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The UTA returns in over a month on March 18th, but that hasn't stopped management from hyping what is sure to be a huge show by announcing the first four matches. While we expect one or two more to be added, and there is always a chance that the current matches may change between now and then, this is enough to get the UTA Universe excited. Check it out below, or head over to

WrestleUTA on FITE: Rebirth
FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV

Mar 18, 2020


After splitting back off from DEFIANCE and acquiring the Fans Wrestling Federation, WrestleUTA heads to the FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV for the first non DEF show since 2017's Lasting Legacy. WrestleUTA on FITE will pick up where FWF Pandemonium left off.



Malcolm Dred-King vs. Harry Black

He hasn't stepped into an UTA ring since close to the beginning of the new millennium, but MDK is back and he is taking on Harry Black in singles action.


Shawn Kutter vs. Jarvis Valentine

Jarvis Valentine was set to debut and go one-on-one with Shawn Kutter in the FWF before WrestleUTA took over. Now, they get their chance to meet. But it is no longer a debut for Jarvis Valentine who has a history with the UTA, but now Shawn Kutter's debut to the Yellow & Black.


Kentucky Tarzan vs. Bobby Dean vs. Mikey Unlikely vs. Cancer Jiles

Three of the four men involved in this fatal four-way match have history. Bobby Dean and Cancer Jiles as former members of the eGG Bandits, Mikey Unlikely and Bobby Dean as former members of WTFC with Will Haynes and Doozer who had been a former member of the eGG Bandits with Cancer Jiles as well.

Then.. there is Kentucky Tarzan.

Will this four way turn into a three-on-one? If it does, is there anybody in the back who would have Kentucky Tarzan's back? All this and more at Rebirth!


Lunchbox Larry vs Raging Dead

UTA Championship Match

UTA Championship
UTA Championship Match

In a match that was set up under the FWF banner, Lunchbox Larry defends his newly rebranded UTA Championship against The Raging Dead. Will Larry be able to retain heading into the new era of the UTA, or will The Raging Dead be the face of the future?