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The cameras are in the shopping district of Manhattan, New York. Where we see a Tiffany Co store, coming out of it is none other than the glammed up Trillion Dollar Princess Angel Kash who is wearing a black top, black pants, black high heel boots, and a black mink fur coat. She sneers as the same two that followed her out on her UTA debut come behind her carrying what looks like three to four huge bags as Angel looked around before seeing the camera giving it a smug grin she says.

Angel: Isn't life grand? Like all that I have, I mean I have earned this all see being born into a family, some may say Angel what have you earned? All you do is snap your fingers and whatever you want comes your way. Well that is true, or anyone would do what you say since you have control over their jobs and once again true but you know something? I deserve the power.

Angel smiled as she looked behind her before snapping her fingers for them to follow her, as they make their way to the limo, that had been waiting for them the whole time Leroy and Todd put all of her bags most were from Tiffany Co, however, there is a couple from Gucci and one from Chanel as well.  As the limo drive holds open the door and she soon climbs into the limo along with Todd, and Leroy. As the limo goes Angel barks in her demanding tone.

Angel: Todd, um where the hell is my champagne, I did not pay 300 dollars a bottle for it to go to waste, Todd pour me some.

Todd: Won't you get in trouble for you know public intoxication...

Angel rolled her eyes  in disgust she was not one for her servants to ask her questions. As The limo driver shook his head, knowing what could result from this.

Angel: Todd, silly don't you know the police won't even touch me? I could throw eggs on these peasants, and nothing would come of it? Why because I run New York!

With that Todd grabs a bottle from the console which had ice, and a glass and poured Angel her glass of Champagne, it was a pink rose color. She took a small sip before putting it back down.

Angel: See, not that they could see me anyway like my windows are tinted and I get away with it. Now, Geroge  to Kash Fall, like I got to check in on those useless ass peasants.

Angel took yet another sip, as the limo driver nodded that was all Angel needed not that she really cared about him in the slightest. The haughty blonde then took a look in the mirror pleased with herself.

Angel: This is gonna be the face of UTA! I mean Leroy is there anyone else you think would be worthy of such a title?

Leroy looked at his boss, he said quickly but quietly.

Leroy: Not a single one Miss Kash.

Angel let out a loud laugh, before nodding clearly pleased with his answer. Before taking another sip, as Todd piped up.

Todd: True Miss Kash, I know you will rebound after losing to Sabrina...

Angel once again gives her bitchiest meanest glare to Todd, who looked nervous. This look was something that no one in her empire wanted to ever receive, it usually meant a lot of trouble and trouble fast.

Angel: Todd, shut up no one cares! Like, everyone even me sometimes fails once. But, unlike the rest of the peasants I know how to dust myself off, and come back better than ever, and trust me my next match in UTA it will be a different story I will be the winner.

Todd: Well what about...


Angel's voice turns into a loud screech which causes Leroy to cover his ears. Todd, slumps down, clearly not wanting to anger the Trillion Dollar Princess anymore than he has. As Angel returned her glance to her phone a bright smile appears.

Angel: Looks like I got people talking already about me, despite that freak somehow beating me. I showed these people I had what it takes to be a force in that ring like I am in business, speaking of business Todd, how is our newest set of investments doing.

Todd took a look at his Ipad seeing the investments before taking a look his face stayed in a stoic expression. Clearly, not giving any indication to what his answer might be.

Todd:  Well the market has started to recover we took small losses last week, but now we have regained the momentum, I recommend we diversify a bit, add some new areas of revenue. 

Angel held up her hand not caring to hear anymore, As she snapped her fingers, and soon had her glass filled with the champagne again. The rich blonde bombshell soon speaks loudly.

Angel: Like it matters, at the end of the day the little people of the world will keep buying whatever has my name and face on it. You know I am Kash Inc, the leader, the visionary, the brains, and the entire damn brand. Like these new Angel Kash t-shirts.

Angel soon held up her newest shirt while it was not a offical UTA product she had hope it would be soon enough. It said Keep calm and Worship Angel Kash, it was simple effective and the truth.

Angel: Like how could they not like this shirt, it would sell so much for them. Like I need you to get them to sell this shirt like for real?  See that is the difference between me and Sabrina she might of won but at the end of the day I am the one people talk about. Well why wouldn't they be talking about the Goddess Angel Kash right?'

Angel smirked nodding to herself, as the limo soon arrived right to the property of Kash Flow, the big sign welcomed them, it was packed for a weekday night, but it always was. It was New York's premier Casino resort, and was a huge money maker for Kash Inc. The limo soon stops as the driver gets up and opens the door as he holds his hand out for Angel who gets up eying the limo driver before saying.

Angel: About damn time you drive like an old man ugh! Now Todd, Leroy lets go pay these people a little visit. Not that they matter anyway, and if anything is out of place someone will get fired mark my damn words.

With that they follow their boss who was walking with a purpose still fuming over the loss.  She wanted that one person to make her day, her cruelty was something opposite from her father's own management style, but it was effective. Soon enough Angel is joined by a few other members of security who flanked her, creating a wall around her as the scene fade.