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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #5 - "" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.



The show fades in as we see "Fairfax, VA - May 1, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

The image is then replaced by a graphic that says "Due to mechanical problems during the taping of this event, some tape was lost and some matches and/or segments might be not seen in their entirety. WARPED Management apologizes for this."

Which then takes us to a "Already In Progress..." graphic where we see Mr. Rottentreats in the ring with a microphone in hand screaming something inaudible to the crowd here in George Mason University. Around him is Sara and Dougie Treats.

Suddenly, the familiar theme of "Hang Me Up To Dry" by the Cold War Kids interrupts Mr. Rottentreats as everyone's direction is turned to the entrance where none other than PKA emerges. Dressed in all black, from his shoes, socks, shorts, shirt and all the way up to his bandana and eyeliner, PKA looks bored. He holds a microphone and his music dies down.

PKA: "I don't mean to step on any toes by interrupting a main event 'star' that isn't in any sort of angle with me right now, but it seems as of late we're doing whacky bits anyway, so... here I am. And for the record, I don't like whacky bits."

Dougie Treats takes a couple steps from his corner before Mr. Rottentreats motions for PKA to continue, with a smirk on his painted face. PKA remains at the entrance.

PKA: "I've listened to you go on and on the past couple of weeks about how Dan Dillinger went over the line by tossing you off some gym bleechers through a table. You've said that he cost you your title shot and he ruined everything. Give me a break. A wheel chair, really? REALLY, Treats? You should give this act a rest. Just admit it, you realized that you have no chance at winning the WARPED World Championship so you're using this 'fall from grace' of sorts as a future excuse for when you DON'T win the title."

Mr. Rottentreats: "Act? This is no act, Patrick! I have the x-rays to prove it. I nearly shattered my vertebrae taking that sloppy suplex, from some egomaniacal, cheap pop craving, wanna be home town hero. I didn’t go through the rigorous amounts of training to get tossed around by some fresh out of wrestling school no body. I’m the best at what I do, and this plaque here proves it. What have you done Patrick?!"

PKA scoffs.

PKA: "I've done a lot more than you ever will in this business, but I'm not about to list off my past accomplishments. Unlike you, I don't live in the past. I'm all about right..NOW, and looking FORWARD to the FUTURE! Incase you haven't noticed, that plaque you have? Employee of the Month? Its May 2nd! That plaque is from MARCH! Its a month old! How do you even know if you're still supposed to carry that thing around? You don't. Perfect example of you going on about nonsense. You cry because you're 'hurt' and you brag about your 'plaque' but neither are valid! Why don't you brag about getting a 15% employee discount at a Taco Bell because at least then you'd be looking into the future at something that'd be likely to happen!"

Mr. Rottentreats: "Brag about my employee discount at Taco Bell? Ok, I love it, I gotta have a job to support my wrestling habit becuase carnival knows Joey isn't paying shit. We're lucky if we get a stale soda and cold hamburger at the end of the night. But you want to talk about the future? You're looking at it. The future WARPED World Heavyweight champion. But when I look at you all i see is some washed up hot topic kid who does nothing but whine about how he has to carry his cousin. When we all know Aguila is ten times more entertaining than you'll ever be."

That comment made PKA furious. He drops his hands to his side and looks out at the fans who laugh and an "Aguila" chant starts up. PKA brings the microphone up quickly.

PKA: "SHUT UP! Enough of that."

"Aguila! Aguila!" chants the fans repeatedly. Slowly they die down, as PKA shakes his head. He looks toward the ring.

PKA: "Treats, you rotten son of a bitch. You have no idea what you're talking about, so you stay out of my business. Tonight, I'm gonna show you what its like to be rough, to be hardcore, to be extreme.. to be ULTRA..VIOLENT! Tonight, I put your little tumble through the table to rest. Tonight, I put out an Ultraviolent Open Challenge to anyone who wants some. Oh, and guess what? I have a taker. Guess who? Some washed-up has-been named Dylan Daniels. Come to think of it, you two have a lot in common. You both wish you were me, you both live in the past, and you both are gonna find out why my motto is No Fear.. No Limits.. Just PA-"

Suddenly PKA is attacked from behind by Dylan Daniels, and PKA drops. Daniels puts the boots to PKA and then goes behind the curtain and brings out a chair. PKA gets to his feet but here comes security holding both men apart. Fade out.


Previously This Week, as Released by Crowbar on

Crowbar and his representative are in their car heading to the airport.

Crowbar: Management want what?

Representative: To drop the charges, management agreed to pay the damages to the studio, so in ret-

Crowbar: Idiots.

Representative: If you'd let me finish...

Crowbar: Ever been thrown out of a moving car?

Representative: The Prez is demanding you go into anger management, you've been enrolled and are due there tomorrow.

Crowbar: What the fuck are you talking about? You've got to be out of your fucking minds!

Representative: Thems the breaks, its either that or go away for a while, and considering your record, i'd say we wouldn't see you anytime soon. Prison or the show in Fairfax, take your pick.

Crowbar grunts and slams his fist into the door of the car

Rep: HEY! This is a rental!

Crowbar: and? like i asked before....ever been thrown out of a moving car?

Rep: No point, we're here. Welcome to your first anger management class.

Crowbar: Oh you motherf-

Rep: I'll be waiting over there at McDonalds.

Without noticing, Crowbar has been taken not to the airport, but to an anger management group, by orders of The Prez. He snarls at the Rep and heads into the group meeting.

Crowbar: You're kidding me.



Four Corner Survival - The Mighty Aguila vs. William Diamond vs. Lance Platinum vs. Tin Li

The bell sounds as this Four Corner Survival is now underway. The Mighty Aguila kicks William Diamond in the gut as Lance Platinum goes after Tin Li with a kick of his own... Platinum with knees to Li while The Mighty Aguila hits the irish whip on Diamond and Diamond holds onto the ropes. Aguila runs and Diamond backdrops him over but Aguila lands on the apron, turn around, SLAP! Aguila ducks through the ropes and shoulderbutts Diamond in the gut then feints over him with a somersault. Diamond turns around and Aguila hits a spinkick sending him through the ropes.

Lance Platinum then with a punch to Aguila followed by an Irish whip.. Aguila off the ropes and Platinum hits a spinning forearm and covers...1..2..kick out. Tin Li then brings Platinum up and hits a spinkick taking him down to the mat. Aguila is up now and grabs Li from behind and spins him around but Li with a backhand! Li with an irish whip on Aguila but Aguila counters and sends Li into the ropes then hits a monkey flip! Aguila to his feet when Platinum then comes through with a backdrop out of nowhere and a cover..1..kick out. Platinum sends Aguila into the corner and gets cut off by Li, who then goes for the Irish whip but its countered and Li is sent into Aguila. Platinum charges in and both men move and Platinum crashes into the corner. Li to the top.. Missle Dropkick! Aguila then climbs up and is ready to pounce on Li but William Diamond climbs up from the floor and clips the leg of Aguila, crotching him on the top. Diamond climbs up and looks to hit a hip toss off the top to the floor but Aguila with elbows to keep it from happening. Tin Li then climbs up with ease and hits a double Japanese Armdrag from the top!! All three men crash in the ring leaving Lance Platinum now as he goes for the cover on Aguila..1...2...kick out! He then covers Diamond...1..2... kick out! Now Li...1...kick out! He pounds the mat and brings Li to his feet and goes for the irish Whip but Li escapes and slaps him across the face then hits a bicicle kick! Li looks to hit the Michinoku Driver.. bam! Hits it!

Lance Platinum now comes into play as he looks for a full nelson on Li and locks it in but ten lifts him up and drives him to the mat with the slam! Cover! 1...2... Diamond stops a cover with a stomp to the head of Platninum for a near fall. Diamond brings Platinum up but Platinum hits a couple punches and twists the arm of Diamond. Here comes The Mighty Aguila with a springboard somersault to both men taking them out. In comes William Diamond as he brings Platinum to his feet and throws him out of the ring. The Mighty Aguila goes for a kick to Diamond but its blocked and Diamond with a neckbreaker! Diamond up.. Li attacks him with forearm shots and backs him into the corner. Irish whip.. countered.. Li hits the buckle and Diamond follows up with a clothesline in the corner! The Mighty Aguila gets to his feet and Diamond quickly goes for a right hand to keep him down but Aguila ducks under, hits the second rope, springs off and hits a bodysplash! Cover~! 1...2... Li breaks the cover!

Li brings Aguila to his feet but Aguila slaps the arms away, kick to the gut, Falcon Arrow! Look out! Standing RED Star Press! The momentum brings Aguila back up to his feet as the crowd is pumped for what he will do next but he has no time to go for anything else though as William Diamond quickly runs at the ropes, springs off the second and twists in the air, grabbing the head of Aguila and driving him to the mat! Diamond goes for the cover..1...2...PLATINUM with the Double Take Moonsault to break it up!! Platinum then brings Diamond to his feet and hits The Ab Fab (Inverted Overdrive) on Diamond! Insert: Tin Li, who comes out of nowhere with a big spinkick and Exploder Suplex!! Tin Li goes for the cover..1..2... The Mighty Aguila off the top with the Shooting Star Press!! Aguila turns over Li and covers..1...2... 3!!! The crowd goes wild as The Mighty Aguila picked up a very impressive victory!

Aguila's music is playing butttttttt.....Suddenly the music of PKA hits as he makes his way down, interrupting the celebration. Aguila looks on, his smile fades to something less... as PKA makes his way into the ring, applauding. He brings a microphone out of his pocket and speaks.

PKA: "Cousin, Aguila, Anthony, pal... look at you. You finally did it on your own. You know, I knew ya had it in ya..."

Aguila snatches the mic out of PKA's hand. This is shocking!

The Mighty Aguila: "Are you KIDDING ME??!?!?"

PKA can't believe this... Aguila usually doesn't show this sort of feeling..

The Mighty Aguila: "I.. Have Had.. ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of you saying I can't win a match without you. I am tired of you costing me wins and blaming it on me. And now I win on my own, only because you were backstage hiding from Dylan Daniels probably... please. Get over it, Peeks. I'm done being in your shadows. I can win my own matches, I can beat people on my own, and I am better than you!"

The crowd goes OOOOOOOOH as PKA starts laughing. He takes the mic back..

PKA: *holding back his laughter..* "heh.. ohhh, come on now. Better than ME? Listen, I don't know who you think you are. You're good, sure, you have great family genes, but please. You should step back and calm down, unless you want to end up like your family - shot down.. in a blaze of glory."


Aguila suddenly swings at PKA And knocks him down with a HARRRRRD right hand! The crowd erupts as PKA is back up and Aguila takes him down again with another punch! PKA back up and Aguila punches him down again! PKA gets to his feet and Aguila backs him into the ropes and looks for an irish whip but PKA holds onto the ropes and drops down, escaping. PKA pauses there, looking the other way and shaking his finger no no no... as Aguila then leaps over the top and lands on PKA!! He brings PKA to his feet and tosses him into the barricade and begins stomping away. PKA rolls aside and begins crawling as fast as he can and Aguila catches up and brings him up but PKA with a LOW BLOW with the arm! Aguila drops to his knees as PKA begins laughing. PKA points to his head.. he 'thinks of everything' is what the camera can make out that he mouths, as he backs up toward the back. Aguila isn't done yet! He pushes himself off the floor and PKA is like OH SHIT and Aguila chases PKA into the back!

The cameras follow through as we see Aguila slowly limp-like run after PKA who pushes past everyone and we enter a hallway as PKA continues to run away from Aguila who is in hot persuit. PKA finds a door but its locked! Aguila bumrushes him with a kick to the gut and tosses him into the concrete wall here at the Center For the Arts in George Mason University! Aguila takes one of the GMU basketball team framed-posters off the wall and swings it at PKA who dodges it and the item crashes against the wall, glass breaking all over. PKA sees a door marked EXIT ahead and quickly runs out of it as Aguila chases after. Aguila and the camera man get out the venue as we see a car door closing and it speeding off but no sign of PKA! PKA must had gotten into the car! Aguila yells out "HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" as the car drives off.




Theo Davis vs. Dan Dillinger

The bell sounds. Theo Davis steps away from his corner and signals for Dan Dillinger to bring it. Dillinger steps up with confidence as they meet in the middle of the ring. They lock up and fight for control. Davis with a side head lock now.. into a hammer lock.. Davis then drops down to the mat.. school boy! 1... kick out!

Both men get up lock up... Davis with a front face lock.. Dillinger escapes, and goes behind with a reverse waistlock. Dillinger looks for a German Suplex but as he brings Davis up Davis flips out and lands on his feet. Theo Davis backs into the ropes and bounces off of them as Dillinger turns around and ducks a roaring elbow. Davis spins around and Dillinger hits a Belly to Belly Suplex! Davis and Dillinger get to their feet and Dillinger ducks a clothesline attempt and goes for a belly to back suplex but Davis elbows out of it with shots to the face. Theo kicks Dillinger in the stomach and whips him into the corner and follows through with a big clothesline! He then delivers multiple shouders in the corner to the midsection of Dillinger. Davis backs off and Dillinger clutches his stomach as Davis pulls him away. Davis then hits a snap suplex and covers..1... kick out. Theo Davis then makes his way to the corner and gets out on the apron before climbing to the top buckle. Dan Dillinger is up though as he hits the ropes and Davis gets crotched on the buckle! His facial expression displays the pain he's in as Dillinger climbs the turnbuckle. He brings Davis up and looks to perhaps scoop him but Davis elbows the back of Dillinger's head, buying him some time, but not enough as Dillinger is one step ahead and backdrops Davis off the top and onto the mat! Davis bends his body as he clutches his back and Dillinger steps down from the turnbuckle. Dillinger puts the boots to the body of Davis. He then covers..1...2.. Davis gets his hand on the ropes!

Dan Dillinger brings Theo Davis up to his feet and slaps him across the face then whips him into the ropes... Davis bounces off and Dillinger looks to hit a clothesline but Davis ducks under... off the ropes.. Dillinger turns around.. Davis with a clothesline of his own, but Dillinger ducks, grabs the arm, Half Nelson... Dillingerplex connects!

Tony D: "The Dillingerplex! That's the move that Dillinger used to put Mr. Rottentreats through a table off of the bleechers at WARPEDLive! 4!"

Dillinger drops down and into the cover...1...2... kick out! Dillinger brings Davis up to his feet and applies the caravate to the head and slowly spins him around... neckbreaker! Davis gets dropped on his head and Dillinger covers, hooking the leg..1..2.. kick out! As Davis kicks out Dillinger keeps ahold of the leg he had hooked and immediately rolls Davis over and applies an over-the-shoulder single leg Crab!

Kris Red: "Look at that fluent movement by Dan Dillinger! He's got the Single Leg Crab locked in.. Seriously Elevated as he calls it!"

Davis reaches for the ropes but he just can't get to them. The referee asks him if he wants to give up but he shakes his head nooo. Dillinger sits down a bit more to continue to wear down Davis and Davis frantically reaches out for the ropes. Finally Dillinger stands up, but holds the leg still. He grabs onto the other and gets in position... as he then drops backward and slingshots Davis face-first right into the top turnbuckle! Davis stumbles back, holding his nose as Dillinger is waiting behind him and then hits a Northern Lights Suplex, bridged.. 1...2....kick out!!

The crowd claps for this competitive match ongoing. Both men get to their feet as Dillinger grabs the arm of Davis and goes for the irish whip but Davis counters and kicks Dillinger in the gut then sends him into the corner. Dillinger hits back first and stumbles away from the corner as Davis kicks him in the gut then and goes for a Tiger Suplex but Dillinger drops to a knee. Davis tries to bring him back up but Dillinger nails a jawbreaker! Dillinger then hits his own Tiger Bomb and holds him down for the cover 1...2...333333noooooo! kick out!

Tony D: "That was very close! Dan Dillinger almost got the win off that Tiger bomb, Kris."

Kris Red: "Something looks to be up with Theo Davis as he's not quite the Theo we saw when he debuted here in WARPED. He's got to pick up his game tonight."

Dillinger won't stop there as he applies a reverse chinlock on Davis but Davis fights up to his feet... elbow! elbow! elbow! Davis battles back with shots to the midsection of Dan Dillinger. Davis then applies the double underhook and successfully hits the Tiger Suplex! Davis jumps onto Dillinger for a cover, but doesn't hook the leg..1..2... kick out!

Kris Red: "Ahh Theo Davis with a mistake there. Gotta hook tha leg mannnnnn...."

Tony D: "And that goes back to what you were saying just a minute ago. Davis isn't on his A-game it would seem."

Davis brings Dillinger to his feet and hits a forearm strike to the head, followed by a right hand. Davis then backs him into the corner and goes for an irish whip... he sends Dillinger into the far corner and Dillinger hits back-first. Davis follows through but Dillinger steps out of the corner with a big elbow to the face, followed by a Belly to Belly into the corner on Davis!! The fans pop for that amazing move. Dillinger brings Davis up to his feet and scoops him up, placing him in the tree of woe on the turnbuckle. He gets out on the apron and climbs up..

Tony D: "This could be the Fateful Killer coming up!"

Kris Red: "It looks like it Tony D!"

Dillinger is on the top buckle now as he steps on the feet of Davis, and Davis brings his upper body up to try and get Dillinger off when Dillinger leaps off and hits a dangerous stomp to his face! "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chants erupt. Dillinger pulls Davis away from the corner and covers...1....2....3!!! Parkway Drive music begins to play ..

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - "Dangerous" Dan Dillingerrrr!"

Dillinger rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and folds it up and slides into the ring when suddenly Sara Treats is seen rolling out Mr. Rottentreats down to the ring. Treats applauds as Dillinger looks on, a bit confused. He then looks at the chair, and focuses his direction on Treats at ringside.

Tony D: "Well, whatever Dillinger was going to use that chair for, uh, he's got a new focus.. what is Mr. Rottentreats up to??"

Dillinger holds the chair to his side, watching Mr. Rottentreats every move. Treats motions for Dillinger to come to ringside but he will not do anything like that as he shakes his head. Meanwhile, Theo Davis is being helped out of the ring via a stretcher, neckbrace and all. Suddenly the crowd erupts as from the crowd comes Dougie Treats who slides into the ring, takes the chair from Dillinger, drives it into his gut then over his back! Dillinger drops to the mat as the crowd boos.

Kris Red: "What the hell!!"

Mr. Rottentreats is now walking up the ringsteps and onto the apron...walking...

Tony D: "I thought Mr. Rottentreats was.. wait.. what?!"

Kris Red: "Swerrrrrrrrrrve!"

Dillinger pushes himself up off the mat slowly, clutching his gut, as Mr. Rottentreats stands there, taunting him... Dillinger gets up.. FIREBALL! FIREBALL!



Mr. Rottentreats blew fire right into the face of Dan Dillinger and he goes down screaming in pain as Mr. Rottentreats laughs in the ring, alongside Dougie and now Sara who has joined him. The crowd erupts in boos as Treats soaks it up. Paramedics rush back down the ring who had recently been helping Theo Davis to the back as Treats and Family make their way out of the ring. Treats looks at the wheelchair and motions for them to keep it there. Perhaps Dillinger will need it... Fade out.


The scene opens with the camera zoomed in on Kelly Calloway.

Kelly: My Guest at this time the man who will be in the Main Event taking on Howard Thompson and The Rough Ryder teaming up with Switchblade, The HitMan Malik Logan.

Huge Pop

Kelly: Tonight not only is the new top 5 named but you are in the main event for the first time here in WARPED, your thoughts

Malik: Kelly, tonight I am in the Main Event against the guy who took my spot in the tournament and some guy I just don't know. Me and Switchy are sure to win tonight, I mean did you see Jessica and Howard that had to take Ryder off his game. Now on to the top 5, I know I have lost all my matches lately so I'm definitely not going to be on it this month. But for June I will be on the top 5, I guarantee that.

Crowd pop.

Kelly: Now Malik, on twitter earlier this week you said that maybe the HitMan needs a HitWoman, your comments on that?

Malik: Haha I know your wondering, how am I going to find a HitWoman? Well every city we go in I'm going to go around to find the perfect woman for the HitMan.

Kelly: Well good luck to you, back to ringside.

Fade out.


T.G. Grundy vs. Crowbar

Due to technical camera recording issues, this majority of this match was lost.

Fan Recap:
This was a very grueling match between T.G. Grundy and Crowbar. Crowbar of course is in his first match following getting arrested the previous show for losing his temper at a radio interview and has now entered into Anger Management and WARPED has him on probation. Grundy seemingly was more focused this time around as Crowbar obviously had a lot to think about. At one point at the 3 minute mark in the match after Grundy was in control for the majority, Crowbar was able to escape the grasp of Grundy and hit an impactful spinebuster. Following that move, Crowbar retired to the ringside area for a steel chair in which he brought into the ring. He then hesitated, and realized this isn't what he's to do... and as he tossed the chair back over the top rope that was enough time for Grundy to sneak in with The Sweet Relief and get the 3 count.


SwitchBlade & Malik Logan vs. ...The Rough Ryder

Fan Recap:
Due to the fact that Howard Thompson didn't make it to the event and that there was nobody willing to tag with The Rough Ryder, he has to face SwitchBlade and Malik Logan 1 on 2.

The match began with Malik Logan in the ring with The Rough Ryder. Ryder immediately turns around and punches SwitchBlade off of the apron then goes after Logan with punches. They trade back and forth punches with Logan gaining the advantage an an irish whip but Ryder held onto the ropes and then sent Logan over the top rope right on top of SwitchBlade. Ryder takes a breather waiting on both men to get back in. Logan is in and Ryder immediately went to town on the stomps. After sending Logan to the corner Ryder executed the 10 punches followed by a Double Axe handle from the top followed by a near fall. Ryder spat at SwitchBlade which caused him to try to get in the ring but that distraction was enough for Ryder to hit a low blow on Malik Logan.

For the babyfaces having the 2 on 1 advantage in this match it was a great job by Ryder to get heat from the crowd still being the underdog. Ryder would score only a 2 count by the time the ref showed back up. Ryder toyed with SwitchBlade, holding Logan's hand out as if to beg for a tag but then he slaps Logan down and goes to hit SwitchBlade who blocks it and drives Ryder's face into the buckle. Schoolboy rollup for 2 by Logan.

Tag~! Logan tagged in SwitchBlade who came in and cleaned house, STO.. Swinging Neckbreaker.. and cover.. but Jessica Reyes distracts the referee. Ryder tries for another low blow but its blocked and SwitchBlade dropped him with an Impant DDT and locked in the Enter the Darkness submission! The Rough Ryder was tapping away but Reyes had the ref distracted! Malik Logan yells from the apron for the ref to turn around but no help. SwitchBlade finally then lets the hold go and goes up to Jessica and starts yelling at her and she acts like he's going to hit her so the referee then starts shouting at him as she escapes off the apron and pulls something out of her cleavage area and slides it to Ryder who scoops it up.. looks to be some brass knux. In comes Malik Logan and Ryder clocks him! Reyes then hops up on the apron to distract the referee more and SwitchBlade goes to avenge his partner and Ryder hits him with the knux too but the referee turns around just in time to see this! He and Ryder exchange many words and the ref throws it out and Disqualifies The Rough Ryder!!!

Winners via DQ: SwitchBlade and Malik Logan

Ryder then jumps on the fallen body of Malik Logan and begins punching him repeatedly with the knux on until the referee somehow pulls him off. Logan was bleeding badly as Ryder and Reyes escaped up the ramp to the back. SwitchBlade checked on his partner to close the show.