Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Spectre MAD...VERY  MAD!!!

UTA cameras caught up with UTA Hall of Famer The Spectre as he came back through the curtain after the controversial finish to his title match against Dynasty member CBR, where Sean Jackson’s interference and attack of the Purple Haired Freak cost him the chance to become Internet Champion.

The Spectre came storming through the curtain, holding his back and wincing in pain. It was apparent Spectre was on the hunt for Sean Jackson and CBR. Jamie sawyers had to follow trying to keep up with Spectre’s rather fast pace.

Sawyers: Spectre, Spectre. Do you care to comment on what we just saw out there? What is your reaction to Sean Jackson getting involved in your match with CBR and costing you a chance to capture the Internet Title?

Spectre stopped in his tracks, glaring at Jamie Sawyers. Spectre was seething mad, breathing heavily through his gritted teeth, and his eyes looking more wild and deranged than ever.

Spectre: My…my reaction?!

Spectre runs his fingers through his sweaty hair.

Spectre: What do you think my reaction is?

Now looking into the camera.

Spectre: Sean Jackson! I know you’re eventually going to see this after CBR pays off his debt to you by slipping his Canadian Bacon through your back door! But I want you to listen to me, and listen good! As far as your little “attack” is concerned, and thereby costing me a chance to WIN the Internet Title from CBR……


You got your payback, and now we’re even…..

FOR THE MOMENT! For…the…moment! You have no idea the massive can of worms you just opened! NOW, you have set yourself up to walk down a path, the end of which leads to a place you have no escape! But YOU will find yourself there at some point… and I will make sure I relish the pain and torture you will endure!

As far as CBR? You KNOW you haven’t seen the last of me either. You know that, despite still holding on to that title of yours, THE SPECTRE now holds TWO…

Spectre holds up two fingers right in front of the camera.

Spectre: …victories over you! How does it feel that your only two losses come at the hands of ONE individual? Better yet, how does it make you feel that it was Sean Jackson that cost you that victory? Looks to me as if Sean didn’t have enough faith in you to win by yourself, so he intervened to save your title! You know I am right!

But you also know I am right when I say that you yourself want to try and settle the score, face me again, to see if the third time is the charm, and if you will FINALLY be able to pin me! You know I am right! You can’t help yourself! Sooner or later, all the “what ifs” will get to you, and you will want to face me again down the road!

Just be glad you aren’t Sean Jackson right now! For HIS fate has already been decided and set in stone! HIS journey will come to an end before this year comes to an end!

Spectre turns to Jamie Sawyers.

Spectre: Now get the hell out of my way, before I take your little camera and bash it to pieces!

Spectre shoves the camera man to the ground. The camera spins around catching Spectre walking down the hall, holding his back, and destroying the catering table along the way, and screaming Sean Jackson's name.