Posted by Rumor Man Stan

The WrestleUTA logo appears on the screen. As it fades away we are taken to an empty studio housing only a desk, a chair, and a Rumor Man Stan Davis in that chair. We pan in on Stan who smiles.

Davis: Welcome ladies and gentleman to a WrestleUTA Network Exclusive, WrestleUTA: Rebirth. I'm your host, Stan Davis, and today we will be taking a look at the move that shocked the world just last week.

The DEFIANCE logo fades up.

Davis: In a profitable deal with the promotion, at DEFIANCE TV #89 in September of 2017, the United Toughness Alliance ceased being it's own entity as a portion of the talent, the brand, and even the titles made their way to DEFIANCE with Mikey Unlikely being the face of the brand continuing his storyline of being the owner of the UTA.

A quick flash of Mikey Unlikely announcing on DEF TV his intent to also obtain DEFIANCE.

Davis: In April of 2018 at DEFIANCE 100, we saw what would be the end of the joint venture between the UTA and DEFIANCE. The WrestleUTA Network would suspend operations and it seemed the promotion was gone for good.

The Fans Wrestling Federation logo fades in.

Davis: In November of 2019, the FWF would host it's first event of it's new era in Las Vegas, Nevada. This showing proved to be a failure for the Lynch brothers who at the time owned the brand. Just a few weeks later on December 4th, it was announced that the Lynch brothers had handed their stake in the FWF to Richard Wingate, better known as Dick Fury, who is the brother to James Wingate who owned the WrestleUTA brand.

We get a shot of both Dick and James, also known to wrestling fans as Matt Fury.

Davis: Richard would quickly implement cost saving changes to the FWF as well as sign a distribution deal with FITE. It appeared that the FWF was settling in for the long run.

A few clips from Pandemonium air.

Davis: Unknown to everyone, James approved Richard about incorporating the UTA brand somehow into the FWF.

We see the two logos merge.

Davis: But Richard was uninterested.

The logos break apart.

Davis: Instead, he offered to sell the FWF brand to James, who quickly accepted. Over the course of the next few weeks, both men's lawyers worked out the details. February 1st the deal was done, with the announcement being made on February 4th that the UTA had acquired the FWF.

A "Breaking News" picture flashes.

Davis: Needing time to complete the rebranding, James worked out a deal with FITE to suspend airing of Pandemonium until the middle of March when it would return under the WrestleUTA banner. FITE would get first airing rights with the relaunched WrestleUTA Network replaying the shows 48 hours later.

The UTA logo comes up again for a moment.

Davis: Here we are, getting ready for Rebirth in just a few weeks, the United Toughness Alliance is back. While it is still being determined on if the time within DEFIANCE will be recognized as cannon, we know going forward the current FWF champions at the time of being acquired will be recognized as UTA Champions at the restart, their time continuing to be recorded as champions.

A picture of Lunchbox Larry and Bobby Dean comes up.

Davis: There is still more of the shake up coming, but this journalist here is excited to once again be reporting for WrestleUTA and welcome each and everybody watching to the new era of the United Toughness Alliance. It's going to be exciting.

Stan begins to smile as a copyright comes up and we fade to black.