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As the stream begins we are taken to a podium which has a long table with several "suits" behind it. One of them being the UTA's own, James Wingate. As the camera pans up from the back, we see a select amount number of journalist and sports writers in attendance. As we arrive at the podium, a slender man in a suit walks up to it.

Man: Thank you ladies and gentleman for joining us here today. I am Tim Calloway, head of programming for Pure Sports Entertainment.

A few cameras flash and some chatter from the crowd can be heard. Tim holds up a hand.

Calloway: Since the launch of Pure Sports Entertainment, and it's rapid growth to being accessible in over seventy countries, we have acquired the rights to air a variety of sports themed programming.

More chatter.

Calloway: One of our newest partners, the United Toughness Alliance represented by Mr. James Wingate...

James briefly stands and waves a hand up before sitting back down.

Calloway: ... have proved that the desire for sports entertainment is higher now, than it has been in over fifteen years.

Louder chattering, more cameras flashing.

Calloway: The UTA's ratings since coming to Pure Sports Entertainment have doubled. We have seen key demographics rise in certain areas of UTA programming, and fall in others.

The crowd continues to speak amongst themselves.

Calloway: After reviewing with Mr. Wingate the business plan of the UTA in accordance with current sponsors and investors, against other metrics such as the UTA's willingness to provide a tamer form of entertainment that fits within the realm of PG TV ratings, we have come up with a plan that we feel will take the partnership between the United Toughness Alliance and Pure Sports Entertainment to the next level.

More camera flashes and rumblings from the crowd.

Calloway: I would like to introduce the Owner and CEO of the United Toughness Alliance, Mr. James Wingate to the stand to explain to you where this takes us into the future. Thank you.

We have some clapping and more talk as Wingate stands up. He and Tim shake hands as they pass before he settles in behind the microphone. James waits for the crowd noise to die down a bit before he continues.

Wingate: I want to thank everyone for being here as well. There have been a number of rumors over the last two weeks about the fiscal health of the United Toughness Alliance, or that talent signed must be worried about pushing the limits of entertainment in fear of termination or fines.

The cameras flash.

Wingate: This is not true.

The rumble from the crowd grows.

Wingate: It is true that we did lose several high profile sponsors of our product in recent weeks, and that there were several instances aired on our shows that led to this. But, where one door closes, several others open.

More chatter.

Wingate: Up until this point, the United Toughness Alliance in this last year has kept a strict PG rating image. We have continuously informed our talent of what can, and can not be done to adhere with these guidelines. And yes, several talents who went against company set policies have been fined in recent months.

A few people try to get James' attention, but he just holds his hand up.

Wingate: Please. All questions will be answered at the end.

The crowd settles down a bit.

Wingate: Although not sanctioned by the FCC, coming into our partnership with Pure Sports Entertainment, we wanted to continue to make the best impression that we could and continue to adhere to our policies. However, in recent weeks, we have tested several segments of our shows with a little bit riskier of material.

James waits for a moment.

Wingate: Upon my discussions with pure Sports Entertainment, we have found that the slightly risker material actually improved ratings in the key demographic of eighteen year old to thirty four year old males.

The chatter begins again in the crowd.

Wingate: The reason that we have called you here today is to publicly announce a tighter, more strategic partnership between Pure Sports Entertainment and the United Toughness Alliance going forward.

A lot more commotion begins.

Wingate: We will be working together, to properly shape programming that airs on Pure Sports Entertainment to fit what you, the viewers, have told us you want to see.

James stands, allowing several photos to be taken before continuing.

Wingate: You, the viewer, have told us you enjoy the risker programming, the more compelling storylines, and some of the more out of the box stipulations. We have listened and so has Pure Sports Entertainment. This partnership will not only benefit the United Toughness Alliance monetarily through the newly negotiated contract, but you the viewer.

He smiles.

Wingate: We will start to bring you each and every Wrestleshow, aired on Pure Sports Entertainment, less watered down programming that fits to what you have told us you want to see, within taste and reason. Going forward, we as a company, will be lifting several policies set forth for our talent, to allow them to express themselves in a more relax, but controlled manner.

James holds a hand up as someone tries to ask a question.

Wingate: We understand that sports entertainment has been centered around being a family friendly product for a long time, we do not intend to change that. But we will go in a direction that parallels other forms of entertainment directed toward the youth of America in today's society.

James looks over and nods at Tim Calloway who is sitting at the table.

Wingate: Now, I do not have much time left as I have to catch a flight soon for this weekend's exciting edition of Wrestleshow, live on Pure Sports Entertainment from Cleveland. But, I do want to answer some questions.

He points.

Wingate: You in the blue sweater.

Man #1: Yes, thank You Mr. Wingate. Tom Riley from ESPN Magazine.

Wingate: How are you Tom?

Riley: I'm good, thanks sir. Listening to your announcement, I have to say, I don't think it's fully clear what you are announcing. As always, you prove your family is good at how you word things to give away just enough, but not enough at the same time.

Wingate: Practice from many years of dealing with the IRS, Tom.

A laugh comes throughout the crowd.

Riley: You mentioned you lost high profile sponsors, but are not hurting for revenue, and that a new deal has been signed between you and Pure Sports Entertainment. Can you be a little more clear?

Wingate: Sure. Look, I'm just a country boy from Texas at heart, and I'm going to talk to you like one.

The crowd chatters.

Wingate: We are a privately held company, and we plan on staying that way. However, we look for sponsors and investors to help back us through production cost, paying talent, and more. Some sponsors don't want to be associated with a product that doesn't stop a match when a superstar introduces a tow chain, or decides to continue even after having a piece of glass in their foot.

Some groans.

Wingate: That's fine. If you do not want to be associated with that, that is your company's prerogative. There are other companies that realize our superstars are trained athletes and in reality, actors. That we have trained and licensed medical doctors ringside who look out for the health of our talent.

Riley: But what about the instance you're talking about? Didn't David Hightower and Chris Hopper sustain real injuries in Mexico?

James just laughs.

Wingate: Yes sir they did. Both men sustained minor injuries that were exaggerated for entertainment purposes. Both men agreed to continue the match as they are constant professionals and wanted to give the fans what they wanted.

James holds a finger up.

Wingate: But the point we are trying to make here is, we want investors and sponsors that do understand that this is a form of controlled entertainment. That's where Pure Sports Entertainment steps in. They are no longer just a network that the United Toughness Alliance airs a show on, but a strategic partner going forward. They have opened up the revenue streams to allow us a larger production and talent budget going into twenty fifteen, while at the same time no longer worrying about staying within the barriers of a television rating. Next question. You, in the black hat.

A man stands up.

Man #2: Phil Holder, Fox Sports.

James laughs.

Wingate: Fox Sports? Who let these guys in? Fox is is faker than professional wrestling is.

The crowd all laughs.

Wingate: I'm kidding Phil, go on.

Holder: So does this mean that you are lifting the veil a bit, allowing swearing and more violence on your shows? Couldn't you have done this if you had stayed on High Octane Television where High Octane Wrestling proves every week they do not care about toning anything down?

James smirks.

Wingate: If we wanted to have an over the top product that endangered the lives of our superstars, and lost revenue with no way to bring it back in, yes, we could have stayed on HOTv. Look, Lee Best is a good friend and partner of mine, but he'll be the first to tell you that HOW is not a company for the weak at heart. That is not what we plan on doing, at all.

Holder: Then what is it?

Wingate: Simple. Our talent want to be able to go out and perform at the best of their ability and entertain. For the last year, they have been held back in some ways. We are no longer holding them back.

Holder: Swearing? Nudity? Excessive violence?

James sighs.

Wingate: Everything will be tastefully crafted  and to entertain.

Holder: That doesn't answer my question Mr. Wingate.

Wingate: You're not even from a real news company. Sit down. Next? You, ma'am in the pink jacket.

She stands up.

Woman #1: Cindy Martinez, The Onion.

James' eye brow raises.

Wingate: Ah, a news source more respected than fox.

The crowd fills with laughter.

Martinez: So, does this mean that there will be more swearing, the inclusion of nudity, and more over the top violence?

James pauses for a second, thinking before answering.

Wingate: Judy...

Martinez: Cindy...

Wingate: Whatever.

He holds a finger up.

Wingate: For swearing, PSE and I have worked out that as long as it is not over excessive, means something to the situation happening, and is used in moderation, there are many new words we can say. A few we can not. As for nudity, we will continue in implied situations of a tasteful manner. There will not be full or partial nudity. There never has been and never will be on our flagship show.

Martinez: What about the violence.

Wingate: I've already explained our talent are trained athletes and we have medical doctors on hand at all events. It will eb to the talent's discretion what they are comfortable doing when in the ring. I will say, one match coming up you should all watch. The Shock Therapy match at Seasons Beatings. This will be the type of matches to expect on a more frequent bases. Last question please. You... orange tie.

A man stand sup.

Man #3: Grady Thompson, New York Post.

Wingate: How are you Grady?

Thompson: Doing wonderful, thank you. I wanted to ask if the recent firings came from this decision, also the rumors of a talent hiring freeze, if they are true?

Wingate: Fair questions. Yes, for the most part we are not bringing new talent in. This however is due to not needing new talent Mr. Thompson. If you look at our roster, we have the best of the best. There are not many people left who fit into the level of our athletes.

Thompson: And the firings?

Wingate: You had a couple guys who have been sitting on their asses refusing to work for the last two months. A couple new guys who didn't feel like showing up for scheduled events. What's the reason to keep them?

Thompson: Fair enough. Will we be seeing anyone new or returning soon?

Wingate: Yes. Log Habben will be back in the ring in some capacity before the end of twenty fourteen more than likely. We have also just finalized a deal which will see both Teddy Alexander and LDO from NFW coming to the UTA to continue their exciting feud.

Thompson: How about the rumors of Mike Best and other High Octane Wrestling talent.

Wingate: Well, I hadn't said anything up until now, but there were discussions of several HOW superstars jumping over to the UTA when things looked meek in HOW. Lee Best caught wind of this and made promises of change to keep them and they stayed.

Thompson: Did Lee make good on his promises?

Wingate: I don't know. You need to talk to Mike Best, Jace Parker Davidson, and the others. From an outside perspective, they seem to be back exactly were they were when discussions started originally.

Thompson: So no chance of them in the UTA?

Wingate: Never say never, but discussions have broken down and I no longer have as high of a desire to pursue them. If they want to come to the UTA, we will see if we can accommodate. But you don't have daily conversations with me for a month, then go silent.

He holds a finger up.

Wingate: I take that back, I did speak with one of them recently and asked if they still planned on signing a temporary contract for the six weeks when HOW typically goes on break before the Lee Best Invitational. At that time I was told there may not be an invitational meaning there may not be a break. Once again though, you would need to talk to them. I just see this as Lee's way of making sure no one comes over. If you don't take a break from production, people can't leave.

Thompson: So you feel Lee Best knew he was losing half of his roster and is doing everything he can to stop it?

Wingate: Once again, you'll need to take that up with them. I gave several members an opportunity. We crafted storylines for them, everything. Then they went silent. I guess holding their company hostage worked at least temporarily. They want to come to the UTA, they can start the negotiation process over. That's all the time I have. Thank you.

The crowd begins to try and get his attention as he walks away. Tim Calloway steps back up to the podium.

Calloway: I have time for one question. You back there.

He points out to the crowd.

Woman #2: Laura Fishburne, MSNBC.

Calloway: Yes?

Fishburne: Does this mean the UTA will begin to air more programming on Pure Sports Entertainment, or change their time slots?

Calloway: We did discuss the possibility of changing to a Monday Night time slot, but found that at this time Sunday will continue to work better for both parties. As for programming, we will continue to air bi-weekly live broadcast of Wrestleshow, while on alternating weeks air the previous two episodes of Saturday Night Victory during the time slot. We will be revisiting additional programming needs in early to mid twenty fifteen. Thank you for your question.

The crowd tries to ask more questions but Tim puts his hadn up.

Calloway: That's all the time we have today. Once again, thank you all for meeting us here. We hope that you enjoy the upcoming programming we have in store for you on Pure Sports Entertainment. Thank you.

The cameras flash and people chatter more as Tim walks away. We fade to black.