Posted by Rumor Man Stan

A few minutes ago a police vehicle was spotted pulling up to the Giant Center in Hershey Pennsylvania home of tonight's Seasons Beatings PPV. The mysterious masked man who has been spotted at UTA headquarters over the last few days emerged from the car sporting a mask still and headed into the arena.

Our attempts at questions resulted in him giving us a piece of paper that had the following typewritten on it:

I am here at the request of James Wingate and to officiate the Shock Therapy match between Spectre and Sean Jackson. I have a valid UTA contract for tonight only. I am aware of the comments from Mr. Jackson and will be clear that I am not in league with anyone. Not Spectre, Dynasty, Sean Jackson or anyone in the company at this time. I would like both men to remember that any attempts at physical assault or intimidation will result with me responding in kind.