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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Birmingham, Alabama at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center in front of a sold out crowd.



Another great UTA Live Show came through and destroyed Birmingham. 
Log Habben versed Hex Girl in the opening match. Habben seemed put off by facing a woman in a match. Hex Girl didn't seem to mind and took it to Habben. Habben lost his patience and connected with a Snap DDT on Hex and covered her for the pinfall victory.
Dan Benson squared off against VCW newcomer Conrad Teller. Teller seemed more ready for the match than Benson. Teller made quick work of Benson and hit the "Light's Out" for the Three Count.
Elvis McDonald took on Ian Michaels Hate in a straight up Street Fight. Hate seemed like he was going to walk out with the W but took his eyes off McDonald who quickly applied his finisher the "Death Touch". Hate fell to the mat allowing McDonald to cover him for the pinfall victory.
VCW Wildfire Champion Xander Hayes faced Perfection in the match of the night. Hayes and Perfection brawled inside and outside the ring. Perfection tried playing possum but it backfired on him. Hayes hit the "Rolling X" to secure the victory.
The Main Event. Yoshii took on Abdul Ahad. Ahad took it right to Yoshii. Trying to stay away from the big man to avoid Yoshii's mass. Ahad got caught in a monstrous Belly to Belly Suplex from the former Internet Champion. Yoshii waited for Ahad to reach his feet looking to hit a "Yoshii Splash". Ahad moved out of the way at the last second causing Yoshii to run right into the turnbuckles. He knocked himself out and Ahad covered him for the Three Count. 
An exciting night of UTA action. Worth every penny.