Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Yesterday we reported on a masked man who arrived at UTA headquarters and was promptly escorted into James Wingate's office for closed door meetings.  This morning, both the masked man and Mr. Wingate returned to his office bright and early to resume what we think were discussions.

Just a few minutes ago, the masked man walked out of Mr. Wingate's office and left refusing all request for comment and without offering any clue to us as to who he might be.

James came out just a moment ago and when asked if he has a referee for is arguably the most dangerous match ever devised in UTA history, he remarked "Yes" and commented that the man had signed a contract so that he would be considered a UTA employee. 

With a smile, he held up the signed contract for all of us to see and it read "John Smith" at the bottom. When pressed as to who it might be, James answered "The only way you, or anyone will find out is to tune in to Seasons Beatings tommrow night." 

With that he turned and went back into his office, slamming his door in our face as we attempted to get a more concrete answer out of him.

So apparently at this point James does have someone brave, stupid or crazy enough to officiate this match but the only way anyone is going to know for sure who it is, will be to order Seasons Beatings tommrow night on PPV.