Posted by Rumor Man Stan

What you didn't see on Victory. Post match stare down between Madman Szalinski and La Flama Blanca. More head games being played by The Luchador.

Madman Szalinski walked out of Victory a winner. While celebrating that win La Flama Blanca's music hit spoiling the party for Madman Szalinski. The Dynasty member made his way to the top of the entrance ramp.

The cheers quickly turn into boos. Szalinski and Ariel stood in the middle of the ring and peered down at The Luchador.

Blanca stood and clapped his hands for his former friend. Giving him a thumbs up.

Szalinski walked to the corner and climbed up the ropes. He stood on the middle rope and pointed out at La Flama Blanca; the crowd going wild.

The Luchador mouthed something at Szalinski, what we believe was simply, soon.

Another story in this feud that's about ready to boil over.