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We fade into Jamie Sawyers standing in front of the Livewire Exclusive banner.

Sawyers: Folks, in 2003, the UTA was home to many colorful characters such as The Spectre, Klash, Kor, Brian Ironside and more.

As he speaks, images of each of the superstars mentioned come across the screen.

Sawyers: Yours truly had the privilege of calling a match featuring two future hall of famers at the time, and today we would like to share that with you.

He smiles.

Sawyers: From the video vault, the 2003 match between two bonified legends.. Crimson lord and "The Southern Rebel" Ron Hall.





XE Tron shows a video montage of the history of Crimson Lord and Ron Hall. The fans cheer after the last clip is shown of Hall super kicking Crimson off the stage into the electric equipment.


Fans erupt in cheers

Wild Wild West hits the fans erupt as Ron Hall makes his way from the back of the curtain. He slaps hands with a few fans as he makes his way to the ring. He climbs the stairs and enters the ring. He hops on each foot in a warm up routine as the lights go out.


The crowd boos loudly

Sawyers: Here comes the 7 foot monster. These two have never met one on one in the ring. But after what Crimson did earlier to Dark and Hawk. Crimson does not appear to be in the best of moods.

Sweet Solitude by Crematory hits as red smoke rises from the entrance way. Red lights shine down the ramp way as Hall is seen staring coldly at Crimson in the red light above the ring. Gaze appears first followed by Crimson Lord. A huge chorus of boos as Crimson and Gaze slowly make their way down the ramp way.

Sawyers: Its time for Crimson Lord to pay for his crimes. I hope Hall tears this man apart!
Crimson and Gaze reach the ring apron. Hall stares at Crimson, as does Crimson. Crimson then grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron he steps over the top rope and walks face to face with Hall. As the lights come back on.

The Southern Rebel Ron Hall vs. Crimson Lord
Legends Collide

Sawyers: Hall and Crimson stare at each other. You can cut the tension with a knife; Crimson turns from Hall and tries to throw a sucker punch but Hall blocks it. Hall throws a punch of his own. Here we go both men are brawling it out.

The bell rings, Hall begins to back Crimson up with his punches. Crimson stumbles against the ropes. Hall backs up a few steps and clotheslines Crimson over the top rope. Crimson lands on his feet, and grabs Hall's legs from under the bottom rope and pulls him out to the outside.

Sawyers: Crimson now with some fierce punches to Hall's forehead. Crimson grabs Halls hair and tries to slam him into the ring apron. But Hall is blocks it Crimson tries again but Hall blocks it again. Hall reverses it and sends Crimson face into the apron. Crimson staggers backward, Hall rushes him with a clothesline sending Crimson hard to the steel ramp way. Gaze runs around the apron and jumps on the back of Hall and attempts to choke him out, Hall bends over and grabs Gaze by the hair and snap mares her over his shoulder.

Gaze hits the ground and Hall stares coldly at her. Crimson has gotten up and moves around Hall. Hall not aware Crimson is behind him, Crimson swings Hall around and grabs Hall by the neck with a double choke slam. Gaze quickly moves out of the way as Crimson slams Hall hard to the ground.

Sawyers: Gaze did her job apparently distracting Hall long enough. Crimson grabs Hall by the hair and tosses him back in the ring. Crimson slides under the bottom rope and picks up Hall he body slams him to the mat. Crimson goes for a blatant choke.

The ref counts to 5 before Crimson breaks the hold, he goes for the choke again and the ref again gives Crimson the 5 count. Hall quickly rolls toward the ropes, and slides out of the ring. Crimson begins to argue with the ref for a moment and turns his attention to Hall once more. Now on one knee leaning against the apron. Crimson pulls Hall by the hair from the outside to the ring apron. Hall shoves Crimson off and grabs the back of Crimson head and slingshots Crimson's neck against the ropes sending the begin man crashing to the mat. Hall slides in the ring and begins to deliver elbow shots to Crimson's throat. Hall picks up Crimson and whips him into the corner.

Sawyers: Hall grapevines Crimson right leg across the second rope, and begins to pull on Crimson knee. Hall looks to be trying to take the wheels out from under Crimson. The ref is giving Hall a 5 count. Hall stops the pressure and then goes back to it again. The ref gives him another 5 count. Hall pulls Crimson out of the corner and begins to stomp on Crimson right leg. Crimson is staggering Hall consecutively does repeated kicks. Crimson drops to a knee. Hall with a kick right in the face of Crimson. Crimson falls to the mat. Hall drags Crimson to the center of the ring and applies a figure four to Crimson. Crimson grinds his teeth in pain. The pain continues to get more intense. The ref is asking Crimson if he wants to quit.

Crimson angrily says no to the ref. Crimson begins to pull Hall toward the ropes. Hall knowing punching Crimson right leg to increase the pain applied on the leg. Crimson finally reaches the ropes, the ref tells Hall to break the hold. Hall waits a few seconds before releasing the hold. Crimson tries to pull himself up by the ropes. Hall moves in and grabs Crimson's right leg once more and twists Crimson on his stomach.

Sawyers: ANKLE LOCK!! The same move he used to break Crimson ankle over a year ago!! Crimson screaming in pain, Gaze is pounding on the mat for Crimson to escape the hold.

Crimson stops screaming and begins to laugh. Hall looks confused Crimson quickly moves to his back, and with his other foot pushes Hall off him. Hall staggers back to the ropes Crimson gets up to his feet hobbling a bit but still laughing at Hall. Hall enraged tries to throw a punch but Crimson dodges it and grabs, Hall in the face with an iron claw.

Sawyers: Crimson with an iron claw, Hall is buckling. Crimson is putting a lot of pressure on the hold.

Crimson's veins can be seen bulging out of his skin as Hall drops to both knees. Gaze is screaming to apply more pressure. Hall's hands drop to his sides. Crimson gives an evil grin as the ref starts to raise Hall's left arm.

Sawyers: The ref checking to see if Hall is out. This could be over fans. Halls' hand has dropped once the ref lifts it up a second time, it drops again. Crimson is enjoying it, the ref raises Hall's arm for a third time. HALL'S ARM STOP JUST BEFORE IT DROPS!! Crimson can't believe it Hall is fighting his way back up to his feet! He begins to unload on Crimson gut, Crimson still has the hold locked on. Hall continually punches Crimson in the gut, Crimson looks to be loosing his grip. Crimson grinds his teeth again and lifts Hall up by his face and Claw Slams Hall hard to the mat WHAT A MOVE!!

Crimson's leg buckles; he goes for the cover the ref down for the count 1……2…..kick out. Crimson enraged applies a choke to Hall once more. The ref warning Crimson, Crimson gets to his feet and looks at Gaze. Gaze hops on the apron and begins to distract the ref. Crimson moves over to the corner turnbuckle, he rips the pad off exposing the steel turnbuckle.

Sawyers: Oh Crimson back to his old tricks again wait a minute, Crimson takes a knee and pulls something sitting by the ring apron it's a bottle of some sorts. He is drenching the steel with sniffs air it smells like…..Chloroform! Crimson has a sick look on his face, Hall has gotten to his feet. As Crimson turns around Gaze hops off the apron. Hall charges Crimson. OH Crimson ducks and grabs Hall by the legs and slingshots him over his shoulder right into the steel chloroform drenched steel turnbuckle. Hall screams in pain as he falls to the mat. Oh man Hall is cut. Crimson has pulled himself up to his feet. Hall just passed out!!!

Crimson walks over to Hall who seems to have passed out from the inhaling of the chloroform. Crimson picks up Hall and throws him hard into the exposed turnbuckle. Hall wakes up in pain but can barely keep his eyes open. Crimson walks over to Hall and foot chokes Hall. The ref counts to 5 and Crimson lets the hold go. He pulls Hall out of the corner and whips him once again into the steel corner. Hall screams in pain. And falls face first holding his lower back.

Sawyers: Crimson is licking his lips, man Hall is in trouble here. Crimson picks up Hall he has him in a body slam OH BACKBREAKER! Crimson is keeping Hall on his knee. Oh he is pushing Halls' head and legs back adding more pain to Hall's lower back Hall is yelling in pain. Crimson is enjoying this.

Crimson pushes Hall off his knee. Hall yells in pain. Crimson walks over Hall and applies a camel clutch to Hall. The ref checks on Hall, he is screaming in pain but refuses to give up. Crimson with a sinister smile on his face pulls back even harder. Hall is refusing to give up. He crawls to the ropes and grabs them. The ref tells Crimson to break the hold but Crimson refuses the ref begins to count to 5 and Crimson finally breaks the hold.

Sawyers: Crimson is trying to end Hall's career here. Crimson picks up Hall and throws him off the ropes POWERSLAM!! Crimson with the cover the ref down 1……2………3 NO HALL GETS A SHOULDER UP IN THE KNICK OF TIME!! Crimson enraged at the slow count. He picks up Hall and flips him up on his shoulder. Hall is in pain here Crimson is using his shoulder in a modify backbreaker. OH CRIMSON DROPS DOWN HARD AND HALL'S SPINE ALMOST BREAKS!! HALL IS HURT HERE FANS!

Gaze yells at Crimson to keep beating him, Crimson grins as Hall is screaming in pain holding his lower back. Crimson picks up Hall, and applies an abdominal stretch to Hall. Hall yells in pain as Crimson positions himself near the ropes. The ref checking on Hall Crimson reaches down and Gaze grabs his hand and pulls. Hall screams in even more pain.

Sawyers: Come on hasn't Gaze done enough during this match! The ref turns and Crimson and Gaze quickly let go before the ref can see. Much as I hate to say it, it's a good strategy. The ref moves back to Hall again, OH COME ON Crimson and Gaze again Hall screams in even more pain. The ref rushes over to the back and again is too late to see Gaze helping Crimson. The fans don't like this much.

The ref asking Crimson, Crimson says he is not getting help. The ref moves back to Hall who is drenched in blood. Gaze again helps Crimson; Hall screams in pain once more the ref rushes over and catches the Demonic Couple in the act. He kicks the hand of Gaze away. Gaze shakes her hand and yells at the ref.

Sawyers: HALL HIP TOSSES CRIMSON LORD OVER HIS SHOULDER!! Hall is hurt here fans. Crimson quickly to his feet moves in, Hall begins to throw desperate punches as does Crimson. Hall gets to his feet and the two begins to brawl back and forth. Hall gets the advantage and gets off "The Blow Away!!!" Crimson is staggering but still on his feet. Hall off the ropes DROPKICK TO THE RIGHT LEG!! Crimson drops fast favoring his right leg. You can see the pain in Hall's face; Crimson has damaged Hall's back. Hall moves in he grabs Crimson right leg and kicks the back of it. Crimson grinds his teeth in pain.

Hall pulls Crimson to the center and grapevines Crimson leg, and drops a knee on Crimson calf. Crimson yells in pain. Hall does it once more. Ron picks up Crimson who is hobbling a bit he tries to pick Crimson up but can't his back gives. Crimson quickly reacts with a DDT sends Hall hard to the mat Crimson falls to his side.

Sawyers: MY GOD WHAT A MATCH!! Both men are down the ref is making his 10 count here.

Ref: 1……….2………….3

Sawyers: This match can still go either way man these two have put each other through some fierce moves!!

Ref: 4……….5……..6

Sawyers: Neither man has moved here. We could have a count out here, Gaze is yelling at Crimson to get up.

Ref: 7……….8………..

Hall begins to stir as does Crimson. Crimson gets to his feet with help from the ropes. Hall still on his hands and knees. The ref stops counting, Crimson moves in and Hall twists Crimson right leg knocking the bigman off his feet. Hall quickly grabs Crimson right ankle and applies a modified version of the ankle lock again.

Sawyers: HALL WITH THE ANKLE LOCK AGAIN!!!! Look at Crimson's face he is in pain here. Hall gets to a vertical base and applies more pressure. WAIT A MINUTE!! Gaze just pushed the bottom rope close to Crimson so Crimson could grab it!! The ref sees it. The ref is kicking Gaze out of here!!! Gaze can't believe it, the ref gets outside and is pointing to the back. Gaze continually argues with the ref and finally begins to backtrack up the ramp way and toward the back. Finally now will see if Crimson can beat Hall one on one!

Hall has not let go of the ankle lock Crimson is riving in pain. The ref gets back in the ring. He moves to check on Crimson, but Crimson refusing to give up. Hall continues to apply pressure to the ankle.

Sawyers: Hall is looking to put Crimson on the shelf again! Do us all a favor Ron DO IT!!

Crimson reaches the ropes finally; the ref tells Hall he has to break the hold. Ron gets a 5 count before breaking the hold. Crimson yells in pain as he holds his ankle. Hall plays the crowd as they give him a huge pop. He moves in and picks up Crimson who can barely stand. Hall throws Crimson into the exposed turnbuckle. He follows it in with a hard clothesline as Crimson's head whips back. Hall side steps and Crimson falls face first to the mat. Hall picks up Crimson and grabs Crimson right leg and dragon screw drivers Crimson to the mat. Crimson screams in pain. As Hall points to the turnbuckle, the fans erupt. Hall climbs the ropes and dives off the ropes with a elbow into Crimson's chest he goes for the cover

Sawyers: Hall may have it here!!! 1………2………3 NO!! Crimson gets a shoulder up. Hall can't believe it. Hall picks up Crimson and throws him off the ropes he drops down. As Crimson steps over him on his way to the other side of the ropes. Crimson comes back at Hall. Crimson ducks Hall's clothesline and stops midway Hall turns around and Crimson nails Hall square in the face with a huge boot!!! Crimson falls to the mat both men are down again!!! Man what a match!!!

Ref: 1……….2………….3

Sawyers: Both Crimson and Hall have given the best moves to each other, crimson is really favoring his right ankle.

Ref: 4……….5……..6

Sawyers: Neither man has moved here. Both men are exhausted, man I have never seen someone take Crimson this far into a match!!

Ref: 7……….8………..9

Hall flips to his feet and poses himself in position for the super kick

Sawyers: Hall has a second wind here it appears!!! Crimson is slow to get up, Crimson has no clue where he is at. Crimson staggers to face Hall. WAIT A MINUTE CRIMSON MOVED THE REF IN HALLS PATH!!! THE REF IS OUT COLD THANKS TO HALL'S SUPERKICK. Hall is stunned. Crimson with a diving clothesline sends Hall back into the corner. The ref is out here fans. Oh great here comes that witch Gaze again. Hall is now being pummeled in the corner; Gaze goes under the apron and pulls out of for the life of me a SLEDGEHAMMER!! She has just slide the sledgehammer in to the ring, Hall is dazed. Crimson has the sledgehammer; Hall is staggering out of the corner Crimson goes to hits Hall with the hammer. HALL DUCKS!!! Ron clips Crimson right leg. Crimson drops the hammer.

The fans chant for Hall, Hall pushes himself to his feet he picks up the hammer and looks to the crowd with approval. Crimson gets to his feet and enraged turns around and tries to double ax handle Hall.

Sawyers: HALL JUST CRACKS THE SLEDGEHAMMER INTO CRIMSON GUT!!!! CRIMSON HAS SPIT OUT BLOOD!!!! Hall throws the hammer out of the ring. Gaze hops on the apron. HALL HAS GAZE HE IS KISSING HER!!!! Gaze falls off the apron Crimson's mouth is bleeding as Hall poses and Crimson tries to stand straight up SUPERKICK!!!!!! CRIMSON HAS JUST BEGIN NAILED WITH THE SUPERKICK!!!! CRIMSON IS OUT COLD. HALL HAS THIS ONE FANS!!!

Hall crawls over to Crimson and drapes his exhausted body over on top of Crimson. He reaches over slowly and hooks the leg.

Sawyers: 1…..2……3 this match should be over!!!!

Hall pounds on the mat for the 3 count, but the ref is out, Hall slowly pushes himself to his feet. He shakes the ref, trying to wake him up the ref, slowly comes around as Hall yells at him to count. Hall walks over to a motionless Crimson Lord. He falls back first on Crimson's chest and hooks the leg. The ref with a slow count 1…………………..2……………………………..3 NO!!

Sawyers: CRIMSON GOT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!! Hall can't believe it!! Hall staggers to his feet, he sets himself up in the corner once more waiting for a moving Crimson Lord to get up again.

Crimson gets to his feet; Gaze looks at him and tells him to watch out. Crimson staggers to his feet and goes to turn around. Hall rushes and nails Crimson with the super kick again, sending Crimson hard into the turnbuckle, but not to the ground.

Sawyers: Man Crimson is a tough son of a bitch he has taken 2 super kicks and has not stayed down. Hall looks like he is starting to get desperate here. Hall is setting up for a third super kick. Crimson, looks up toward Hall blood is dripping from his mouth. Crimson pushes himself out of the corner. LOOK AT THIS CRIMSON IS DARING HALL TO HIT HIM AGAIN!!? Hall has no idea what to do; Hall upset at Crimson arrogance goes for the kick again. Crimson is nailed yet again!! CRIMSON IS STILL ON HIS FEET!!! HALL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!

Crimson trying to keep his balance. Hall sets up for a 4th one, Hall goes to nail Crimson again, Crimson side steps the kick, Hall staggers forward. Crimson gets behind Hall and grabs Hall by the back of the neck, and lifts him up. In that reverse choke slam.

Sawyers: HALL IS IN CRIMSON REVERSE CHOKESLAM! Which he has called "The Plague" HALL HITS THE MAT FACE FIRST!!! Crimson drops to a knee. Hall has not moved. Crimson turns Hall on his back and goes for a cover hooking both legs! This could be it fans 1………2……….3NO!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT HALL KICKED OUT OF CRIMSON PLAGUE MOVE!!! Crimson can't believe it!!!

Crimson's eyes fill with rage. Crimson picks up Hall and throws him hard into the exposed turnbuckle, Hall gasps in pain. Crimson turns Hall facing the turnbuckle and lifts him to the top rope. Crimson sets Hall up for "The Blood Lust."

Sawyers: Crimson trying for the Blood Lust a move he has not used since he came back. Crimson is finding it hard to stay on his leg. CRIMSON WITH THE BLOODLUST!! Hall is holding his back in pain. Crimson is really favoring his leg. Both men are on the ground. Crimson turns to his stomach and drapes his right arm over Hall's chest.

The ref gets down for the count 1……….2…………..3, The ref rings the bell as Sweet Solitude hits the PA, Gaze slides in the ring and runs over to Crimson.

Sawyers: Man what a match Crimson Lord comes out on top, but Hall gave Crimson one hell of a beating. Crimson is trying to get to his feet, but he is spitting up blood badly, an can barely put weight on his right leg. I think Hall made Crimson bleed internally. I have never seen the 7 foot monster this beaten up before. Hall regardless of the loss gave Crimson one hell of a beating.

Gaze helps Crimson up the ref raises Crimson hand the fans actually clap for Crimson. Hall slowly gets to his feet. Crimson looks at Hall as the two stare at each other exhausted and bleeding. Crimson just stares at Hall the two don't blink an eye. Crimson slides out of the ring not taking his eyes off Hall who does the same. Gaze helps Crimson to the back as the two stare at each other.

Sawyers: Man who would have thought Crimson would actually show respect for someone. I have never seen that from him before. Man what a night it has been, Crimson Lord comes away with the win here but he had to fight for it.