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Another old story in another fed resurrected in UTA?

Just in time for the month of October's arrival in a few days, where spirits and ghouls and shadows in the dark ramp up their mischief all the way up to Halloween....


A bit of strange and creepy news....


The silhouette of a tall figure with lantern in hand was seen walking into the former Brood compound around 9 PM local time, which so happened to be about the time fire had broken out at the compound.




Yes, your silence tells me you haven't the slightest clue what I am talking about. Well, sit back, wrap yourself under the covers, and let me indulge your curiosity. But I sure as hell am not going to give the FULL story, because they don't pay me enough to give you the WHOLE scoop.

(well, THAT and the fact that Spectre really creeps the hell out of me)

Basically The Brood WAS a group of four individuals- Dante, Spectre, Louis Friend- ll of whom looked alike except for their hair color. The fourth member was Devin Lynch, Spectre's longtime friend. The Brood was a very dominant but very short lived stable in another wrestling organization in the spring/summer of 2013.

To make a long story short this compound burned to the ground in July of 2013 and unintentionally claimed the life of Louis Friend. That tragic moment was also the final nail in the coffin for The Brood as wrestling fans knew it. Dante disappeared and has never been seen since, and Devin Lynch retreated back into seclusion deep in the Angelina National Forest in Lufkin, Texas. The building itself was condemned by local fire officials, and the property remained abandoned for over a year.... until now.

Further witness accounts state this figure roaming the compound eventually made his way over to the still remaining rubble, appeared to walk on top of it. The figure eventually stopped at one point, tossing away some of the charred wood, and disappeared down into some underground hole.

Logic suggests that this figure was none other than Spectre himself; however, even as this story broke and before it was made public, there were already a few murmurings that it was not Spectre, but Dante- one of Spectre's doppelgangers. One or two people, apparently obsessed with the paranormal, suggested the figure was the spirit of Louis Friend walking about as groundskeeper, protecting the compound, waiting for the return of his stablemates.

On a more realistic note, for what reason would the Sadistic Nut have for revisiting his old stomping grounds to which he has not been at for over a year? Is this another “random” occurrence in the UTA, as has been accused by the Mental Rapist Sean Jackson already? Or is there more to the story? And does Spectre's reported migraines have anything to do with this rather bizarre attitude by the UTA Hall of Famer?

As is usually the case with The Spectre... NOTHING, is ever “random”.