Posted by Rumor Man Stan

No Brood per Spectre

Recently rumors have been circulating that The Spectre has been in secret meetings with his doppelganger and former Brood member, Dante. Speculation has been that Spectre is trying to reform his former stable from 2012-2013 in an effort to counter stables such as Dynasty, The Truth, and even Shoot Kings. Spectre, however shot down these rumors of reforming The Brood as being completely false.

"Look! Louis is dead, Devin's knee has degenerated too far for him to be of any long term use in the ring, and there is no way in hell I would even form a tag team with him! His focus has always been about being in control and being power hungry, at the expense of everything and everyone around him. The Brood, as it stands right now with the surviving members, is dead, and just can't happen.

Dante's sudden return took me by surprise, but there is no truth to The Brood getting back together. It's a non-story. Hell, Dante's "role", if you can even call it that, might be called, an "advisor". Even that is a real stretch. Basically, he gives me advice, and I tell him what he can do with that advice."

When posed the question about forming any type of NEW stable in the future, Spectre only said this. "Cliche as it sounds, never say never. UTA may get so out of control and overrun by bullshitters and asshole groups that the need to form my own group to run those groups out of UTA or at the very least break them up, may be necessary."