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*DVD Unavailable for Purchase*
..but enjoy the results from the event below. Then, scroll down for 'Videos' featuring in-ring and backstage vignettes throughout the show.

Match Results
Singles Match: Cameron MacNichol defeats The Rough Ryder *Video Listed*
FnX Match: Crowbar defeats Blake Straker
Singles Match: Rusty Red defeats The Midnighter - result is count out after Rusty Red demanded the count be made when Midnighter didn't show.
FnX Match Main Event: Grendel vs. Korrupt went to a no contest.

It is announced that at WARPED #16 it will be a Supershow entitled "Live From Death's Door" and is held on October 31st in Philadelphia. There will be a Fatal 4-Way for the Evolution championship as The Midnighter defends against Grendel, Malik Logan, and Crowbar. Also, a Tag Team Match is booked with the World Title on the line as SwitchBlade teams with The Rough Ryder to take on Korrupt and PKA where the person who gets the pinfall wins the title.

Quick Fact: This was WARPED Wrestling's smallest turnout in history. And for reasons unexplained, only a few matches are available, so they are available here on the website rather than being sold on DVD. Enjoy free content and thanks for supporting WARPED Wrestling.




Earlier today while the WARPED fans were piling in for the show, it appeared that wrestler Cameron MacNichol and his sister Dyan were signing autographs. Moments later they were abruptly interrupted by a staff member who had a gift wrapped up for Cameron's sister.

MacNichol was unaware of what was going on as Dyan was told privately while her brother continued to interact with the crowd. Dyan was given the gift as she held on to it wondering what it might be. Eventually she would smell it and be even more intrigued.

From there we would see Cameron turning his attention over to Dyan who began opening the gift. What she didn't know is that the anonymous gift was actually a dead rat inside the box! She quickly screamed aloud as the fans raced over to her side.

Cameron MacNichol got up off of his seat as Dyan dropped the gift box on the floor and began running away. Fans took a glimpse and began to make some ruckus in the crowd as Cameron took off with his sister to the back. Many unsure of what is going on, the staff member who delivered it picked it back up and read who it was from.

The greeting card said...

"I wanted to show you something. I thought maybe we could keep this our little secret. Do you like it?"

The staff member seemed a bit creeped out as he took it away from the WARPED wrestling audience. There is a lot of questions to be answered about this one...


Heading out from the back is "The Wanted Man", Rusty Red. No theme music, nothing as the fans boo and he makes his way towards the ring. Instead of getting into it though he just grabs a microphone and stands around ringside near the guard rails and the crowd. Red now speaks...

Rusty Red: "I don't know what just happened, but if I find out who just towed my truck away I am going to KICK THERE DAMN HEAD OFF!"

Red goes to walk towards the entrance doors to the parking lot when fans begin to follow him outside and look out the closest windows. Red still has a mic that can somehow be heard from that some odd short distance.

Rusty Red: "WHO TOWED MY TRUCK AWAY?!?!?!"

Red's vehicle was gone just as he was told via security.

Rusty Red: "I come out here and it is nowhere to be found. I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE! I am going to find out who was responsible for this by the end of the night, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!"

Red would come back into the venue and shrug off the audience watching on. He is definitely ready to snap and nobody should mess with him!

His non title match with the Evolution Champion, The Midnighter is up later tonight!


Tony D: Coming up, we’ve got Rough Ryder set to face newcomer Cameron MachNichol one on one action.

Kris Red: Last time those two met in the ring, they were part of a six man mayhem match, and Cameron got the surprise victory.

Tony: But can he get a win over one of the top guys in the company mano a mano?

Kris: Not a chance, Ryder's at the top of his game.

Tony: Well folks, we also have a special guest commentator to join us in just a moment.

Kris: We do? Who?

Tony: You’ll see.

Shortly after saying this, “Lost My Way” starts to play and the crowd goes crazy. SwitchBlade steps out from behind the curtain. He has on his street clothes, and the world title is on his left shoulder. His right arm is still on a sling, but otherwise he looks better than before. He waves to the fans as he walks down the aisle and around the ring, occasionally high fiving a few fans along the way.

Kris: SwitchBlade?!

Tony: That’s right, the Warped world heavyweight champion requested that he join us during this next match, and you gotta believe it has something to do with Ryder.

Kris: Ryder said no, so what more can SwitchBlade do?

Tony: Well you can ask him right now, hello Mr. SwitchBlade!

SwitchBlade walks over to Tony and Kris. He shakes Tony’s hand, then a reluctant Kris’s. He places the title belt on the table, and has himself a seat between the two. He puts his headset on.

SwitchBlade: Hey guys, how’s it going?

Tony: We’re great, it’s been an interesting show so far.

Kris: What are you doing down here, SwitchBlade?

Tony: Kris! A little courtesy for our guest!

SwitchBlade: It’s alright Tony. I assure you, I don’t plan to screw Ryder tonight. I just want to watch his match, and if he has the time, try to convince him to team with me in a match.

Kris: He doesn’t have to listen to you, SwitchBlade. He’s his own man! He doesn’t have to fight your battles for you!

SwitchBlade: I take it you’re not a member of my fan club.

Tony: For goodness sake Kris, keep it together. The match is about to start.

Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

"Show Me A God"- by Tech N9ne hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoodie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact.

Randy: First making his way to the ring, from Portland, Maine and weighing in at 254 pounds…THE ROUGH RYDER!

Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor, meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to Jessica as well. He then enters the ring, surveying the crowd once more before turning his attention to SwitchBlade. He glares at him momentarily, and then eyes the title draped over the desk.

SwitchBlade: Ryder knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it too, but his stubborn pride won’t allow him to team up with me.

Kris: He doesn’t want to take the easy road, he wants to earn his spot as world champion. Don’t you get that?

SwitchBlade: Of course I do Kris, but he’s not getting the fact that Korrupt and PKA are looking to take down everyone, not just me. He’s only thinking about himself.

Tony: Nevertheless, Ryder did help you at the end of last week’s show, so I think he understand how big a threat Korrupt and PKA are, but like you said, he’s too stubborn to actually team with you.

Ryder points a finger at SwitchBlade, then slashes his throat with his thumb before looking over at the ring entrance for his opponent.

SwitchBlade: Lovely…

Randy: And his opponent…

As "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent crunches out over the speaker system, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring.

Randy: From Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 200 pounds…CAMERON MACNICHOL!

Cameron slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder. Cameron looks over at Ryder and nods to him, but Ryder doesn’t give him the slightest recognition.

Tony: What do you think of Cameron, SwitchBlade?

SwitchBlade: I don’t know much about him, but from what I’ve seen he knows his way around a ring. He’s a submission expert like me, but he also has a good knowledge of power moves, so Ryder might have a bit of a challenge tonight.

Kris: You’re being too nice; the poor kid’s going to be mutilated.

SwitchBlade: Hey, people thought Grendel was going to destroy me, but I managed to walk out of that one.

Kris: Not before getting your ass kicked.

SwitchBlade: Would you like to know how that feels, Kris?

Tony: Hey, the action’s supposed to be in the ring, not here!

The referee calls for the bell. It rings, and the match begins. Almost right away Cameron charges at Ryder, but Ryder stops him short with a knee to the gut followed by a right hand to the face that stumbles Cameron back a few steps. Ryder hits a couple more right hands before grabbing Cameron and whipping him to the ropes. Ryder ducks, and Cameron quickly stops and catches Ryder with a kick to the face. Ryder turns around holding his nose, and Cameron grabs him from behind to hit a back suplex. Instead of going for the pin, Cameron grabs Ryder’s left arm and applies an armbar submission hold.

Tony: There’s that submission style you were talking about earlier, SwitchBlade.

SwitchBlade: That’s a good starting move for Cameron. Keep Ryder off his feet and take out his arms, those things pack a serious punch.

Tony: It might be a bit TOO early though.

Soon Ryder is starting to get to his feet. He leans his arm down on Cameron and pushes himself up with his knees. Ryder uses his free arm to punch Cameron numerous times before Cameron is forced to release the hold. Ryder rubs his arm, and charges at the attacking Cameron, but Cameron is one stop ahead and he hits an arm drag on Ryder. He holds the arm as Ryder lands, pulls back, and turns it into a hammerlock submission.

SwitchBlade: Look at that! This kid’s surprising the hell out of me.

Kris: It’s still early, buddy. Ryder can come back from this.

Tony: Perhaps we’re seeing a future world champion in the making.

SwitchBlade: I hope so, but like Kris said, it’s too soon to tell. Cameron has to keep on that arm and not give Ryder an inch.

Cameron pulls on the arm some more, and Ryder looks furious. He elbows Cameron in the side of the head with his free arm, but it doesn’t faze him enough to release the hold. Ryder, seeing nothing else he can do, lunges for the ropes and grabs the middle one. The ref counts Cameron.


Cameron releases the hold and steps back, waiting for Ryder to get back up. He does, and Cameron goes for a clothesline, but Ryder ducks down and lifts Cameron up over his head and onto the ring apron. Cameron lands on his feet and quickly climbs to the top rope.

Tony: Cameron to the top, what’s he going to try?

Ryder sees this coming, makes his way over to Cameron, and grabs him by the chest and stomach. With one mighty lift he tosses Cameron off the top and to the mat.

Kris: Guess we’ll never know, Tony D.

SwitchBlade: This could be the beginning of Ryder’s powerful offense.

Ryder waits for Cameron to get up. When he does, he grabs him and drops him with a spinebuster. He then runs the ropes, leaps, and connects with a rolling knee drop to the face. He makes his way over to Cameron, lifts him up, and drops him with a backbreaker. Soon after he goes for the pin.


Kick out.

SwitchBlade: A nice series of moves from Ryder, he knows how to deal heavy damage when given the opportunity.

Kris: For once I agree with you, Switchy.

SwitchBlade: Don’t call me that.

Kris: Did I hit a nerve, Switchy?

Tony: Seriously, Kris. I can’t stop him from hurting you.

Kris: Really?

Tony: Really.

Kris: Uhh…Hey look! More action in the ring!

Ryder pulls Cameron up and whips him to the nearest turnbuckle. He then charges forward, raises a leg, and boots Cameron in the face hard. Cameron falls to the mat once again.

SwitchBlade: That moves lives up to its name, the whiplash is not good on the neck.

Kris: Looks like it’s just about over.

Tony: Uh oh, wait a minute…

Ryder goes to lift Cameron back up again, but soon the crowd goes into a booing frenzy as both Korrupt and PKA appear at the entrance. Ryder turns to them and takes his eyes off of Cameron. SwitchBlade starts to get up from his chair.

SwitchBlade: What the hell are THEY doing here?

Kris: It’s a free country, they can stand there and watch. You’re here, why can’t they?

Tony: You know it’s not just that, Kris.

Ryder walks up to the ropes, points a finger at the two, and mouths off some very explicit language. Korrupt and PKA just smile and laugh at Ryder’s taunting. Meanwhile, Cameron is back up on his feet, and he sees Ryder being distracted by the other two men. Given this opportunity, Cameron rolls with it by dropkicking Ryder in the back. Ryder stumbles forward and bounces off the ropes. Cameron then grabs a stunned Ryder from behind and rolls him up into a schoolboy spin, pulling the tights for added measure. The ref counts.


Kris: Wha-WHAT?!

Tony: Holy…I don’t believe it! Cameron MachNichol just pulled off THE biggest upset to date!

SwitchBlade: Damn them!

Korrupt and PKA continue laughing as “Stranglehold” plays once again.

Randy: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner...CAMERON MACHNICHOL!

Cameron gets up and the referee raises his hand. Ryder gets on his knees and his jaw is dropped. He brings his hands to his head, visibly shocked by what just happened. Korrupt and PKA quickly make their escape, their job done.

Kris: This isn’t right! Ryder should have won, Tony D!

Tony: But he didn’t, and Cameron gets an impressive victory, albeit under controversial circumstances.

SwitchBlade: Excuse me, gentlemen. I have to go have a talk.

SwitchBlade takes off his headset and steps away from the table. As Cameron exits the ring and goes to head backstage to celebrate with his sister, his music dies down and SwitchBlade steps into the ring. The crowd chants “SwitchBlade” a bit, but the champ doesn’t acknowledge them. Instead he goes over to the still stupefied Ryder, squats down, and tells him something.

Tony: What’s he saying?

Kris: I don’t know, I don’t read lips.

Jessica, almost as shocked as Ryder, walks over to the apron closest to the two and listens in. At first Ryder looks like he’s about to punch SwitchBlade in the face, but eventually his face looks less angry and more focused. He gets to his feet, as does SwitchBlade, and the two meet eye to eye. Finally, after what feels like an eternity of tension, Ryder and SwitchBlade shake hands in the ring and the crowd goes nuts.

Tony: Look! They’re shaking!

Kris: I see it, but I don’t believe it!

Tony: It looks like Ryder finally gets it and the two are going to team up to finally take on Korrupt and PKA.

Ryder quickly lets go of SwitchBlade’s hand, and wipes his hand on his trunks. SwitchBlade rolls his eyes and exits the ring. He goes back to the table, takes his title belt, and starts walking off with it. Along the way, he raises it over his head to show Ryder why he’s doing this. Ryder nods and points at the belt. We can hear him saying “I’m only doing it for that!” SwitchBlade nods in agreement, and heads to the back while Ryder exits the ring with assistance from Jessica.

Tony: Next week’s going to be pretty big, Kris.

Kris: Just the thought of those two working as a team…I don’t think it can be done.

Tony: Well we’ll have to find out if they can manage to cooperate in the near future. If Ryder wants that title shot, he’ll have to do so!



As Ryder and Jessica make their way out of the ring, shortly followed by SwitchBlade, Cameron MacNichol and Dyan return to the ring. Cameron has a microphone in hand.

Cameron MacNichol: "For everybody in the back and at this event here tonight in BALTIMORE!... I just want to say whoever was behind that sick joke earlier today, you need to come out here now and show your face..."

The Dirty Mac seems quite serious about the matter as the fans watch and wait with him. Just then theme music begins to play and out comes a man who has been at Cameron's thorn as of late, newcomer Rusty Red from Texas!

Cameron MacNichol: "It was you wasn't it, Red? I knew you were up to this you no good-"

Before he can say anymore, Rusty Red stands outside of the ring and Cameron waits for a response. Red has a mic in hand as he speaks...

Rusty Red: "Gift? Son you must be mistaken. The only way I would let you know the truth about that is if you know what the hell happened to my truck just moments ago!"

Red now begins to climb inside of the ring, sounding a little upset.

Rusty Red: "You know... this whole damn town knows, and I KNOW that you had something to do with it!"

The Wanted Man drops the mic and tells Cameron to come on and fight. MacNichol looks to Dyan and then back to Red as he goes running towards him. Red goes for a big boot but Cameron ducks it and hit's the ropes. From there he nails Red with a spear! Fans go wild as Cameron gets more momentum from Dyan his sister. Red would get up to his feet only to be nailed with a clothesline from hell over the top ropes and to the outside floor!

WARPED wrestling fans start a 'you suck' chant towards Rusty Red who exits the ringside area tumbling and falling a few steps at a time on his way to the back. As he turns around seconds before disappearing he mouths the words, 'This STILL is not over!'

Cameron stands in the ring while Dyan comes in to give him a hug. The two put their hands in each others and raise both arms over their heads to the ovation of the live crowd on hand in Baltimore, Maryland.


The scene spreads across the screen it is of a horrible car crash and a laughing in the back ground the screen jumps to life and starts rolling back and then plays as the car crashes again. Then rewind is hit again and the crash happens again followed by more laughing.

[Camera pans out and Thorn and Grendel are in the locker watching the tape of Midnighters friends car crash.]

Thorn: Man nothing says F-U-N-N-Y like a good car crash!

Grendel: Whatever I just what back what is mine.

Thorn: In good time, but first we have to show Midnighter that we can touch him anywhere any time any person that is in his life.

The locker room door opens and in walks and in walks WARPED Reporter Sean Armstrong a look of horrible comes across his face as he notices what is on the TV.

Sean Armstrong: Is that the crash of Midnighters friend?

Thorn: I dont know what you are talking about it is something I found.

Sean Armstrong: How did you get a copy of it unless you where the one that……

Thorn jumps and grabs Sean Armstrong and slams him against the wall.

Thorn: Tony my friend it was a accident and accidents happen do you want a accident to happen to you.

Sean Armstrong shakes his head no.

Thorn throws Sean Armstrong to Grendel who looks at him.

Grendel: I am the death head destroyer I am going to get back what is mine and I will do whatever it takes to get it back. I will destroy who it takes to get it back.

With that Grendel pulls back his fist and throws a mighty right hand at Sean Armstrong and hits him in the jaw Sean drops. Thorn walks up to Sean as he is on the ground Thorn leans in and smiles at him.

Thorn: See Sean accidents happen all time you walked in to Grendels fist sorry boy you shouldn’t do that.

Grendel and Thorn walk out of the locker room with the tape of the car crash.


The bell sounds.

Kris Red and Tony D are on commentary duty as the fans watch on and this match gets started.

Blake Straker and Crowbar were both in the same match up on the last event with Rusty Red in a three way FnX style bout. This time it's all personal and things start out with both men walking to the middle of the ring towards each other. Blake comes in at Crowbar and he goes to kick him in the nuts this time but Crowbar knows his own style so he side steps it. From there he grabs Straker and whips him into the corner where he runs in at him but takes a back elbow to the face. Blake rushes out at him only to be tripped to the mat with a drop toe hold. Crowbar then gets on top of him for the pin. 1... A long one count though as the match continues.

Kris Red: "What a joke that was."

Tony D: "What do you mean?"

Blake kicked out easily as the fans begin to get behind these guys. Crowbar hit's the outside floor and is looking for some weapons to use. Straker is in the ring and pulls out a tiny lead pipe from his package.

Tony D: "Both men have weapons!"

Kris Red: "I am glad you can see well, Tony."

Crowbar ends up getting himself a steel chair as he goes to bring it into the ring. Before he can though, Blake Straker meets him half way on the ring apron and nails the lead pipe across his steel chair that hits him right off in his face! He goes down as Blake gets to the floor to get on top of him and throw right hand punches in front of the live crowd that is going crazy for it! Blake then stands up and begins to shout aloud while putting his hands up in the air. Straker would now go walking over to the steel chair and he picks it up.

Kris Red: "Blake is getting some revenge this week."

Straker now takes the chair and looks to lift it up over his head and whack Crowbar in the back side with it! The fans cheer more as Straker now hammers down on his back side some more. From there he picks him up and tosses him back into the ring where the lead pipe is.

Crowbar grabs it and before Blake Straker can do any more damage, Crowbar hit's him in the mid section with it. Crowbar now stands up and then goes for a body slam where he has the pipe behind Blake's back side. He slams him down with it and the crowd boos while Straker is in agony!

Tony D: "Ouch! What a different approach."

Straker pushes himself up slowly, in total agony, and Crowbar spins him around and hits the KFO!! Knocked The Fuck Out! He covers 1... 2... 3! Its ova!