Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Some may not have caught it, but the abrupt ending to the Wrestleshow main event last night was a mistake. Jackson had been scheduled to kick out at two, but a fluke by the referee, gave Abdul Ahad a pin fall victory over Sean Jackson, UTA Champion.

Going into Black Horizon, Jackson now is the only one of the three in the main event who did not win at Wrestleshow.

The decision was not reversed, sources say, after the referee was told to go with it in his ear piece. Although unplanned, it seems that UTA Management will use the error to help build Abdul Ahad going past Black Horizon. This is apparent as the final Black Horizon card that was released this morning, puts Ahad in a position where he could potentially become the #1 contender for the Internet Championship.

But where does he go from there? Could he now pick up a feud with Abdul bin Hussain? How about a return match with Sean Jackson? After Black Horizon, ne thing is certain.. Abdul Ahad will reap the benefits of a referee's bad call.