WARPEDLIVE 11 - "WE GO TO 11" 8/15/2010

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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #11 - We Go To 11 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.


The show fades in as we see "Woodbridge, CT - August 15, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.




Adam Gordon makes his way into the ring, and as soon as he does so, The Rough Ryder jumps him from behind with a double axe handle to the back of the neck. Gordon goes down to one knee but he is back up rather quickly. But Ryder does not know it because he has his back to Gordon and he has yet to see that Gordon is back to his feet. The Rough Ryder boasts to the crowd of his quick wits, Jessica Reyes nodding her head and applauding her man. Ryder turns around and as he does Gordon grabs Ryder by the arm and whips him into the ropes.. Ryder comes off the ropes and as he does he runs right into a clothesline from Gordon knocking Ryder to the mat. Ryder hits the mat hard and as he does Gordon straddles him and starts to pound him with shots to the temple as the fans count along with Gordon.

Just then Gordon gets back to his feet and he then bends down and pulls Ryder up to his feet by the hair, and the ref warns him for that! He then whips Ryder into the corner of the ring and Ryder hits hard in the corner. He stands there slightly dazed just slumped in the corner of the ring. Gordon walks over to the corner of the ring that Ryder is slumped in and as he does he gets right in front of Ryder and climbs to the second turnbuckle, and he then starts to hit Ryder with right hand shots to the temple as the ref is yelling at him to get it out of the corner of the ring. But Gordon continues to hit him with the punches!

Gordon drops down and brings Ryder away from the corner and Ryder drops down with a jawbreaker, grabs his head and brutally slams it on the top buckle. He does this about 6 times repeatedly and very hard! Ryder has seemingly had enough as he brings Adam Gordon away, kicks him in the gut, and hits the Dangerous Driver! Cover! 1... 2... 3! And its over just like that. The bell sounds, and "Show Me A God" Tech N9ne begins playing. The ref holds Ryder's arm up but he pulls away, picks up Gordon and hits the Dangerous Driver yet again! He rolls out of the ring as the fans boo, and he joins sides with Jessica as they head up the aisle way.



The camera cuts to the backstage area of the arena. We see SwitchBlade standing next to interviewer Austin Sanders, the Warped World title placed on his left shoulder. They seem to be standing in a hallway, most likely the hall leading straight to the gorilla position and the ring.

Austin: Ladies and gentlemen I'm standing here with the WARPED World Champion SwitchBlade, and in just a few minutes you, sir, have your work “cut” out for you. Any comments?

SwitchBlade: That’s cute, Austin. But let’s get serious for a minute. I’m squaring off against three individuals who, I thought, wanted to make a big name for themselves in WARPED. But they’ve been quiet all week, and haven’t given me the respect that I earned. The respect that I, quite frankly, deserve as champion.

Austin: Actually SwitchBlade, it has come to my understanding that Korrupt had quite a few things to say about you. He even went so far as to say that you’re the delusional one who lives in his own protective bubble.

SwitchBlade gives Austin a weird look.

SwitchBlade: Did he now?

Austin: Yes he did. It was pretty dark.

He starts to grin.

SwitchBlade: So…the fire finally managed to spread, did it? Korrupt, you’re even crazier than I thought you were. You think you can play mind games with me, boy? I’ve heard it all before. I know guys like you…guys who think they can change the rules and do whatever the hell they want. You just want to watch the world burn, right? Well in a few minutes I’m going to go to that ring, and when we meet, I’m going to snuff you, and the other two wannabes, out...permanently. Because if I can’t make you…

He grabs Austin’s arm and raises the mic closer to his face. His eyes never leave the camera.

SwitchBlade: …I’ll break you.

He releases Austin’s arm and proceeds to head to the ring for his match. Austin looks back at the camera.

Austin: Folks, you don’t wanna miss this match. It’s coming up next!




The arena's lights fade to dark. The Pa System blast "Hero" by Skillet. Chambers walks out onto the stage with the crowd chanting his name.

Tony D: Well, I wonder whom this may be?

Kris Red: I think that may be Kris Chambers, Former champion in every division he's been in.

Tony D: I see, But what is he doing here tonight, and why now?

Kris Red: We're about to find out.

With reddish smoke rises through the stage, Chambers remains on the stage as he lifts the mic to his face.

Kris Chambers: Well, well well. My name is Kris Chambers, I recently signed a contract with Warped Wrestling. And my reason for this is simple. (Pointing to the ring) You see your World Champion standing in the middle of the ring? He is the reason. Hello, Mr. Switchblade. We have a little bit of history. I won't sit here and discuss that, but I will discuss why I am out here.

Kris Chambers: You know me pretty well. I am not a person to sit back and wait for a challenge, I make the challenge. Switchblade, I see you are holding a nice title about your waste. I am not interesting in that, but I am interesting in kicking your ass. You know, I know.. We can give the Warped audience a awesome show.

Kris Chambers: I understand you are quite busy, But I am not far behind. I will be seeing you soon.

"Hero" by Skillet bu Skillet plays as Chambers walks backstage.

Tony D: Who the hell does this guy think he is? He can't demand matches.

Kris Red: No, But I believe he knows Switchblade, and Switchblade knows him. Did you see Switchblades reaction?

Tony D: I did, Well, let's get to the action.



The bell sounds, and Kolton King charges at J-Money and clotheslines him down, and quicky turns to Korrupt and chops him across the chest, then turns to the World champ, SwitchBlade, and delivers a chop. J-Money gets up to his feet, and all three men stare at King. Korrupt grabs King from behind, spins him around and delivers a hard right hand, followed by another, while SwitchBlade and J-Money go at it. SwitchBlade delivers a forearm shot and sends Money through the ropes down to the floor. At the same time, Kolton King tosses Korrupt over the top rope. Both SwitchBlade and King now turn to each other and meet in the middle with a tie up. SwitchBlade gains the advantage, arm wrench, and a shoulderblock. SwitchBlade sends King into the corner and charges in with a clothesline, followed by a bulldog. SwitchBlade makes the cover.. 1.. 2.. Korrupt is in and breaks it up! He kicks at SwitchBlade, keeping him down. Korrupt drills SwitchBlade in the face with hard kicks every time he tries to get up.

SwitchBlade manages to get to his feet and Korrupt kicks him in the gut and goes for a Northern Lights Suplex but SwitchBlade counters and hits a belly to belly suplex! He then locks on an armbreaker on Korrupt... and J-Money enters and kicks SwitchBlade off of Korrupt so he doesn't get the win.

J-Money hits the ropes and returns with a headscissors on SwitchBlade.. folowed by a standing moonsault! He covers.. 1.. 2.. Korrupt stops the pin! Korrupt brings J-Money to his feet and J-Money slaps the arms away and hits a Superkick, sending Korrupt down through the ropes. Meanwhile, SwitchBlade is up in the corner and J-Money runs and splashes him in the corner. SwitchBlade stumbles forward and J-Money climbs the turnbuckle. Crossbody... SwitchBlade with a big dropkick counter! SwitchBlade covers.. 1.. 2.. Kolton King pulls Switchy off. King brings SwitchBlade up and goes for an irish whip but Switchy counters and sends King into the ropes and he grabs on tight. SwitchBlade follows through with a clothesline, taking King out of the ring. Korrupt comes to the apron and J-Money goes for a right hand but Korrupt blocks it and delivers one of his own, then enters the ring. They trade shots in the ring now. Korrupt blocks a punch from J-Money and hits a big Implant DDT. SwitchBlade now comes into play as he locks on a sleeperhold but Korrupt counters into a belly to back suplex! Cover on Switchy.. 1.. 2.. kick out! Cover on J-Money.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

Korrupt gets to his feet and SwitchBlade charges with a Running STO but Korrupt sidesteps and tosses Switchy over the top rope! Just then Kolton King slides into the ring and unloads on J-Money and Korrupt. King hits a clothesline on Money, then on Korrupt, and then a double clothesline to both. King is left standing in the ring. He then looks to the outside as SwitchBlade is getting up on the apron. King charges but SwitchBlade shoulderblocks through the ropes, then hits a big suplex to the outside! J-Money charges at SwitchBlade but SwitchBlade cuts him off too and drills him with a right hand, taking him down. Just then 'Hang Me Up To Dry' hits and out comes PKA with a steel chair in hand. His music dies down as he reaches the ring, and SwitchBlade leaps off the apron and tackles PKA, taking him down. Korrupt slides out of the ring and brings Switchy to his feet and slams his head off of the apron, as PKA gets to his feet. Suddenly J-Money flips over the top rope and takes out all three men! He gets to his feet and Kolton King is right there, and he rolls J-Money into the ring. King slides in, and measures him off and charges, but J-Money ducks out of the way then hits The Flatliner! SwitchBlade now slides into the ring and hits a big Implant DDT on J-Money, then locks in the Crucifix Neck Crank! J-Money reaches for the ropes!!! Korrupt gets up on the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckle... he stands tall... J-MONEY TAPS! 450 splash from Korrupt, takes both men out! But its too late!

The bell sounds, and this match is ova!

Korrupt holds his stomach as he yells at the ref, WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS OVER?! Korrupt looks down at SwitchBlade who just won the match and shakes his head. He picks SwitchBlade up and then PKA slides into the ring with the steel chair. PKA holds the chair as Korrupt shouts out for PKA to hold it steady, and Korrupt drills SwitchBlade's face right into the chair! PKA then puts the chair on the mat and tells Korrupt something and he nods his head. Korrupt locks in the front facelock and then hits the Snap DDT into the chair and holds on the guillotine choke! D.I.E. locked in!!! Koltin King slides into the ring to rescue but PKA hits a big Superkick, sending him down to the mat! J-Money rolls out of the ring as SwitchBlade finally gets released and its revealed that he is bleeding. Korrupt brings him to his feet and irish whips him to PKA who kicks him in the gut and hits the Flipping DDT P-Krusher III! PKA and Korrupt slap hands and begin to discuss something. Korrupt rolls Switchy over and applies a armbreaker, going to work on the arm of Switchy, while PKA stops at the bloody face of the champ. PKA points to the apron and Korrupt releases the hold and step out.. as PKA brings SwitchBlade to his feet, his face a bloody mess. PKA holds Switchy and grabs the chair and puts it in his face, as Korrupt then springboards off the ropes and hits a spinning wheel kick to the chair right to the face of Switchy! The World Champ drops to the mat as security rushes the ring to keep anymore from happening. PKA and Korrupt back up and roll out of the ring...

What did we just see happen?



Both men are in the ring and the bell sounds. Crowbar charges at Chris Razor as he gets into the ring and stomps away, then picks up a trashcan and allows Razor to start getting up and he cracks it over his head. Razor drops do a knee and Crowbar hits him over the head with it again and he drops down. Crowbar slams the trashcan onto the back of Razor and tosses the bent item away. He picks up the trashcan lid and Razor gets up to his feet and Crowbar whacks him with it in the head three times and Razor backs into the corner and uses that to hold him up as he is very weary. Crowbar grabs a steel chair and walks to the opposing corner then charges at Razor but Razor gets both feet up, kicking the chair into Crowbar's face. Crowbar drops back and rolls away as Razor follows him, grabs his head and slams him face-first into the ladder. He brings Crowbar up to his feet and hits a spinkick on him then looks around the ring. He shakes his head at the weapons in the ring and slides out of the ring and reaches under the bottom rope. He lifts the apron curtain and pulls out a ladder. Razor pushes the ladder into the ring and climbs onto the apron, then springboards off the top rope and hits a legdrop. He covers... 1... 2... Crowbar kicks out.

Chris Razor now grabs the ladder and sets it up against the corner and goes back to Crowbar who is getting to his feet and Crowbar punches Razor in the gut, stopping him. He then kicks him in the midsection and lifts him into the air for a vertical suplex but Razor wiggles free and falls behind onto his feet. Razor goes for a belly to back suplex but Crowbar elbows his way out. Irish whip by Crowbar.. reversed.. and Razor sends Crowbar toward the ladder but Crowbar puts on the breaks. Razor charges in and Crowbar backdrops him into the steel ladder! Razor drops to the mat and Crowbar raises his arms into the air, a smile on his face. He reaches down and grabs the steel chair, allowing Razor to get to his feet and Razor slowly rises, holding his back. Steel chair to the head! Crowbar tosses the chair away, kicks him in the gut then hits The Trapdoor! Cover! 1... 2... 3!

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Crowbarrr!"

"Voices" by Rev Theory plays as Crowbar climbs the turnbuckle and poses, the fans delivering a mixed reaction.



Tony D: “Up next we have our return match from our first show in Chicago Ridge! In fact ladies and Gents it was our very first match ever here in WARPED. “

Kris Red: “That’s right Tony, Malik will be taking on Kurtis Hyde. Hyde says that if he loses this match he will be done here in WARPED!”

Randy Long: “The following match is scheduled for one fall.”

A Wolf howling sound is heard over the pa system as smoke begins to fill up the small entrance way, after a few seconds it's replaced by Downstrait's "Bully Beatdown". Out steps Kurtis Hyde to loud boos from the fans but he just smirks and raises his middle finger in the air and walks through the smoke. He struts down the ramp ignoring the fans wanting to touch greatness, once he reaches the ring he slides under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and again raises his middle finger before climbing down to await his opponent.

Randy Long: “Introducing first from Aberdeen, Washington by way from New Scotland weighting in at two hundred twenty four pounds….. KURTIS……HYYYDDDEE!

Tony D: “I have a feeling this match is going to be outstanding.”

Randy Long: “And his opponent weighting in tonight at two hundred twenty pounds hailing from Worcester, MA, Malik “The Hitman” LOOGGAANN!

"Act a Fool" by Lil Jon plays as the crowd goes nuts. Malik "The Hitman" Logan comes out of the curtain and puts his arms in the air to the left, then looks to the right, and the crowd gets pumped. He starts dancing down the ramp and as he makes his way toward the ring while slapping some crowd members hands. He gets in the ring and does JTG's taunts as his music fades.

Kris Red: “Listen to this crowd already! The match hasn’t even started!”

Both Logan and Hyde walk up to each other and goes nose to nose as the crowd chants “Lets Go Logan..Clap…Clap….ClapClapClap!” Suddenly Hyde slaps Logan across the face. Logan’s head jolts to the right but right away Logan comes back with a massive right cross. Hyde stumbles backwards and right away gets hit with another right cross. This time he falls back onto the ropes. Logan grabs his arm and whips him across the ring. Logan bounces off the ropes Hyde was just on as Hyde bounces off the ropes on the other side of the ring. Logan jumbs before meeting up with Hyde and hits a great cross body block. Hyde slams to his back as Logan lands on all fours but bounces backs up right away and raises his arms in the air as the crowd cheers for him.

Kris Red: “Logan off to a fast start Tony.”

Tony D: “Not so fast.”

Suddenly before Logan turns around Hyde is back to his feet and dives at the back of Logan’s legs. Logan crashes to the ground as Hyde gets back up and starts stomping away at Logan. Logan covers his face to help shield some kicks before the ref gets to a five count and pulls Hyde away from Logan. Hyde jolts away from the ref and gives the crowd the middle finger as they boo him. He walks back over to Logan and grabs his hair and pulls him to his feet as he grabs his arm and tries to throw Logan into the corner but Logan falls before the corner.

Kris Red: “Logan’s knee his done for! That does not feel good and if Hyde hit it just right he will be feeling that for weeks to come!”

Hyde walks back over to Logan and picks him up again but this time he kicks Logan in the gut and hooks the arms and jumps and falls backwards to hit a huge Double Arm DDT. Hyde gets back up and then goes to the leg of Logan. He reaches down and picks his foot up and lifts his entire body up in the air and then slams the knee down on the mat. Logan screams in pain before Hyde reaches down and does it again. This time Logan grabs his knee after he hits the mat. Hyde goes over to the corner and backs up to it before jumping up onto in and sets for second before he jumps off and tries to stomp the knee of Logan. Right before Hyde reaches Logan, Logan moves out of the way. Logan pulls himself up via the ropes and tries to go after Hyde but instead he crashes to the ground in pain. Hyde stands over Logan with a cocky smile before leaning over, but out of no where Logan roles Hyde up in a small package.1..2….3!

Tony D: “Wait, what?!”

Hyde stands up, looks back toward the aisle way, and back at Logan, who kneels down now wondering what the hell? Hyde waves and shakes his head. He looks down at the mat and exits the ring as the fans boo.

Kris Red: "There's no way that the match was over..."

Logan stands up, arms out, wondering WTF? The crowd chants "Bullllshit! Bullllshit!"

Tony D: "Kurtis Hyde has said that he'd leave WARPED if he lost this match... so, did he plan on leaving the entire time? Does he even care?"

Kris Red: "Clearly, he doesn't care about anything here. Get out.. what a deal.."

Logan leans up against the corner, shaking his head. He mouths 'sorry..' to the fans who are displeased at ringside and the entire venue.

Suddenly as Kurtis Hyde is about to go through the curtain he gets laid out with a chair shot and out steps a man who we haven't seen in a while, but who is it? A masked, hooded figure...

Wait, wasn't it revealed that Kurtis Hyde was the man behind the hood and mask?

Logan notices what happened as he watches the man look down at Hyde, then up at Logan, and charge the ring. Logan readies himself and the man slides into the ring and Logan starts kicking him, but the man hits a low blow on Logan, and he drops to both knees, holding his crotch. The masked man then brings the chair up and down onto the head of Logan, knocking him to the mat. The masked man takes the hood off, then the black skii mask, and its none other than CROWBAR!

He stands over Logan, shouting that its 'been me all along' as the fans boo. Crowbar tosses the chair aside and brings Logan up to his feet and hits The Trapdoor onto the chair just like he did earlier with Chris Razor! Crowbar has a sinister smile on his face as he is clearly off his rocker as he stares into the face of Logan, only a foot away. Crowbar pushes himself up off the mat and looks around at the crowd who show their distaste for him. He slowly backs up to the ropes, and goes through them, onto the apron. He looks down at the fallen Malik Logan and nods his head, then jumps down. He walks up the aisle now, as fans flip him off and boo from the crowd.



We cut back to the ring where Randy Long is standing.

Randy: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your main event of the night. It is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WARPED Evolution Championship!

The lights in the arena go out as "Playa What" plays. The Midnighter enters the arena and taunts with four ladies by his side. Blue, white and black lights are flashing all around.

Randy: First making his way to the ring, the challenger, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida and weighing in at 295 pounds…THE MIDNIGHTER!

The Midnighter gets in the ring and taunts again as he removes his entrance attire.

Kris Red: Midnighter is looking great tonight.

Tony D: He better be, Kris. He has a big mountain to climb tonight, and he needs to be at one hundred and ten percent if he hopes to win the Evolution title.

Kris: Midnighter won a shot at the title when he defeated Crowbar in a stretcher match at WARPED 10. But Grundy is a completely different type of wrestler. What should Midnighter do to gain the advantage?

Tony: It’s all about speed, Kris. He needs to get his shots in, retreat, and keep

Grundy moving until he exhausts himself. But Grundy has a TON of fuel in the tank, so who knows if Midnighter can even last that long.

As "A Shogun Named" by Clutch hits T.G.Grundy comes running out of from behind the curtain with the Evolution title wrapped around his large waist.

Randy: And his opponent, from Columbus, Ohio and weighing in at 345 pounds, he is the current Warped Evolution Champion…T.G. GUNDY!

Grundy stops mid stage throws up both arms in the air. He jumps up and down a few times the runs to ring. Upon entering he takes off his belt and hands it to the referee. The ref raises the belt high in the air before handing it over to the timekeeper. Grundy clenches his fists and stares daggers into Midnighter. Midnighter keeps a cool head, and playfully smirks at Grundy’s intimidation. Once Randy Long exits the ring the referee calls for the bell. It rings, and the match officially begins.

Kris: Here we go!

The two men run at each other and collide in the center of the ring. The crowd cheers as Grundy and Midnighter throw powerful lefts and rights at each other, neither man willing to give in to the other. Finally Midnighter succumbs to the heavier Grundy’s powerful blows and stumbles back into the ring ropes. Grundy grabs him by the arm and whips him to the ropes. He bends forward looking for a back body drop, but Midnighter manages to stop himself and connect an elbow to the back of Grundy’s head. Grundy gets back up and holds the back of his neck. Midnighter grabs Grundy from behind and attempts a back suplex, but the big man brings his weight forward and elbows Midnighter off of him. The challenger holds his jaw and steps back. This gives Grundy the chance to run the ropes and attempt a running boot to the face, but Midnighter ducks it and spins around to face Grundy. Grundy turns to face him and the two are at an impasse. The crowd cheers lightly for their back and forth action.

Tony: Hard to tell who has the advantage, Kris. Both men appear to be equal.

Kris: This match won’t boil down to power and speed. It’s going to be about stamina, and who can outlast the other.

After a few seconds of starring the two men make their first grapple. Grundy has the advantage this time as he quickly brings Midnighter into a headlock. Midnighter struggles to break free, but cannot. Grundy wrenches the neck a couple times before pounding him with a solid right fist to the face. Grundy transitions himself behind Midnighter, grabs him by the back of the head, and drags him over to the nearest turnbuckle. The champion pulls back on the head of Midnighter and throws him headfirst into the top turnbuckle pad. The attack doesn’t seem to affect Midnighter at all. Grundy grabs him by the head and once more slams his face into the pad. Once more Midnighter is impervious. Grundy goes for a third, but Midnighter manages to elbow him in the chest to stun him. Midnighter grabs Grundy by the head and smacks him into the turnbuckle pad, but even he looks immune to the hit. Midnighter goes for another hit, and Grundy takes it like a pillow to the face. Midnighter grabs him again, and it looks like he’s about to go for a third hit, but instead he pokes Grundy in the eyes forcing the champ to walk along the ropes holding his blinded eyes. Midnighter grins as he follows Grundy, occasionally hitting him with rights and lefts to the back and shoulders.

Kris: Midnighter with the cheap, but effective, attack on Grundy.

Tony: Well those head butts to the turnbuckle pad weren’t doing it, so he had to get creative. I don’t blame him.

Kris: He just better be careful that he doesn’t go and get himself disqualified.

Grundy arrives at the turnbuckle parallel to the previous one, and Midnighter greets him with punches to the gut and chops to the chest. He soon grabs Grundy and goes to whip him to the turnbuckle on the other side, but Grundy reverses, and Midnighter runs back first into the turnbuckle. Grundy runs right up to Midnighter and connects with a huge body splash. Midnighter stumbles forward a couple feet before falling face first to the mat. Grundy grabs Midnighter’s arm and drags him over to the center of the ring. He then gets on top of Midnighter and pulls back on his head as he applies a camel clutch type submission hold. Midnighter struggles to break free, but Grundy’s weight keeps him down. One in awhile Midnighter manages to crawl a couple inches towards the ropes, but Grundy manages to stop him with a side punch to the temple. Midnighter keeps going though, and even after the referee asks countless times if he gives up, he continues to yell no. Finally, after what must feel like an eternity, Midnighter grabs hold of the bottom rope and the referee counts Grundy. 1…2…3…4…

The referee pulls on Grundy’s arm before the champ finally lets go. He picks Midnighter back up on his feet, gets behind him, and this time applies a full nelson that puts more pressure back on the neck of the challenger.

Tony: I like Grundy’s thinking. He’s sticking with the neck submissions, and that’s a sensitive area for a lot of professional wrestlers. A bad neck can keep even the biggest man down for the count.

Kris: I don’t think it’s going to last long!

Sure enough, Midnighter manages to power out of the full nelson, and in a sudden burst of energy, spins around and pummels Grundy with more lefts and rights. He whips Grundy to the ropes, and on the rebound connects with a powerful spinebuster out of nowhere! Midnighter gets up and taunts the crowd as they cheer him on. Grundy is back up almost immediately, but gets an inverted atomic drop followed by a short arm clothesline that knocks him back down. Midnighter makes the cover. 1…2-

Grundy powers out of it. Midnighter sticks to Grundy like glue and grabs hold of his right arm, pulling it hard into an arm wrench.

Kris: Much like Grundy was working on the neck earlier, we now see Midnighter working the arm, probably to set up his arm based submission finisher.

Midnighter continues to pull on the arm, occasionally throwing in an elbow or two to soften the muscles. Grundy groans as his arm gets pulled back further than it should, and after awhile he starts to muster up his own strength. Soon the champ is back on his feet, and the challenger is too stubborn to release the lock. Grundy releases it for him with two powerful blows to the head followed by a one armed scoop slam that impresses the fans. Grundy keeps on the offensive. He lifts up Midnighter, puts him over his shoulders, and in an amazing feat of strength, drops him for a DVD with most of the momentum falling on Midnighter’s neck. Grundy covers and hooks the leg. 1…2…

Kick out! Grundy huffs out of annoyance over Midnighter. Grundy steps back and waits for Midnighter to get right back up. As soon as he does, Midnighter turns and walks right into a running big boot that knocks him off his feet. The crowd gasps at the power of the boot. Grundy looks down at Midnighter and confidently puts the face kicking boot on top of the challenger’s chest. 1…2…

Kick out again! Grundy looks more annoyed than before, and he looks to end this quickly. He lifts up Midnighter and places his head between his legs. He signals for a powerful, but Midnighter is dead weight and Grundy has a hard time lifting him up. Then, out of nowhere, Midnighter lifts his head up and tosses Grundy over his back with a back body drop. Grundy holds his lower back as he gets up, and is met with a beautiful standing dropkick that sends him down. Midnighter grabs Grundy, lifts him up, and lifts him over his head for a powerful suplex that shows Midnighter’s true strength. He covers Grundy. 1…2…

Kick out. Midnighter soon begins to pummel Grundy with rights to the face, and the referee forces Midnighter off of him. Midnighter almost decks the referee, but manages to stop himself.

Kris: Once again Midnighter is tempting the ref. That’s never a good thing.

Tony: I agree, Kris. He’s living in the moment of this epic encounter, but he needs to remember that there are still rules in wrestling matches.

Midnighter’s momentary focus costs him as Grundy is now seen behind Midnighter. The challenger turns and the champion is able to catch him with a scoop slam. Grundy points at the nearest turnbuckle, and the crowd cheers as they can only imagine what the champ has planned. Grundy goes to the turnbuckle and climbs it to the top. He perches himself over the fallen Midnighter, and goes for a big time body splash, but Midnighter rolls out of the way just in time. Grundy clutches his stomach as he tries to draw in some air. Midnighter pushes himself to get back up, and upon seeing Grundy’s exposed arm, grabs it and applies a vicious armbar that isn’t quite locked in.

Kris: He’s going for the 90210!

Tony: He doesn’t have it locked in all the way though!

As Midnighter continues to pull in an effort to get a locked hold on, Grundy starts getting himself up and notices Midnighter on his arm. He elbows him twice in the head before Midnighter finally lets go, the grabs both of Midnighter’s arm and pulls back on them.

Kris: He has the double chicken wing locked in!

Tony: That usually means that he’s about to go for The Sweet Relief. Can he pull it off?

Kris: If he does, consider this match over.

Grundy struggles to lift his opponent up in the air high enough, and his poor execution of his finisher costs him with Midnighter managing to slip away from the hold. Grundy growls, runs the ropes, and goes for a running lariat to the face, but Midnighter sees the arm coming at him, grabs hold of it, and brings Grundy down for the real armbar! Midnighter locks it in and Grundy screams for dear life!

Kris: 90210!

Tony: Grundy needs to reach the ropes if he hopes to get out of this.

Grundy tries to pull himself to the ropes with his free arm, but Midnighter’s armbar is just too much to take, especially when pulled as hard as it is. Grundy, stubborn as he is, isn’t willing to quit so easily. He tries to get back up on his feet, but Midnighter brings his weight over Grundy’s legs, and the champ’s arm is now pulled back to such a wide degree that it could be dislocated easily. Grundy, not willing to lose his arm, finally taps out with his other hand. Midnighter releases once the bell rings, and the crowd gives Midnighter a mixtures of cheers and boos.

Kris: He did it! Midnighter won!

Tony: That was a tough situation for Grundy. He didn’t want to lose the belt, but he also didn’t want to lose the use of his arm. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one for the other.

Kris: That armbar is FIERCE, and I can’t believe Grundy lasted as long as he did.

The referee hands Midnighter the belt, and he accepts it with pleasure. He places the belt on his shoulder, and then gets his arm raises as Grundy struggles to get up with the ropes.

Randy: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of his bout, and NEW Warped Evolution Champion…THE MIDNIGHTER!

“Playa What” plays once again as Midnighter celebrates with his ladies upon their entering the ring.

Fade. To. Black.