has signed a waiver releasing the United Toughness Alliance and everyone associated with the promotion of all liability in the event that he injures himself or more.

- Frank Dylan James was accompanied by two unknown men at the live event in Amarillo this Wednesday. They are reportedly being refereed to as The James Clan by those in attendance. Internal sources are saying that The James Clan is being tested in front of live event audiences and may make a future debut into the promotion.

- Talking about groups. With The Jokers Wild in full force, the recent live event teaming of Dr. Emo, Darian Dumont, and Kirk Irving and the potential entrance of The James Clan, many fans are saying that the UTA may be trying to rekindle the flame it had in the late 1990's and early 2000's when almost the entire roster was made up of various groups.

The Spawn, Revolution X, Points of Authority, and Iron Fury were just some of the groups to break out during this period. The emergence of the groups and their interactions with each other helped push the UTA from a regionally situated company to the worldwide leader in professional wrestling. If the rumors are true, and the UTA can capture the same feel as then, many believe the promotion can soar into the future.

- Many were upset in Amarillo when Lucius Jones did not make an appearance as advertised. Jones had hyped the event on a local radio station that morning but was soon after pulled from the event and sent to Richmond, Virginia along to begin the hype for the upcoming live event on the 5th.