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Spectre To Confront Wingate?

If UTA Hall of Famer's recent tweet has any merit to it, (and we would not have any reason to believe it wouldn't), then the next Wrestleshow could be very interesting. Per Spectre's Twitter account:

"@WrestleUTA Wingate better get ready to eat crow. I have proof the FCC sent me a letter and fined me a hefty sum. See u at WS26, Wingate."

This comment comes on the heels of the fines handed out by Wingate and the UTA over Spectre's slip of the tongue of a word not allowed on network TV, as well as fines handed out during the violent and bloody Hightower match on the same show.

According to Spectre, however, he was also fined by the FCC for one of his video blogs where he said a few curse words. The issue Spectre has is that Madman Szalinski, in a profanity laced video blog where upwards of 50 curse words were said in a matter of 2 little over two minutes, was NOT fined by the FCC.

Allegedly, the fine included not being able to travel overseas to the UK, which partially explained Spectre's noticable absence from the show. Previously, Spectre had stated he was taking himself off the show to appease the complaints from Marshall Owens, but apparently was going to make a "surprise" appearance. However, the "fine" also included a one show suspension. But this claim cannot be substantiated and refuted by upper management.

Still, the Purple Haired Freak has promised he WILL show up at the next Wrestleshow and provide some sort of physical proof of fines that led to Spectre discontinuing video blogs, and what ultimately kept him off of the previous Wrestleshow.

What sort of fireworks will be set off during this potentially volatile situation?

Tune in to the next Wrestleshow to find out.