Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Spectre Not Happy With Ron Hall

After what happened at the end of the last Wrestleshow where UTA Hall of Famer Ron Hall came out at the conclusion of the Main Event, everyone is left wondering what Rn Hall's intentions really are.  For all intents and purposes, it looked as if The Southern Rebel was aiming his infamous superkick straight for Spectre's head.

It was only because Spectre happened to see Ron Hall and the kick coming out of the corner of his eye, that Ron Hall missed Spectre entirely and ended up hitting La Flama Blanca square in the jaw.

Afterward, Ron stood toe to toe with Spectre and subsequently flipped the bird, before walking out of the ring to an enraged Spectre.  UTA officials caught up with Spectre and this is what he had to say regarding the incident.

"All questions I had about Ron Hall choosing to end the Shock Therapy Match early due to his alleged "concern" for both me and Sean have now been answered.  Ron didn't stop the Shock Therpay Match out of health concerns.  That redneck ended the match just so he could stick it to me, and so that I wouldn't walk away with a victory over Sean Jackson!  Ron knew I wanted to end this war between Sean and myself!  I guess old wounds die hard and that SOB can't let go of the past.

Hell, for all I know he's already in Dynasty's back pocket seeing as they have lost two members in KVT and CBR.  Lord, the Almighty leader of Dynasty can't be caught with his pants down in a fair fight!"