Posted by Rumor Man Stan

The UTA DVD depeartment figures to be quite busy in the upcoming year with many releases on the docket.  Here are some of the rumored projects currently being mentioned:

Black Horizon: The complete collection  (Showcase of the UTA's signiture PPV)

Top 20 Finishers in the History of the UTA (Subjective list)

25 Greatest Stars in the History of the UTA (Subjective list)

Mortal Combat The Greatest Rivalries in UTA History (Documentary of some of the greatest UTA rivalries ever)

Pure Gold:  The complete history of the UTA Title.

Blood Lust: The Best of Crimson Lord (Biography/Best of)

True Rebellion:  The Story of The Southern Rebel Ron Hall (Biography/best of)

Simply Fantastic:  The Best of Mr. Fantastic  (Biography/best of)

Fury Bomb:  The untold story of  Matt Fury (Biography/best of)

Are you worthyThe story of the UTA Hall of Fame and it's current members