Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Home from prison for less than a year, Apollo Cain may soon find himself back in the hotseat after his recent fracas.

After Victory II it has become apparent to Wrestle UTA Corporate that newly signed Superstar Apollo Cain got himself into a bit of trouble following his loss on Saturday night to wrestler of the week August Monday.

According to unnamed officials, the situation was handled with Apollo Cain's future in mind, and it was a no harm no foul type situation.  It will all be quickly resolved.  The owner of Have a Nice Day Cafe in Norfolk's Waterside district felt a little bit differently...and then quickly recanted his story after meeting with David Weinstein, lawyer of Apollo Cain.  

Here's the first story.

Max Schellman:  The guy came in and was having some drinks on a normal late Saturday night.  We have a pretty healthy wrestling fan base so we decided to stream the Wrestle UTA Saturday Night Victory Card.  Next thing I know, we have a rhino in our bar, he threw a chair THROUGH the 80 inch flatscreen...he flipped over at least 4 over tables.  We had a vintage phone booth that was picked up and slammed through the jukebox.  It was a disaster!  When security tried to step in, uh, needless to say we're gonna have to find some new security staff so something like this doesn't happen again.  None of them will be working with the company anymore, after they're released from Norfolk General.

On Sunday, David Weinstein was seen visiting the Have a Nice Day Cafe while the renovation was in progress.  He stayed for less than an hour and we have no idea as to what was discussed.  What we do know is that the tune was decidedly different when Max Schellman spoke about the incident Monday morning.

Max Schellman:  Well you know, testosterone flies.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Apollo Cain is a great guy and a son to the city of Norfolk.  I wish him the best on Wrestleshow 19 against Blackbeard and he's welcome back anytime.

When pressed about what he had said earlier in the weekend he quickly backtracked.

Max Schellman:  When I heard all the commotion starting I put my head down.  I mean, I didn't actually SEE Apollo or anyone else do anything.  I was speaking wrongly based on hearsay!

We'll keep this situation monitored but at least for now it looks like Apollo Cain dodged the proverbial bullet.