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Everyone’s favourite Scotsman is looking weary. He walks down Random Corridor No. 56, swigging from a water bottle, brimming with caged energy.

Williams: Something tells me Cayle’s not having an enjoyable evening.

Emo: It’s about to get a whole lot worse, too. He has to face Eric Dane later!

Williams: This “hoodunit?!” situation has clearly taken a lot out of him, and I can’t even imagine how he feels right now.

Emo: Look, I know Cayle’s all about being a super swell guy, baking cookies and knitting cardigans, but facts are facts, and Colton Thorpe not being here is a huge benefit to his fortunes. If he can’t see that, I don’t know what to say…

And then, the inevitable.


Jeff arrives.  Actually, he swaggers in like he owns the place.  He’s pretty happy about the way his day has gone so far, all things considered.

Andrews: So, I dig that you’re totally not happy with me taking out the guy you wanted to beat fairensquare in the middle of the ring for the titlebelt and all that, and I’m not even gonna tell you there isn’t a time and place for that, because there is.  If that time and place were around more often, people like me wouldn’t have to exist.  But since it isn’t… well man, here’s the thing.

Cayle Murray does not look even remotely interested in the thing, but Andrews keeps talking.

Andrews: You ever heard of fighting fire with fire? You can let a man do wrong to you.  You can give him a couple chances, even.  But if you’re expecting me to turn the other cheek when a man takes a try on my career and puts me horizontal with a concussion, you… you’re just wrong, man.

Murray licks his lips and exhales quickly

Andrews: Now, I’m sorry that the person I had to take out was Colton Thorpe, because I know you wanted him in the ring.  But you don’t have to keep looking for him over your shoulder either, and-

Murray cuts him off.

Murray: You’re right, Jeff. Thorpe not being here does mean I’ve got one less reason to look over my shoulder…

Cayle shakes his head.

Murray: But there are NO circumstances under which attacking a guy from behind and beating him half to death are acceptable. NONE AT ALL.

Restraint keeps Cayle from outright shouting, but he’s not far off it.

Murray: I don’t want to be associated with things like that, Jeff, and I don’t want to walk these halls with blood on my hands. Revenge isn’t worth a dime if it costs you your morals, and this…?

He sighs.

Murray: I don’t even know what to do about this, but I need you to stay away from my match tonight, Jeff. Please.

For the first time since he walked out to the ring to confront Eric Dane, the manic grin fades from the face of Jeff Andrews.  He looks Murray up and down, as if he’s trying to figure something out.

And then he shocks the world.

Andrews: Alright man.  Good luck anyway.

He turns and leaves.  Cayle watches him go, then turns to the wall, leans an arm up against it and rests his head on his arm.

Williams: This is hard for Cayle in so many ways.  The man who was sort of his mentor just sort of betrayed him, and yet-

Emo: He’s gonna have to learn someday, Jen.  Hopefully he’ll listen to Andrews as a friend before he makes an enemy out of him.  We just saw how well that worked for Eric Dane earlier tonight...