WARPEDLIVE! 9 - "NO.9" 7/11/2010

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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #9 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.


The show fades in as we see "Fairfax, VA - July 11, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

"Lost My Way" plays as SwitchBlade makes his way down to the ring with the World Title over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand. The crowd boos him because of his actions last week. SwitchBlade reaches the ring apron, grabs the ropes, and steps inside. He walks to the center of the ring and raises a hand to greet the fans, but they still boo him. SwitchBlade begins to speak. SwitchBlade: I know some of you probably hate me right now. I can’t say I blame you. What I did was a bit controversial. It was…out of character. In fact some might say that it was downright evil of me.

The fans boo.

SwitchBlade: But I can assure you that my actions at the last show had good intentions for not just myself, but for the future of the company, and for you…the fans.

SwitchBlade gestures with a wave of his free hand to the fans in attendance.

SwitchBlade: You people pay good money, and take time of your busy day, to come to these shows and watch us beat the crap out of each other. And for that I thank you.

The fans are not sure whether to cheer or boo SwitchBlade. It’s mostly a mixture, though the boos are easier to hear.

SwitchBlade: But I don’t believe it’s enough for me to just say “thank you.” I think you guys deserve more than that. Which leads me to explain why I did what I did during the number one contendership match.

SwitchBlade pauses and takes in a deep breath.

SwitchBlade: When I say “If I can’t make you, I’ll break you,” it’s not just a catchphrase I use to try and excite the fans, or a slogan I can stick on to a few t-shirts and caps for profit. It is my mantra, my way of life here in WARPED. If I take notice of someone that I believe can make it in this business, then I try my hardest to make sure he reaches the top. But if he doesn’t show his worth…if he continues to lose his focus and is beaten over and over and over again, then I see no reason to support him, and I will simply break him. Whether that is socially, or physically, is entirely up to the person.

SwitchBlade: So what does this all mean? It’s simple when you look at it logically. You have two wrestlers looking to become the number one contender: The Rough Ryder…

The fans boo Ryder’s name.

SwitchBlade: …And Malik Logan.

The fans cheer for Malik.

SwitchBlade: Now let’s be honest here. Ryder is an asshole. There’s no getting pass that. But he is a TALENTED asshole. And Malik is a nice guy, certainly. But he’s…not of the same league.

SwitchBlade raises a hand up to silence the naysayers.

SwitchBlade: Now hold on, let me explain. Now for the past couple months I have been watching both Malik and Ryder climb the rankings in their quest for this.

SwitchBlade taps the world title.

SwitchBlade: Both men have managed to stick around long enough to prove that they’re not just talk. But when Malik and Ryder are compared side by side, it’s quite obvious to me, and probably to most of you, that Ryder is far superior to Malik when it comes to wrestling.

Very LOUD boos for SwitchBlade on that comment. SwitchBlade sighs and shakes his head.

SwitchBlade: You have to see it from my point of view. I’m the WARPED World Heavyweight Champion. I represent the best in the company, and the only people who should even think about getting a shot at this title should also be among the best. Ryder is one of these people. In every exchange Ryder has dominated Malik. He has pinned him, knocked him out, busted him wide open, and even took his contendership status…twice. I have been in the ring with both men, and I know how legitimate Ryder is. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the guy, and he sure as hell doesn’t like me. But I respect him for wanting this title…

SwitchBlade raises the title again.

SwitchBlade: …more than anyone else in the company. He, unlike Malik, deserves to be the number one contender.

The fans boo, but these boos are much lighter than before.

SwitchBlade: And you fans deserve to have a high class main event that you can tell your friends and family members years from now. SwitchBlade versus Ryder for the World Heavyweight Championship WILL BE that main event, I guarantee it!

SwitchBlade: And as for you Malik, I wish you the best, and I hope that you can one day improve your abilities. But for now…you need to know you place and stick to your own class. I hear Grundy’s looking for challengers to his Evolution title. Maybe you should give him a call.

SwitchBlade brushes his hair back and adjusts the position of the belt a little.

SwitchBlade: Ryder...I opened the door for you. I let you have the contendership, and now all that stands between you and the world heavyweight championship is me. But like I have proven in the past, it’s going to take a hell of a lot to defeat me. Think you can do it? Well don’t just speak up. Step up!

Then as Switchblade is looking to leave the ring “Act a Fool” plays to a loud pop throughout the arena. Malik Logan burst through the curtain with a smile on his face though SwitchBlade doesn't have the same facial expression. Then Malik gets in the ring and he grabs a mic.

Malik Logan: SwitchBlade I see what you are doing. Explaining you actions is your way of saying sorry. But then you come out and say that I'm not on the same caliber as Ryder? I was going to come out here and say I accept your apology, but now I want you to explain yourself some more. What makes you think that I am not on the same caliber as Ryder? I have come out here week in and week out and put my ass on the line just like you do and just like he does for these fans!

Fans cheer as Malik starts to get serious.

Malik Logan: I do the same thing you do and I do the same thing he does. You think that you put a strap on your shoulder and you’re the shit. You can come out here and say whatever you want. Well like president Obama once said, you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. Well you can put a strap on SwitchBlade and he's still a bitch!

The crowd erupts into cheers. SwitchBlade, needless to say, is not amused.

Malik Logan: SwitchBlade…you say that Ryder beat me out twice for a shot at that title. And you’re right; Ryder did beat me the first time fair and square. But you, me, Ryder , Jessica, all the fans in the arena that night, and all of the people who bought the WARPED Eight DVD, know for a fact that I would have gotten that title shot if it wasn't for your punk ass.


Malik Logan: I know why you did it. You’re afraid of me. You didn't want to face me at WARPED Ten, so you screwed me out of my title shot. But Switchy, I accept your apology. I think that you did it to keep your title and you're smart for doing it. But I also thank you because now that I lost the match, I get to go back to whipping Hyde's ass like I did in the first ever match at WARPED.

SwitchBlade glares at Malik and raises his mic up.

SwitchBlade: Malik, ol’ buddy…you enjoy that win. Because in all honesty, that’s the ONLY thing you’re ever going to be known for if you keep that act up. How DARE you step into this ring and disrespect ME? And worse, disrespect THIS?

SwitchBlade takes the belt off his shoulder and raises it up.

SwitchBlade: Does this mean nothing to you? Do these FANS mean nothing to you?

The crowd boos, and Malik looks at SwitchBlade like he’s crazy.

SwitchBlade: You have NO idea how much responsibility there is in holding The World Title. I represent the image of the company, and you have the nerve to insult me? You won’t get anywhere with an attitude like that. BUT…later tonight we’re teaming together in a six man tag match. I don’t know about you, but I intend on winning. So, because I wish to promote teamwork, I’m going to be the bigger man here and let bygones be bygones.

SwitchBlade offers a hand to Malik. Logan looks at the hand, then to the crowd who by now are both cheering and booing SwitchBlade. After awhile Malik just laughs at SwitchBlade. Now SwitchBlade looks mighty pissed.

SwitchBlade: Shake…my...hand.

Malik just laughs some more. SwitchBlade has had enough. He drops his mic and pushes Malik. Out of nowhere Malik does a double leg takedown and both men start brawling. SwitchBlade’s title drops to the mat. As they are trading blows a few referees come out and break the two up. After they manage to get them back into opposite corners of the ring, Malik breaks free and jumps over the referees holding SwitchBlade back and they go at it again. But when the refs come after Malik SwitchBlade manages to grab his belt and quickly slip out of the ring. As SwitchBlade heads back to the entrance yelling at Malik the whole time, The Hitman raises his arms taunting the crowd and they erupt. “Act a Fool” plays once more. Malik taunts with the crowd until the scene cuts away.


Match #1: Korrupt vs. Jason Mercy

Tony D: "Korrupt made his debut at WARPED 8 by assisting PKA to destroy Dr. EMO in the ring. What is his affiliation with PKA and what's next?"

Kris Red: "We can't look past Jason Mercy, Tony D. Nobody has any idea who this guy is.. he's making his debut tonight.. What can both of these men do in the ring? Let's find out!"

Randy Long: This next match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 234 pounds, from Chicago Illinois, JASON MERCY!

As "My Way" plays over the sound system, Jason Mercy walks out from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction, he walks down to the ring, stopping at ringside looking around at the crowd, before sliding into the ring. He then walks around, leaning back over the different ropes stretching out.

Randy Long: And his opponent, weighing in at 200 pounds, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, he is The Master of Mind-Fuckery, El Pollo Loco, Asbury's Demon Seed… he is KORRUPT!

Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Suddenly the lights go down and "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold begins to blare through the arena. Comes from the back looking around at the crowd, the lights throbbing a blood red. He walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward. He charges and slides into the ring, crawling forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. He begins to crawl to a corner and sits back in it, rocking back and forth with until the match starts.

Tony D: Here we go, two debuts here tonight.

Kris Red: This should be a very interesting conte-

However before the match can even start, “Coming Undone” by Tantric hits, and the fans sit in confusion. After a moment, a man with blonde hair, black jeans and a vest that reads “KK” stumbles out with a massive smile on his face, and a mic in hand.

Tony D: Who is this?

Kris Red: I’m not sure, but he looks very familiar.

The man lifts the mic to his moth and smiles once more.

The Man: Ladies and gentleman, I can see the confusion on your faces. I know exactly what you are all thinking, and that’s “Who is this guy? He looks so familiar but I can’t put my finger on who it is.” Am I a famous indy fed wrestler? No I am not. Am I perhaps a wrestling promoter? Nope that’s not it everyone. I’ll give you all a clue. Don’t think wrestling. Still nothing? What if I was to say… You think you’re funny?

Tony D: Wait a minute, I know who this is!

The Man: Well I’ll smack the funny off your face!

The fans begin to cheer and chant “KOLTON KING! KOLTON KING!” while Mercy in the ring looks annoyed, and Korrupt stays rocking in the corner.

Kris Red: Kolton King! The self-proclaimed King of Comedy!

Tony D: I’ve seen him live, I love this guy!

Kris Red: You would say that..

Kolton King: That’s right, now you’ve got it! My name is Kolton King. If you somehow do not know who I am then let me fill in the blanks. I am one of the greatest comedians of all time. Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Will Farrell got NOTHING on me. I am simply the King of Comedy.

He turns to a random fan and smirks.

Kolton King: I’m modest too. Now I see the contempt on your faces in the ring- well, at least on Mr. Mercy’s face. All I see when I look at Korrupt is “DURRRRRRRR”. But that’s not the point. I am not out here to start a fight. I am out here to… join my boys Red and Tony D on commentary!

The fans cheer as Kolton begins to slowly makes his way over to the announce table.

Kris Red: Well hey look here, welcome Kolton!

He takes a seat and puts his headset on.

Tony D: So what do we owe the pleasure?

Kolton King: Well as you know from my comedy bits, I’m a huge wrestling fan. And it’s a little known fact, but I actually just got out of wrestling training and it turns out, Kolton King is as good in the ring as he is on a stage!

Kris Red: Well I can’t wait to see you in the ring, but right now this should be an incredible match in it’s own right.

The bell rings and the two lock up. Jason backs Korrupt up into the corner but Korrupt drills him with a forearm to the gut, that has little to no effect. Jason begins to fire in rights to the skull, meanwhile Korrupt drills him with shots to the ribs. The ref breaks it up momentarily, and Korrupt runs out, drilling Jason with a knee to the gut, and then begins to drill him with a few shots to the back. Korrupt then hit’s the ropes and drills him in the face with a running knee.

Tony D: Korrupt coming out of the box on fire here.

Kris Red: He certainly knows how to use that knee. Very impressive thus far.

Kolton King: Impressive indeed. I was expecting him to try to kill Mercy 30 seconds into this like he tried to do to Dr. Emo last week!

Jason bounces back from the knee, and Korrupt charges him. He leaps for a cross body, but Jason catches him. Jason goes down and drills him with rib breaker. Jason drops him and pins him.

1... 2... Kickout!

Jason gets to his feet, as does Korrupt. Korrupt turns and Jason drills him with a quick scoop slam. Jason then drops a quick leg drop and pins.

1... 2... Kickout!

Jason gets Korrupt up, and whips him into the ropes. Mercy goes for a clothesline but Korrupt ducks and rolls him up.

1... 2... Kickout!

Korrupt gets up and Jason begins to, but Korrupt drills him with a punt like kick ruthlessly to the skull, sending Mercy back down to the canvas.

Kris Red: WOW. Did you hear that thud!?

Tony D: I don’t think there’s a single person who didn’t!

Kolton King: There was certainly nothing funny about that! Which is surprising considering ol’ Lucy Lawless in there was the one who did it.

Korrupt then hit’s the ropes and runs at Mercy, hitting him in the ribs with a running baseball slide, sending Jason out to the mat outside violently.

Tony D: Here we go! Korrupt taking control now.

Kris Red: That’s putting it lightly.

Jason holds his ribs, gasping for air and writhing in pain. Mercy slowly gets to his feet and Korrupt stalks him from the inside of the ring.

Kolton King: Uh oh, Mercy could be in trouble here!

Tony D: I know, nobody knows what’s going through that Korrupt’s mind.

Kolton King: Oh no I meant… well look at him. He’s wearing make up, probably nail polish, and tight pants. Would YOU want him stalking you?

Jason gets to his feet and turns, and Korrupt uses the ropes to leap up over the top. However at the last second Jason dives out of the way, and Korrupt lands hard. Both men lay flat and the ref begins to count.

1... 2... 3.… 4...

Kris Red: Stupid move by Korrupt I’ll admit.

Kolton King: Not surprised there. I mean don’t get me wrong, Mercy doesn’t exactly look like a scholar, but still.

Jason begins to get up and slides in. The ref continues to count out Korrupt.

5... 6... 7... 8... 9...

Korrupt gets to his feet and slides in barely. He somehow begins to get to his feet, but Jason drops a knee to the back of the head of Korrupt. Korrupt begins to get up again, and Jason grabs him by the head getting him up. However Korrupt knees him in the gut, then kicks him in the knee. Jason goes down to one knee, and Korrupt uses the knee to spring up and inziguri Mercy. He pins.

1... 2... Kickout!

Tony D: Oh! That was close.

Kris Red: I thought that was it!

Kolton King: I’ll admit, an impressive move especially after that dive he took.

Korrupt gets to his feet and thinks, going to the top rope.

Jason doesn’t move, and Korrupt leaps off, hitting a splash. He pins.

1... 2... Kickout!

Korrupt, seemingly getting frustrated begins to get Jason up, but Mercy drops down and rolls to the outside.

Tony D: Very smart move to slow down Korrupt!

Kris Red: I don’t know, it seems sort of cowardly to me!

Kolton King: Would you just stand there while that little psycho teed off on you? Didn’t think so.

Korrupt runs and goes for a baseball slide, but Jason moves, and Korrupt goes right out of the ring but onto his feet. However at last second as he lands, Mercy drills him with a HARD clothesline, and both men go down.

1... 2... 3... 4...

Tony D: Could be another double count out here!

Kolton King: These two are spending more time on the floor then a 3 year old. Let Kolton get in there and show them how it’s done!

5... 6... 7...

Both men begin to get up.

Kris Red: I don’t know, they’re getting up!

8... 9...

Both men slide back into the ring at the last second and the crowd buzzes.

Tony D: And no they made it!

Kolton King: Well that’s too bad. More of looking at Korrupt?

Korrupt slowly begins to pull Jason to his feet, and Jason goes for a big right hand. But Korrupt ducks It. When Mercy turns, Korrupt then grabs him by the throat, and yells “DIE BITCH DIE!” before kneeing him in the gut, and hitting the “D.I.E.”. He hit’s the DDT, keeping it locked into a guillotine choke.

Kris Red: He hit it! The D.I.E.! Will he tap?

Mercy struggles, but quickly has to tap. The bell rings.

Tony D: Yes he tapped!

Randy begins to talk, but Kolton stands up and takes the mic.

Kolton King: And the winner of this match… is WARPED! For acquiring THE biggest star in the history of comedy, and now wrestling. Oh and congrats to weird emo boy. You did good too.

Kolton smirks as the fans chuckle and he makes his way to the back. Korrupt gets to his feet and tilts his head, then looks back down at Mercy with a scowl.


Taken from A Promo Earlier This Week...

[Date: 29th June 2010. Location: Outside Anger Management]

Crowbar, still under orders by WARPED! management to attend anger management classes exits the building with a noticeable twitch and mumbling to himself

Crowbar: I lost...i knew i'd lose....assholes.....i the price...

WARPED! Cameras are onhand to catch him after his loss at Warped 8. They run up to him and shove the camera in his face.

Interviewer: Crowbar! You lost in Dayton to The Midnighter in a rematch from Warped 7, this time he got the victory and its just been announced that there will be a third rematch to decide the tie breaker, your thoughts?

Crowbar quickly looks up at the interviewer with a glare of death, he looks at the camera and snarls. His state of mind is obviously not one of sanity.

Crowbar: I lost....managements fault.....i lost, yes, i don't plan to again. Management has screwed me for the last time. I couldn't even get interview time prior to Dayton due to of people who.......god i hate them. I hate them, i hate management.

Crowbar holds his head.

For more of Crowbar's thoughts, including his match with The Midnighter, visit's Promo Section!



Match #2: Four Corner Survival: J-Money vs. Tin Li. vs. Josh Extremer vs. Chris Razor

Kris Red: "You know what, Tony D? I sure do like me a Four Corner Survival match, especially when it involves a lot of high flyers, and that's what we have here!"

Tony D: "This match features the in-ring debut of J-Money, a white rapper who, at WARPED 8, angered many of the fans by his remarks. Also in this match is the debuts of Josh Extremer and Chris Razor. Tin Li returns to the ring in this fast-paced, high adrenaline match where the first person to pick up a pinfall or submission is the winner."

Kris Red: "Hooah! Let's go!"

The four measure each other up, no one taking the first shot. They each occupy a corner, looking the opponents up and down. Tin Li shrugs and charges J-Money with a leaping clothesline but J-Money dodges the shot and Li crashes into the turnbuckle. J-Money delivers hard knife edge chops repeatedly.

Meanwhile we have Chris Razor and Josh Extremer now going at it, trading shots. Razor takes Extremer down with a right hand then brings him up and goes for a Tiger Driver but Extremer escapes and hits a jawbreaker. He charges but Razor hip tosses him over the top rope to the floor!

In the corner of the ring we have Tin Li perched up top while J-Money climbs and signals for a Hurricanrana. Li hits a headbutt and a double palm thrust to the chest of J-Money, taking him down to the mat. Li jumps off with a splash but J-Money drops him onto his knee with an Atomic Drop then grabs his arms, spins him around and hits an Inverted double underhook facebuster!

On the other end of the ring, Chris Razor awaits Josh Extremer to get to his feet, and as he does, Razor leaps onto the top rope and hits a Springboard Phoenix Splash to the floor onto Extremer!! The crowd goes wild! Razor stands up and the crowd continues to cheer him on. He picks up Extremer and rolls him into the ring, and Extremer wobbles to his feet and out of nowhere Tin Li hits a bulldog on Extremer, dropkicking J-Money simultaneously. Li pulls Extremer up and whips him into the ropes and then on the rebound hits a crossbody block. Razor is up on the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. Li turns around and Razor leaps off with a flying clothesline, taking Li out. Razor up to his feet now and J-Money turns him around, kicks him in the gut and hits a DDT.

J-Money slaps his chest and throws up some 'gang signs' in the ring. Tin Li flies off the ropes with an Asai moonsault! He rolls J-Money up for a one count before J-Money thumbs him in the eye. Josh Extremer gets to his feet as Tin Li flinches from the eye poke. J-Money grabs Tin Li by the head. He jabs him in the jaw a few times, then whips him to the ropes, catching Li with a chicken wing. Li groans, but J-Money isn’t finished. He locks in another chicken wing, then lifts him up for a suplex! But as Tin Li is going over, Josh Extremer flies off the top rope with a flying headscissors and J-Money let’s go as Extremer completes the move! The fans go wild for this spot! J-Money allows Extremer get to his feet and hits him with a superkick and covers! 1... 2... Chris Razor grabs the leg of J-Money and pulls him out of the ring and delivers a hard knife edge chop, and another, and another. He then goes for an irish whip but J-Money counters and Razor hits the barricade!

Razor turns around and here comes Tin Li with a suicide dive through the ropes!! He crashes into J-Money and takes him out. In the ring, Josh Extremer slowly gets to his feet, as the guys at ringside do too. He runs toward the two men at ringside and flips over, taking both men out! More cheers from the crowd!! Meanwhile we have Chris Razor who has slid into the ring now and is getting to his feet. The three men at ringside use each other to help get up to their feet as Razor measures them off. He kneels down, watiing... then charges toward them, leaps onto the top rope and somersaults off, landing on all three men taking them out with a Springboard Senton Plancha!!! The crowd goes wild for this amazing move!

Razor gets to his feet and brings Josh Extremer to his feet simply because he was the closest person to him. He gets up on the apron but J-Money grabs his tights and pulls him down and hits a big Russian Legsweep into the barricade! Meanwhile, Tin Li slides into the ring and measures off Josh Extremer who is slowly getting to his feet. Extremer turns around and Li kicks him in the gut then scoops him up... Michinoku Driver! Li covers..1...2... kickout!! He brings Extremer up to his feet and takes him to the cornerand lifts him to the top and sits him down. He climbs up but is suddenly knocked down by none other than J-Money with a hard right hand! J-Money quickly climbs up the turnbuckle behind Extremer and grabs both arms and places his boot on the back of Extremer's head.. then they fly off the top and the result is a nasty Top Rope Curb Stomp!!!

Tony D: "J-Money calls that Straight Outta Baltimore!"

Kris Red: "What a NASTY ASS move!!"

Money covers...1....2.....3!!! Chris Razor tried to make the save just in time but was too late. The bell sounds, and this one is over!



Outside of the Building...

The scene opens as we see Evolution Champion T.G. Grundy walking in to the building carrying his bag with Maverick at his side.

T.G. Grundy: I got a call from thron the other day..

Maverick: What did the asshole want?

T.G. Grundy: wanted to see how I was doing and see how you where doing.

Maverick: He can go suck a dick stay away from him kid you are better off with out him.

Grundy gets a annoyed look on his face burt keeps walking towards the building.



Match #3: Tie-Breaker Match: Crowbar vs. The Midnighter

Tony D: "Two times these men have faced off, Crowbar and The Midnighter, and both men hold a single victory over the other, the first win going to Crowbar, the second to The Midnighter. Both matches we saw evidence of an unstable Crowbar trying to contain his composure and not let his anger take over, but at WARPED 8 it got the best of him and The Midnighter picked up the win. Can Crowbar contain his aggression to win this tie-breaker or will the big man known as The Midnighter shock us all with another victory?"

Kris Red: "Let's find out, God damnit!"

Tony D: "KRIS!"

The bell sounds. The Midnighter and Crowbar lock up in the middle of the ring and Crowbar wraps his arms around Midnighter's waist and pulls him to the mat. Crowbar holds him there for a moment before moving around and locking in a front facelock. He then brings his knees up and into the face of the big man. The Midnighter starts to get up though, fighting through the knee-to-head shots, but Crowbar knees him in his gut when they get up and brings him down to the mat again. Midnighter uses his power to roll away and get up. Crowbar gets up and The Midnighter delivers a hard big boot sending him down!

Tony D: "First cover of the match!"

The Midnighter makes the cover...1...2... kick out!

Tony D: "Just a two count."

The two men rise to their feet.. Crowbar lays in the punches as he backs The Midnighter into the ropes. Irish whip to The Midnighter.. The Midnighter comes back and Crowbar tries for a spinebuster but The Midnighter drives his elbow into the head of Crowbar. Crowbar drops The Midnighter and holds his head.. The Midnighter, who landed on his feet, motions for Crowbar to come a little further, and he does, as The Midnighter then grabs him and powers him over with a belly to belly suplex! The Midnighter with the cover again.. 1... 2.. kickout!

Kris Red: "Another count there but the big man couldn't keep Crowbar down. Man, Crowbar looks like he's tired... I bet its all of that lack of weaponry he has to deal with... dude is literally stressed out. You can tell."

Tony D: "And he has to deal with the constant Anger Management classes but he put himself in that position remember that Kris."

The Midnighter gets to his feet and raises his arms in the air telling everyone that he's the man!! He turns around though only to receive a kick to the gut followed by a hard right hand. Crowbar backs The Midnighter into the ropes and goes for the Irish whip but The Midnighter counters and sends Crowbar into the ropes..he bounces off and connects with a spear! He covers The Midnighter...1...2...kick out!

Tony D: "Crowbar with the two count off the big spear!"

Crowbar mounts The Midnighter and begins punching him with his right hand over and over. Over and over and over, Crowbar lays in the punches. The referee tells Crowbar to knock it off or risk getting disqualified!! Crowbar takes a breath and finally stops, trying to keep his anger under control. He brings Midnighter up and whips him into the corner and follows up, but The Midnighter gets a boot up. The Midnighter then approaches and goes for a german suplex but Crowbar won't allow it. He elbows The Midnighter in his head and then whips him into the ropes. Crowbar goes for a Standing Sidekick but The Midnighter puts on the breaks and grabs the foot of Crowbar. He then pushes the foot down and goes for a clothesline on Crowbar which would've no doubt taken his head off but Crowbar ducks. The momentum sends the Midnighter into the ropes and he grabs on and turns around as Crowbar charges... clothesline over the top! Both men go crashing down at ringside.

Tony D: "And they both go overboard!"

The referee begins the 10-count...1...... 2...... Crowbar shakes his head as he pushes himself up off of the floor. 3.... Crowbar reaches under the bottom of the ring and pulls out a trash can and sets it on the ring steps as The Midnighter gets to his feet. 4.....

Kris Red: "Trash can!"

Tony D: "Crowbar better be careful that he doesn't get disqualified.. and maybe worse.. he has that strict rule against him that he isn't to use any weapons..He could be fined, or worse, fired!"

5...... Crowbar goes for an irish whip to send Midnighter into the trash can or steps but The Midnighter counters and turns it into a short arm clothesline! 6...... 7...... 8...... The fans cheer as The Midnighter rolls Crowbar into the ring and grabs the trash can and tosses it into the ring. The referee yells at The Midnighter as he gets into the ring that the weapon is not legal! The Midnighter nods to the ref as the ref then goes and grabs the trash can to push it aside, and while he's distracted Crowbar hits a low blow on The Midnighter!! The crowd boos as Crowbar then goes for his devastating brainbuster known as The Trapdoor but he just can't lift The Midnighter up! The Midnighter delivers an elbow to the back of his head then puts his head under his arm, wraps his leg around one of Crowbar's and trips him/drives him into the mat, then quickly applies an armbar and pulls with all his might and Crowbar is forced to tap out!!

Kris Red: "Its ova!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Thhhhheeee Miiiiiiiidnighterrrrrrrrrr!"

The crowd cheers as The Midnighter stands up and has his large arm raised in victory.

Tony D: "The Midnighter has come out victorious in the tie-breaker match against Crowbar and now one must wonder - what's next?!"

Kris Red: "I say he goes backstage and hits the showers.."

Tony D: "I'm talking more like in his career, Kris.. but sure, you're probably right."

Kris Red: "As usual."




The scene opens up inside of a very dimly lit room. The camera goes around a corner where we see more light now, and its coming from a candle of all things. A shadow is cast on a wall from the candle, showing the sillouette of a man seated on the floor. The camera gets closer and turns to the man, and its none other than PKA. He sits, cross-legged, hands in his lap. He wears a black bandana and a black tank-top, along with black jeans. His head is down as he begins to speak.

Earlier This Week... floats to the bottom of your screen... The "Ultraviolent Perfectionist" sighs. This is a beaten down, depressed man speaking. So much for the killer-mentality.

PKA: "Wrestling. A trap door to the cellar below of which I've fallen. Here I lay, with nothing more to do than play with the toys and destroy the stuffed animals that are tossed my way. Today's meal includes a couple of Golden Stars and a Hitman. The first two might be a little rough to digest, but there's no problem with a Hitman. Perhaps I'll get to play with my friends and they can help me chew the Golden Stars."

Of course the 'Golden Stars' that he refers to are the World and Evolution Champions, SwitchBlade and T.G. Grundy, whom he meets at the next WARPED event along with the 'Hitman' mentioned, Malik Logan. In PKA's mind, he is an animal, perhaps a tiger or a lion, ready to feed on his prey. He continues to speak in the monotonous, depressed voice.

PKA: "I realize now that I am forever trapped in this cage, this cellar, this jail that is pro wrestling. So, if anything happens to enter my cage, step in front of my path, I will strike, destroy, and devour, for I'm still.. I'm still.. an animal. "

Scene quickly shifts to static. And black. Out.


Match #4: Six Man Tag: The Rough Ryder, PKA, Kurtis Hyde vs. SwitchBlade, T.G. Grundy, Malik Logan

Tony D: "This match not only prominently features six men who have all had issues with one another. Ryder is the new #1 Contender to SwitchBlade's World Title, and still has his unsolved issues with Malik Logan. Logan has rekindled problems with former rival Kurtis Hyde, as unfinished business needs to be handled. At the same time, SwitchBlade shocked everyone at WARPED 8 when he cost Logan the #1 Contenders match against Ryder."

Kris Red: "Earlier tonight we saw them nearly kill each other in the ring.. which I can't believe happened."

Tony D: "Hopefully they can co-exist in this match, because if they can't, it could result in a loss."

Kris Red: No doubt. All sorts of things are going on in this match. You have PKA over there who thinks he got robbed of winning the Evolution Title.. and T.G. Grundy holds that belt proudly now. Though, when does PKA get his shot? Grundy said at WARPED 8 that if PKA beat The Mighty Aguila, he'd have a shot, right? He killed 'em!"

Tony D: "I've got no clue, Kris. But one thing I do know is that with all of what was just mentioned, this is sure to be an explosive six man tag team match!

The bell sounds immediately as Ryder attacks T.G. Grundy while he's talking to his partners. Ryder pulls T.G. to a far corner and pushes him into it, then puts the boots to his gut. T.G. drops down on the mat, and Ryder stomps away. He just continues stomping away as the referee tries to stop him from continuing. Ryder yells at the referee to 'COUNT TO FIVE!' and the ref continues to try and seperate them and Ryder finally backs off, hands up, and shrugs, like he did nothing wrong.

Ryder steps by the ref and picks up T.G. Grundy who now fights back with jabs to the gut but Ryder knees him in the face, and then pulls him straight up and knees him in his gut. Ryder pulls T.G. with him as he makes it to his corner and tags out to Kurtis Hyde. The Brit comes in and Ryder holds him so he can drive his boot into the gut of Grundy. the referee tells Ryder to get out of the ring and he holds his hands up, smiling, and also casually taking his time. Hyde has Grundy on the ropes, and chops his chest. The echo is sent throughout the arena, and the fans let out a 'WOOH!' in respect of the Nature Boy! Hyde executes two more, and the same response follows from the fans. Hyde sends Grundy across the ring with an irish whip, and takes him down with a big clothesline on the return. He covers..The referee drops down and counts 1...2... kick out! Hyde tells the ref to count faster, and the ref says he counted fast enough! Kurtis Hyde shakes his head and gets to his feet, bringing his opponent up with him. Hyde grabs the left arm of Grundy and pulls him to his corner and tags back out to The Rough Ryder, who enters the ring and stomps away at Grundy, with Hyde holding him down.

Kris Red: "And here comes once again the Number One Contender to the WARPED World Title, The Rough Ryder."

The ref orders Hyde out, and he exits, also taking his time. Ryder stomps Grundy once, raises his arms in the air, and the crowd boos. He then walks closer to the corner of SwitchBlade and Malik Logan, and he spits in their direction and flips them off. Malik Logan and SwitchBlade start to enter the ring, but the ref tells them to stay put in their corner! Neither man is happy about this. They then trade looks, Switchy and Logan, at one another... and they look to be arguing about something. The cameras get closer as Logan points to the ring and says that he can help just fine on his own, while SwitchBlade tells him not to be ridiculous. The ref tells them to calm it down, and they look away from one another..

Kris Red: "Isn't that cute, lovers cwarel, or however you spell..err say, it.. "

Tony D: "SwitchBlade and Malik Logan aren't the best of friends lately, that's for sure, after the ongoings two weeks ago."

Ryder laughs at the guys in the corner, while Hyde and PKA choke Grundy on the ropes and take cheap shots! They stop and the ref turns around, barely not catching them. Ryder pulls Grundy to his feet and applies a reverse waistlock, and attempts a German Suplex, and he connects with it. Cover.. 1... 2...

Broken up by Malik Logan!

The ref backs Malik Logan into his corner, and Malik Logan exits out. the ref turns around, and Ryder tags out to PKA, who wears a big smile on his face.

Kris Red: "There's the tag to PKA, who is looking ever so confident."


PKA brings Grundy to his feet and hits a Suplex of his own, this time of the Northern Lights variation, and holds onto it with a bridge.. 1.. 2...

Broken up by SwitchBlade, with a stomp to the stomach of PKA! PKA holds his stomach and he threatens to hit SwitchBlade, but SwitchBlade pulls his arm back and PKA hesitates for a moment. The referee makes sure SwitchBlade gets out of the ring, and the fans are now beginning a cheer for T.G. Grundy to help him on.

"T.G. -Grun-dy"
"T.G. -Grun-dy"
"T.G. -Grun-dy"

PKA brings Grundy to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Grundy comes back and PKA executes a tilt-a-whirl slam - - - no its countered into a headscissors! The crowd pops for the big shift there! PKA is quick to his feet, Grundy a bit slower, but while on his knees he fires at the chest of PKA with a double palm thrust that takes the air out of him! Grundy then follows it up with an STO!

The crowd is cheering for Grundy still, as the referee administers the 10-count for the double-down.






T.G. Grundy starts crawling to his corner..



PKA begins rising to his feet..


PKA is up..

Grundy tags in SwitchBlade!

Tony D: "Grundy with the first tag for his team, bringing in the other champ in this match!"

PKA turns around and SwitchBlade enters the ring and PKA flips out! SwitchBlade charges at PKA and wales on him with right hands and the crowd is absolutely exploding for SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade backs PKA into the ropes and sends him to the other side and on the rebound nails him with a back elbow. PKA stumbles back into the ropes and bounces off and tries for a clothesline but SwitchBlade ducks it and as PKA turns around SwitchBlade hits a hip toss! PKA is up on his feet and SwitchBlade hits another hip toss. PKA rises up and SwitchBlade grabs him and hits an overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! Cheers from the crowd! SwitchBlade covers.. 1.. 2...

The Rough Ryder comes in and kicks the crap out of SwitchBlade's head!

Kris Red: "There's your challenger, Switchy! Right to the back of his heaD~!"!

SwitchBlade snaps up, holding his head and he looks PISSED! Malik Logan shakes his head on the apron, and sighs. He throws his arms up and gets in the ring to defend the honor of SwitchBlade as that was uncalled for.

Kris Red: "Wow, Malik Logan actually coming to the aid of SwitchBlade!"

Logan rushes Ryder and tackles him to the mat, pounding his head with right hands.

Tony D: "Here's two men that share a lot of hatred for one another going at it now!"

Hyde enters the ring and pulls Malik Logan off and goes for a big right hand but Malik Logan ducks it and dropkicks the knees of Hyde. Hyde rolls out of the ring just as Ryder did. SwitchBlade and PKA are facing off now, trading right hands, and SwitchBlade quickly gains control and kicks PKA in his gut. He sets him up for a vertical suplex, He hits a big Cradle Piledriver and then covers..1... 2.... PKA kicks out just in time!

SwitchBlade then calls for Malik Logan and Logan says 'not yet' and shakes his hand. SwitchBlade looks frustrated, and says come on, extending his hand. Logan won't tag. Finally, Switchy slaps the chest of Logan, and Logan has been tagged in! Logan looks down at his chest, then back up at SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade says let's a calm voice. Logan slowly enters and gives SwitchBlade a look as SwitchBlade orders something. SwitchBlade brings PKA to his feet and Logan grabs one arm while Switchy has the other. They send him into the ropes and set him up for a double clothesline but PKA holds onto the ropes and drops down on the mat, rolling out of the ring nearby his partners who are still recovering from a few moments ago. SwitchBlade and Malik Logan are unhappy about that, but Malik Logan has a solution. SwitchBlade backs Malik Logan into the ropes and sends him running with an irish whip and Malik Logan flies right through the middle and top rope and takes all three out with a Suicide Dive!!!

Kris Red: "Suuuuuuuicide Dive by Malik Logan!"

T.G. Grundy then gets in the ring, fully recovered from the beatdown earlier. T.G. negotiates with SwitchBlade, and they come to an agreement. Irish whip by SwitchBlade.. and Grundy runs to the ropes and slides under the bottom rope with a baseball slide.

Kris Red: "What a move by the giant T.G. Grundy!"

The fans are going wild and SwitchBlade makes his way to the corner buckle and begins climbing up.

Tony D: "This is something we don't see too often, SwitchBlade going to the top!"

SwitchBlade gets to the top of the turnbuckle, and leaps off with a cross body block, taking out all three men at once! The fans go wild for SwitchBlade, chanting his last name as fast as possible-

"SwitchBlade SwitchBlade SwitchBlade SwitchBlade SwitchBlade SwitchBlade SwitchBlade!"

Malik Logan and T.G. Grundy celebrate with their partner as he gets to his feet. SwitchBlade grabs PKA and brings him to his feet enough to roll him into the ring. SwitchBlade jumps up on the apron, and Jessica Reyes runs around and grabs his right foot. T.G. Grundy grabs Jessica and pulls her away, as she kicks and screams. Kurtis Hyde then charges Grundy, who tosses Jessica Reyes down, and gets his head taken off practically by Ryder, who turns T.G. Grundy inside out. Hyde grabs Malik Logan and tosses him over the barricade. SwitchBlade is distracted by all of this, which allows PKA to recover and grab SwitchBlade by his hair and pull him into the ring, over the top rope! the referee tells him to watch the hair! PKA says fine.. fine.. and backs up. But look out! Ryder and Kurtis both slide in the ring and put the boots to SwitchBlade. The ref tells them to knock it off and they don't listen! PKA turns the ref around and says he can't do shit about it!

All three men continue to stomp away at the World Champ until we hear a giant ROAR and the camera pans out to see its none other than T.G. Grundy who is to his feet and pissed! He charges in and nearly decapitates both PKA AND Kurtis Hyde! He then sets his sights on The Rough Ryder, who puts his hands up, backing away into the corner. Grundy approaches, stalking him, as the crowd cheers for him to pounce on his prey. When it seems like there is no chance for Ryder, Jessica Reyes hops up on the ring apron and starts shouting in the face of Grundy. He gives her a look for a second, and that's all that Ryder needed. With the referee briefly distracted by the attractive lady as well, Ryder boots Grundy way low, and he drops to his knees. Ryder then delivers a hard boot to the temple of Grundy, dropping him. He gets on top and begins punching away as Jessica hops off the apron.

Malik Logan slides into the ring and pulls Ryder off and kicks him in the gut, then lifts him up into a fireman carry, setting him up for a Death Valley Driver, but Ryder wiggles out and applies a reverse waistlock. Counter by Logan into a reverse waistlock of his own. Both men try for control as SwitchBlade is to his feet and tells Logan to hold him! SwitchBlade charges in with his patented Discus Clothesline and nails Ryder but this also sends Logan back into the corner as Ryder goes down.

Malik Logan comes out of the corner, pushing SwitchBlade, asking him what he was thinking? SwitchBlade pushes back, saying he was helping out! Logan pushes back, and SwitchBlade does the same once again. Finally Logan delivers a right hand and the two begin to brawl! They drop down to the mat and begin rolling around, both men trading punches and gaining the upperhand on the other until the other takes control. Both men get up and Logan strattles the ropes as SwitchBlade charges and goes for a clothesline but Logan backdrops the World Champ to the floor!

Tony D: "Oh My GOD what the hell is going on here?!!"


Meanwhile in the ring we see T.G. Grundy slowly pulling himself up to his feet, The Rough Ryder, PKA, and Hyde all waiting. Grundy sees them and realizes its go time! He delivers a right hand to Hyde, taking him down, but PKA and Ryder jump on him and its too much to take. Logan, who is on the apron now, contemplates getting back into the ring or going after SwitchBlade. He decides to help his partner in the ring. He grabs PKA and pulls him away, as both men trade punches. Logan drops PKA with a jawbreaker, and goes to the ring apron quickly. Meanwhile we have Grundy and Ryder going at it, as Ryder clotheslines Grundy to the floor, both men going overboard. Malik Logan springboards off the top rope, going for the UFO Tornado DDT, but PKA quickly snaps up and hits a Superkick! FLUSH to the face! PKA drops over the body of Logan and hooks the leg barely, the ref counting...1...2.....3! The bell sounds! PKA rolls off as 'Hang Me Up To Dry' plays. The Rough Ryder enters the ring along with Jessica Reyes, and Kurtis Hyde makes his way up to his feet to meet the other two partners. SwitchBlade gets up on the apron, and The Rough Ryder signals for him to come along... get in the ring...

PKA brings Malik Logan to his feet and puts him under his arm, readying him for the P-Krusher. Ryder yells for SwitchBlade to come along, or Logan gets it. T.G. Grundy enters the ring, steel chair in hand, and the three men and the lady bail out, backing up the aisle way. SwitchBlade looks on from the apron, looking at the three men hightailing it out, then at the two in the ring. T.G. Grundy shakes his head at SwitchBlade as the Champ never got into the ring afterall.. SwitchBlade takes a breath, and gets in the ring, kneeling next to the downed Logan, and he shares some words with T.G. Grundy.. as the DVD ends..

Fade. To. Black.