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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Buffalo, NY at the First Niagra Center in front of a sold out crowd.

Another no nonsense, action packed UTA Live Event came to Buffalo and really kicked it up a notch.
The opening match was a doozy. Frank Dylan James and Tobias Devereux brawled and beat each other bloody, literally. Devereux lost blood and the match. James was able to piledrive Tobias and cover him for the victory.
Elvis McDonald took on Abdul Ahad in front of the UTA faithful in Buffalo. Ahad over powered the Kung Fu Mechanic and put him away with his finisher the "Infidel's Demise". McDonald had trouble getting to his feet after the match ended and a medical crew came out to attend to him.
La Flama Blanca faced Lyra Starchild in one of the matches of the night. Starchild went for a cross body block off the top rope. Flama Blanca caught her and hit a Snap Fall Away Slam. Starchild slowly got to her feet and Blanca went on the offensive. Executing a new move "El Apagon" (The Blackout) to perfection. He scored the 3 count victory.
Dan Benson and Claude Baptiste Ranier went toe to toe in the squared circle. Ranier showed his wrestling skill and the technician he is. Benson seemed to come up lame after he tried picking CBR up for a Powerbomb. Ranier capitalized and locked Benson up in his finisher "Picture Perfect". Benson had no choice but to submit.
Abdul bin Hussain and Darian Dumont faced off in the next match. Hussain showed why he is a top contender for the UTA World Heayweight title. Dumont wound up on the wrong side of the decision. Hussain forced Dumont to tap out with the "Arm's of Allah". 
The Main Event. UTA World Champion Sean Jackson took on Ian Michaels Hate. Jackson controlled the action the majority of the contest. Jackson waited for Hate to get to his feet when Abdul bin Hussain rushed into the ring and attacked the champ. Referee Juan Velazquez called for the bell. Hussain continued beating Jackson despite Velazquez's attempts to separate the two. Jackson lay beaten and bloody as the fans rain boos down on Hussain
Abdul goes out to ring side and grabs the UTA title and heads back into the ring. He puts his foot on Jackson's back and holds the UTA title in the air. The fans let Hussain know how they feel. Another top notch UTA show. Worth every penny.
Is this a sign of things to come? Tune in to UTA's Pay Per View Black Horizon to find out.