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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #6 - "Go Big or Go Home" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.



The show fades in as we see "Chicago Ridge, IL - May 30, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

We fade into the backstage area where a door with a plaque "President, Joey Matthew" is placed. The door opens and out steps the President of WARPED, dressed in all black suit and tie, hair freshly cut and spiked. He's confronted by Austin Sanders, microphone in hand.

Austin Sanders: "Mr. Matthew, before the show kicks off tonight can I get your thoughts on this historic night in WARPED Wrestling?"

Joey nods, and smiles. He's very cordial.

President Joey Matthew: "Sure, Austin. Tonight.. well tonight is important for many reasons. Not only are we celebrating our sixthed show, not only have we been in operation for over two months now, but we're crowning our first champions tonight, both Evolution and WARPED Champions."

Austin Sanders: "And speaking of which, the show is filled with these Electric Six matches, featuring six men trying to go on to become the first Evolution Champion. Tell me, what was the criteria for picking these men for the tournament?"

President Joey Matthew: "It was quite easy, actually. I just looked at their work rate, their performance thus far since arriving to WARPED. Guys like T.G. Grundy, Malik Logan.. they've shown heart since day one. Tonight, all six men get their shot at becoming a champion and holding a prestigious title that goes back to 2003."

Austin Sanders: "You mention the lineage.. now little known is that this is the same championship that was once in your previous company, Headstrong Wrestling."

President Joey Matthew: "Well that's right, and its been held by the greats of the wrestling business, and without a doubt many great men will hold the title for the future of WARPED. The same goes for the WARPED Championship."

Austin Sanders: "Which takes us to the main event tonight, The Rough Ryder, SwitchBlade, and Mr. Rottentreats in a Three Way Dance match."

President Joey Matthew: "Three great talents, the best WARPED has to offer. The Rough Ryder has been here the least amount of time of all three, but in that little time he's been here, he's proven himself, and he even won this title shot so that's deserved enough. SwitchBlade is a top notch talent and a future Hall of Famer, and I see a lot of the same in Mr. Rottentreats, if he'd only get his head on straight."

Austin Sanders: "Well tonight is sure to be a big evening and I know you'll be on hand to award the titles to each winner so I'll let you get on to what you have to do!"

President Joey Matthew: "Thanks Austin. And one last thing."

He looks into the camera.

President Joey Matthew: "Tonight is a night of great importance to WARPED. To everyone in the back, listen closely - go big, or go home. Tonight, we come to play."

Joey extends his hand to Austin and Austin scuffles to quickly shake and then Joey walks off as we fade out.





Match #1 - Evolution Title "Electric Six" Tournament - Dan Dillinger vs. T.G. Grundy


The bell sounds.

T.G. Grundy and Dan Dillinger meet in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up. Both men battle for control of the opening moments of the match, trying to find out who is stronger. Grundy begins to push Dan Dillinger down toward the mat, but Dan Dillinger battles back and pushes Grundy up and now pushes him down toward the mat. Grundy powers up though, but this time brings his right foot and hooks it around Dan Dillinger's right foot, tripping him. The large Grundy floats over and locks in a front facelock, but Dan Dillinger begins to get to his feet. Dan Dillinger pushes Grundy off, into the ropes. Grundy comes back takes Dillinger down with a hard shoulderblock!

Kris Red: "God! T.G. Grundy is a beast!"

Tony D: "What a shoulder tackle indeed there by T.G. Grundy. Dan Dillinger looks to have hit his head on the way down as he looks a little dazed."

Dillinger grabs the back of his head, and tries to shake it off. Grundy immediately begins to stomp away at Dan Dillinger and picks him up to his feet. Dan Dillinger pushes Grundy's arms away, kicks Grundy in his gut, puts Grundy between his legs and lifts him up.. tries..

Tony D: "Dillinger looks to be struggling here.."

Dillinger releases, and Grundy hits a backdrop! Dan Dillinger pushes himself up off the mat and Grundy backs up then charges with a huge lariat!

Tony D: "The Monster Lariat!"

Grundy now brings Dillinger to his feet and spins him around and applies a reverse double chicken wing and lifts him into the air... extends his arms.. and sits down, dropping Dillinger face first to the mat!

Kris Red: "Kind of like the BM I had before the show we call that folks the Sweet Relief!"


Tony D: "Oh god.. here's the cover! One.. Two... Three!"

Its over! The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and advancing into the Electric Six Tournament finals - T..G.. Grundyyy!"

"A Shogun Named Marcus" by Clutch plays over the sound system here at the Fieldhouse as the crowd cheers for the big man who had such a desisive victory tonight. Grundy stands up and the ref holds his arm up and points as the fans cheer.

Tony D: "Kris, its safe to say that T.G. Grundy CAME TO PLAY tonight as President Joey Matthew said earlier tonight. He now advances into the Finals tonight and will face two other men in a Triple Threat Match.. who will he face? We'll find out soon enough!"

Kris Red: "There's no doubt about it that the bossman was watching this match and is aware of the star on our hands that is T.G. Grundy.."

The WARPED logo floats in and the scene fades.


Match #2 - Evolution Title "Electric Six" Tournament - Crowbar vs. Malik Logan

The bell sounds as Crowbar and Malik "The Hitman" Logan look across the ring at one another. The two circle each other in the ring, and go for a lock up in the middle of the ring. Logan then hits a quick neckbreaker out of nowhere. The two are quickly back on their feet as Logan goes for a standing roundhouse, but ducked by Crowbar, who follows through with a hard clothesline. Logan nips back up to his feet, beckoning for more. Crowbar wastes little time by going in for a series of right hands, leading the two back to the middle of the ring. Crowbar delivers a couple of chops, backing Logan against the turnbuckle before he begins to beat Logan down into the corner, stomping into his gut.

Tony D: "There's that temper of Crowbar coming out early in this match. He's got to keep it under control though if he wants to keep his job and.. stay out of jail."

Kris Red: "Well I'm not sure if its his temper or if he's just motivated to, oh I don't know, kick ass and win this match?"

Tony D: "Point.."

The ref makes Crowbar back off a bit as to not get out of hand and get a DQ. He plays to the crowd as they boo, and this is a bad idea, as Logan gets to his feet and nips to the top turnbuckle. As Crowbar goes back to resume his assault, Logan lands an impressive missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle, flooring Crowbar! Logan jumps into the cover... 1... 2... kick out! Logan brings Crowbar to his feet and delivers a right hand, and another. Logan then hits the ropes and returns with a Diving Leg Lariat but Crowbar ducks and Logan crashes. Logan to his feet and Crowbar hits a Powerslam! Cover..1..2... kick out!

Crowbar grabs the dreads of Logan and brings him to his feet, getting a warning from the ref. Crowbar whips Logan into the corner and follows through with a clothesline in the corner. Logan stumbles away from the corner.. Crowbar sets him up for a vertical suplex but places him up top on the turnbuckle and climbs up. Crowbar delivers a couple right hands to the face of Malik Logan, and sets him up for a suplex! Logan tries to fight back but Crowbar hits a headbutt to put a stop to that. The crowd chants for Logan as Crowbar plays to the crowd and they boo. He then sets him up for the suplex again and stands up more... but Logan clips the foot of Crowbar off the rope and he trips down, getting caught up in the tree of woe!

Tony D: "Malik Logan is taking everything Crowbar is bringing to him and countering it into his favor!

Logan jumps off of the turnbuckle, over Crowbar, runs to the opposite buckle then back with a baseball slide into the face of Crowbar! The crowd cheers as he pulls Crowbar away from the corner and covers..1...2... kick out!

Kris Red: "Close call there!"

It appears as though Crowbar is busted open now from that baseball slide as he's bleeding from the mouth but this doesn't stop Logan as he brings him to his feet and places him on top of the turnbuckle and climbs up.

Kris Red: "So, he's bleeding, does this mean we stop the match for the paramedics to come clean him up, stopping the pace of the match and boring the world? Ehh.. no..."

Tony D: "Nicely put. Here we go as it looks like Malik Logan is setting him up for.. yes!"

Logan leaps up onto the shoulders..

Tony D: "Super Frankensteiner!"

The crowd pops as Logan then goes to the apron, and Crowbar pushes himself up off the mat, dazed and seemingly unaware of his surroundings after that big rana... Logan springboards.. twists... Tornado DDT !

Tony D: "There's the Worcester Tornado!"

Kris Red: "Spinnn baby Spinnn!!"

Logan hooks both legs of Crowbar's and covers...1....2...3!!! The bell sounds as Crowbar tries to kick out at the very last moment.

Randy Long: "The winner of the match and advancing to the Electric Six Finals for the Evolution Championship - Malik "The Hitman" Logannnnn!"

The crowd goes wild as "Act A Fool" by Lil Jon plays and Logan gets to his feet, a huge smile on his face. His momentum backs him into the corner, as he leans up against the buckle. The ref comes over and raises his arm in victory. Crowbar pounds the mat, seemingly unhappy and rightly so as he was unsuccessful in winning. Logan shakes his head as he turns around and climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate and pose for the fans. Crowbar meanwhile has gone to the outside and he has a chair in his hand and he slides in and smacks it on the turnbuckle and then on the mat. Logan turns around and him and the ref try to calm Crowbar down when Crowbar then suddenly goes to hit the ref but then calms down.. and realizes if he does that then he could lose his job and violate his probation.. he drops the chair and spits in the face of the ref and gets out of the ring as Logan looks on and watches him go around toward the back. Logan shrugs and continues to celebrate as we fade.


Match #3 - Evolution Title "Electric Six" Tournament - PKA vs. The Mighty Aguila

The scene fades in as we see The Mighty Aguila climbing the turnbuckle after coming to the ring, taunting the crowd as they cheer. From behind comes PKA who slides into the ring and climbs up and hits a big Release German Suplex!!!! The crowd is shocked and HOLY SHIT breaks out as the bell sounds.

Tony D: "Whoa! What a way to kick off the match!"

Kris Red: "That was dirrrrrrteeeee.. but what are you gonna expect from PKA?"

PKA looks down at Aguila as he holds his stomach in pain and grins. He locks on a dragon sleeper, wrenching the neck back of Aguila. He pulls him up to his feet and pulls back even harder. PKA brings his knee up and places Aguila's back on it, pushing him down while pulling him as well. Aguila brings his left leg up and kicks PKA in his head! PKA releases, as if he had a choice, and Aguila gains his balance. He delivers a few hard kicks to the ribs and legs of PKA and then backs him into the ropes.

Kris Red: "Somehow Aguila is able to stand after the beginning of the match.. he's swingin' them legs all over!"

Irish whip by Aguila..reversed by PKA.. Aguila bounces off the ropes and PKA backdrops Aguila to the mat. Aguila gets up and PKA brings him down with an armdrag. Aguila up again and PKA backs him into the corner and whips him into the opposite corner. PKA runs at Aguila and Aguila brings his legs up and rolls PKA up in a sunset flip.. 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "The Mighty Aguila has been taught well by his cousin and he almost got the win there!"

Both men get to their feet and PKA has an angry look on his face, as he essentially growls and levels Aguila with a roundhouse kick...on the f'n mark..

Tony D: "Well.."

Kris Red: "He didn't teach him to duck, did he?"

PKA gives the 'suck it' chop and screams out BAMMM! then drops into the cover, hooking the leg, 1...2.... foot on the bottom rope!

Kris Red: "Whoa, very good ring awareness by Aguila.. I guess PKA taught him a few things afterall."

PKA is told its only a two count because of the foot and PKA kneels there beside Aguila, a smile on his face, as he claps his hands slowly, almost sarcastically. He stands up, and continues to clap, as Aguila pushes himself up off the mat, looking up at PKA and wondering what the deal is. Their eyes meet face to face as PKA claps and points down to the rope and mouths 'good job' .. Aguila smiles, and PKA slaps that smile right off his face! PKA snapmares him over then locks in the dragon sleeper. Aguila comes out of it though and gets to his feet, spins through, and knees PKA in his gut. He then goes for an irish whip but PKA reverses it.. Aguila off the rope, PKA with a superkick!

Kris Red: "A superkick right on the money!"

PKA stands there, looking down at Aguila, who's eyes seem to have rolled back in his head. PKA makes the cover..1...2....3-KICK OUT! Wasting no time, PKA pounds away at the head of Aguila, and then stands up and kicks him in his back. PKA picks Aguila up and sets him up for a vertical suplex.. and that's exactly what he hits! He holds on, lifts Aguila up... BRAINBUSTAHH~!.. wait.. he holds on..

Tony D: "PKA going for the trio here.. he calls this the Tough Decision!"

PKA then hits a Falcon Arrow and holds Aguila down for the pin..1....2...3-KICK OUT!

Tony D: "So close!"

PKA gets to his feet as The Mighty Aguila struggles to get up to his feet... PKA then runs to the ropes and bounces off, into Aguila.. Wheelbarrow... bulldog! PKA drives Aguila's face into the mat and covers..1...2... kick out! The fans begin to chant for The Mighty Aguila as PKA shouts out for them to shut their mouths! PKA brings Aguila to his feet and kicks him in the gut, looking for the original P-Krusher (Implant DDT) ..

Tony D: "This could be it !"

..but when he pulls the tights of Aguila up to drive him, Aguila escapes, go behind, and dropkick to the head of PKA, sending him through the middle and top rope to the floor! PKA is down and out on the ground at ringside as Aguila stands in the ring, the crowd cheering him on.

Kris Red: "That came out of nowhere! Aguila needs to capitalize!"

PKA gets up and Aguila runs and hits a Tope Con Hilo on the mark with PKA!

Kris Red: "Tope Con Hilo! What a way to take my advice!"

The referee begins the 10-count..1... 2.... and both men slowly start to collect themselves at ringside... 3... 4... Aguila grabs PKA by the head and slams it off the apron..5.... then rolls him into the ring. Aguila climbs the apron and PKA gets up and Aguila pulls his head down and drops him throat-first onto the top rope as Aguila drops to the floor. Aguila then quickly climbs up the apron and to the top buckle as PKA is down and out.. Aguila flies off the top with the Shooting Star Press..

Kris Red: "He's Freefallin'!"

And PKA gets up his knees~

Tony D: "A hit and miss!"

Aguila clutches his stomach as PKA gets to his feet, pulls him in for a DDT, grabs his tights and lifts him in the air and drops him on his head!

Kris Red: "P-Krusher!!"

PKA covers... hook the leg... 1...2...3!!! Ding ding!!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and advancing to the Electric Six Finals for the Evolution Championship - P... K... A!"

"Hang Me Up To Dry" plays as the crowd boos and PKA drops to his knees, a smile on his face as he runs his hands through his wet hair. He begins to laugh as the ref holds his hand into the air. PKA pulls away and stands up, boasting to the crowd. He looks down at The Mighty Aguila, his younger cousin, and shakes his head. Hips on his waist, PKA watches as Aguila comes to finally. PKA reaches down and extends his hand, and Aguila hesitates... but then takes it. PKA helps him up! One hand in PKA's hand, the other clutching his head, The Mighty Aguila wonders what's going on here.. PKA shakes Aguila's hand and nods his head, as Aguila looks shocked, but appreciative. The crowd applauds.

PKA then releases the handshake and exits the ring as The Mighty Aguila bends down, favoring his head and also clutching his midsection. PKA suddenly stops, turns around, slides into the ring and clubs Aguila down from behind, dropping him to the mat. The crowd boos as PKA begins to put the boots to his younger cousin. PKA then brings Aguila up and tells him that he never stood a chance then slaps him across the face. Kick to the gut.. P-Krusher! PKA sits up, looking at the fallen victim to his side on the mat. The crowd boos as PKA now gets to his feet, and takes another look at Aguila, then makes his way through the ropes, exiting the ring and heading to the back. The ref tends to Aguila as we fade out. Aguila grabs the apron and pulls himself up, eight.. PKA reaches over the rope and pulls Aguila up onto the apron and the count stops.. Aguila slaps the arms of PKA away and brings his right boot up, clocking PKA right in the side of his head! PKA stumbles back, enabling Aguila to regain his senses. Tony D: "What a kick by Aguila!" Aguila springs off the top rope, over PKA, sunset flip! Aguila pushes PKA away though, rolls out, and quickly dropkicks him in his face! Aguila positions PKA near the turnbuckle and climbs up, the moonsaults off! Aguila hits it!


Match #4 - Singles Match - Terry Richards vs. Theo Davis

Highlights of this match are shown of this match, with a lot of submissions from Davis, high flying moves from Richards, but only after about two minutes, a man in a mask and a hoodie showed up and attacked both men. He then pulled out a ladder and beat them with it, so far as to trap the leg of Theo Davis in it, place Terry Richards atop, and hit a moonsault! The masked/hooded man escaped, while the two competitors were tended to, and Davis had to be stretchered out.




We fade to the back area where we see PKA walking down the hallway, stretching his arms as he goes. Kelly Calloway comes up behind and taps him on the shoulder as he quickly turns around and gets ready to fight but then he realizes who it is.

PKA: "Ohhh, hello dear.."

Kelly rolls her eyes.

Kelly Calloway: "PKA, can I get a couple of words on your match up next with T.G. Grundy and Malik Logan for the shot at becoming the first ever Evolution Champion here in WARPED?"

PKA: "My thoughts? My thoughts, Kelly?? I'll tell you my thoughts. You, me, naked, in a dark alley.. you scream.. I cover your mouth.."

Kelly has a look of disgust on her face as she then goes to slap PKA but he grabs her arm and she shreiks as he backs her against the wall.

PKA: "Watch it, dear... my thoughts? Simple."

He lets her arm go but still stands close to her..

PKA: "Malik Logan doesn't deserve to drink from the same fountain as me let alone be in the same ring as me... and T.G. Grundy can take his ugly mug back to the schoolgrounds where he likes to hide behind the bushes and peak at the little kids. Neither of them belong in my ring and I'm going to make sure they know that tonight."

He blows a kiss to Kelly as she is trembling with fear, and PKA walks away. She is almost in tears as she gives the 'cut' sign to the camera and it goes to black.


Match #5 - Triple Threat Match "Electric Six" Finals for the Evolution Title - T.G. Grundy vs. Malik Logan vs. PKA

The referee signals for the bell getting this contest underway. All three competitors circle one anothis looking for the proper moment to strike but no one is quick to make the first move. Finally Logan lunges for T.G. Grundy and unloads with a big left but T.G. Grundy easily blocks it and slams two quick rights into Malik Logans jaw. With Logan staggering T.G. Grundy pulls back for the follow-up only to have his arm grabbed and his body jerked around. T.G. Grundy instinctively balls his fist and swings but PKA ducks under the punch and dropkicks the legs out of T.G. Grundy. PKA gets to his feet and Malik Logan tries to grab on but PKA slaps his arms away and hits a jawbreaker. Logan stumbles back right into a clothesline from Grundy and he continues to mow down the competition as he dismantles PKA as well!

Tony D: "T.G. Grundy showing that he is the biggest man in this match and he's the most powerful!"

The fans cheer as Grundy brings PKA up to his feet and open hand chops him, as PKA drops to the mat. He clutches his chest and begs for mercy as Grundy brings him up and chops him down again. PKA screams out in pain but then says COME ON, DO IT AGAIN! and he gets to his feet. PKA then gets spun around by Malik Logan.. and Logan with a kick to the gut, dropping PKA to one knee. Logan then jerks PKA into the air for a powerbomb but the moment he’s on his shoulders he begins to rain down punches right into his face. Logan’s feet wobble and he lurches around towards the ropes as PKA shifts his weight back, grabs the top rope, and pulls off a modified hurricanrana that sends both competitors to the floor!

Tony D: "What a counter by PKA!"

Back in the ring T.G. Grundy is feeling a little lonely with both his opponents on the outside and he devises a way to remedy that. Grundy gets out on the apron, over looking his opponents and patiently waits for them to rise. Logan and PKA both slowly stagger to their feet trying to regain their bearings and that’s when Malik Logan notices T.G. Grundy in position on the apron ready to jump off on them. T.G. Grundy smiles as he has them in his sights, then Malik Logan grabs PKA and pulls his in front of him. PKA, not happy to be used like a pawn, strategically brings his leg back and low blows "The Hitman", causing him quite the pain. PKA escapes out of the way as Grundy leaps off with a short little splash(but very impactful) on Logan.

Kris Red: "My God that has to hurt! I imagine Logan feels like he's Wylie Coyote and an Anvil just fell on his head!"

With the ringside fans still on their feet cheering we notice that PKA has slipped back into the ring breaking the count which was just about to be started by the referee.. maybe.. PKA, now safely inside the ring, encourages the count to be made.

Kris Red: "Say, can PKA win the Evolution Championship off of a count out?"

Tony D: "I honestly have no idea... since there's no Champion... good question. Go ask Mr. Matthew."

The camera catches Joey seated at ringside with the Evolution Championship.

Kris Red: "Nah, you go ask.."

The referee complies and begins to count... 1... 2.... 3.... 4...

T.G. Grundy is up, as he then brings up Logan with him now, with ease. Logan's has spaghetti legs after that impact earlier. 5.... 6.... PKA is ancy that he's going to win!

Tony D: "Come on, really PKA?"

Kris Red: "He'll do this by any means necessary..."

Grundy has Logan and headbutts him, seemingly unaware that the count out is happening. 7.... 8.... suddenly the President of WARPED, Joey Matthew, stands up and yells into the microphone..

Joey Matthew: "Jack, stop counting! This match will NOT end in a count out victory!"

PKA kicks the ropes and shouts ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! as the referee Jack Lawrence complies with the boss' orders. At this point, Grundy realizes that he almost got counted out, but PKA hits a baseball slide, sending him stumbling back into Logan who was placed against the barricade. Grundy regains his composure as Logan pushes him away if he can... and PKA slingshots over the top rope onto the shoulders of Grundy, hitting a Rana and sending Grundy face first into the turnbuckle post!

Malik Logan now grabs PKA and whips him into the other corner where the steps are and sends PKA right into them! The crowd cheers as Logan rolls into the ring and stands up, pointing to the outside signalling that he's going to fly!

Suddenly we hear a voice.

Voice: "Well isn’t this just adorable…"

From the gorilla position we see The Rough Ryder come out in his wrestling gear, take his chair and set it up at the top of the small metal ramp, and take a seat. Malik Logan raises his hands out as to ask 'WTF?'..

The Rough Ryder: "We have Malik Logan, the dreaded “Hitman” of WARPED, competing for a title right here tonight! Why don’t you all clap for Mr. Logan one time."

The fans boo Ryder, and Malik turns to face him at the entrance ramp.

Kris Red: "Well, this is intriguing..."

The Rough Ryder: "Yeah it’s just too damn bad that poor ol’ Malik isn’t competing in the Main Event… which FYI he would have if he didn’t come out and run his mouth, then get his ass handed to him by me. But ya know, a second-tier title isn’t too bad Malik. At least if you win this, you’ll sort of be like me, considering I’ll be walking out tonight with the WORLD title. I guess it’ll just prove what everyone already knows… you’ll always be second place to me. But I wouldn’t worry about that right now, instead I’d turn around…"

Logan turns around and right into a Running Big Boot from T.G. Grundy! Grundy brings Logan up to his feet and sends him into the ropes then on the rebound he hits a big Spinebuster! He covers... 1....2....PKA gets in just in the nick of time and leaps on top to break the hold. PKA kicks the head of Grundy, who isn't happy. He gets to his feet and PKA delivers a knife edge chop to his chest. The fans 'woo' and PKA continues to chop but it seems to effect Grundy very little. T.G. Grundy staggers back, barely, as his chest reddens. PKA then delivers another chop, and another! Grundy finally has had enough as he delivers a heavy overhand chop and PKA drops to the mat! The crowd cheers as Grundy dismantles the ribcage of PKA! He brings PKA to his feet and sets him up against the corner and goes for another overhand chop but before he can swing both he and PKA are suddenly sandwiched together in the corner by a big splash from Malik Logan!

Kris Red: "Look out its THE HITMANNN! Catchy.."

As Malik Logan steps back after the crushing splash T.G. Grundy falls back to the mat with a thud and PKA ends up slumped in the corner. Logan scoops PKA out of the corner and slams his right across T.G. Grundy forming a sort of human plus sign before stepping out to the apron and beginning to scale the turnbuckle!

Kris Red: "What, oh what could Logan have in mind here...?"

Tony D: "Something high risk, that's for sure."

Malik Logan scales the turnbuckle as the fans watch on, anticipating what he might do. Logan looks out across the crowd and smirks at them before taking flight. Malik Logan leaps from the top with a Shooting Star Leg Drop right over the neck of PKA who was layed atop T.G. Grundy.

Kris Red: "Shooting Star Leg Drop! He targetted PKA!"

Tony D: "Using the body of T.G. Grundy as a sort of elevated ledge to drive PKA's face into the mat even more so upon impact.. ooh and the cover!"

Logan then rolls PKA over and covers...1....2.... kick out! PKA gets a shoulder up just in time. Logan sorts through the pile of bodies before him and jerks PKA up, tossing his from the ring, leaving Malik Logan alone with the big man, T.G. Grundy, who is getting up now. Logan looks to get Grundy up on his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver but Grundy elbows his way out of the predicament. Grundy then hits a Sideswipe Powerbomb on The Hitman and drops down on his knees and into the cover... 1...2... kick out!

Tony D: "Wowww what a powerbomb from T.G. Grundy, but Malik Logan shows he has enough in him yet to kick out!"

Grundy gets to his feet only to be met by PKA who charges in with the Inverted Wheelbarrow, and instead of being able to hit the usual bulldog that would follow, PKA is dropped right onto his face. Grundy grabs PKA and brings him to his feet and brings him up in a Full Nelson, but Logan gets to his feet and requests Grundy hold him there instead of going for the slam now.. Logan measures him off and hits the ropes, then comes back with a Diving Leg Lariat but PKA ducks under and Logan takes out Grundy, sending him through the ropes! Logan stands up and realizes what just happened and he turns around right into PKA who kicks him in the gut, crosses his arms, then lifts him up and nails the Cross-Arm Brainbuster!

Kris Red: "Paying homage to the legendary Man With No Name there, formerly called the Darkness Buster, PKA calls it The Pain Buster!"

Tony D: "And it could equal a victory! PKA with the cover! 1... 2... kick out!! Just a two, Kris!"

Kris Red: "PKA has put people away with that move before but I guess not tonight."

PKA gets to his feet and sees that T.G. Grundy is getting to his feet at ringisde. PKA hits the ropes and runs toward Grundy, cartwheels and then somersaults over the top rope, landing on Grundy's shoulders, but Grundy counters the Rana attempt and powerbombs PKA right into the ring post!

Tony D: "Oooh a little payback of sorts for earlier!"

Kris Red: "My God, that had to knock PKA out.."

The crowd pops! Grundy looks down at the fallen body of PKA and shakes his head in disgust. He then climbs onto the apron and Malik Logan gets up just in time and charges in but Grundy gets an elbow up. He then enters the ring as Logan stumbles back, grabbing his head. T.G. Grundy goes for a short-arm clothesline but Logan ducks under then hits a big AA Spinebuster! The crowd goes wild and begins to chant "Let's Go Lo-gan!" "Let's Go Grundy" deuling back and forth. Both men are down on the mat and slow to rise... as they have had a lot taken out of them.

Tony D: "These men are feeling the effects of this match and it looks as though PKA has still not moved at ringside, Kris."

Kris Red: "Well a big match like this will take a lot out of you especially when you have a big guy such as T.G. Grundy in there and all of the high flying moves that we've seen so far!"

Slowly these two men in the ring rise up. Logan quickly goes on the assault of the legs, delivering quick kicks. He hits the ropes, returns, Grundy attempts at a clothesline, Logan ducks, hits the ropes, returns, Grundy with a Big Boot attempt, Logan ducks, both spin around, Logan with a kick to the gut.. Brainbuster on the way.. Knee to the gut by T.G. Grundy.. Grundy brings Logan up onto his shoulders.. Death Valley Dri- nooo Logan flips out, lands on his feet, Chokebreaker! With Grundy dazed, Logan gets out on the apron now and is anzy to make a move. He then springboards off the top rope into the Spinning Heel Kick!

Kris Red: "STrrrrraight from Wortown!"

Logan clips Grundy, causing him to stumble back into the ropes..

Tony D: "But he barely clipped T.G. Grundy! That didn't pay off like he had hoped!"

Logan looks to go at it again, as he gets out on the apron and springboards off, this time with the Springboard Twisting DDT! But as Logan swings around, Grundy pushes him off and he slams hard on the mat, the front of his body making the impact. Logan pushes himself up as Grundy brings him up the rest of the way by the waist.. Double chicken Wing.. he lifts Logan up in the air.. falls back and drops his face right onto the mat! The Sweet Relief!

Tony D: "Ohhh My Godddd out of nowhere its The Sweet Relief!!"

Into the cover!

Tony D: "This could be it! 1... 2.... 3!!!"

Ding ding!

The crowd pops as the bell sounds and T.G. Grundy has done it! From the ringside area, we see President Joey Matthew stand up and make his way up the steps with the Evolution Title belt in his grasp.

Tony D: "Wow Kris, what a match and we've crowned our first champion of the evening!"

Kris Red: "And now the bossman himself is going to award the belt over to the big, big.. bigggg man.."

Joey, mic in one hand, belt in the other, speaks.

President Joey Matthew: "T.G. Grundy, on behalf of myself, the WARPED Talent Roster, and the fans, allow me to award you with this championship belt. Congratulations, T.G. Grundy, for becoming the first ever WARPED Wrestling Evolution Champion."

Joey hands the belt over..

President Joey Matthew: "This belongs to y-"

Suddenly PKA comes out of nowhere and grabs the microphone from Joey's hands. Clutching his back, and breathing heavily, PKA speaks.

PKA: "Hold on one second! This isn't right! THAT is MY TITLE! I was ROBBED of a shot at winning because HE used an illegal weapon in this match."

Grundy gets in PKA's face shouting 'what weapon did I use? WHAT?' as Joey has the ref hold him back..

PKA: "Oh, what? You know damn good and well and so do you Joey! You saw it! That ringpost is NOT to be used in this match unless its no disqualification. So I DEMAND that you change the decision of this match and name ME, PKA, as your new Evolution Cham-"

Suddenly T.G. Grundy clocks PKA in the head with the title belt, taking him out completely. Joey says to hell with it and gets out of there as Grundy stands over the KO'd body of PKA. The referee pleads for Grundy to stay back, and he does. The fans cheer' Grundy! Grundy! Grundy!' repeatedly as he stands tall, his arms raised in the air, the Evolution Championship in his hand. Malik Logan has now come to, and Grundy gets in a fighting stance, ready for anything.. but Logan extends his hand. They shake, and the fans applaud with appreciation as Clutch's "A Shogun Named" plays over the PA System as we fade..



The camera cuts to the back. We see SwitchBlade sitting alone on a bench in the locker room. He has what appears to be a piece of paper in his hands and is reading it close to his face. After a brief pause, WARPED reporter Sean Armstrong slowly makes his way over to SwitchBlade, the mic in his hand. SwitchBlade doesn’t seem to realize that Sean’s next to him, his eyes still focused on the piece of paper.

Sean: Excuse me, Mr. SwitchBlade. May I have a moment of your time?

SwitchBlade doesn’t say anything. He continues to read off of the paper, his lips occasionally moving to follow along certain lines.

Sean: …Mr. SwitchBlade? Hello?

SwitchBlade blinks once and then looks up at Sean. He glares at him with fierce eyes.

Sean: I don’t mean to bother you, but I was hoping I could get a couple words out of you right before your world title match tonight. How do you feel about your opponents, and do you think you have what it takes to become WARPED Champion?

SwitchBlade stands up straight and looks down at Sean. He then slowly raises up the piece of paper so that it is eye level to Sean. Then, with one hand, he crumbles the paper into a ball and whips it at the wall violently. Sean flinches a bit from being intimidated. SwitchBlade looks at the camera, then back at Sean.

SwitchBlade: I’m going to break him.

SwitchBlade walks past Sean and bumps him out of the way with his shoulder. He walks out of the locker room, and Sean looks at the camera with a wide eyed expression.

Sean: Well…I guess SwitchBlade is definitely ready for his match tonight. Let’s go back to ringside.



Match #6 - WARPED Championship Three Way Dance Match - The Rough Ryder vs. SwitchBlade vs. Mr. Rottentreats

A graphic shows up on the screen of the WARPED Championship and we fade out to ringside where President Joey Matthew is seated, holding the title in his lap. In the ring is The Rough Ryder, Mr. Rottentreats, and SwitchBlade, three men ready to do battle for the shot at becoming the first WARPED Champion ever. The referee signals to all three that its time to go, and then calls for the bell.

Ding ding!

SwitchBlade sways back and forth, keeping an eye on The Rough Ryder and Mr. Rottentreats, who move closer to one another and appear to be talking something over... SwitchBlade keeps his eyes locked...

Tony D: "And here we go with our main event match Kris. The WARPED Championship will belong to one of these three men by the end of this Three Way Dance match, and remember that means elimination rules are in play!"

Kris Red: "No doubt.. and let's hope things don't get as out of control in this match as they did with the Evolution Title match! But, from the looks of things, things are going to go a little rough for SwitchBlade in the beginning of this match.. he's had a rough enough month outside the ring, this is probably not what he wants in the ring."

Ryder and Mr. Rottentreats charge SwitchBlade and get taken down with a double clothesline!

Tony D: "But SwitchBlade came into this match expecting something like this apparently!"

Ryder quickly gets back up to his feet and attempts a running knee lift on SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade catches his leg though and looks to give him a dragonscrew but from behind Mr. Rottentreats gives him a stiff kick to the back of the knee. SwitchBlade releases The Rough Ryder and stumbles and Rottentreats hits a belly to back suplex and Th e Rough Ryder quickly goes into the pin..1...

Tony D: "Ryder looks to capitalize on Rottentreat's back suplex!"

Mr. Rottentreats stomps the back of Ryder's head, breaking the cover.

Kris Red: "Not happening!"

Treats brings Ryder to his feet and hits a belly to back suplex on him and covers...1... SwitchBlade pulls the leg of Treats, bringing him off of Ryder.

Kris Red: "I don't understand why they are breaking up the pins, its an elimination match!"

He picks Mr. Rottentreats up and locks in a Dragon Sleeper, trying to make Mr. Rottentreats tap. The Rough Ryder now runs at SwitchBlade and tries for a clothesline but SwitchBlade ducks under.. Ryder spins around and SwitchBlade grabs his head and drops down for a Stunner while hitting a Reverse DDT on Mr. Rottentreats!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is thinking on his feet tonight!"

Kris Red: "He came here to win and he obviously wants to make good on the Go Big or Go Home motto of the bossman!"

SwitchBlade covers Ryder... 1... 2... and Mr. Rottentreats makes the save. SwitchBlade glares over at him and begins to walk slowly towards him. Mr. Rottentreats begins to back off for a second.. then delivers a kick, but Switchy catches his leg, though Treats turns it into an Enziguri! SwitchBlade stumbles back into an Inverted Atomic Drop and SwitchBlade makes his way toward Treats who delivers a knife edge chop followed by a Full Nelson Slam from The Rough Ryder!

Tony D: "Back and forth he goes! They are playing ping pong with his body!"

Kris Red: "That sounds REALLY gay... just sayin'.."

They exchange a couple of words then Ryder brings Switchy to his feet and they both grab on and send him over the top rope to the outside! Rottentreats! 1... 2... Kickout by The Rough Ryder. Mr. Rottentreats grabs the self-proclaimed "God" by his hair and picks him up to his feet. He then whips him into the ropes but Ryder comes off of them with Knee Lift and takes down Treats. Ryder gets to his feet and picks Mr. Rottentreats up. Ryder then goes for an irish whip on Treats and Treats suddenly hits a baseball slide on the recovering SwitchBlade at ringside.

Kris Red: "Watch out SwitchBlade!"

Mr. Rottentreats gets to his feet, using the ropes, where now The Rough Ryder meets him with a club to the back. Ryder turns him around and sends him into the far ropes with an irish whip and on the rebound ducks down for a backdrop perhaps but Mr. Rottentreats kicks the face of Ryder. Treats then backs into the ropes and returns but Ryder then counters into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker! Ryder covers! 1.. 2... kick out! The cameraman gets a shot of President Joey Matthew holding the belt at ringside, seated still, enjoying this contest.

The Rough Ryder slaps the mat and brings Treats to his feet and delivers a right hand. Mr. Rottentreats throws a right hand of his own at Ryder, but its blocked. Treats then swings again but Ryder ducks under then locks in the Full Nelson but before he could lift Treats up, Treats escapes the hold and snapmares Ryder over then kicks him in his back. He then runs ahead of Ryder and bounces off the ropes and looks to hit the Shining Wizard and connects! Cover! 1... 2... kick out!

Kris Red: "The Rough Ryder ain't goin' down that easily but that was a hella stiff Shining Wizard kick from Mr. Rottentreats."

Tony D: "And now SwitchBlade is finally back in the mix!"

Kickout again by Ryder and SwitchBlade now enters the ring. SwitchBlade sets his sights on Mr. Rottentreats as he delivers a boot to the midsection when he began to get to his feet. SwitchBlade sends Treats into the corner and follows through with a corner clothesline. Treats stumbles forward and SwitchBlade kicks him in the gut and hits a Snap Suplex and covers...1...2... kick out. The Rough Ryder now approaches and brings SwitchBlade to his feet but SwitchBlade is still quite fresh as he slaps the arms of Ryder away, kicks him in the gut and hits a Snap Suplex! Mr. Rottentreats then gets to his feet, holding the ropes to help himself up. SwitchBlade charges but Treats backdrops him onto the apron! Treats thinks that SwitchBlade is on the floor at ringside so he turns his attention back to The Rough Ryder. Mr. Rottentreats delivers a right hand but Ryder blocks it and delivers one of his own which sends him stumbling and turning right into Switchy on the apron who delivers a shoulderblock to the midsection, followed by a Suplex to the floor below!!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade with a Suplex on Mr. Rottentreats to the ringside area! Those pads are NOT that thick so that had to hurt!"

SwitchBlade gets to a complete vertical position and The Rough Ryder charges at him with a dropkick and SwitchBlade drops off the apron onto the floor! The Rough Ryder raises his arms in the air, gloating! Ryder looks back at Jessica Reyes at ringside and smiles as she shares the same and applauds. At ringside, both men begin getting to their feet, and Mr. Rottentreats pushes SwitchBlade away. SwitchBlade then delivers a right hand, and Treats returns one of his own. They trade punches and begin to brawl. SwitchBlade grabs Treats around the waist and drives him back-first into the barricade and begins beating him down.

As the two brawl on the outside, Ryder says something to Jessica outside the ring. She smiles and grabs a mic from a stagehand, and slides Ryder in his chair and a microphone. Ryder unfolds his chair and sets it directly in the middle of the ring, and sits down. He looks out, watching SwitchBlade and Treats on the outside.

Tony D: "What the hell? What’s he doing in the ring, get out there and fight!"

Kris Red: "He’s taking a respite it appears, I think it’s smart. Let those two tear each other apart and pick up the scraps."

The Rough Ryder: "I hope you’re all enjoying the match, because this could be the last match either of those two will have here when I get done with them. At least… on the bright side… it’s better then watching Malik Logan wrestle, or… attempt to."

The crowd erupts in boos.

Tony D: "Would somebody shut this guy up? He’s disgracing the World Title Match!"

The Rough Ryder: "And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a match to win."

We see President Joey Matthew holding the belt at ringside shaking his head as Ryder folds his chair up and slides it out of the ring to Jessica, then rolls out heading towards Treats and SwitchBlade. Ryder pulls SwitchBlade off of Treats and delivers a right hand but SwitchBlade blocks it and drives Ryder back-first into the apron! He then rolls Ryder into the ring under the bottom rope as Mr. Rottentreats comes up from behind and grabs SwitchBlade but SwitchBlade elbows Treats then whips him into the steel steps! The steps dislocate as Treats hits side first.. SwitchBlade now decides he's going to head back into the ring and he then rolls in under the bottom rope but gets the boots from Ryder immediately and a quick cover...1...2... kick out. The referee takes a look at Mr. Rottentreats who shouts out for help and the ref goes out to check on him.

Meanwhile, Ryder brings SwitchBlade to his feet and delivers a chop to his chest, backing him into the corner. He climbs up and begins to deliver the 10-punch...1...2....3...4....5....6....7...8....9... he stops to pose for the fans, and they boo... and as he goes for the 10th, SwitchBlade lifts him up and drops him face-first onto the top buckle! SwitchBlade then hits a big Release German Suplex! He gets to his feet, clutching his head off of those punches. The crowd is behind SwitchBlade as they cheer him on and he approaches Ryder who lays there prone to attack. SwitchBlade brings Ryder to his feet butttt....llooow blowww! Due to the referee being on the outside with Mr. Rottentreats, he has no idea what happened and The Rough Ryder could get away with that. SwitchBlade howls out in pain and Ryder takes him down with a chop block.

Kris Red: "Well the ref has no idea what just happened because he's too busy messing with the clown at ringside!"

Tony D: "I wonder if something is seriously wrong with Mr. Rottentreats..."

Just as Tony wonders that out loud, here come a few paramedics to ringside.

Kris Red: "Even more so now.. right?"

The Rough Ryder is speaking to Jessica who nods her head and fetches a steel chair. She slides it into the ring to The Rough Ryder as SwitchBlade gets to his feet and suddenly.. CRACK! Steel chair to the head of SwitchBlade and he drops to the mat!

Kris Red: "Oooooheeeeeee!"

Tony D: "What's he think he's doing?!!?"

The crowd boos as The Rough Ryder brings the chair up again and slams it over the back of SwitchBlade! The referee has no clue what's going on! He then lifts the chair up again and brings it down again over the back of SwitchBlade. Ryder rolls SwitchBlade onto his back and holds the chair up to drive the end of it into his body. He brings the chair up again but from the apron we see that Malik Logan has arrived as he pulls the chair out of his hand! Logan then swings and cracks Ryder right over the head and he drops down! Logan hops down off the apron and scurries away as the fans cheer.. Little did Malik Logan know, or intend, Ryder has landed on SwitchBlade! Jessica pokes at the referee to get in the ring to make the count and he slides in....

Tony D: "No, not this way!"


Tony D: "Two count only! Two count only!"


SwitchBlade kicks out!! Ryder looks at the referee in disbelief. Suddenly, in comes Mr. Rottentreats, clutching his shoulder. Ryder looks to hit a suplex on Switchy but he powers out then grabs Ryder and takes him down with a Guilletine Choke! He locks the hold on as Ryder frantically wales his arms. Meanwhile, Mr. Rottentreats leans up against the corner, clutching his shoulder and looking on, kneeling now. SwitchBlade has the submission locked in tight, as Jessica Reyes screams at ringside for Ryder to stay live! The Rough Ryder tries pushing himself up off the mat to help loosen the hold as SwitchBlade keeps it locked in tightly. Ryder then somehow uses his lower body strength to flip forward and escape the grasp. He gets up off the mat and looks back at SwitchBlade who is getting to his feet. Ryder then hits the ropes and returns as SwitchBlade spins around to face him... SwitchBlade then nails a Discus Clothesline! Ryder gets to his feet and charges but SwitchBlade hits a Running STO! He covers... 1... 2... kick out! SwitchBlade is told it was only a two count then he looks back at Mr. Rottentreats who looks to be hanging out in the corner, seemingly hurt, but SwitchBlade turns his attention to Ryder. He brings him to his feet and kicks him in the gut, then hits the ropes to the side and nails a swinging neckbreaker and that flows into a front facelock. Ryder maneuvers his feet to the ropes though and SwitchBlade must break the hold, but instead SwitchBlade pulls him away by the head, and brings him up to his feet as SwitchBlade rises as well. SwitchBlade then goes for a DDT and plants Ryder down hard!!

Tony D: "Implant DDT! That's SwitchBlade's set up to Enter the Darkness!"

Mr. Rottentreats then comes out of nowhere with a kick to the back of SwitchBlade's head. He brings him up to his feet and whips him into the ropes and SwitchBlade bounces off.. Treats with a clothesline! Treats quickly favors his other shoulder that he isn't using as SwitchBlade gets up... and SwitchBlade charges in but Treats hits a Release Capture Suplex! On the execution, Treats screams out and clutches his shoulder in pain. The referee checks on him if he wants to give but he pushes the ref back. SwitchBlade now approaches and Treats lifts him up onto his shoulders in a firemans carry and begins to spin around in an Air Plane Spin! He goes around and around and around..

Kris Red: "Round and round and round he goes.. when he'll stop.. nobody knowsssss.."

But he does stop quickly, quicker than usual at least, and drops SwitchBlade, but also drops to one knee, clutching his shoulder. SwitchBlade slowly starts rising to his feet as Mr. Rottentreats gets up and spits in his face and flips off the fans as they boo, Treats feeling he has this one right now! He goes for the Release Head and Arm Suplex, "BLAAM!!!" as he calls it, but SwitchBlade elbows out of it and steps away, turns around and THWACK~!

Kris Red: "Lookout!!"


Tony D: "Side Swipe from The Rough Ryder!"

SwitchBlade goes down. Mr. Rottentreats then goes after The Rough Ryder and looks to hit BLAAMM!!! but his shoulder is injured and he shouts out in pain, giving The Rough Ryder the opportunity to kick him in the midsection, hook both arms, lift him up and... drop him head first onto his knees!

Tony D: "Dangerouuuuus Driivvvvverrr!"

Rough Ryder quickly covers the body of Mr. Rottentreats, hooking the leg, as Jessica cheers him on at ringside...1...2...3!!

Randy Long: "Mr. Rottentreats has been eliminated!"

Ryder smacks the mat and has a smile on his face as Jessica cheers him on and jumps up and down at ringside with glee.

Kris Red: "And then there were two!"

Tony D: "SwitchBlade or The Rough Ryder, one of these men will become the first ever WARPED Champion!"

Treats rolls out under the bottom rope and is tended to by paramedics at ringside as Joey stands up and looks on, concerned, the belt in his grasp. Joey approaches to see what's the matter as the paramedics ask him to step back.. he does so.. as Mr. Rottentreats is helped to the back..

As The Rough Ryder gets up, he is immediately lifted off his feet by a tremendously powerful clothesline by SwitchBlade, who drops to one knee and begins pounding on The Rough Ryder with punch after punch of furious strength.

Kris Red: "And that's a sign that this match ain't over!"

SwitchBlade then steps up and grabs the arm of Rough Ryder and looks to lock in a cross-armbar but Rough Ryder rolls toward SwitchBlade and on top of him and begins punching away with his free arm. SwitchBlade pushes him off, and both men rise up. They lock up.. Switchy wrenches the arm of Ryder, who then pokes the eyes of SwitchBlade and sends him into the corner and follows through with a... wait SwitchBlade moves! Ryder stumbles back and SwitchBlade nails a Reverse DDT!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade thought quickly there! Looks like he has something in mind from the top rope!"

He then climbs the turnbuckle and gains his balance then leaps off with an Elbow Drop! He nails it!

Tony D: "Elbow Drop connects!"

SwitchBlade covers...hooks the leg...1....2....3


SwitchBlade wastes no time as he brings Ryder to his feet and delivers a right hand, and another, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip... Ryder hits the ropes and grabs on. SwitchBlade charges but Ryder gets the boot up and cracks SwitchBlade in the face. Ryder bounces off the ropes and nails a Spinning Heel Kick, nearly decapitating SwitchBlade! He drops to one knee, catching his breath. He then looks at the corner, gets up and makes his way over and begins climbing up.

Tony D: "What could The Rough Ryder be doing here? We don't see him go to the top very often..."

Kris Red: "Oooh I think I know!"

Ryder, his back to the ring, stands atop the turnbuckle. He then executes a Moonsault and connects! He clutches his midsection but then realizes he better cover SwitchBlade as he does just that....1.....2.....3!!!


Kris Red: "Two countooooooo~!"

The Rough Ryder screams at the referee to learn how to do his DAMN JOB!!! Ryder turns around and bends down to pick up SwitchBlade, pulling him up by his hair and the referee gets onto him for that. Ryder ignores him and whips SwitchBlade into the corner.. Ryder backs up... then charges and hits a big boot to the face of SwitchBlade!

Kris Red: "A lil Whiplash for Switchblade!"

SwitchBlade stumbles away from the corner and drops to the mat as The Rough Ryder brags to the crowd and they boo. He brings SwitchBlade up to his feet and sets him up for a Brainbuster or Suplex perhaps as he lifts him up into the air but SwitchBlade falls behind him, spin around, DDT attempt, spin out from Ryder.. kick to the gut.. vertical suplex attempt? BRAINBUSTER! Cover! 1... 2... 3---kick outtt!! Ryder pounds the mat and gets to his feet, taking a step to the corner as he measures off SwitchBlade who slowly rises to his feet..

Tony D: "Side Swipe upcoming!"

Ryder slaps his thigh, signalling for the Side Swipe Superkick he nailed on SwitchBlade earlier in the match... SwitchBlade to his feet.. turns to face Ryder.. Side Swipe! No!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade ducked it!"

Kris Red: "Here we go here we go!"

SwitchBlade ducks under, kick to the midsection, IMPLANT DDT! And Right into the Crucifix Neck Crank!

Tony D: "Enter the Darkness locked in!! Its locked in the center of the ring!!"

Jessica pounds the met, screaming for Ryder! The fans cheer 'TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP!' and almost on command Ryder can't help it anymore but to tap out!! The bell sounds and that is it!

Joey Matthew stands up with the title belt at ringside and nods his head as SwitchBlade and Ryder both lay in the ring. The referee tends to Ryder then hops over to SwitchBlade who sits up. The referee holds his arm in the air as he gets to his feet.

Tony D: "Wow, Kris, what a match that was!"

Kris Red: "And there's our new champ, Tony D. SwitchBlade. What a thing."

The Rough Ryder rolls under the rope to Jessica who comforts him at ringside as President Joey Matthew walks up the steps and gets into the ring, holding the WARPED Championship. He approaches a heavy breathing SwitchBlade in the ring. Joey is handed a microphone, and he speaks.

Joey Matthew: "SwitchBlade, it is with great honor and pride that I award this to you, the WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, as you are without a shadow of a doubt the man to start this title's new journey in WARPED. Congratulations, SwitchBlade, our WARPED Champion."

The crowd cheers and applauds as the President has SwitchBlade turn around. He straps the belt around his waist and SwitchBlade turns around to show it off, a smile on his face. The crowd cheers and gives a standing ovation as Joey applauds as well. He extends his hand and him and SwitchBlade shake. Joey raises one arm while the referee raises the other as "Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven begins to play over the soundsystem. Fade.. to.. black.