Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- Joining the recent hire of Steve Solex, I can now confirm that Noah Spade, Jackson Keller, and Madman Szalinksi are under UTA contract.

- There are rumblings that Scar and Jack Bunyan from Virtual Wrestling are in talks to potentially sign contracts soon.

- The office has reportedly also reached out to Hall of Fame member, Michael Owens for a potential deal. Other Hall of Fame names also rumored to have been in recent talks are The Spectre, Mr. Fantastic, and Ron Hall. It is unknown if an agreement with any have been reached.

- It is expected that the fall out of Chance Von Crank and Commissioner Kevin Hawk will be addressed, and potentially conclude on the next edition of WRESTLESHOW.

- Kevin Hawk's brother and fellow Hall of Fame member, Seth Payne (Klash), is rumored to be at the next WRESTLESHOW as well.

- Shawn Alexander Cage, whom is currently not signed to a contract anywhere, has been in talks with UTA officials about making potential one off appearances for fans in attendance. It is not expected that he will sign an active contract at the time.

- Now that the UTA Championship tournament is over, it is expected that the next WRESTLESHOW will be very segment heavy, setting up storylines and feuds between the talent.

- JR Straps, the beltmaker whom was commissioned to design the UTA Championship has reportedly been commissioned to design another title.

- The UTA has released promo art featuring Dr. EMO in commemoration of winning the UTA Championship title. EMO is the first UTA champion since 2007.