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Mouthiest runner up? Insulting.

I have a target on my forehead.

Between Dynasty's general dislike for anything that isn't Dynasty, Spectre's dislike of anything that isn't Spectre is awesome,' and as of this past morning, it seems that the WTF Coalition has decided that their purposes was best suited to telling me I should die, that the world would be terrified of the Second Coming without the mask, and that I have a failed porn career and a lost title on my plate and that's all I'll be known for.

Also, I'm Satan. Jalante, Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father, did he?

To be fair, it wasn't just me. Will Haynes, voted Mouthiest Wrestler of 2014 (We'll see about that this year), decided that he wanted to see both La Flama Blanca and I die during our match.

Pretty harsh. But me being me, I had to respond. And he responded.

So did Blobby Dean and Mikey Unlikely.


I'm a seven month veteran of this sport, and as it's been pointed out time and time again by everyone who isn't me, Zhalia Fears, and Kush - I lost my Wildfire championship after just two weeks and no successful defenses. Clearly, my fifteen minutes are up.


Dynasty, the WTF Coalition, and Spectre all seem to be hanging on my every word. It's like they're dissecting what I'm saying in the hopes that they can find some opening, some inconsistency, some weakness that they can all exploit to say 'SEE! We told you she was trouble/terrible/fake! Next time listen to us, the stalward protectors of everything in wrestling!"


Because I'm a threat to the established order.

I asked my dad once, did he have a lot of friends in the wrestling business. He laughed and said no, in twenty years of wrestling he counted maybe five people he would consider friends - including my aunt and uncle. I asked him why, he said most of the boys were jealous. He was a guy who would come in, get massively over, and have the support of literally the entire arena no matter who he was facing, and he was outshining all of them. Since he was never in anyone's main event plans, this rubbed a lot of guys the wrong way, though he had everyone's respect since he never - ever - had a bad match.

Dynasty saw how I was getting over and making them look like idiots just by talking, so they did the same. But they didn't understand that it doesn't work the same way on me as it does on them. When the World Champion is taking the time out of his day to try to bury the rookie every time he opens his mouth? Is he... threatened... by the rookie?

Go watch Dynasty's promo for this week's Wrestleshow. I'll wait.


Jimmy Witherhold and CBR have enough to worry about with Kush and Zhalia, but they gave me equal time.


Because I'm a threat to the established order.

Dynasty claims I'm irritating. The WTFc claims I'm obsessed with winning.



What the Dynasty goons call irritating is part irritating, part speaking my mind. What they are is so insecure in their careers and their egos that they can't stand the idea that someone out there thinks they're overrated. And the WTFlippers... I dunno. Obsessed with wins and losses, they say.

My aunt said something about that too, a long time ago. She said winning and losing only matters when the fans care about the wins and losses. That's why it mattered that I kept on winning, despite the entire roster shouting at me to fail. That's why someone like Will Haynes kept on losing and there was nobody around to say 'stop sucking.' For a group that was founded on being anti - Dynasty, you're spending an inordinate amount of time trying to 'get one over' on someone else who's anti-Dynasty while leaving Dynasty completely alone.

Spectator says I appear in too many taped segments. It's because I'm asked to do so. If they didn't pull ratings they wouldn't ask me anymore. This isn't a hard concept, and you're supposed to be some kind of half-assed hall of famer.

The entire company seems to be waiting for - and maybe placing bets on - when Fears, Kush and I are going to implode. They're going to be waiting for a very, very long time.

I don't play the political game in the locker room. I don't trade favors or kiss up to the veterans just because they're veterans. I've never gone out of my way to sling mud without having some slung at me first, but I'm the obnoxious one. I've never politicked my way into a match or a shot that I didn't earn in the ring, but I'm the untalented one.

I won the VCW Championship from Dick Fury and the roster probably went 'Okay, the last survivor of the feeder promotion gets the belt, that's good. Gives her something to do and keeps her away from the real wrestling.' The belt was supposed to guarantee me a title shot against the wildfire or Internet - Legacy - Championship, and then I went and earned shots at both on my own. I don't think that was what anybody had planned.

Ergo, I'm a threat to the established order.

Kush and Zhalia don't play the political game, either. They don't play the woman card, either. They want to do their best and be recognized for it - which they have been.

My dad said he only had a handful of people that he considered close friends, even after two decades of professional wrestling. I see what he means. Professional wrestlers are some of the most thin - skinned people in the known universe, and even if they claim to be 'above' the source of their derision, can't stand the idea that someone they claim to be above is talking trash.

Dynasty - and even the WTFlippers - have an attitude of being above anyone not in their particular group. What they've forgotten is that everyone, everywhere, has started at the bottom. Little Jimmy Witherhold had a debut match once, too, and I'll bet it wasn't for a championship. It was probably jerking the curtain in some pissant local promotion against a mascot or something.

Everyone starts at the bottom, and the cream rises to the top.

Kush, Zhalia and I are rising faster than anyone could've predicted or feared. And that's a threat to the established order.

And... you ain't seen nothing yet.

I am The Second Coming.