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Checking in with the follow up from the UTA Year End weekend and all the news that's fit to print and even some that might not be going forward into 2015.

34 Awards at the Year end show and a lot of them could have been combined into simpler catagories.  Sometimes less is more.  

Opinion sure not to be popular:  Speaking of systems, I'm a little ok, really skeptical of the new "tier" level or whatever you want to call it system.  What is this soccer?  It's still wrestling despite claims to the contrary, you win, you move up, you lose, you move down. You want to main event, you want to make money?  Win.  

Perfection proved he deserves his "Superstar of the year" Award by regaining the UTA World Heavyweight Championship over Yoshi last night.  I don't think this is the end of their feud and wouldn't be surprised to see a rubber match between the two at All or Nothing in March.

The Second Coming and Log Habben have promising futures in the UTA. Expect to hear their names early and often in the coming year.  

The feud that will never end, the UTA's "Feud of the year" between Spectre and Sean Jackson looks like it will take a new turn in 2015 with the reformation of Spawn now featuring fellow Hall of Famer's Crimson Lord and Mr. Fantastic.

The Shoot Kings and the reformed Spawn both want a peice of Dynasty, we may see a 3 way gang war errupt some time in 2015. 

I have a feeling that last night's apperance by another UTA Hall of Famer "The Southern Rebel" Ron Hall might not be the last time we see him in a UTA ring.  We all know his contract was a one time only deal but based on the way the Shock Therapy match ended, it might not be entirely his choice to make.

Speaking of Shock Therapy, word has it that the fall out from the match was so severe that the UTA is considering banning it from ever happening again.  There were several people in the back having flashbacks to the infamous Matt Fury episode.

Madman Szalinski and La Flama Blanca tore the house down last night in the main event. La Flama Blanca proved he is worthy of his "Most Improved" award. Could we see Mask vs Mask at All or Nothing?  

Why was only Perfection awarded "Most Hated?"  Dynasty as a whole deserved it.

UTA HISTORIC FACT:  UTA Hall of Famer Spectre holds the record with 4 World Title reigns.  

When I think of "Manager of the year" I think of one question: Who has all the gold?  Dynasty does.  Jed Dye deserves credit for helping his men move up the ladder of success in the UTA and The Good Reverend is an important part of "The Truth's" success but until otherwise noted, Marshall Owens' stable is carrying all the hardware, HE is the best manager in the UTA today.

Fast forwarding through some of these awards that just look like there on here to kill time....  I love my DVR

Best Theme Music? If I want that I'll either download it from ITunes or wait for "UTA Full Volume" (Superstar's intro music album) to come out.

Why are UTA title changes considered shocking moments or great upsets?  If the guy is good enough to be in the ring with the champion, it shouldn't be a total surprise if he wins.  

Other thoughts from watching the PPV last night:

Turk's ACL injury is minor but it's serious enough to warrant surgery.  Hopefully this doesn't completely derail his momentum.  He is a star on the rise.

Opinion sure not to be popular:  I understand that Doozer is a Hall of Famer in DREAM, but until he achieves that honor here in the UTA, he should just be another wrestler trying to prove himself. If everyone who is a HOF in another promotion gets refered to as that on UTA TV, it cheapens the meaning as a whole. What's the point of having a Hall of Fame if everyone in the company is being refered to as a Hall of Famer from another promotion?

That being said, I like what I saw from him in his debut match and expect him to climb the ranks rather quickly in the coming months especailly if he keeps showing the killer instinct he showed last night.

CBR continues his record setting reign as UTA Internet Champion but will circumstances see him move up and try for the biggest prize of all in 2015?

HISTORICAL UTA FACT:  The longest UTA title reign was by the first UTA World Champion the Exectutioner who's title reign lasted an incredible 1,625 days (4 years 5 months and  2 weeks)

Bobby Dean vs Kimera Zhalia Fears... that image has gone viral on the web and I haven't been able to sleep yet. Thanks for the nightmares Bobby.

UTA HISTORICAL FACTS:  At 539 pounds Yoshii is the largest superstar in UTA History. Former UTA Wrestler Goliath at 7'2 remains the tallest.

Speaking of the ladies, rumor has it that Saturday Night Victory might become home to a new ladies division.  The UTA seems to be drawing in plenty of quality talent from around the world and it might be worth a shot.

I watched the opening to the La Flama Blanca/Madman Szalinski match and whoever screwed those graphics up in the truck needs to be fired.

Why weren't Abdul Bin Hussian, David Hightower, Mikey Unlikely or Gentleman Jack booked on this show?  These men have shown that given the chance they could be main event level talents.  Hussian is a former World Champion.

Look for UTA the Magazine avaliable starting in January on newstands everywhere.