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In 2009, DREAM Wrestling returned. After a successful run, it once again faded into obscurity. Now, the United Toughness Alliance presents... Wrestling Classic: DREAM.

Slaughter II

10 May 2009

Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, California (seats 5,492)


The DWF logo appears on the screen. As it fades out, the camera pans across the sea of screaming fans. A few small shots of pyro lights the staging area before we settle on the commentator.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm your host for the evening, Jason Whiteside. Once again, my colleague, Joey Chandler, wont be here tonight. We have a lot of excitement for you tonight, as we are live from the UCSB Events Center, in Santa Barbara, California for Sunday Night Slaughter on DTN!"

He flips through some of his papers.

"What a show we have for you tonight! From women's action, to tag team antics we have it all tonight! In your main event, Dark will take on Michael Byrd. Can Dark keep his winning streak? Find out later tonight!"

Miss USA vs. Caroline Kelly

The patriotic tune by Bruce Springsteen, "Born in the USA" pipes up from the loud speakers shaking the rafters. The crowd is on their feet!

Bell: Ding! Ding! Ding!

A well tanned athletic young woman wearing red, white, and blue bursts from behind the curtain carrying Ol’ Glory. She smiles as she high fives several of the fans. As she walks by she spots a young girl and pauses for a moment, hugging her as the camera zooms in. She waves the flag back and forth for the fans. She also waves her free hand to her fellow Americans seating further back and gestures to everyone taking in the festivities from the upper decks. Chants of USA! USA! USA! begin.

"Miss USA making her DWF debut! Right after her signing last week her opponent tonight, Caroline Kelly, began egging her on, leading to this match."

The lights dim. A spotlight begins searching the events center, followed by a siren. Then, Eminem's "3 AM" begins to play. From the back, Caroline Kelly steps out wearing a hoodie. She walks slowly down towards the ring. Once she gets there, she jumps on the apron. As the lights go to normal, she enters the ring above the middle rope. Kelly pulls her hoodie off as her music fades out.

"Women's action will start the show off tonight. We saw Caroline Kelly beat Trisha T last week exclusively on, will that streak carry on to this week as she faces the debuting Miss USA?"

As the bell sounds, Caroline runs at Miss USA.

"USA with an arm drag!"

Both women get to their feet. Caroline rushes USA again.

"Another arm drag!"

This time when they get to their feet Caroline Kelly walks up to Miss USA and begins yelling at her.

"USA pays not attention to the harsh words from Kelly."

Caroline Kelly slaps Miss USA.

"Miss USA surprised by the open palmed slap from Caroline Kelly."

USA returns with her own slap. Caroline holds her cheek.

"Caroline Kelly with an eye gauge."

Miss USA grabs her eyes and stumbles around. The referee yells at Caroline, warning her. As USA turns, unable to see, Caroline runs and bounces off the ropes.

"Bull Dog!"

Caroline slides out of the ring.

"What is she doing?"

Caroline Kelly walks over to the time keeper and makes him get up, grabbing his chair.

"What is Caroline Kelly doing?"

The referee is yelling at Caroline from inside the ring. Caroline slides into the ring with the chair.

"The referee is warning her that if she hits USA, she'll lose the match."

Miss USA uses the ropes to pull herself up. She turns around. Caroline pushes the referee out of the way and slams the chair into the skull of Miss USA.

"The referee is calling for the bell! Miss USA has won this match, but not the way she wanted to I assume."

Caroline tosses the chair to the mat before exiting the ring.

"I don't think this is over by a long shot."

We see a recap of the chair shot that sent Miss USA to the mat. Once we go back live, we see Miss USA in the ring, holding her head, staring up the ramp at Caroline Kelly as she exits.

Dazed and Confused vs. The Mexican Express

As we return from a commercial break, both Dazed and Confused along with The Mexican Express are in the ring. A few moments later they decide on who will start and who will head to the apron.

"Paul Owens and Blue Phoenix will start this match off as the bell sounds. Both of these men have cat like agility with lightning fast speed. This should be a good match for our tag division."

The two men lock up. Owens quickly gains control, placing Blue Phoenix in a side headlock. Phoenix stomps the foot of Paul Owens, then hits him in the ribs with an elbow.

"As Owens lets go, Blue Phoenix grabs his arm. Irish Whip into the ropes. Paul Owens on the return. Leap Frog by Blue Phoenix!"

Blue Phoenix runs to the ropes now. Both men on the return towards each other.

"Phoenix leaps for a cross body and is caught. Slammed to the mat by Paul Owens."

Owens taps Steve Lane in, Who climbs the turnbuckle from the apron.

"Lane jumps, and connects with a frog splash."

The fans pop. Steve Lane jumps to his feet.

"Lane runs towards the ropes. He leaps to the second, moonsault!"

On the apron, Tito yells at Phoenix, attempting to motivate him.

"Both men to their feet. Phoenix rushes Lane, arm drag. Up again, he rushes Lane once more, arm drag takeover."

This time when both men hit their feet, Steve Lane jumps vertically and hits Phoenix with a standing drop kick. The fans go nuts. Tito rushes the ring. Steve Lane takes him over with a huge arm drag. At that time Paul Owens grabs the top rope, and uses it to hurl himself up and over, connecting inside the ring on Tito.

"Amazing agility!"

Blue Phoenix tries to get up, however, Steve Lane runs at him and lifts his leg.

"Shining Wizard by Lane!"

Lane goes for a pin. Tito is up and runs at him.

"Paul Owens stops Tito in his tracks with a back body drop."

The referee drops and counts the three, giving Dazed and Confused the win. As the bell sounds, Paul Owens runs to the corner, leaps to the second rope and flips up and backwards, twisting in the air and landing with a leg drop on Tito. The fans burst into an explosion of excitement.

"Dazed and Confused making short work of The Mexican Express here on Slaughter!"

Trailer Park Challenge

We switch backstage to show Trailer Park Tramp standing in front of a DWF backdrop. She drinks down a beer and burps before talking to the camera.

"I watched that joke of a match at the strat of the show earlier, and I have to say that if Caroline Kelly tried that with me, she'd have that chair shoved where the sun don't shine."

She takes another drink.

"You wanna use chairs? Ok. Next week, Caroline Kelly versus the TPT in a Trailer Park Challenge match. Anything goes."

At that, Miss USA comes into the scene. She holds an icepack on her head.

"Caroline has no time for your challenge, as I want a rematch next week!"

TPT thinks for a moment.

"Ok girlie girl, next week the TPT versus Caroline Kelly versus Miss USA in a trailer park challenge match."

She turns to Miss USA and looks at her, dead in her eyes.

"Unless you can't hand with the big bitches."

USA removes her ice pack and steps closer.

"Oh, I can hang and I accept."

The camera zooms in on the two staring at each other before fading to commerical.

Casey Pierro-Zabatol vs. Malcolm Dred-King vs. B.R. Ellis

When we arrive, Rich Mahogany is alrady in the ring. The camera moves to the top of the stage. 'Quality Control' by Jurassic 5 starts to play. Dylan Daniels steps out with the hood of his jacket on his head. He raises both arms before throwing them down, taking the hood off and continues to the ring as Whiteside comments on his recent match. He slides in and leaps to his feet. Quickly Daniels runs to a turnbuckle and raises and arm to the fans before jumping down and running across to the opposite post, doing the same thing.

"As the bell sounds, we kick the match off with a little smack talk from both sides."

Rich Mahogany offers his had for a test of strength.

"Dylan Daniels, a little reluctant, agrees."

As Dylan raises his hands, Mahogany quickly gouges his eyes.

"Daniels caught by surprise with that vicious eye gouge."

Dylan holds his eyes in pain. Mahogany runs at the ropes, jumping to the second rope.

"Springboard, twist into an open palm slap. Adding insult to injury with what he calls the 'springboard bitch slap.'"

Daniels stumbles, then falls to the mat. As he attempts to get to his feet, Rich Mahogany stomps his fingers.

"Ouch! That's smarts."

Dylan Daniels grabs his hand, which is throbbing in pain.

'Mahogany yanks his opponent up viciously by his head. Digging his nails deep into Daniels back, he rakes it all the way down."

The referee warns Mahogany, who raises his hands up as if saying he didn't do anything. As Daniels turns toward them, Rich pushes by the referee and boots Daniels in the 'junk'.

"Daniels goes down quicker then a Mexican prostitute on Cinco De Mayo."

Rich Mahogany stops to give a cocky pose to the booing fans.

"Mahogany has been in 100% control this entire match. I don't think Daniels was prepared for his not so professional tactics."

Rich Mahogany picks Dylan's legs up, looks out to the crowd then leans back, sending him flying into the nearby turnbuckle.

"Slingshot to the corner by Mahogany."

As Daniels stumbles off of the turnbuckle, in on swift move, Mahogany catches him as he turns into a perfectly telegraphed swinging neck breaker.

"Rich Mahogany goes for the pin to end the match."

Dylan Daniels kicks out at two and three quarters.

"Some how Daniels found the strength to kick out. Mahogany can't believe it. To be honest, neither can I!"

As Daniels tries to pull himself to his feet by using the ropes, Mahogany grabs his head and runs his eyes along the ropes. Daniels grabs his face again and flops to the mat.

"Rich Mahogany stooping to low levels to secure a win on his slaughter debut."

Mahogany goes to stomps Daniels, but Dylan rolls out of the ring.

"Maybe the smartest move by Dylan Daniels this entire match."

As Mahogany turns to the ring in time to see Daniels soaring through the ropes.

"Suicide Drives by Daniels!"

As he hits his mark, both men hit the ground. The fans pop for Daniels.

"That may have been the move to turn this match around!"

Daniels uses the steps to make it to his feet. As Mahogany attempts to push himself up. Dylan runs and places a boot into his midsection sending Rich back to the floor.

"Dylan Daniels now in control. He lifts Mahogany to his feet, and rolls him into the ring."

Daniels climbs to the apron, then the turnbuckle.

"Dylan Daniels looking to fly!"

Mahogany begins to get to his feet. He turns towards Daniels, who leaps through the air.

"Daniels caught by Mahogany! Power slam into a pin!"

As the referee drops to make the count, Mahogany secures the three count by placing his feet on the ropes for extra support. The fans boo.

"Rich Mahogany with a huge upset over Dylan Daniels."

We see a few match recaps as Rich Mahogany celebrates in the ring.

Eric Payne vs. Ryan Halo

As we return from commercial, Ryan Halo is already in the ring. The lights flicker three times and on the third flick they completely go out. Small candles light the edges of the ring ramp, as the opening chords of 'Falling Away From Me' by Korn begins. Just as the song gets louder extremely loud pyros go off like crazy on the stage area. Eric walks out from the back dragging his feet and walking ever so slowly. With each candle he passes it flickers out, all the way to the last one. He stops a the last one and raises his fist triggering the last two candles to shot two flames into the air. He slides under the bottom rope and is on his finger tips and toes. He slowly crawls as if stalking a prey, before getting to his feet and leaning against the corner.

"The bell sounds to start the match. The two men lock up. Payne uses his size advantage to take control early on."

Eric Payne breaks the lock, then whips Ryan Halo into the ropes.

"Halo meets the bottom of the boot of Eric Payne."

Payne lifts one of Halo's legs up, then drops an elbow to his inside thigh before getting to his feet.

"Eric Payne lifts Ryan Halo to his feet. Payne grabs Halo around the neck, choking him."

Ryan delivers two elbows to Eric Payne's head, breaking his grip. He goes to whip him into the ropes.

"Reversal by Eric Payne. Ryan Halo is sent with enough momentum that he goes over the top rope, crashing to the floor!"

Payne steps over the top rope to the apron. He jumps down to the floor.

"Payne lifts Halo to his feet and guides him to the nearby steel steps."

Payne goes to slam Halo's head into the steps, but Ryan is able to stop him by throwing his arms foreword, catching them.

"Ryan Halo out of Eric Payne's grip, he slams Eric's head into the steps intended for him."

Halo grabs Payne's arm and whips him into the steel barricade.

"Ryan Halo follows up with a huge splash."

The fans grow excited. Payne falls to the floor as Halo rolls into the ring then back out to restart the referee's count.

"Ryan is apparently not ready to end this match yet, which makes you wonder if this is a good idea. He lifts Eric Payne to his feet."

As Ryan Halo pulls Eric up, Payne wraps his arms around him, lifts, and runs smashing Halo into the announcers table.

"Whoa, the action is right here!"

Whiteside stands up and steps back as Eric Payne yanks the monitor off of the table. He rolls Ryan Halo up on top of it, before climbing up himself.

"I don't like the looks of this."

Payne places Halo's head between his legs, and lifts him into the power bomb position.

"Ryan Halo begins punching Eric Payne in the head!"

Payne begins to stumble back, but catches his footing and follows through with the power bomb, sending Ryan Halo through the table. The fans begin to scream and shout.

"The referee ends his count to come out here and check on the competitors. They could be seriously hurt."

Eric Payne begins to move. A few moments later he is on his feet.

"Eric Payne on his feet now, he pulls Halo to his and rolls him into the ring."

Payne slides in himself, followed by the referee. Payne covers Halo, hooking the leg.

"That's going to be all, as the referee counts to three."

The bell sounds and Payne is announced the winner. We get a few match recaps before going back to see the referee still checking on Halo. We fade into another commercial break.

Dark vs. Michael Byrd

As we return from commercial, 'Binge and Purge' by Clutch starts to play. Dark steps out from the back and the fans pop. He takes a drag from his cigarette then tosses it down and steps on it before heading to the ring.

"Dark is on a two match winning streak coming into this match."

Once inside the ring, his music fades out.
'Sexyback' by Justin Timberlake starts to play. We have a display of large bright sparklers before Michael Byrd steps out.

"Michael Byrd is looking to gain his first win in his second consecutive main event match."

Michael slaps the hands of fans down the ramp, as he heads towards the squared circle. Once in the ring, his music fades and the lights go to normal. A few moments later, the bell sounds to begin the match.

"The two men start the match off by exchanging rights and lefts. Byrd sends Dark into the ropes. On his return, Michael Byrd connects with a knee to the gut."

Dark flips over Michael's knee, landing face up on the mat.

"Knee drop by Michael Byrd. Both of these men had spectacular matches last week, and I assume that will carry over to this week."

As Byrd gets to his feet, he pulls Dark up with him. Halfway up, Dark sends a fist into the midsection of Michael Byrd.

"Hard chop now by Dark, followed by a second. Irish whip into the corner."

Dark follows through by running towards Byrd with his knee making contact. As Dark moves out of the way, Byrd falls foreword to the mat.

"Big, vicious stomps by the Illustrated Man."

Dark grabs Michael Byrd and yanks him up with force.

"Another Irish whip by Dark, Byrd on the return. Dark goes for the spear. NO! Michael Byrd leaps over, sunset flip into a pin!"

The crowd pops and the referee goes for the count, but Dark is out at two.

"Never underestimate Michael Byrd. Both men to their feet now. Dark rushes Byrd, arm drag by Michael. Up again. Dark rushes once more, arm drag."

This time Dark gets up in a three point stance. He lunges at Byrd, who leap frogs over him. Both men bounce off of the opposite sides of the ring.

"Byrd goes for a clothesline. Dark ducks and wraps around into a reverse DDT out of nowhere!"

The fans pop huge. Dark uses the ropes to pull himself up. He looks out to the crowd then points to the top turnbuckle.

"Dark's going up top!"

Once all the way up, Dark visually calculates Byrd's distance before leaping.

"He goes for the big head butt! Michael Byrd moved! He moved!"

The fans pop even louder for the match. Dark sells the pain of the missed head butt as Michael Byrd makes his way to his feet.

"Byrd is getting ready for that patented super kick as Dark begins to get to his feet."

Dark turns to face Byrd, as Michael goes for the starting lineup. Dark sidesteps and waits on Byrd to get his balance.

"Dark runs, Bull Dog!"

Dark goes for the pin and the referee counts.

"That's all she wrote as Dark picks up his third straight victory!"

'Binge and Purge' begins to play. The referee raises one of Dark's hands in victory while he holds his head with the other. We get a recap of some of the match spots before the camera switches back to show Dark heading up the ramp.

Cancer Jiles vs. Dark vs. Mike Polowy vs. Nathan Paradine vs. Lust vs. Mike Hunt vs. Level-One vs. T.J. Parker vs. Jak Nemesis vs. Elvis hunt vs. T-Money

The scene cuts backstage to show Mark Zylbert sitting at his desk. He looks up at the camera.

"Fonally, I called for you thirty minutes ago."

He shuffles some papers around.

"I have a huge announcement regarding next week's episode of Slaughter."

He clears his throat.

"I am officially announcing that the Trailer Park Challenge match made at the start of the show, will now be for the DWF Women's title. Along with that, there will be a triple team elimination tag match for the DWF Tag Team Championships. In that match, we will see The Mexican Express take on Dazed and Confused and the newest DWF tag team, Team Danger."

He pauses for a second.

"In main event action, Eric Payne will face Dark for the vacant DWF Heavyweight Championship! Three titles on the line next week on Slaughter!"

He goes back to his paperwork as the scene changes.


"Wow, three championship matches right here on Slaughter next wek!"

The camera pans the audiance once again.

"That's going to be it for another exciting episode of Slaughter. I'm Jason Whiteside wishing everyone a good night!"

The copyright logo comes across the screen as we fade to black.