Posted by Rumor Man Stan

The Wrestling Insider caught up with Sean Jackson after Wrestleshow 24 went off the air last night. He was asked why? why did he get involved in the CBR versus Spectre match where the Internet title was on the line. This was his response.

Jackson: Why? why did I get involved? The answer to that question is simple. I got involved because I wanted Spectre to see what it felt like, to get oh so close to the title, only to have it snatched from you.

Back during Black Horizon in Miami, Florida. Spectre came out of nowhere and was made the special ring enforcer to Sean Jackson's title match against Madman Szalinski and Abdul bin Hussain. A title match in which Spectre handcuffed Sean Jackson to the ring ropes and handed the title to Madman.

Jackson: You see, I was the champion. I was the man in Wrestle UTA until Spectre stuck his nose in my business, stealing the title from me like a thief in the night. Well, now Spectre has to wonder about what might have been. Could he have really walked out of Mexico as the Internet champion. Answer me this question Spectre. How did it feel when I snatched the match from your wanting hands? Not that you could have beaten CBR anyway, but really, how did it feel?

As The Wrestling Insider stood there with Sean Jackson, the look of sheer joy couldn't be missed. Mr. Jackson was happy with his actions, no remorse to be found.

Jackson: Come on Spectre, I'm begging you to tell me how it felt to see that title opportunity stripped from you? by none other than Dynasty's special ring enforcer?

Sean would laugh out loud as he walked away. Expect more coverage from the Wrestling Insider as this story develops.