WARPEDLIVE! 8- "H8-RED" 6/27/10

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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #8 - "H8-Red" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "Dayton, OH - June 27, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

Suddenly “Show Me A God” by Tech N9ne hits, and everybody quickly begins to boo as The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain with Jessica Reyes on one side, and his steel chair in his hand on the other side. Ryder has his wrestling gear on with a black jean-jacket, and of course his pitch-black sunglasses. He slowly makes his way to the ring with Jessica not far behind him, the fans booing and screaming random cusses at Ryder and Jessica the entire way. Ryder slides his chair into the ring and slides in, once again followed closely by Jessica. Ryder leans his chair against the ropes before being handed a mic by a stagehand. The fans begin to chant “Show me a fraud! Show me a fraud!” and Ryder just scowls at them all before slowly lifting the mic to his lips. The Rough Ryder: You can all chant Show Me A Fraud all you want, but after tonight the only ones who are going to be revealed as frauds is all your hero’s. First off last week, and none of you can deny this, I became THE biggest star in this company by pinning Malik Logan, and in turn putting a nice lose, and the first lost, on SwitchBlade’s until then flawless record. And that my friends, is only the beginning. The crowd boo’s more, trying to just drown out Ryder, but to no use. The Rough Ryder: I will tell you it all like it is right here and now. Tonight I will come down to this ring, and I will once again defeat Malik Logan for what seems like the 40th time in the last 3 months. And then when I FINALLY eliminate this little “distraction”, I’m going to go on to destroy you SwitchBlade. Because we all know that it’s just a matter of time before I claim my thr- "Act a Fool" by Lil Jon interupts Ryder and the crowd pops as Malik Logan makes his way through the entrance curtain. He takes a walk down toward the ring and his music fades. He brings up his microphone and speaks.

Malik: Ryder I'm not going to lie yes you pinned me in our first match, and yes you pinned me in the tag team match at WARPED 7. But Ryder what you have to understand is that that was then and this is now. And later tonight our match is all that really matters. And all that matters is that I'm going to pin you 1...2...3. The crowd pops. Ryder looks on from the ring as Logan stops at the apron.. when suddenly "Hang Me Up To Dry" by Cold War Kids hits and out steps PKA, wearing all black from head to toe - bandana, Passion Pit t-shirt, wristbands, jean shorts, shoes and socks. PKA is decked out! Let's not forget the eyeliner. He taps the microphone as his music dies down.

PKA: "Excuse me... one sec... pardon... hey now!"

The crowd boos.

PKA: "First of all, Dayton, you can lick it!"

More boos!

PKA: "And second of all, I'd like to remind you, "Malik Logan..." that this is a segment for winners only! So please, kindly..HIT the bricks..MAN.."

That play on words doesn't please the crowd nor do they care, but they do take a liking to the man emerging from the curtain now.. T.G. Grundy, wearing his Evolution Title over his shoulder.

T.G. Grundy: "PKA, hey PKA.."

PKA turns around, halfway down the aisle, looking toward Grundy.

T.G. Grundy: "Winners? PKA, let me remind you that I myself am a winner.. I was so at WARPED 5, WARPED 6, and WARPED 7, oh and..."

He looks to his shoulder, at the Evolution Title..then back up at PKA.

T.G. Grundy: "Let me remind you that I AM the Evolution Champion."

PKA: "Oh come now! I should be CHAMP! I was CHEATED! If you were man enough, you'd put that belt up for grabs."

The crowd begins a "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" chant for PKA. He gives them an evil look.

T.G. Grundy: "You know what? I'll give you a shot at the Evolution Championship."

PKA wears a smile on his face!

PKA: "That's more like it!"

T.G. Grundy: "IF!..."

PKA wonders...WTF? IF???

PKA: "What if? What IF??"

T.G. Grundy: "Look, I don't care much for you, and I'm dying to beat your face in to shut you up for good. But first, you have other fish to fry. You can have a shot if... IF you beat someone who's still very angry with you... you might know him, he's your cousin afterall.. The Mighty Aguila!"

The crowd pops for mention of The Mighty Aguila. The underdog fan favorite, younger cousin of PKA is quite popular amongst the fans, and complete opposite as far as PKA is concerned.

T.G. Grundy: "You see, me and Aguila have been in talks recently, and despite rumors that he isn't here tonight due to what happened at the last show with the so-called 'mystery masked man' or whatever, he's ready to kiick your ass tonight!"

In the ring, The Rough Ryder has had enough.

The Rough Ryder: "Okay, that's it! I've had it listening to you two go on and on. You bore me, and you're giving me a headache."

At this point, Malik Logan gets up on the apron and begins to enter the ring while he speaks.

Malik: "You say they're boring, when you were out here by yourself the half the crowd was asleep and the other half was in the bathroom. So before you call anyone boring you need to listen to yourself talk."

The crowd cheers. Ryder steps in front of Logan, as both men are now face to face. A Wolf howling sound is heard over the pa system and Downstrait's "Bully Beatdown" begins playing. Out steps Kurtis Hyde, ladder in hand. He walks past T.G. Grundy and sets the ladder up next to PKA and they shake hands. PKA hands over a mic to him and his music dies down...

Kurtis Hyde: "I thought I'd bring my toy down incase someone wanted to play... like Malik Logan. Let me remind you that after Ryder is done kicking your ass, you're ALL..MINE! We never got to finish what was started in the beginning of WARPED months ago and I want to put an end to the feud...and you, Logan, entirely!"

The crowd boos but they are soon drowned out... “Lost My Way” by Finger Eleven suddenly plays. The crowd cheers as SwitchBlade comes up from behind the curtain with the world title wrapped around his right shoulder. He’s holding a mic in his opposite hand. Once his music dies he allows the crowd to get in a quick “SwitchBlade” chant which no doubt must sound irritating to everyone at ringside, especially Ryder. Once the crowd settles down SwitchBlade begins.

SwitchBlade: "What’s all this? You guys have a party out here, and you don’t invite the WARPED World Champion?"

Another series of cheers.

SwitchBlade: "And this looks like a great party. You even have a couple clowns joining in!"

SwitchBlade points out both Ryder and PKA. The crowd laughs, and both men look rather pissed. Malik seems amused by the joke.

SwitchBlade: "But enough about parties, let’s get down to business. Here’s the reality of the situation, boys. Ryder, you can sugarcoat last week’s win all you want, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m the World champion, and you are not. And unless you prove otherwise, I suggest you keep your mouth shut before I shut it up for you."

Ryder gestures for SwitchBlade to bring it on.

SwitchBlade: "Oh don’t worry, Ryder. You’ll get what’s coming to you, believe me. And as for you PKA, if you even want me to consider you a serious contender, you better prove it against the big man over there."

He points over at Grundy who gets cheers of his own.

SwitchBlade: Until then, you would do best to stay out of my way. The same goes for everyone else. You want this belt? Then you better learn to step up your game. And if I can’t make you…I’ll br—"

"Headstrong" by Trapt plays as the President of WARPED has had enough! He makes his way out from behind the curtain, microphone in hand. He waves his hands and shouts into the mic..

Joey Matthew: "Enough, enough! Cut the music.. Cut it!"

Finally, the music is CUT! Joey walks down the aisle, looking past Grundy, Hyde and PKA, and makes his way to the ring..

Joey Matthew: "Look, enough is enough. I've got paperwork to handle with new hires right now and I don't have time to deal with you all. Look. These fans paid for wrestling so they're going to get it. Now, because I'm the type of boss who rewards the hard workers, I'm giving the Champs the night off. Grundy, Switchy, take it easy. And everyone else needs to get to the back and find something to do...everyone except for PKA. PKA... you stick around, because I like the idea that our Evolution Champion had... I've spoken to The Mighty Aguila and he's ready to compete..right..NOW!"

PKA kicks the barricade, irate. Kurtis Hyde is none too pleased either. T.G. Grundy smiles from the top of the aisle and nods his head.

Joey Matthew: "And the rest of you, take it to the back now.. no fights.. let's go.. if I have to deal with a fight like happened in Philly then you'll all be punished! Let's go!"

Grundy takes some steps back and makes his way through the curtain as Logan and SwitchBlade meet up and take themselves to the back. Ryder and Reyes hesitantly make their way out of the ring as Joey shoos them on. Joey steps out and meets with PKA who is yelling at Joey that he can't do this. Joey points to the ring for PKA and to the curtain for Kurtis Hyde. This is not sitting well with either of them! PKA slumps down and walks to the ring and rolls in. Hyde makes his way to the back with Joey behind him.

PKA stands in the ring, hands on his hips, looking at the entrance as everyone leaves. He rubs his hands together..


Match #1 - PKA vs. The Mighty Aguila

Tony D: "What a bombshell, Kris! We're kicking the show off with rematch action with PKA facing his cousin The Mighty Aguila."

Kris Red: "What a helluva surprise. I thought Aguila was even injured after getting his ass beat last week by that masked man..who brought out a ladder... who.. hey..."

Tony D: "You don't think... "

A referee runs to the ring as PKA waits...

Kris Red: "Kurtis Hyde? Hell yes. Did you watch the DVD? He and PKA had a talk backstage where PKA basically revealed him as the guy. I think they're working together now."

Tony D: "Well you and PKA are tight, what's the deal?"

Kris Red: "I haven't spoken to him in a while since things have gotten weird.. I have no idea.. LOOK OUT!"

Suddenly as PKA is waiting on Aguila to come down the aisle, Aguila gets up on the apron behind him and shouts out YO CUZ! and he springboards off the top rope and hits a hurricanrana as PKA turns around!

Ding ding!

PKA stumbles to his feet as Aguila charges in with a front dropkick sending PKA flying to the turnbuckle back-first. Aguila stomps a mudhole in him then runs to the opposite corner then charges in with a leaping dropkick to the face of PKA. PKA drops down and rolls out of the ring and Aguila follows through with a Tope Con Hilo! PKA goes down and Aguila stands up and screams out as the fans go wild for him. Aguila brings PKA up and delivers right hand after right hand to his face.

Tony D: "The Mighty Aguila has come to fight!"

PKA drops to two knees and begins begging Aguila off. Aguila hesitates, and PKA grabs his tights and pulls him in and into the steel steps.

Kris Red: "PKA tricked Aguila into backing off and Aguila paid for it in a bad way."

PKA stands up, shaking off the effects of the beating he's gotten. He brings Aguila to his feet and slams his head off the apron then whips him into the ringpost! Aguila drops to the floor and PKA hurries in and brings him to his feet and rolls him into the ring. He rolls in after and brings Aguila to his feet and slaps him across his face then spits in his face! PKA sends Aguila into the corner and runs after but Aguila gets an elbow up and clocks PKA in the jaw.

Tony D: "Aguila with the elbow to the face.. what's this!"

Aguila jumps onto the second buckle and leaps off for a Twisting DDT but PKA pushes him away and Aguila goes chest first to the mat.

Kris Red: "Oooh, swing and a miss batter batterr.."

Aguila starts to get up to his feet and PKA measures him off and charges in with a Yakuza Kick but Aguila ducks under and leaps onto the shoulders of PKA then spins around for a Rana but PKA blocks it then brings Aguila up and POWERBOMBS him down to the mat! PKA gets on top of Aguila and delivers punches rapidly and repeatedly. The referee begins a 5 count..1.....2.....3.....4.....PKA stands up and shouts FIVE!!! in the ref's face.

Tony D: "PKA is so aggressive out here tonight against The Mighty Aguila and things aren't looking good."

Kris Red: "That's just the thing.. PKA has always been aggressive in his matches. He just has extra reason to put an end to this tonight - he wants that Evolution Title."

PKA picks up Aguila and locks him in an Octopus Stretch in the middle of the ring, trying to make him tap out. PKA shouts for the ref to ASK HIM!! Aguila says no!

Tony D: "PKA with the Octopus Stretch sinched in.. will The Mighty Aguila tap out?"

Kris Red: "If not, he might have a limb dislocated..."

The Mighty Aguila reaches for the ropes but PKA has him trapped. Aguila then tries to escape with all his might as PKA shouts out ASK HIM!!! The referee checks on if Aguila wants to quit and he shakes his head no.

Kris Red: "PKA wants to end this fast.. you can tell."

PKA releases the submission and brings Aguila in with a CrossArm Brainbuster attempt now as he lifts him in the air but Aguila falls back behind PKA. He runs to the ropes and PKA turns around and.. YAKUZA KICK~! PKA takes Aguila's head off and he goes down. PKA covers...1... PKA sits up. He's not done.

Kris Red: "Well, I thought PKA wanted to end this.. but.. what's he up to...?"

PKA brings Aguila to his feet almost but sets him up now for a Vertabreaker.. Aguila is bent forward, PKA steps over his upperbody and hooks his arms as if for a Reverse Pedigree, he then spins around and lifts Aguila into the air..

Tony D: "A vertabreaker upcoming!"

He then loses control of Aguila as Aguia drops down and then hits a jumping falling neckbreaker on PKA! Aguila then takes a step back and hits a great Red Star Press!

Kris Red: "Red Star Press! That's my move yo!"

The Standing SSP connects and Aguila hooks the leg 1...2....KICK OUT! PKA forcefully kicks out and starts to get to his feet, holding his neck, and Aguila charges in for a Shining Wizard but PKA ducks and trips up Aguila, faceplanting him to the mat. PKA leaps over, hits the ropes, and returns with a baseball slide to the face of Aguila. Aguila grabs his face with one hand as he pushes himself up off the mat with the other. PKA helps him up the rest of the way and scoops him up.. Michinoku Driver! He holds Aguila down for the cover...1....2..KICK OUT!

Tony D: "What a kick out! The Mighty Aguila won't back down!"

Kris Red: "Sort of like Eminem! Get the album RECOVER in stores NOW!!!"

PKA gets up and spits down in the face of his cousin. He lifts him up and pushes him into the corner, paintbrushing his face. Aguila pushes him away and PKA drives his boot into his gut. He sets Aguila up top and climbs, driving his forearm into the dazed Aguila. Both men get to a standing position on the top buckle and Aguila starts fighting back, but PKA headbutts him and bites his nose. He puts his head under his arm...

Tony D: "Oh, what does he have in mind.. Superplex?"

Kris Red: "He isn't hooking the arm... this is rare.. he isn't... no..."

PKA drives his fist into the back of Aguila, and looks out at the crowd... he grabs the tights of Aguila and leaps back...

Kris Red: "SUPER P-KRUSHER!!!"

PKA hits a Super Implant DDT off of the top turnbuckle and Aguila is OUT! PKA goes to a kneeling position, looking at the dead body of Aguila before him, as the fans begin a "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chant. PKA rolls Aguila over onto his back. He stands up, grabs the left arm of Aguila, and pulls him to the middle of the ring. PKA sighs... drops down, and covers.... 1.... 2.... 3. Its over. The bell is sounded.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner ... P..K..A!"

The crowd boos as PKA stands up, scratching his black and blonde hair. The referee holds his arm up quickly then goes to check on The Mighty Aguila. A paramedic rushes into the ring to help out and check on his condition as PKA looks on from the corner of the ring. He leans up against the turnbuckle as the paramedic calls in something.

Tony D: "I question the actions of PKA here... what was he thinking...? He could've paralyzed his own cousin."

Kris Red: "There's a reason moves like that aren't done every day... PKA had to do what he had to do, Tony D... but I don't know if it should've be done..."

A stretcher is brought out and a neckbrace is placed upon Aguila. Meanwhile, PKA gets out of the ring and begins walking up the aisle as fans shout obsenities at him. He turns around, looking at the ring where they are sliding Aguila out on the board and onto the stretcher to wheel him. PKA stands, hands on his hips as the paramedics start to wheel Aguila up the aisle and the fans cheer. PKA comes to the side of Aguila as the medics ask him to back off. PKA looks concerned. He asks for them to wait.. and they stop moving Aguila. PKA is at his cousin's side, trying to speak to him. Aguila opens his eyes, and PKA mouths 'I'm sorry' ... then FLIPS THE STRETCHER! The crowd erupts in monsterous boos as PKA laughs as he hightails it up the aisle and the paramedics rush to help the fallen wrestler. Fade..out..


The screen reads Minutes Later... as we fade in to The Mighty Aguila being pushed on his stretcher into an ambulance. Fans and various staff look on as the doors are closed and the ambulance sirens sound and the ambulance drives off.



Match #2 ...? Dr. EMO vs. Terry Richards...maybe...

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall.. Introducing first.. from Roswell, OHIOOOOOO! *crowd pop*"... weighing in at 190 pounds and making his in-ring return to WARPED, this is Doctor.. EMO!"

The song "Weightless" by All Time Low, as Dr. EMO walks down the ramp to a large ovation from this Ohio crowd. He high fives fans on his way down to the ring.

Tony D: "Homestate advantage for Dr. EMO, but how rusty is he from being out of the ring I wonder..."

Kris Red: "What do you think's more rusty.. him or the razorblades he cuts his arms with?"

Tony D: "Oh, Kris..."

Kris Red: "Get it.. because he's 'emo'..."

Tony D: "Dr. EMO shocked the world when he made his surprise return here at WARPED 7, coming to the aid of The Mighty Aguila who was taking a beatdown from the Mystery Masked Man and Terry Richards."

Randy Long: "And his opponent... "

"Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed blasts across the PA system to a load of booing. The fans wait for Terry Richards to come from the back, but after a few minutes he doesn't show up. Dr. Emo blinks kind of confused at the manner. Dr. Emo asks the referee what the hell is going on. The referee shrugs, suddenly Terry Richards comes from the back slowly. Dr. Emo backs up and gets ready to wrestle as the boos restart. Dr. Emo's face then turns to shock as Terry Richards walks out into the spotlight bloodied up. He collapses to the ground and Dr. Emo looks at, confused.

Tony D: What the heck...?

Kris Red: He looks like he's been through a war...

Suddenly a figure walks out from the back enthusiastically. He has a skip in his step and he starts to walk towards the ring. The mysterious man stops and turn around to Terry who's laid out on the floor face first. He holds his finger up and goes back to Richards and sits down on him. He takes out his mic and then looks at at Dr. Emo.

Tony D: Where did he get a mic??

Kris Red: Forget that, who is he?!

The man sighs and shakes his head, putting the mic to his mouth.

Korrupt: Don't you hate that feeling that you NEVER can find a seat in a stupid bingo hall?! I mean seriously, there are so many cockroaches around here you can't find a decent front row seat!! I HATE THAT!!!

Dr. Emo looks on at the man with a horrific mask on, his clothes tattered and dingy. Korrupt eyes Dr. Emo and raises the mic to his mouth.

Korrupt: I got this feeling you don't know who I am. COME ON, they didn't tell you...?! Crap, well alright, my name is Korrupt. See, I'm here...because of YOU...Dr. Emo.

Emo mouths "For what?!" getting irritated at this incident.

Korrupt: Yes, yes, yes, I know "Why me?", "Who are you??", blah, blah, blah, BLAH!!! Questions are overrated, SO lemme make it clear. I've come to get rid of nasty pus balls like YOU! See, something in the back of my brain can't stand emos. They're rich snobs who have everything they want....and then they wanna cut themselves because Mama won't breast feed them anymore.

Tony D: Those are some harsh words.

Kris Red: He's wearing a mask, of course he's not gonna be nice...

Korrupt: Look at you, see...I-I'm trying to keep my composure, because a man...with class if you haven't noticed ye--

Terry begins to try to get up, Korrupt stands up and looks at him slowly. He backs up and punt kicks him in the head, he falls down and Korrupt marches back to Richards and sits back down on him.

Korrupt: Now...ahem...I don't like you Emo. I don't like the way you look, I don't like your clothes, I don't like the referee now, because your slimy presence is near him! See, I was invited here, because someone else here views. The world wasn't mean to be was meant to BLEED! It was meant to be brutal...and you aren't apart of that world, no, no!

Korrupt wiggles his index finger shaking his head. Emo looks on still not following.

Korrupt: You aren't apart of this movement Emo, IN FACT...

Korrupt stands up from his seat and dusts himself off.

Korrupt: You're a cancer...a ore-ejaculation stain on Warped. And me and HIM...can't have fact...

Tony D: What the Hel--

Suddenly PKA jumps the barricade with a chair in hand.

Korrupt: Your time was already up the moment...I...walked...out here...

Korrupt slowly points behind Emo. Emo turns and PKA slams the chair into Emo's skull. PKA throws the chair down and mounts Emo, hammering him over and over and over in the skull.

Tony D: Its PKA!

Kris Red: And it looks like he's still sore Dr. Emo got in his business last week!

Tony D: Hasn't he done enough tonight?!

Korrupt slides in the ring and glares at the downed Emo. PKA tells him to help out, and he does so. Korrupt stands Emo up and looks at him for a moment. He lets go of him and watches him stumble around on his feet. Korrupt points at Emo, Emo slumps over on Korrupt. Korrupt shoves him off and he slumps over on him again. Korrupt locks Emo's head under his left arm and looks around.

Tony D: What's he doing...?!

Korrupt swings his right leg back and drops Emo with a DDT!! He doesn't let go and applys a Guillotine Choke!!

Tony D: He's squeezing the life out of him!!

Kris Red: Dr. Emo is squirming trying to get free!

Emo tries to fight, but Korrupt leans back, his head touching the canvas, kinking the hold even hard. Emo's fighting begins to fade, his arm falls limp and Korrupt lets go and rolls him. He lays on top of Emo and licks his face, he gets off and allows PKA his revenge. PKA picks Emo up and looks at the crowd who are booing the two. He locks his head under his arm and smirks deviously at the fans. He pulls Emo in the center of the ring and hits the P-Krusher III!!!! Emo falls and doesn't seem to move. PKA gets on the ground and shouts at Emo, "YOU SHOULD'VE STAYED OUT OF MY BUSINESS!!!! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED NOW!!!" He slams his head back down. Korrupt crawls towards Emo and looks at the downed man...

Kris Red: That was...

Tony D: Sick...just...sick...

PKA and Korrupt stand up and look at the crowd. The scene then fades off with the two standing over Emo, and goes to show Terry Richards being taken out of the area by the EMTs.


To the Ring...

“Like A Boss” begins to play as the fans look around, a bit confused.

Tony D: “What the .. What is this?”

Kris Red: “You’re guess is just as good as mine. I have no idea.”

Just then, a white guy appears, equipped with the following attire: A backwards hat on, that is sitting over a do-rag, a white beater tank top, tattoos all down his arms, baggy jeans with his boxer shorts showing and a chain with a large $ sign on it.

Kris Red: “Who in the hell is that?”

Tony D: “That’s a good a question. Where’s the security?”

He walks down to the ring, grabbing onto at his crotch the entire way down and walking like he’s a gangster. He keeps a mean mug look on his face the whole way down. He rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone that is setting in the ring. He walks over to the center of the ring, as the fans look on, quietly and confused, not sure what to make of the new comer.

J-Money: “Yo. Listen up. Fo those of you that don’t know just who in da hell I be. My name is J-Money. Not only will I be the greatest wrestler you people have ever seen, but I’m also the illest rapper to ever pick a mic up. And to prove it? …. I’ma bust a rhyme fo’ all of you marks!”

The fans boo as he clears his throat.

Tony D: “Dear lord, it’s the second coming of Vanilla Ice.”

Kris Red: “Please tell me this is a joke.”

J-Money: “Yo, yo, yo …
I’m the greatest thing to hit wrestling
Since the person who invented turnbuckles
My flow and my moves
Will hit you harder than brass knuckles
I’m better than your best
So bring on all you’re hate
I’m so good that it’ll make you sick
Have you throwing up, feeling anorexic, like Mary Kate
I’m not here for you people
I’m here for the money and fame
All I do is win, like Kobe Bryant
The rest of you are losers, like Lebron James.”

A massive amount of boos erupt from the Dayton, Ohio crowd.

J-Money: “Who could blame him for wanting to split
Hell, I would too
Ohio’s full of nobodies
And it’s as dull as glue
I’m making my official statement
To let you all know I’m here
And to all you guys, stay off my d*ck
‘Cuz unlike you, I ain’t queer.”

He drops the mic, and slides under the bottom rope, exiting the ring.

Tony D: Well I can already tell he’s a real classy individual.

Kris Red: I’m still not sure what to think, to be honest.

The fans boo as he makes his way back towards the entrance. He mouths off to a few fans, before exiting the ring area.

Match #3 - The Midnighter vs. Crowbar

Randy Long: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 191 pounds, CROWBAR.

Rev Theory’s- Voices hits, and the fans begin to buzz. Walking out to the top of the ramp (as the first "they talk to me" ends and the music kicks in), Crowbar looks around with a blank look on his face, He walks down the ramp slowly, never keeping his eyes off the ring. Walking up the stairs he stops and looks around at the ground, and gets a slight smirk. Entering the ring he stands on the second rope and looks around before leaning back on the ropes.

Randy Long: And his opponent, from Jacksonville Florida, weighing in tonight at 295 pounds, The Midnighter!

The lights in the arena go out as "Playa What" plays, the Midnighter enters the arena and taunts with 4 ladies. Blue, white and black lights are flashing all around. The Midnighter gets in the ring and taunts again as he removes his entrance attire.

Tony D: Well here we go, these two men had an incredible match in Philly..a very close match between the two, and a good first appearance by The Midnighter, but Crowbar picked up the victory. President Joey Matthew thought these two put on such a great match that there should be a rematch.

Kris Red: And here we have it! Rematch time.. the second of the night!

The bell rings, and the two move to the center of the ring. The Midnighter calls for a lock up, but Crowbar seems to know better and drills Midnighter quickly with a boot to the gut. Crowbar starts to throw and land right hands, trying to stumble the reasonably bigger of the two men early on. Crowbar back Midnighter into the roper with right hands, and hit’s the ropes. However as soon as Crowbar hit’s the ropes and turns, he gets a big boot right into the jaw by Midnighter. Crowbar goes down hard, and Midnighter begins to capitalize. He hits multiple stomps to the back of Crowbar’s head and neck, before finally bending over and lifting Crowbard to his feet. He then shoves him back and into the corner, following it up with a stiff knife edge chop to the chest.

Kris Red: OUCH. That was a nasty knife edge chop. They probably heard that all the way in Canada!

Tony D: It was a powerful chop indeed, and it seems as though The Midnighter has taken control of the early portion of this match.

Kris Red: It’s to be expected with the size difference. Crowbar’s what, a hundred pounds lighter then Midnighter?

Midnighter raises his arm and drills yet another stinging knife edge chop. Crowbar seems to be getting more frustrated with the hard chops, and as Midnighter goes for a third Crowbar bolts out of the corner, drilling The Midnighter with a stiff knee to the midsection. The Midnighter is left bent over, and Crowbar begins to grab Midnighter by the hair, throwing in stiff right hands to the forehead of the big man.

Tony D: DAMN Look at those shots!

Kris Red: Not pretty, but you can’t deny they’re effective! It looks like Crowbar’s finally started to gain control of Midnighter.

The ref pulls Crowbar back, and Crowbar starts to calm down. The Midnighter, still dazed, tries to regain his composure. However before he can, Crowbar drills Midnighter in the side of the leg with a stiff kick. Midnighter stumbles, and Crowbar nails him with yet another kick. Crowbar then grabs the head of Midnighter and drops down, hitting him with a stiff jawbreaker. Midnighter then stumbles back and into the corner, and Crowbar seems to be slightly frustrated that he has yet to knock the big man down. He turns around, and looks at the turnbuckle pad, slowly starting to loosen the ropes on it.

Tony D: Uh oh… this isn’t looking good Kris!

However Crowbar regains his head and leaves the pad.

Kris Red: See? He didn’t do anything wrong, he stopped himself first Tony!

Crowbar turns and charges the Midnighter, but Midnighter, having time to recoup a little bit leaps out of the corner and crushes Crowbar with a stiff spear. Crowbar holds his ribs in pain, and Midnighter rolls him over and pins him, not bothering to hook the leg on this exchange. 1...2...Crowbar is able to get his shoulder up at the last second.

Kris Red: Man, I thought that was it. It looked like Midnighter got all of that spear.

Tony D: Crowbar’s very resilient as we’ve come to find out, so he’s not going down until he’s unable to get up.

Midnighter begins to get Crowbar up, but Crowbar reaches up and rakes the eyes of Midnighter. Midnighter stumbles, holding his eyes, and Crowbar comes out of nowhere from behind him and clip the leg, taking Midnighter down hard. He holds his leg, and Crowbar quickly begins to capitalize, taking the leg and slowly rolling Midnighter over, locking him quickly into a half Boston Crab. Crowbar wrenches back on the hold, screaming for Midnighter to tap. However Midnighter uses his massive arm length to grab the ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold. Crowbar does unhappily, quickly pulling Midnighter back to the back to the center of the ring, and dropping a stiff knee right across the lower leg of Midnighrer. Crowbar leaves his knee pressed stiff against the hamstring of Midnighter, wrenching back on it, torching the leg up around his own knee.

Tony D: Crowbar is relentless here tonight! He see’s the leg of Midnighter giving out here, and he’s certainly going to take advantage of it.

Kris Red: Well he may have SLIGHT anger issues, but he’s very capable in the ring as we’ve seen a lot of here tonight.

Crowbar finally breaks the hold, and begins to get Midnighter up. He get him to his feet, but almost the second he does he spins him around and drills him back down with a neck breaker. Crowbar floats over and goes for a pin. 1... 2... Midnighter gets his shoulder up! Crowbar pushes him back down, and pins him yet again. 1...2. Kickout! Crowbar yet again seems to be growing angry, and begins to throw down right hands across the skull of Midnighter, and pins him again. 1... 2... Kickout!

Tony D: He just can’t seem to keep Midnighter down here tonight Kris.

Kris Red: Midnighter has shown his strength, and I don’t think Crowbar likes it one bit here!

Crowbar quickly springs to his feet and gets into the face of the ref, screaming at him, asking him if he could possibly count any slower.

Tony D: Uh oh, looks like the nut’s about to crack again.

Kris Red: Oh that’s classy.

Crowbar shoves the ref a little, and the ref seems to be getting frustrated as well. Crowbar begins to calm down and turns around, but runs right into a DDT. Midnighter takes hold of Crowbars arm, and locks in a violent Armbar!


Crowbar tries to fight it but cant, and finally taps.

Kris Red: And he did! He tapped!

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: Here is your winner - The Midnighter!

The Midnighter's music hits as the fans cheer.

Tony D: In their second match, its 1 and 1 now between The Midnighter and Crowbar. What an impressive showing, but it looks like Crowbar is still fighting those urges to get aggressive.

Kris Red: That damn anger management.. it really puts a damper on kicking someone's ass...




The camera cuts to a hallway in the backstage of the arena. We see T.G. Grundy with the Evolution title on his shoulder walking down the hallway. Coming up on the opposite end of the hallway is SwitchBlade with the World title on his shoulder. The two champs meet up in the middle and it looks like they’re about to part ways when Grundy suddenly stops and turns to SwitchBlade.

T.G. Grundy: Hey SwitchBlade, you got a second?

SwitchBlade stops and looks back at Grundy.

SwitchBlade: Sure, Grundy. What’s on your mind?

T.G. Grundy: Look man, I just wanted to offer my hand to you. If you ever need somebody to watch your back, I am your man. Someday I hope to face you in the ring, but right now we both got targets on our backs. Yours is a little bigger than mine, but I’m working my way up.

SwitchBlade: Thanks, man. It's good to know I have some allies around here. And don't take this the wrong way, but I hope I never have to face you. I'd like to keep this belt for a little while longer, you know?

Grundy laughs.

T.G. Grundy: Well I think you’re safe for now, and plus it would be an honor to work with you.

SwitchBlade: Same here, big man. Keep up the good work.

T.G. Grundy: Coming from you, that’s an honor.

SwitchBlade: Yeah…an honor.

SwitchBlade nods to himself and walks past Grundy. Grundy looks a little confused by that last statement, but shrugs it off and walks off as the camera cuts back to the ring.


Main Event - #1 Contenders Match: The Rough Ryder w/Jessica Reyes vs. Malik "The Hitman" Logan

Randy Long: "The following is our main event of the evening and is to determine the Number One Contender to the WARPED Championship! Introducing first.. being accompanied to the ring by Jessica Reyes, from Portland Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds.. The Rough..RYDERRR!"

"Show Me A God"- by hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoddie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact. Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor, meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to to Jessica as well. He then enters the ring, surveying the crowd once more before turning his attention to the entrance curtain, awaiting his opponent.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Worcester, Massachusetts, weighing in at 220 pounds.. Malik "The Hitman" Logannnn!"

"Act a Fool" by Lil Jon plays as the crowd goes nuts. Malik "The Hitman" Logan comes out of the curtain and puts his arms in the air to the left, then looks to the right, and the crowd gets pumped. He starts dancing down the ramp and as he makes his way toward the ring while slapping some crowd members hands. He gets in the ring and does JTG's taunts as his music fades.

Tony D: "And here we go! Its time to find out who will become the rightful Number One Contender to the WARPED World Title that SwitchBlade holds."

Kris Red: "These two have been feuding for quite some time now. Ryder was named the #1 contender to the WARPED Championship, but Logan made the challenge for Ryder to put it up for grabs."

Tony D: "This is fitting, as Ryder actually won a quick shot at the WARPED Title because of a similar challenge between he and Logan over a month ago. Who will become the official first challenger to SwitchBlade's WARPED Title? We're about to find out."

Both men make their way to the middle of the ring, locking eyes. Logan looks to be telling Ryder that its just a matter of time until the WARPED Title is around his waist after he beats Ryder. Ryder looks back to Jessica Reyes at ringside and smiles while she laughs and shouts 'YOU GOT HIM BABY!' Ryder laughs in the face of Logan and then Logan slaps him across the face! The referee calls for the bell and Ryder looks shocked. The Rough Ryder brings his hand up and feels his cheek where the slap just occured. He laughs again... looks at Logan... and Logan continues to talk trash. Ryder shakes his head, takes a step back, then brings his hand up, but Logan blocks it! Logan with a right hand, and another, and another! Logan drills away as Ryder backsteps into the ropes. Logan with a kick to the gut now... irish whip... Ryder hits the ropes and holds on, as Logan is ready to strike, and Ryder ducks out of the ring. He is met by Jessica Reyes at ringside and the fans boo. Logan looks annoyed at this and he insists on getting out of the ring and taking the fight to Ryder! Ryder starts running around the ring as Logan runs after in hot persuit. Ryder takes a turn and slides into the ring and Logan slides in after him but Ryder has him where he wants him with a kick to the head. This stops Logan in his tracks and keeps him down. Ryder smiles and taps his head showing off his smarts. He brings Logan to his feet and Logan slaps the arms away and begins to deliver right hands over and over! Logan is on fire now as he sends Ryder into the corner and follows through with a clothesline. Ryder stumbles forward but Logan pushes him against the corner and climbs up and begins drilling away with right hands as the fans count along... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... and he pauses, then slaps the face of Ryder much like he did at the start of the match! Logan jumps off and Ryder stumbles forward and Logan hits the ropes then comes back with a Diving Leg Lariat! Ryder goes down and Logan covers...1...2....kick out!!!

Kris Red: "Holy hell what a start to this match! What's gotten into that ol' Hitman there?!"

Tony D: "Perhaps its the thought of winning a WARPED World Title Shot!"

Logan gets up and the crowd cheers him on as he pumps his fists. Ryder starts rising to his feet and Logan brings him up the rest of the way and drives an elbow to the back of his head. Ryder drops to one knee and then stands back up, headed to the corner. Logan pushes him into the corner, back first, and delivers a knife edge chop.. and another! Ryder fires back with a forearm strike, but Logan then drives his right boot into the gut of Ryder.

Tony D: "Malik Logan is rolling on all cilinders tonight Kris. This is the best he's ever looked in a match!"

Logan grabs his arm and attempts an irish whip, but its reversed by Ryder, but then reversed by Logan, and Ryder reverses it, sending Logan hard into the opposing corner and he follows up with a big clothesline! Boos rain from the venue.

Kris Red: "Well so much for that.."

Logan stumbles from the corner and falls on his face. Ryder rolls him over and covers...1... rope break!

Tony D: "Great ring awareness by Malik Logan with the foot on the bottom rope to break the count.

Kris Red: "This kid has come a long way since joining WARPED. Competing amongst the best in the world will do that to a person."

Both men rise to their feet and Ryder nails Logan with a forearm shot to the head. Logan spins around and grabs the ropes to keep himself up. Ryder persues him, and follows up with another forearm shot to the jaw. Logan holds himself up with the top rope, and Ryder pulls him away from them. He goes for the irish whip and connects, and Logan bounces off the ropes; he is met with a back elbow from The Rough Ryder that sends him down to the mat. The fans boo as Ryder stands tall, and Logan holds his jaw. "Ma-lik Lo-gan" chants start up.

Tony D: "The fans getting behind The Hitman now!"

Ryder goes back to work, picking Logan up and pushing him into the corner. He goes for the irish whip and sends Logan running and he hits hard in the corner. Ryder follows up with a running clothesline to the corner..Wait! Logan ducks.. Ryder turns around and is met with a big AA Spinebuster!

Tony D: "Big Double A Spinebuster there from Logan! The fans chants paid off!"

Logan covers...1...2....kick out! Malik Logan stands up, feeling the effects from the match so far, but glad to be back in control and feeling confident. He grabs the head of Ryder and attempts to bring him up to his feet, but Ryder resists. Logan delivers a knee lift, then brings his head in for a Guilletine, but it looks as though he's going for the Brainbuster! Logan hooks the arm and lifts Ryder into the air, but Ryder drops down behind him and hits a Russian Legsweep! Ryder now gets atop Logan and unloads with right hands.

Tony D: "Those are definitely closed fists there!"

The referee orders Ryder to stop the closed fists and he ignores the ref and continues to wale away. Finally the ref starts to count 1...2..3...4.. and Ryder gets off of Logan finally just in time. Logan pushes himself up to his feet and has trouble standing in one place, while Ryder steps back, then charges forward..but Logan ducks down and backdrops Ryder over the top rope! Ryder crashes at ringside as Logan has bought himself some time.

Tony D: "And once again Malik Logan quickly turns this back around into his favor!"

Kris Red: "I bet you he got laid by some fine Dayton Dimepiece.."

Tony D: "Yeah, I'm SURE that's it.. Kris.. oh my.."

Kris Red: "Don't think I can't tell when you're being sarcastic."

Logan drops down and rolls out of the ring as The Rough Ryder is slowly getting to his feet. Logan brings him the rest of the way up and goes for an irish whip...but Ryder counters and Logan is sent into the barricade! Logan hits side-first.

Tony D: "And just like that, The Rough Ryder is back in control."

Ryder lifts his arms into the air. Jessica Reyes claps with a smile on her face, and the fans boo. Her smile is erased and she begins yelling at the fans. Logan slowly rises to his feet and Ryder grabs ahold of him, and takes him down along the ring. He then whips him into the opposing barricade area from the last impact zone! Logan crashes once again.

Tony D: "Once again fans this match is to determine the Number One Contender to face SwitchBlade. We all know that SwitchBlade and The Rough Ryder have had their issues for the past month or so when Ryder wasn't trying to get Malik Logan out of his hair."

Kris Red: "Malik wants the title shot back that he thinks Ryder stole from him a couple of months ago... so here's his shot. Right now, it ain't lookin' good.."

Logan pulls himself up, using a chair that is in the corner of the barricade. Ryder tosses Logan over the barricade into the front row, and stands on the chair. He raises his arms and the fans boo. He jumps off toward Logan but Logan tosses a chair at him and Ryder crashes! Jessica Reyes shrieks!

Kris Red: "Oh snap!"

Cheers erupt from the fans! Logan picks Ryder up and slams his head off the top of the barricade then tosses him back over into ringside area. Logan hops over and folds up the steel chair in the corner, and waits for Ryder to get to his feet.

Kris Red: "Put it dowwwwn Malik you'll get DQ'd.."

The ref hops down out of the ring and urges Logan to not use that chair but he doesn't listen as when Ryder rises he gets whacked over the head!

Tony D: "What a shot to the head!"

Kris Red: "That's CHEATING!!! DQ ref!!!"

The ref wales his arms all over telling Logan to knock it off!!! Ryder stumbles forward onto the apron, and tries to hold himself up with it. Logan tosses the chair down and grabs Ryder by the hair. He pushes him into the ring and slides in after. The referee slides in after to continue officiating the match. He warns Logan to knock off the usage of chairs and Logan nods. Logan drops down and covers as the ref counts...1...2...-kickoutttt!

Tony D: "And just a two count right there for Malik Logan!"

Kris Red: "If I had to pick a winner right now... I'd pick Logan. If I had to pick a loser, I'd pick you, Tony D."

Tony D: "Oh how nice of you..."

Malik Logan brings Ryder up and Ryder rolls him up in a small package..1..2... kick out! Ryder gets to his feet shouting that that was a three count!!! The ref insists on it being two and he needs to back off! Menawhile, Logan gets out on the apron, and perhaps is setting him up for the UFO kick! Jessica Reyes then grabs the leg of Logan and he shakes his leg, getting her away. He then sees Ryder start to turn around.. and Logan leaps up..springboard off the top rope.. Spinning Wheel Kick.. REF GOES DOWN!

Tony D: "Ryder moved just in time and Jack Lawrence, the referee of this match, went down!"

Kris Red: "Ref down! Ref down!"

Logan stands up, shocked! Ryder spins Logan around and kicks him in the gut.. putting him in the Pedigree position, beginning to hook the arms, but Logan grabs the wrist of Ryder and spins up and out of it.. Logan with a kick to the gut..Irish whip... Ryder bounces off the ropes... Logan looks to be going for the Powerslam Into Pin combo but Ryder slides through the legs of Logan. Ryder turns Logan around and goes for the irish whip, but Logan slaps his hand away. Irish whip attempt... Ryder blocks it, twisting out.. Ryder goes for a clothesline but Logan ducks, reaches back, grabs Ryder and hits a Randy Orton style backbreaker. Ryder stumbles forward, drops to one knee, and Logan brings Ryder up. Irish whip attempt.. Ryder reverses... Logan hits the ropes... Ryder goes for a clothesline but Logan ducks under, hits the ropes and returns with a big kick but Ryder ducks that. Both men run toward opposing ropes and meet in the middle with a big double clothesline!

Tony D: "What an impact there! Both of these men are down! This match is to decide who will face SwitchBlade for the WARPED World Title and fans I'm not sure what we do now as both men are down as is the referee!"

Kris Red: "What do we do? We watch!"

Tony D: "Wait a minute.. wait.. That's SwitchBlade!"

SwitchBlade appears now with his championship title in his hand. He walks up the stairs, then steps through the ropes, into the ring. SwitchBlade holds the World Title up in the air as the fans cheer. Jessica Reyes shouts from ringside for SwitchBlade to back off. He tells her to calm down.

Tony D: "What's he doing here?"

Kris Red: "Perhaps an up close and personal look at his future challenger to the gold he holds in his hands!"

Slowly stirring now are Malik Logan and The Rough Ryder, both beginning to come to their feet. SwitchBlade holds his belt in hand, keeping his eyes locked on the two of them rising up. He looks down at the referee who is still pretty much in a coma. Ryder and Logan push themselves up, both side by side, directly in front of SwitchBlade. Both men rise.. SwitchBlade holds the belt, with The Rough Ryder in his sights, ready to strike.. Jessica Reyes at ringside shrieks out as SwitchBlade charges in with the belt and CCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRACKKKKKK~!....MALIK LOGAN!

Tony D: "Whhhhhhatttt just happened?!"

SwitchBlade takes Logan down with a belt shot to the head. Malik Logan is down and out. The crowd is none too pleased. Reyes looks on from ringside, shocked, but not as shocked as The Rough Ryder. SwitchBlade stares at Ryder, and shows him the championship title. He backs into the ropes and exits out, the crowd booing mainly out of confusion. Ryder looks on confused, but quickly goes to Logan and brings his limp body up... slowly. The referee slowly begins to stir now as Ryder brings Logan up, Pedigree time.. hooking both arms.. he then lifts him into the air and drops to his knees, driving the head of Logan into the mat. He covers, hooking the leg, as the referee slowly drags his body toward the two wrestlers. He lifts up his arm.... drops it.....1.... lifts it up... drops it....2....... and one...more....time....and....3! Its over!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the Number One Contender, The Rough..Ryyyyyyyderrrrrrrrrr!"

The fans boo as Ryder rolls onto his back, a smile on his face. Jessica Reyes enters and kneels at his side. He sits up and she helps him up to his feet. The referee raises his arm in the air and he pulls away. He raises his arms as Jessica claps and nods her head with a large smile on her face. The fans boo as Ryder boasts in his victory. SwitchBlade is seen at the top of the entranceway with his belt. He points to the title as he looks at Ryder, and Ryder looks on, and gestures around his waist that he's coming for that title.

Fade. To. Black.