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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #4 - "Five For Fighting" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.



The show fades in as we see "Dayton, OH - April 18, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

We head out to the back hallway of the arena in which WARPED Wrestling will be having it's Five For Fighting show. Dayton, Ohio fans are settled in and have already seen some fun and entertaining action thus far.

That's when out from a random unknown locker room comes missing wrestling talent, Howard "The Bank" Thompson. He's back already? At the last event his nose was busted badly and rumors speculated that he'd be out of action for quite some time.

Could he be back?

He's heading for the ring...


Kris Red: "And here we go Tony D.. the Five For Fighting tournament where the five men in the monthly Top 5 have an opportunity to earn themselves the first shot at the WARPED World Championship. All they have to do is win their match!"

Tony D: "And first up its Malik Logan, the number five seed, taking on The Rough Ryder, who last time at 'Making the Cut' these two had some words exchanged. The Rough Ryder made it clear that he felt he was better than all of the Top 5 and that didn't sit well with Logan, who'd confront Ryder and the challenge would be laid down.. Logan versus Ryder, if Logan wins, he gets the title shot AND the girl, Ryder's girlfriend Jessica Reyes. If Ryder wins, he gets Logan's shot. These two will go at it one on one, the girlfriend remaining in the back, just how it should be, a straight up competition!"

Kris Red: "And of course this is The Rough Ryder's debut match in WARPED so we get to see what he's all about!"

The bell rings and they lock up, jockeying for control. Logan pushes The Rough Ryder to the corner and the referee makes them break the hold. Ryder then slaps Logan across the face and Logan gets fired up and starts wailing at the face of Ryder, right hands repeatedly. Ryder kicks Logan in the gut, then takes him and puts him in the corner and begins to deliver the right hands. Ryder brings Logan away from the corner and hits a veritcal suplex, then backs into the ropes and drops a knee on the head of Malik Logan. He covers..1...2.. kick out. Ryder brings Logan to his feet and whips him into the ropes but Logan holds on. Ryder charges in but Logan drops down and hits a big backdrop, sending The Rough Ryder over the top rope! The fans cheer as the crowd favorite Malik Logan showboats in the ring. The referee begins the 10-count.

Logan now climbs the turnbuckle as Ryder begins to get to his feet. Ryder gets up... Logan leaps off.. DROPKICK! Ryder connects with the midsection of Logan, cutting him off in mid-air. Ryder gets to his feet and looks at the fans who are displeased.. Ryder brings Logan to his feet and whips him into the steel steps as they crash apart. Logan clutches his head as he lays on the floor as the Ryder confronts him with confidence. Ryder brings Logan to his feet and slaps him across the face, dropping his opponent. He then sets him up for a suplex and points down at the steel steps.. up annnnd DOWN onto the steps goes Logan! Logan rolls off the steps, clutching his back and rolling around on the floor in pain. The referee yells for them to get back into the ring! Ryder slides in and then out to break the 10-count. He brings Logan to his feet and slams his face off of the barricade and Logan drops down again. Ryder brings him up and rolls him into the ring and slides in, cover..1..2.. kick out.

The Rough Ryder brings Malik Logan to his feet and sets him up against the corner and climbs up, but Logan drops down and escapes. He goes behind and clubs Ryder in the back and Ryder drops off the buckle and lands his feet on the mat. Logan turns Ryder around and gets a big elbow to the face. Ryder then slams him on the mat and climbs the turnbuckle... MOONSAULT~!! Logan moves!! Ryder crashes and burns as the crowd is fired up!

Kris Red: "Will Malik Logan get a spot in the Title match and Jessica Reyes for a night or will The Rough Ryder hold onto his girl and get a shot at the gold?! We're finding out right now fans!"

Logan brings Ryder to his feet and hits a BRAINBUSTAH~! He then quickly climbs the turnbuckle, clutching his back though on the way up, and gets himself in position.. he then comes off with a Shooting Starrrrrrrrrrr....LEG DROP! He covers! 1.....2.....noooo!!

Logan now escapes to the apron and Ryder slowly gets to his feet.. Logan then springboards off the rope and hits a Twisting DDT!!!

Tony D: "The Worcester Tornado!!"

The Rough Ryder manages to roll himself out of the ring after the impactful move there and just as that happens his girlfriend Jessica Reyes comes running down to the ring. She climbs up on the apron and shouts for Logan to stop stop stop!! He tells the ref to get her outta here as the referee tries to reason with her, but she turns on the charm and starts to caress the chest of the ref! Malik won't have this as he pushes the referee aside and then Jessica slaps Logan in the face! The ref didn't see! He gets enraged and threatens to hit her as the fans are going buckwild! He can't do that, though, he just can't! The referee tells him not to do it and also for Jessica to go! Just then from behind comes The Rough Ryder as he spins Logan around, kicks him in the gut, double underhook.. he lifts Logan up in the air and drops down onto his knees, the head of Logan being driven into the mat!

Tony D: "The Dangerous Driverrrrrrr!"

Jessica smiles as she climbs down from the apron, a job well done, as Ryder makes the cover....1.....2.....3!! The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "The winner of the match, and earning himself a title opportunity, The Rough.. RYYYDERRRRRRR!"

Show Me A God" by Tech N9ne plays now as Jessica enters the ring and holds her man's arm high in the air. They embrace as the fans continue to boo.


In a hallway outside of the locker room Grundy is pacing back and fourth from side to side with Kelly Calloway waiting with a microphone.

Kelly: I am here with one of the newest additions to the WARPED wrestling , i am here with T.G.Grundy, so Grundy how do feel about your match tonight.

Grundy: Well I would be lieing if I said I wasn't nervous about tonight. Treats call me all the names you want , but I can beat you , I know that really you are just as nevrous about this as me if all that pressure being put on you , but hey I might lose you might pull out of your ass again. I promise you this Mr.Rottentreats I am going to take you to your limit and I hope you are ready for the sweet relief cause after tonight you will know THAT GUY GRUNDY just beat you.

Grundy turns and walks away from Kelly Calloway.


Howard Thompson begins to make his way out towards the ring. Fans are booing and wishing he didn't return. Thompson has some new music playing as "Money" by Pink Floyd is heard all around. The crowd watches him slowly but surely walk to the ring and climb inside.

Howard is inside now and takes a microphone from the ring announcer. He shoves the ring announcer aside and then looks directly out to the audience. More noise is made but it's not a positive reaction from them. Either way, "The Bank" begins to speak aloud once his music fades out.

Howard: "Kiss my right a## cheek, fans!"


The fans start to get louder shouting that he sucks.

Howard: "It's good to be back! Hahaha!"

Thompson starts to chuckle too himself.

Howard: "I know, I know. You all didn't want me to come back, right?"

Howard smiles as the fans cheer in agreement for once.

Howard: "Well let's just say another wrestling tour was more important to me at the time, I really wasn't hurt."

Clearly he was though, selling the injury with a taped nose.

Howard: "This? Naw, it isn't from being banged up last time I was in the ring. It's from my new nose job! Hahaha!"

Fans shake their head in disgust as Thompson now leans over the ropes.

Howard: "I am ready to get back in here and continue where I left off, winning matches. So until the next show, whatever sh*thole we end up in... try not to miss me too much, peeps! Haha!"

"The Bank" laughs hysterically too himself as the fans boo more and begin to throw garbage into the ring. As Howard Thompson exits the ring some fans get close too him and in his face. He doesn't seem to care much as he heads to the back, ready and confident for his return to the ring.


The camera cuts to a hallway within the arena. Trash bins, tables, construction equipment, and more can be seen throughout the narrow hallway. Making his way down this hallway is SwitchBlade with his full wrestling attire on. Suddenly, Sean Armstrong walks into the camera from the left and waves over SwitchBlade.

Sean Armstrong: Mr. SwitchBlade! Can I get a moment of your time?

SwitchBlade stops, looks over at Sean, and smiles. He walks over to him, takes off his sunglasses, and offers his hand which Sean shakes with pleasure.

SwitchBlade: Hey Sean, good to see you again. What can I do for you?

Sean: Well Switchy, the fans—

SwitchBlade cuts him off.

SwitchBlade: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call me that.

Sean: Oh, my apologies Mr. SwitchBlade. But as I was saying, you have a big qualifying match coming up. If you beat William Diamond, you’re getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. What is your strategy going in?

SwitchBlade: Well Sean, Diamond is known for his submission and high flying maneuvers. I’m gonna have to counter his holds and dodge his aerial assault long enough to find the perfect moment to lock him in the darkness. He also knows how to play dirty in the ring, so I’ll need to keep my eye on him the whole time and not get distracted by the fans.

Sean: Sounds like solid advice for any professional wrestler. If you win your match tonight, you’ll remain undefeated in WARPED. Knowing that Mr. Rottentreats is also undefeated, is it possible we will see a streak vs. streak match between the two of you in the near future?

SwitchBlade: Heh, I like the way you think, Sean. Honestly, that’s up to Joey and the other guys in the back. And you know, if I win, and if Rottentreats wins, we’ll both be in the title match anyway. So I think you’ll be seeing that match a lot sooner than you think.

Sean: And one more thing, Switch—er, Mr. SwitchBlade. A few days ago a WARPED newcomer by the name of The Rough Ryder made mention on the local radio station HOT 102.9 that you were a hack, a fraud, and just another gimmick. Do you have anything to say in response to this?

SwitchBlade gives Sean a puzzled look.

SwitchBlade: Who?

Sean: Well I guess that’s all that needs to be said. Mr. SwitchBlade, good luck in your match tonight.

SwitchBlade: Thanks, Sean. Hey, lets do lunch one of these days, alright?

Sean: Only if you’re paying for it, Switchy!

SwitchBlade glares at Sean.

Sean: Uh, I mean….I should probably go now.

Sean quickly walks away from the camera. SwitchBlade rolls his eyes, puts his sunglasses back on, and continues his way to the ring as the camera cuts back to the ring.


Tony D: "And fans welcome back, as you can see already in the ring is the man known as William Diamond and he's due to face off SwitchBlade in our second Five for Fighting matchup!"

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays. SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers.

Randy Long: "The following is a Five For Fighting match scheduled for one fall! Introducing the number four talent in WARPED for he month of March, weighing in at 192 pounds and from Boston, Massachusetts, SwitchBlaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers his opponent a handshake but Diamond refuses.

Kris Red: "William Diamond must be ticked that he didn't get a proper ring introduction."

The bell sounds as SwitchBlade and William Diamond lock up.. Diamond gains the power advantage but SwitchBlade battles back, pushing him away. SwitchBlade applies a side headlock and brings Diamond to the ground and holds the submission on. Diamond wiggles out of it and gets to his feet, only to get tripped up by SwitchBlade and SwitchBlade applies a single leg submission. Diamond quickly scurries to the bottom rope and grabs on tight, causing SwitchBlade to release the hold.

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade is looking to put Diamond away quickly but luckily Diamond had the ring awareness or his ass might've been grass! Speaking of grass, I can't wait for Tuesday!"

Both men get to their feet as Diamond looks determined to not let SwitchBlade have the better of him.

Tony D: "What's Tuesday?"

Kris Red: "4/20!! Ahhh chyea!"

They lock up and SwitchBlade immediately drives his knee into the gut of Diamond and applies a double underhook and runs to the corner, kicks off and hits a Tornado Double-Arm DDT!

Tony D: "Look out!"

The momentum brings Diamond to a seated position, clutching his head, and SwitchBlade follows through with a neck snap, flipping over and grabbing the back of Diamond's head along the way. Diamond drops to his back and SwitchBlade goes in for the cover..1...2.. kick out.

Kris Red: "Things aren't looking well for Willie D..."

SwitchBlade then brings Diamond to his feet and chops him across the chest three times, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip... Diamond hits the ropes and returns as SwitchBlade spins and hits a Discus clothesline, sending Diamond back into the ropes! The fans cheer as SwitchBlade is in total control! Diamond bounces off the ropes and returns to SwitchBlade who kicks him in the gut and hits an Implant DDT!

Tony D: "Implant DDT! This could be the set up for Enter The Darkness!"

Indeed its SwitchBlade who now applies the Crucifix Neck Crank and Diamond taps taps taps!

Kris Red: "There it is and that's IT!!"

The bell sounds and the crowd erupts in cheers!

Randy Long: "Your winner, and earning a shot at the WARPED Championship - SwitchBlaaaaaaade!"

"Lost My Way" plays as SwitchBlade stands up and has his arm raised in victory. The fans here in Dayton cheer him on as he took care of that opponent with no problem whatsoever.



We fade into the backstage area where Austin Sanders is standing by with PKA who is dressed to compete.

Austin Sanders: "Fans I am here beside the self-proclaimed "Ultraviolent Perfectionist", the man known as "Grade A" -"

Sanders is cut off.

PKA: "PLEASE! Save it. Self-proclaimed? I prove myself day in and day out when I step into that ring. I don't deserve to be disrespected by you like that. I got a talent like WHOA! You know what I'm sayin'?

Sanders has no chance to answer..PKA puts his hand up.

PKA: "And don't even ask me about my match at Making The Cut two weeks ago.."

Austin Sanders: "Well how about your issues wi-"

PKA: "With my cousin? The 'miiiiiiiiighty' Aguila? Aguila.. means bird right?"

Austin Sanders: "Well, actually, it means Eagle.."

PKA: "Who gives a flying fuck? Not me. As far as I'm concerned, its time to trim those wings and ground that chickenhead because he's flyin' far too high for where he's at in this business. He needs a reality check. How DARE he treat me with the disrespect that he's shown me."

Austin Sanders: "Well to be fair he only wants to learn from you and in all actuality he's done quite well for himself."

PKA: "What you going on about? He wins his matches because of ME! I win all of our tag team matches, and when we lose, its his fault because of his stubbornness and his 'know it all' attitude. That kid needs to check himself before he eternally wrecks himself, and that's truth."

Austin Sanders: "Well, let's change the topic. Tonight, you face off against the #2 ranked Theo Davis. If Davis wins, he earns himself a title shot. If you win, he doesn't. Your thoughts?"

He sighs and crosses his arms.

PKA: "Naturally. I'm in a match that we all know I'm going to win and dominate, because that's what I do.. and I get nothing in return. Naturally. Look, I'm gonna do what I always do - go out there, hit a few cool moves, pin a ho, and celebrate my win. No problem, no issue, no bother, because I have no fear.. no limits.. and tonight, for Theo Davis, its JUST PAIN!"

PKA steps out of the camera shot.

Austin Sanders: "WARPED fans, stick around, because PKA versus Theo Davis is coming up tonight! Let's take it back to the ring for the hometown hero Dan Dillinger taking on WARPED newcomer, Crowbar."



Dan Dillinger vs. Crowbar

Tony D: Up next, we have #3 Dan Dillinger entering in the World Title qualifying match against a newcomer to WARPED simply known as Crowbar. Do you have any information on this guy, Kris?

Kris Red: Believe me, I tried to find out who this guy was, but he hardly has any history. All I know is that some guy named Rzarector trained him, and last week he said he was a janitor.

Tony D: Well lets see if Crowbar can “clean up” against Dan Dillinger here tonight.

Kris Red: That was awful, Tony. You call the match, and leave the one liners to me.

Tony D: Hold on, let me see if I can pry up another joke. Get it? Cause his name’s Crowbar…

Kris Red: It’s going to be a long night, folks. Lets cut to Randy Long.

Randy Long is standing in the ring.

Randy Long: The follow is a “Five For Fighting” Qualifying match scheduled for one fall.

"Idols and Anchors" by Parkway Drive hits the P.A. speakers. The small hall lights turn off and a heavy strobe and fog fills the small hall. Green and White shades start to flash as "Dangerous" Dan Dillinger walks out from behind the curtain and raises his hands and the crowd here in Dayton absolutely erupt in cheers!

Randy Long: First making his way to the ring, hailing from Columbus, Ohio and weighing in at 225 pounds, he is #3 of the WARPED Top Five, “Dangerous” DAN DILLINGER!

Kris Red: He's basically in his hometown tonight Tony D! Dan Dillinger is the crowd favorite!

He starts to jumps and runs back and forth on the stage taunting the crowd at all angles. He walks down the ramp and starts to show appreciation to his loyal fans. He gets onto the apron and jumps over the rope and rolls to the other side of the ring throwing his hands up leaning against the ropes.

Randy Long: And his opponent…

“Voices by Rev Theory starts playing. Walking out to the top of the ramp as the line" they talk to me" ends is Crowbar. He looks around with a blank look on his face. He walks down the ramp slowly, never keeping his eyes off the ring or his opponent.

Randy Long: Hailing from parts unknown, and weighing in at 191 pounds…CROWBAR

Walking up the stairs he stops and looks around at the ground, and gets a slight smirk. Entering the ring he stands on the second rope and looks around before leaning back on the ropes and staring at Dillinger.

Tony D: Crowbar is a mysterious fellow with a hidden background. Do you think this will put Dillinger at a disadvantage, Kris?

Kris Red: In some ways, perhaps. But tonight, Dillinger wrestles in front of his family and friends, so he has that going for him. But when it comes down to it, its not about who's watching you, its about how well you do in the ring and who you're facing. He doesn't know who he's facing aside from a name.

The referee calls for the bell. It rings, and the match officially begins. Crowbar and Dillinger both step to the center of the ring and circle around each other as the crowd waits in anticipation for the first move. It comes from the Dillinger who rushes up to Crowbar for a collar and elbow tie-up. After a brief struggle, Crowbar overpowers Dillinger and tosses him to the ground with an arm drag. He gets right back up. Now knowing who he’s dealing with, Dillinger gets the jump on Crowbar and gets into another tie-up. Crowbar uses his upper body strength to once again hit Dillinger with an arm drag. Dillinger quickly gets up and rubs his arm a little.

Dillinger nods rushes up to Crowbar for yet another tie-up. Crowbar appears to be much more confidant now. Just as it looks like Crowbar is once again going to connect with an arm drag, Dillinger instead slides around Crowbar while holding onto his arm tightly, wrenching it back into a hammerlock. Crowbar grimaces from the pain. He then proceeds to let go of the arm and move straight to Crowbar’s neck as he applies a standing headlock. Dillinger squeezes the neck tightly as Crowbar tries to fight it out. He eventually manages to find the strength to step back into the ropes and slingshot Dillinger towards the ropes. Dillinger runs the ropes, and Crowbar bends his head down for a backdrop attempt, but Dillinger manages to stop himself in front of Crowbar, gets down on one knee, and applies a side headlock. He wrenches the neck tightly, and Crowbar falls to his knees. Quick to counter, Crowbar wraps an arm around Dillinger, and rolls himself onto his back along with Dillinger whose shoulders wind up on the mat. The referee makes the count.

1…2…kick out!

Dillinger pushes himself off of the mat and slides back into his previous position, but with Crowbar now on his stomach, and his neck still trapped in the headlock. After a brief moment of struggle, Crowbar manages to gather enough strength to slowly lift himself and Dillinger off of his mat. Once he gets to his feet, he grabs him and lifts him up for a back suplex. He hits it, but the ever persistent Dillinger keeps his arm wrapped around Crowbar’s neck, slide upwards, and the two wind up back on the mat. Crowbar slaps the mat in anger, but is determined to get out of this hold. After another brief struggle, and with a few helpful claps from the crowd who more than anything want to see Crowbar get out of this enduring hold, Crowbar finds himself right back up along with Dillinger. This time he pushes himself and Dillinger towards one of the turnbuckles. Dillinger runs into the pads hard, and his hold loosens a bit. Crowbar winds up and rams him into the turnbuckle again, and then a third time. Finally, on the fourth hit, Dillinger releases the hold and clutches his chest in pain. Crowbar rubs the back of his neck, and looks up to see a determined Dillinger rushing towards him. He lifts his head up, grabs Dillinger by the arm, and connects with that third arm drag he was looking for earlier. Dillinger gets right back up, and the two stop and stare at each other as the crowd cheers for the entire series of moves. They then erupt in a "DILL-IN-GER" chant.

Tony D: Impressive showing so far, and this crowd continues to cheer on their hometown hero.

Kris Red: Crowbar showing he can go toe to toe with Dillinger.

The two appear to be getting ready to lock up again, but when Dillinger goes to lock up, Crowbar drills him in the gut with a stiff knee. Dillinger bends over in pain, and Crowbar brings his knee up yet again drilling Dillinger in the jaw this time, sending him down and onto the mat hard.

Kris Redd: Vicious knee lift there by the mysterious Crowbar.

Tony D: They might have to pry Dillinger off the mat to get him up…

Kris Redd: Really… still trying to get a laugh?

Crowbar hit’s the ropes, and when he comes back he leaps up, dropping a knee square across the bridge of the nose off Dillinger. Crowbar then mounts him, and begins to rain down right hands one after the other until finally the ref pulls him off. While the ref has Crowbar occupied, Dillinger rolls to his stomach and begins to get up crawling on his hands and knees, but Crowbar pushes past the ref and drills Dillinger in the face with a stiff dropkick. Dillinger collapses and Crowbar pins.

1... 2... Kickout.

Tony D: OH! Near fall.

Kris Red: I thought at first we were going to be welcoming Crowbar into the Top 5.

The fans boo as Crowbar sits Dan up… and drills a knee into his spine, and wrenches him back into a bow and arrow. Dan writes in pain as Crowbar wrenches back, driving his knee harder and harder into the spine of Dan. However finally Dan rolls out of it, and pushes Crowbar off. They both get to their feet, but Dillinger is able to connect with a boot to the midsection, followed by a stiff uppercut. Crowbar stumbles into the corner, and begins to light him up with stiff boxing jabs to the midsection, and a few knife edge chops. Crowbar slowly stumbles out of the corner when Dan drills him with a hard thrust kick to the side of the head. Crowbar collapses down to his knees, and Dillinger hit’s the ropes. He runs at Crowbar, and spikes him hard with a dropkick into the back, sending Crowbar down hard, face first into the mat.

Tony D: Here we go… Dangerous Dan picking up the pace.

Kris Redd: I don’t know, Crowbar took A LOT out of him.

Dan slowly gets his bearings, and rolls Crowbar over, pinning him.

1...2. Kickout.

Dan gets to his feet, dragging Crowbar with him. Dillinger drills Crowbar with a stiff forearm, sending Crowbar into the ropes. Dan backs up, and taunts for a moment before sprinting at Crowbar. However Crowbar has it scouted and drops to his back, clipping his legs and drop toe holding Dillinger. Dillinger’s momentum gets the best of him, sending him throat first into the ropes.

Tony D: DAMN!

Kris Redd: The slight hesitation by Dillinger may have cost him here…

Dillinger bounces up to his feet, clutching his throat and turns around right into a boot to the cut by Crowbar. Crowbar then grabs him and lifts him into the air for a vertical suplex. He holds him up in it for as long as he can, before drilling him down hard, spiking him with a deadly brain buster.

Tony D: And there it is! We’ve been told that’s cold the Trapdoor!

Crowbar floats over and hooks the leg.

1... 2... 3!!!

Kris D: And it’s over!

Randy Long: Here is your winner - Crowwwwbarrrrrr!

The fans aren't too happy as their boy didn't win but some still do cheer for Crowbar and his appearance tonight!

Kris Red: So Dan Dillinger just lost the opportunity to get a first shot at the WARPED Championship, Tony D.. I wonder how he must feel?

Tony D: Quite honestly I bet he feels-

Kris Red: -don't answer that question, Tony D. He feels like SHIT, that's what! I know that!

Dillinger looks disappointed in the ring as Crowbar looks on from ringside, making his way up the entrance isle, his music playing in the background.


“The Great Leo” Theo Davis vs. PKA

Randy Long: The follow is a “Five For Fighting” Qualifying match scheduled for one fall.

Suddenly, the arena goes dark and a spotlight shines on the entrance stage with blue strobe lights mixed in with the white, bright spotlights. “Hang Me Up To Dry” by Cold War Kids starts to play. From the entrance comes PKA, clothed in black boots, black, baggy jeans, a white tank top wife beater, and a black leather jacket over that. He also wears a black hat, faced backwards, with a long, silver chain around his neck. PKA stops on the stage and holds both arms in the air, fists touching, before dropping them to his side and continuing down the ramp.

Randy Long: First making his way to the ring, hailing from Wichita, Kansas and weighing in at 201 pounds…”Grade A” PKA!

Tony D: PKA will be looking to make a statement here tonight, and what better way to do that than by defeating number two of the top five, Theo Davis.

Kris Red: You know for having a shot at the big leagues PKA doesn’t look all too excited.

As he walks down the ramp he has a depressed look on his face. PKA reaches the steps and walks up, then heads up onto the turnbuckle, and holds both arms out in a crucifix. He surveys the crowd with a look of sorrow on his face, before hopping into the ring from the turnbuckle. He takes off his hat, chain, and leather jacket, and hands it over to the referee who takes it to ringside, and he then leans up against the corner.

Randy Long: And his opponent…

The opening orchestra of Hammerfall's "Hero's Return" begin playing over the PA system. As the song bursts into its full on guitar driven melody, Theo Davis bursts out from behind the curtain and raises his arms to adulation of the fans.

Randy Long: “From Owen Sound, Ontario, and weighing in at 224 pounds, he is #2 of the WARPED Top Five…”The Great Leo” THEO DAVIS!”

Tony D: Theo has been quiet but confident for the past couple week. What do you think his game plan is for tonight?

Kris Red: If it were me, I’d try to get the match over with as quickly as possible. Get PKA outside of the ring and get the count out victory.

Tony D: I don’t think it’s going to be that simple, Kris. PKA has a chance at becoming a new member of the top five for next month. He’s not going to give it up that easily.

Kris Red: Hey, you asked for my opinion, so you got it.

Davis steps down the ramp onto the floor and saunters down to the ring, where he climbs up onto the apron and removes his leather jacket. He hangs it up on the corner post, climbs the ropes and raises his right arm in the air before hopping into the ring. Davis stares at PKA who still looks as gloomy as ever. Long exits the ring and the referee calls for the bell to sound. When it does, Theo Davis charges at PKA. The look on PKA’s face suddenly changes to a confident scowl and out of nowhere he connects with a superkick to Theo’s chin that floors him.

Tony D: How cow! A superkick from out of nowhere, and Theo looks to be out of it!

Kris Red: Maybe it IS going to be that simple, Tony.

PKA goes over to Theo and picks him up by the shoulders. He then crosses Theo’s arms together, raises him up in the air, and connects with a Pain Buster. He picks up Theo again and whips him into a corner turnbuckle. He charges at Theo and hits him with a running Dropkick to the head. Theo falls to the turnbuckle floor and is deadweight on the pad. PKA goes over to Theo, picks him up again, and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. PKA climbs to the top along with Theo and connects with a hurricarana off the top. After a few seconds Theo starts to show some signs of life by trying to raise his head up, but PKA sees it coming and hits him with a shining wizard. The impact can be heard from even the furthest seats as the crowd winces from sympathy pain.

Tony D: I don’t think Theo is even conscious after that assault.

PKA looks rather annoyed, and the camera catches him yelling “that’s it”. He once again picks up Theo, grabs him by his neck for a front face lock, and soon connects with P-Krusher III. He hooks the leg and the referee counts. 1…2…3.

The bell rings, and “Hang Me Up To Dry” plays once again as PKA gets up and has his arm raised by the referee. The crowd cheers for his impressive assault on Theo.

Kris red: Wow. Tony, consider PKA’s statement made in full. These top five guys are getting their asses handed to them.

Tony: It just goes to show how fierce the competition is. And from the moment PKA hit that superkick Theo Davis was out of the picture. Folks, it goes to show you just how sudden the momentum can turn here in WARPED Wrestling.

Kris: And let that be a message to the other four members of the top five too. PKA is hot on their trail.

As the referee checks on Theo’s condition, PKA grabs his hat, chain, and leather jackets and puts them back on before leaving the ring with hardly a bead of sweat on his face. He yells for a mic and quickly gets handed one.

PKA: "Did you all see that? THAT is how you take care of business! Theo Davis is the number two guy in this company, right? God damn, give me the fucking title!"

PKA tosses the mic away and makes his way toward the back.


Crowbar walks along the halls after his match with "Dangerous" Dan Dillinger and is confronted by two police officers

Officer 1: Crowbar?

Crowbar: Yes.

Officer 2: Real name Mark Austin?

Crowbar: Yes.

Officer 1: I'm placing you under arrest for destruction of property against a local radio station

Crowbar: Try me.

A Scuffle ensues between Crowbar and the police officers with Crowbar knocking out one but getting cuffed by the other

Officer 2: Destruction of property and assaulting a police officer, you're going all out, aren't you?

Crowbar: Bite me.

Officer 2: You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one one will be...

Crowbar: I know my rights. Just put me in the car already, I'll be out of there in less than 24 hours and you'll be out of a job there, mate.

Officer 2: We'll see about that.

Crowbar is escorted to the waiting Police cruiser while EMTs attend to Officer 1 and load him up into an ambulance. The final shot showing Crowbar in the cruiser smirking.


Randy Long: "The following is our main event of the evening and is a Five For Fighting qualifying match! In the ring, he is the WARPED Employee of the Month and Number One seed, Misterrrrrr Rottentreeeeeeeeeeats!"

The crowd boos!

Randy Long: "And making his debut, from in Columbus, Ohio, T...G... Grundyyyyyy!"

The Dayton, Ohio crowd is fully behind T.G. Grundy and he soaks it up. Treats looks displeased.

Tony D: "We talked earlier about how Dan Dillinger was the hometown hero, well here is a guy who looks to make it in WARPED and is making his debut who's also from the area, T.G. Grundy."

Kris Red: "A tall order for Mr. Rottentreats, this Grundy fella stands at 6'6" and weighs in at 375.. pounds.. my god."

Mr. Rottentreats looks across the ring at the very large T.G. Grundy, ready to tackle the undefeated Employee of the Month. The bell sounds, and they confront each other, then lock up. TG Grundy quickly pushes Treats back into the corner but Treats comes back at him and slaps him across the face. Grundy kicks him in the gut and looks to hit a powerbomb but Treats pokes Grundy in the eyes and he let's go. Treats backs into the ropes and returns with a clothesline but its countered by Grundy and into a big sideslam! T.G. Grundy with the cover..1...2...kick out!

Grundy brings Treats to his feet and slaps him across the chest, then again, and again. Treats stumbles into the corner now. Grundy approaches and Treats stomps him in the stomach then delivers a right hand. Grundy then grabs Treats and brings him away from the corner and lifts him up onto his shoulders. Treats rakes the eyes of Grundy and spins into a DDT! Treats covers..1..kick out! Grundy powers out of the hold and gets to his feet. Mr. Rottentreats is like WTF?! as he quickly gets up but Grundy decapitates him with a clothesline and the crowd goes wild! Grundy covers..1...2...3---NOOOOOO~! Shoulder up! T.G. Grundy brings Mr. Rottentreats to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Treats returns and Grundy grabs him in a sleeper hold. Treats reaches in for the referee to help him as he grabs onto the shirt and yells help!! Then he's able to bring his foot back and hit a nice low blow on Grundy while the ref was unaware. Treats releases the ref and Grundy drops to one knee, clutching his crotch. Mr. Rottentreats then hits the ropes and returns with a Shining Wizzahhhhhhhhrrrrrd~! Cover! 1...2... kickout!!

Mr. Rottentreats now stomps the body of Grundy, trying to keep him down, but Grundy starts to get to his feet. He pushes Treats away and Treats hits the ropes and returns only to get hit with a big powerslam! Grundy covers.1...2...kick out. Grundy is back in control now but he still feels the pain in his groin area as we can tell. He whips Treats hard into the turnbuckle and Treats hits it hard! T.G. Grundy charges Treats in the corner but gets kicked in the face. Mr. Rottentreats then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a diving clothesline T.G. Grundy, taking him down. Treats stands up and begins to do a few dance moves including the moonwalk and the cabbage patch and the crowd boos his showboating! Treats then sees Grundy rising to his feet and Treats pulls down the shoulder pad and hits the ropes.. clothesline! Grundy goes down and Treats covers..1...2.. kick out. Just a 2 count! Grundy but kicks out at the 2 count.

Treats then rolls out of the ring and kicks the steps before going to his bag of treats and reaching in, and he then puts it down and sees the Employee of the Month plaque and grabs that instead! He slides into the ring and the referee says absolutely not he will not use that plaque as a weapon and he takes it away! The ref goes to put away the plaque and just then Mr. Rottentreats spews something red in the face of Grundy! He then somehow amazingly hits the head and arm release Suplex he calls BLAAM!!! and the ref turns around just in time for Treats to make the cover 1....2...3!!! That's it!! The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - the WARPED Employee of the Month, Misterrrrrrrr Rottentreeeeeeeeeats!"

The crowd boos as Treats is down on all fours seemingly in prayer as he smiles ridiculously. He stands up and pushes the ref aside and slides out of the ring to grab his bag and his plaque to get the hell out of dodge. The show ends as we see Treats heading around the ring and backing up the ramp, taking a look at what he's done in the ring. The fans at ringside yell at Treats telling him to get lost! Suddenly the Dayton, Ohio crowd is pumped up and explode with cheers as their hometown hero Dan Dillinger re-appears and cracks a chair over the back of Mr. Rottentreats! His bag of treats and the contents spill to the floor along with the Employee of the Month plaque.

Dillinger raises the chair in the air and lets out a primal scream as the fans cheer! He brings Treats to his feet and tosses him over the barricade into the fans and follows him in. Treats crawls away and Dillinger cracks the chair over his back to put a stop to that! Fans scatter to escape the attack as Dillinger grabs Treats by his hair and pulls him up. He then whips him into the wall and Treats stumbles away. Dillinger starts up the bleechers and brings Treats along with him, dragging him along. Treats tries to put on the breaks but Dillinger hits a big elbow to the head of Treats to take back over. Treats has no idea where he is without a doubt now as Dillinger brings him to the top of the bleechers in the Expo Center. Dillinger brings Treats to the edge of the bleechers, pushing fans out of the way in the progress. Treats then jabs Dillinger in the gut and pushes him into the barricade of the bleechers and Dillinger almost goes overboard! The cameraman gets a shot of a table set up below. Treats tries to toss Dillinger over but Dillinger hits a back elbow, picks up the chair and cracks it over the head of Treats! The fans pop!

Suddenly in comes Theo Davis to be the voice of reason as he asks Dillinger to calm down and this isn't him! Dillinger pushes him away and picks up the chair to go back to work on Treats but Davis takes a step up in the bleechers and turns Dillinger around but Dillinger CRACKS HIM OVER THE HEAD and Theo Davis rolls down the bleechers!!! Dillinger tosses the chair down as Mr. Rottentreats gets to his feet... Half Nelson... LOOK OUT! Dillingerplex over the barricade to the table down below!! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! The fans erupt in chants of HOLY SHIT and cheers as Dan Dillinger just hit a big Dillingerplex on Mr. Rottentreats down through the table! He now stands atop the bleeches as fans swarm him and the fans chant "DILL-IN-GER! DILL-IN-GER!!" repeatedly as WARPED goes off the air!