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Join Dr. Emo in a special UTA Network exclusive where he previews the upcoming International Affair pay per view, and discusses the matches with his guests.

This is Part One.

The UTA logo fills the screen, it’s usual colors replaced by the blue, white and red in honor of Paris’s ongoing situations. This is a UTA Network exclusive which starts up before fading out and being replaced by the one and only Hall of Famer, Dr. Emo. Centered in a decked out studio somewhere inside the Tokyo Dome. Most of his equipment seems to have made the trip as behind him is the large wide curvature screen displaying the same logo.

Dr. Emo: Welcome everyone to part one of my special look at this Sunday’s fan spectacular, International Affair. We are coming to you here from the Tokyo Dome where dozen plus superstars will be battling for the highest stakes in just under 24 hours!

The former wrestler takes a seat in one of several chairs that fill the room. Each with a table next to them with glasses filled with who knows what, and water. Perhaps scotch is on the menu? For once it seems that the usual studio has been given life.

Emo: That’s right. This is only part one. With so much to get to, one night is just not enough! You all know the lineup for the pay per view already but even if not you can find it on the UTA website and throughout the night via the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

The camera pulls in close to him.

Emo: Or you know, you can pay attention as Dr. Emo lays some knowledge on you all.

It pulls back once more, placing Emo in center focus.

Emo: We all here at the UTA would like to provide our condolences and best hope forward to all those in Paris and the surrounding land. We stand by you Paris.

Zooming out once more, the focus remains on Dr. Emo.

Emo: Now with so much to talk about, let’s first get to the most recent events. Proving Grounds this past Monday off the Sapphire Princesses cruiseship. While there are several matches tomorrow being looked forward to that have had a longevity build to them, there is one that often gets overlooked. It started at Ring King and although the roster draft would separate them, that would not stop them.

Behind him we see a promo hype video that runs for just over 2 minutes, concluding with the Good Reverend and Brother Judas hurling Jackson’s spirits overboard.

Emo: Whether or not spirits exist in those tiki statues is aside the point as The Truth has riled up this man and he is looking for vengeance. However rather than you hear this from me, please welcome my first guest of the evening, the Jamaican Inspiration himself, Lisil Jackson.

The camera pulls back and pans left where Lisil Jackson walks into the studio room set carrying the tiki statue of Samedi and after a shake of the hand with Emo both men take a seat before Lisil sets the tiki statue on the table.

Emo: Welcome, Lisil. Or as some of the folk have been calling you around back, Black Guy Jackson.

Jackson: - Eyyyy mon! Dey might as well put dat name on a shirt at dis point! I’d wear it!

Jackson lets out an amusing laugh.

Emo: In either case thank you for taking a few minutes out of your preparations, whatever they may be. I have a schedule in mind tonight with a particular set of things I hope to get through with each guest. So let me start off here and ask you this -- Are you insane?

Jackson: - Well mon… I ask ya dis? What tis dee true definition o’ insanity? Many people say dat dee definition is doin dee same ting ova and ova and be expectin a different result… I don’t tink it be so much insanity in dat case….

Lisil smiles amused.

Emo: I mean it like this, Lisil. You are picking a fight with the Good Reverend and his follower, Brother Judas. Two men that have had quite the mark on the UTA this past year, including an internal blow up with Brother Simon’s exodus. Why are you trying to make war with these two men?

Jackson - Make war? Brudda it all started when dey tried ta recruit Quinlan inta whateva cult dey belong ta! Guess dat reverend didn’t take kindly ta dat!

Emo: - Well as it stands neither one of you are willing to back down from each other!

Jackson’s face turns serious as he sits up.

Jackson: - Brudda dat monsta has done nothin but make ma life difficult! He cost me a win against Greer! Him and dat Reverend beat me up and put me trough a table! I mean c’mon mon! Brudda Judas tried ta toss me off dee ship! He’s tried ta play countless mind games wit me… But ya know…. All o’ dat would be forgivable if he woulda let dee spirits be…. But no…. He had ta cross dat line…

Jackson shivers breathing heavily.

Jackson: But don’t worry… Samedi is here…. He is here wit us…. I felt his powa in dee eart as I channeled his spirit!!!!

Dr. Emo shuffles his papers uncomfortably clearing his throat.

Emo: Well, keep that rage inside, at least for another twenty four hours. Let’s break here and move on.

From off-screen a woman walks onto the set and hands him a samurai helmet which is being held upside down.

Emo: In this hat, or kabuto really in spirit of Japan, are several names of the superstars here in the UTA, past and present. I am going to draw out a few and when read off, I want your first word or thoughts that come to mind. No need to think on it, just let it flow. Got it?

Jackson - Yes…. I shall channel Samedi….

Jackson gets on his knees and closes his eyes in front of the tiki statue.

Emo: Right then, first off. (he reaches into the helmet and pulls out a paper, unfolding it) Well this is odd. I’m not sure if your spirits are here with us tonight or what is going on but, please keep that rage in check - The Good Reverend.

Jackson: - Samedi is not happy wit dee Good Reverend… And he will learn what happens when ya mess wit dee spirits! And Samedi will carry me ta victory!

Emo: (tosses that aside and pulls out another) Let’s try and keep these quick answers, please. Marie Van Claudio.

Jackson: - Samedi tinks dat she need ta focus mo on her skills. She be handicapped from tings outta dee ring!

Emo: (tossing her aside he pulls another) Jason Cashe.

Lisil focuses hard on the tiki statue.

Jackson: - Dat is odd… I not be gettin a response! I guess Samedi don’t know dee guy!

Jackson shrugs his shoulders.

Emo: (pulls another) Colton Thorpe.

Jackson smiles.

Jackson: - I would love ta get in dee ring wit him again! Someone needs ta teach dat bumbaclot some humility!

Emo: (pulls another) Abdul bin Hussain.

Jackson ponders for a few seconds.

Jackson: - He be just as bad as Dee Good Reverend and Brudda Judas… Just anotha bumbaclot who tries ta push his religion on othas!

Emo: (pulls one more and sets the helmet aside) Last one, Sanctus.

Jackson: - He seem like a good brudda but he should be tankful fo id it weren’t fo me he’d be in ma position right now!

Emo: Thank you for that. Before we move on here, and I let you get back to your preparations, I plan to ask each person tonight this question. As the Main Event of International Affair approaches, do you see the UTA World Championship changing hands to Eric Dane, or even a cash-in by Mr. Ace in the Hole, Sean Jackson? Or will the current reigning champion retain?

Lisil sneers shaking his head.

Jackson: - Eric Dane is nothin but a cheata… He may win dee belt but don’t be surprised if he uses dirty tactics… Afta all he couldn’t beat me clean!

Emo: Well that does it for this bit. Anything else you want to add?

Jackson: - Yes…. Samedi is here…. Mark my words….

Suddenly a loud pop is heard and half the set turns black.

Emo: What in the world was that?!

Lisil Jackson smiles from ear to ear.

Jackson: I told ya mon….

Emo: Thanks for your time, Lisil. Good luck tomorrow night.

Jackson: - I don’t need luck. I just need dee spirits on ma side!

Lisil Jackson heads off the set as Dr. Emo readies for the next segment.


With his guest gone Dr. Emo instructs the crew to fix the lighting and suddenly he is basking under all rays of light once more.

Emo: I may have been joking about these spirits of his, but Samedi at least, seems to be something…

With a slight shiver he continues.

Emo: At International Affair we will see nearly all of the active championships defended. With no current champion, we will also see the return of the Prodigy Championship which four men and women will compete in a Ladder Match for.

Behind him the screen lights up to a promo package about the dangers of a ladder match, the risks involved, before going over the four competitors involved: Amy Harrison, Ron Hall, Marie Van Claudio, and Lew Smith. It comes to a close after nearly three minutes focusing onto the Prodigy Championship.

Emo: This championship was first brought to the UTA at Seasons Beatings last year in a Christmas Gift match which saw Zhalia Fears best Bobby Dean, Uncle Rocky and Santa Claus himself. We would then see it relinquished along with all other championships at All or Nothing, in which Kush was crowned the new champion. Later on Ron Hall would secure the title before being defeated by Lamond Robertson, and then ultimately to the undefeated at the time Alex Beckman.

The screen lights up to the four competitors for IA once more.

Emo: Tomorrow night we will see these four compete in a ladder match to crown the new champion. If you were to put money on this match you would want to go with the Hall of Famer and former champion himself, Ron Hall, however Amy Harrison did get the victory over the man, no matter the cause. Still, one way or another we will see a new champion and hopefully bring this stagnant championship back to light it once had.

Behind him the screen showcases off the previous holders of the Prodigy Championship.

Emo: Joining us at this time is one of the four involved, Marie Van Claudio.

The camera zooms out as Marie Van Claudio walks in wearing a hoodie with her ring attire underneath and although his hand is extended, she passes on and takes a seat.

Emo: Thank you for joining me tonight, Marie.

MVC: - My pleasure.

Emo: You join your friend Amy Harrison, Lew Smith and my fellow Hall of Famer Ron Hall in a Ladder Match to determine the new Prodigy Champion, tomorrow night here in the Tokyo Dome. I know that you have your training and preparations, so I do thank you for a few minutes of that time.

MVC: - Yes, I've been training here in Tokyo for a while since I've been here. Oh, and I should mention that Amy is NOT my friend.

Emo: Ladder matches are never a simple contest. They are quite risky as well. Do you have any second thoughts about entering this match?

MVC: - Nope. Not at all. I talked over the phone with my brother, who’s been in these matches before and told me about them. I've studied tapes and know everything about them!

Emo: How about strategy? Will you focus on your former, Harrison, or go after arguably the top name Hall? Or perhaps sit it out and wait for the time to run the rungs?

MVC: - It's simple. Watch my opponents to make one wrong move and knowing Amy, I plan on breaking her goddamn face in. For Ron, target the weak point of him and he's known for injuries.

Emo: Well let me ask this then. Who do you see out of those three as the most threat in this match for you?

MVC: - Lew Smith. Faced him before back early this year. He's the threat.

Emo: Great. Well moving on as I did earlier with Lisil, I have this samurai kabuto filled with names of wrestlers past and present in the UTA. What I need you to do here is once named off, just give me a word or thoughts that comes to mind. This isn’t a therapy session but still, do keep em’ short.

MVC: - Ok, some may be brutally honest, but alrighty.

Emo leans over to his left and pulls up the helmet to his lap and fishes out the first name.

Emo: The Spectre.

MVC: - Is he ever coming back?

Emo: (tosses the name aside and pulls out another paper slip.) Stephen Greer.

MVC: - Tough as nails. He busted my lip in our tag team match!

Emo: (pulls another out of the hat) Chance von Crank.

MVC: - I looked forward seeing what he can do.

Emo: (and another is retrieved) Sabrina Baker.

MVC: - My sister Veronica’s familiar with her. Talented worker, but can't let her losses get to her!

Emo: (he tosses it off and pulls another) Frank Dylan James.

MVC: - Well he did replace me when I was fired a couple of months back, but he's crazy!

Emo: (reaching in he pulls out one more) Final one, Bobby Dean.

MVC: - He’s Bobby Dean.

Setting the helmet aside Emo re-situates himself in his chair for his final question.

Emo: Great. Before you head on out of here and prepare yourself for tomorrow night, there is one question I plan to ask all my guests tonight. As the Main Event of International Affair approaches, do you see the UTA World Championship changing hands to Eric Dane, or even a cash-in by Mr. Ace in the Hole, Sean Jackson? Or will the current reigning champion retain?

MVC: - I'm friends with Sean Jackson as I know he likes to be sneaky. I would think he would take this chance and cash in, but Dane’s been waiting to get rid of La Flama Blanca. That's what I have to say.

Emo: Well that will do it then. Is there anything else you would like to add or say even to your opponents?

MVC: -  What's there more to say? I've been wanting a title for the longest time and I refuse to go down without a fight.

She looks at him.

MVC: - oh and i should mention, I'm dedicating this match to the victims of the Paris attacks.

Emo: Thank you for joining us here, and goodluck tomorrow night, Marie.

Marie exists as Emo prepares for his next segment.


Emo: Moving on, we have the blood feud between Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes. This goes all the way back to when Mikey turned his back on WTFC and joined Dynasty, but Haynes has never let that go. Mikey Unlikely has tried to distance himself from Haynes so he and his wife-to-be, who just so happens to be quite familiar for Will, can live in peace.

Behind him the screen lights up and showcases the bitter feud between the two, running for just over three minutes before cumulating on the attack by Will Haynes onto Mikey, having finally had enough.

Emo: Tomorrow night at International Affair these two will meet in an I Quit match to settle the score. As with any I Quit match I would be hard pressed to expect a fair fight between these two former WTFC mates.

The fight card displays behind as Emo wraps it up.

Emo: This is one match that you can expect to be an all out brawl. While it may not have any championships or contenderships as a prize, don’t look for these two men to go easy on one another. This has been months in the making and here in the Tokyo Dome, they will finally get their hands on one another and release those months of frustration.

Sitting back Emo grabs for his glass as the International Affair promo plays.


Emo: The next match up I want to touch on tonight is the Legacy Championship. Champion John Sektor won this championship in a scramble match and has held onto it since then. The road from Ring King’s Chamber match until this weekend however has been far from simple and smooth.

Behind him the wall lights up to show the Chamber match, and Sektor’s victories in the UTA. This is then replaced by one of his challenger, CBR. The video comes to an end with Sektor standing tall over CBR from just the past week.

Emo: John Sektor will defend this championship tomorrow night against a man with a lot of history in the UTA. The longest reigning Internet Champion, member of Dynasty, back after a brief self-exile for rehab, and he is my guest tonight. Please welcome Claude Baptiste Renier.

‘Hail to the King’ plays over the internal sound system as the camera zooms out and shows CBR approaching the set. He then takes a seat next to Emo.

Emo: Thanks for coming, Claude.

CBR: Good to see you Emo.  As I recall the last time we met I believe I was hurling you across the ring at a midget in that god awful VCW debacle.  Glad to see you went out in style, hey Doc?

A small smirk rises on the lips of the Canadian Star as he curls a leg over the other and takes a glass of water from the side table.  

Emo: I bet you are on the edge of your seat much like the fans watching at home have been for tomorrow night.

Dr Emo, visibly slightly aggravated by the comment continues anyway and feigns a smile.  

CBR: Edge of my seat? Excited? Is that what you think this is Emo? No, no...this is confidence.  I go into tomorrow with the knowledge that the Legacy Title is coming home to where it belongs.  From the moment I took it from Yoshii’s dead hands to the minute I had to exit the UTA CBR BUILT the Legacy division.  

Claude lifts the glass to his lips and takes a slow drink.  

Emo: Sektor will be a tough challenge for you, and I am sure you know this. Looking towards tomorrow night from here in the Tokyo Dome, you have that chance to add another championship reign to your already prolific career here in the UTA. As you look forward, are there any particular strengths you are looking to prepare for from Sektor, and weakness that you want to exploit?

Rainer laughs, shaking his head and wiping a droplet of water from his lip with his sleeve.  

CBR: Strength? Challenge? You say these words like I haven't scouted every aspect of the last dying remnant of the pathetic machine.  No Emo, I'm very, VERY ready.  I know how good John Sektor is.  Mike Best is overrated, only winning a world title in Daddy’s business; Beckman has never lasted at anything she's ever done; and Cecilworth...well, he's suited to a desk job and the occasional stand up gig.  No, we all knew from day one John Sektor was the threat and we are ready to eliminate that threat.  

Claude swings the glass idly between his fingers and blinks before Emo continues.  

Emo: What exactly is running through your mind right now, knowing that this chance is just a day away? Lead me through the process. One wrestler to another, but this is for the fans of course.

CBR: You should know me by now Emo, I couldn't give a damn about the fans.  This is about me and me alone.  From the minute John Sektor came into the UTA, I knew this moment would come - two of the finest technicians this business has ever seen standing across the colosseum from each other.  That its for the Legacy Title, well that's an added bonus.  I've beaten legends, Kings of the I get to add another Hall of Famer to my litany of conquests.  

Claude grins and sits back, placing the glass back onto the table.  

Emo: Well this is the part of the segment where I ask list off a few of your fellow wrestlers past and present so you can provide me with the first word or thought that pops into your head for each. Sound good?

Rainer nods and waves apathetically.

Dr. Emo waves out to his assistant once more, she then walks on set and carries the helmet from before and hands it to him.

CBR: Well, you know my thoughts on John...I intend to end him on Sunday and continue my reign as the greatest champion in the history of the UTA.

Emo: (pulls out the first paper) Sean Jackson.

CBR: Weak.  

Emo: (tosses it aside and pulls another out) Santa Claus

CBR: Joke.

Emo: (and another) Amy Harrison.

CBR: Slut.

Emo: (and another to the ground) Jack Hunter

CBR: Child.

Emo: (off it goes for another paper) Kendrix

CBR: Future.

Emo: (he reaches in and digs around before pulling up one more slip) Final one, Ron Hall.

CBR: Nobody.

Emo: Thank you for that. At this point before I let you head off and prepare for your match tomorrow, I am making it a point to ask each of my guests here tonight this question. As the Main Event of International Affair approaches, do you see the UTA World Championship changing hands to Eric Dane, or even a cash-in by Mr. Ace in the Hole, Sean Jackson? Or will the current reigning champion retain?

CBR: Seriously? Eric Dane? The guy floats around like a perpetual rain could in this business.  There is zero chance that Dane beats La Flama Blanca tomorrow night.  I know how hard Eduardo has been preparing whilst Eric Dane is too busy co-ordinating his little revolution over in that pathetic show a week after Wrestleshow.  Foregone conclusion, champ retains.  

Emo: Well that will do it here then. Is there anything else you would like to add or say to John Sektor here?

Claude leans forward, both feet on the ground and beckons the camera forward, the smile giving way to focus.  

CBR: John, I hope you're ready for tomorrow because you've never faced anyone like Claude Baptiste Ranier.  For two hundred and thirty seven days I defended that belt you wear so loosely around your waist.  I defended it, like a man, whilst you sit at home and collect royalties off the work that CBR puts in.  Come Sunday, Sektor, I take that belt back and place it back where it should be squarely at the forefront of this business.  I place it on the waist of the God of Kings

Emo: Thanks for your time, and good luck tomorrow night Claude!

CBR exits to the right as Emo picks up the scraps of paper and tosses them back into the helmet. He then sits back in his chair.

Emo: Thank you for joining me here tonight folks. Part two will be  tomorrow, before International Affair begins to air. Timezones and all that, this may be quite early in the day. So see you again soon!

The UTA logo comes up at the bottom of the screen before it fades out dark and runs a final advert for the International Affair PPV.