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Live Monday, October 9th
The MCI Center in Washington, DC!

At this time the Mainevent is unknown to everyone....Will it be Jay defending agents Titan? Or maybe Phelen Kell will get his hands on Evan Levine! Who knows!! But one thing is for sure....whatever it is...IT WILL BLOW THE ROOF OFF!!

Tag Team Action
Team Tampax vs LiGiL and Aaron Kain
Kain and LiGiL hooked it up at AIH with Kain walking out the they have to work as a team to see if they can beat the up and coming team of Team Tampax. This is anyone's game!

A hard-core welcome back!!!
Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid vs "Enforcer" Mike Extreme
HIT has come back with a bang to the IWO and with him comes the hope of a rebuilt Extreme Div....but before he can get on the road to the Extreme Title he has to go though a man that help make the Extreme Title what it is today!

Handicap Match
Chris Davidson and Seth Weiland vs Fenix
Davidson asked for this match and low and behold here it is! Seth is new to the IWO and might have some trouble competing with such a superstar as Fenix! but never count out the rookie...or forget about the long time vet Davidson!

Past meets present!
Former IML President Nick Kostos vs Donnie Daze
Nick Kostos once was the President of the IML. Daze is a former IML and current IML champ! What does this mean? Nothing....but its going to be an interesting match nonetheless!

Holly Grail match!
God vs Syphon Fission
This match is simple really, Both men will start outside in the parking lot and will have to fighter there way to the ring were they must then pick the right cup out of 4 total. If they pick the right cup they win. If they don't the match goes on till someone does! Just to make sure all ends are tight. Time Warner will be bared from ring side!

VP Evan will be there!!!
Commish Tom will be there!!!!
pulse much much more!!

We fade into highlights of Hostile Takeover...

(The camera fades back in from the break in the backstage area. Evan Levine is trying to regroup, as out of nowhere Psycho Jay comes and knocks down Evan Levine. He proceeds to hump his head, as the camera fades right into Commish Ford's office. Commish Ford is watching what is happening on his television set, as he seems rather angry.)

Commish Ford:That's it! This is the last straw! Secretary! Get me the police!


JT:What is Commish Ford talking about!?!?

Nikki:Obviously he's upset at something, but what!

GP:Probably Jay and Evan's actions here tonight, but hell, we don't know what the executive board thinks at ANY time!

[The scene then blacks out to later in the night]

Commish Ford: Evan Levine... Psycho Jay... I'm sick of you two fighting on MY show! I'm sick of you two being near another, and you know what, I've got a police order that states that YOU two can not get within twenty feet of one another on MY show! You got that Levine! You got that Jay!

[scene cuts to later in the night]

GP:Davis charges Levine, who sends Davis into the corner. Levine goes for a bunch of right hands... but Dane Wilt comes flying into the ring... FACE LIFT! HE JUST KNOCKED EVAN LEVINE OUT COLD!

*Ding, ding, ding*

Meygon:Your winner, via disqualification... Evan Levine!

JT:I don't think they care... it's a four on one assault... Levine is pushed to the outside...

Nikki:Levine isn't finished! Levine grabs a chair, and slides in! Levine takes out Flyer with a HUGE chair shot! Swinging towards Wilt and Anthony, they bail out of the ring!

(All of a sudden, "Divine" by KoRn plays as Psycho Jay runs out from the back.)

GP:IT'S PSYCHO JAY! PSYCHO JAY HITS THE RING! Rights hands repeatedly to Evan Levine, and a HUGE double arm ddt!


Nikki:Psycho Jay just destroyed Evan Levine! Oh my god!

(All of a sudden, Viagra catches Psycho Jay with a total elimination, which shocks the entire crowd.)

GP:OH... MY... GOD! What the hell!

JT:Davis and Flyer just caught Jay with the double kicks!

Nikki:What the hell was that for!

GP:I have no clue! Flyer and Davis! Look! They're proud of what they did!

(Swarms of Police begin to race down to the ring. Team V.I.A.G.R.A. helps up Evan, as Jay begins to regain his senses. Jay starts going for Team V.I.A.G.R.A., but the police stop him in his tracks, and proceed to cuff Psycho Jay.)

GP:The police are arresting Psycho Jay! I can't believe this! I simply can't believe this! Jay isn't going down without a fight! He's going to be charged with assaulting a police officer for sure!

(Jay knocks down an officer and proceeds to hump his head. The fans cheer, as all of a sudden, the police put handcuffs on Evan Levine as well.)


[The scene reopens with a hart beating...then a flash of the IWO banner....
There is another hart beating and it starts to get faster as the IWO banner
Flashes again and again. Then all of a sudden there is a strike of lighting and the
IWO banner shows up on fire. The IWO Symbol then melts into the MNM banner and fades into the dark as the scene then cuts into the The MCI Center and a sold out crowed of over 30,000 people on there feet. The camera view then changes to the ramp as Pyro and fireworks start to go off!!! The camera then starts to go over the fans with signs in there hands. One reads. 'SUMMER WILL YOU MARRY ME" another one reads. 'Meygon give me what Davis got.' Next to that there is a sign that says. 'IM BIGGER THEN TITAN' the cameras then cut to Max Riot, Jason Storm, and Ashley Keller.]


JS: The show that makes you want to go to the bathroom all the time!

AK: Lets not start this now!!! IM telling you...NO...IM DEMANDING YOU TO BE POLITE THIS WEEK!

JS: Yea...that’s going to happen!

MR: Nonetheless fans we have one hell of a show for you!!! Tonight the mainevent is unknown and IM sure we will find out!

JS: Also tonight God will take on Syphon Fission in the first ever Holly Grail match! That’s going to be interesting!

AK: Also we will see HIT take on Mike Extreme!! A IWO Extreme Legend vs. the geometric master!

GP: Plus much much more on this weeks MNM!!!

::The lights go dark and return on at a dim gray as "Sober" by TOOL blares through the PA system of the arena. The fans begin to cheer loudly as they see "The Legend" Phelen Kell walk out on to the IWO ramp way wearing a pair of dark green ADIDAS pants with white stripes going down the sides and a cut off sleeved Pantera "Reinventing the Steel" T-shirt. His forehead has a small butterfly bandage covering the wound opened up by Al Coholic on Hostile Takeover. Kell slides into the ring and is handed a microphone. He doesn't look happy. He hasn't even taken the time to put his face paint on tonight yet.::

Phelen: All right, you FUCKING...drunk piece of shit. What...THE...FUCK....was that about on Friday night huh? You all know who I'm talking about to. I'm talking about AL COHOLIC!!!

::Phelen pauses and the fans give a mixed reaction. They are totally divided between boo's and cheers.::

Phelen: Al, I don't know what your problem is with me, but I wanna find out right now. I was in come out and take down the Prime Time Soldiers, we shake hands...I thought we were gonna rekindle our friendship. We've gone down the road together before, we were once stable remember Al? We used to be chums. What happened? What happened? Did that Elf with a tiny dick Evan Levine get to you? How much is he paying you? much beer is he giving you? Al I wanna know...and I wanna know...NOW!

::Phelen points angrily at the mat and the fans errupt.::

Phelen: You come out here right now. Because if you don't then these people and those at home are gonna be staring at my ugly mug the entire night cuz I aint leavin' the ring til you and I talk face to face. Man to man. You had the nuts to stand face to face with me Friday night....come do it again.

::Phelen leans against one of the turnbuckles waiting as the fans chant "Hostile, Hostile" the chant that has been going since the days of Hostile Youth.::

MR: Well, fans I don’t know what to make of this. IT doesn’t seem that Al wants to come out here!

:: All of a sudden "Hot Dog" by Limp Bizkit starts to play as the fans give a mix reaction!::

JS: God I love it when your wrong!!

::The Fans confused look around as Al Coholic makes his way out to the ring dressed in all black! He jumps into the ring as the fans still seem to be confused over his looks! Phelen walks up to him and gets in his face.::

Phelen: Well are you gonna explain yourself boy or am I gonna have to beat it out of you?

Al: ..........

Phelen: Come on Al don't be stupid. You know what I can do now fucking answer me before I have to do it.

Al: ..........

Phelen: Okay then...if thats the way you want it!

::Phelen winds back for a swinging punch when all of a sudden "I am your BoogieMan" By White Zombie starts to play as the fans fill the building with boos!!! As the fans give a monster heat reaction Discord walks out with a smile on her face...right behind her is the leader and the "Real Heel" Evan Levine! With mic in hand Evan walks to the bottom of the ramp and stops! He looks around as the fans are deafening!::

Evan: SHUT UP!!!!

[Fans Boo]

Evan: Kell.....I am begging you....don’t waste my time...don’t waste the peoples time, and DONT WASTE AIR TIME WITH YOUR SHIT!!!

::Fans Boo as Kell gets ready to jump out of the ring::

Evan: No one gives a flying fuck what you think or what you want! The only reason your hear is for ratings!! And well.....why do we need you when they got me?

::Fans boo::

Evan: You see Kell, ever since you came back you have claimed that you will stop at nothing to take out everyone in CP in the name of your friend Trent! Well.....why bother with them when ther person who did it STANDS RIGHT BEFORE YOU!!!

::Fans Boo. Phelen stares Evan through with a skin peircing glare.::

Phelen: I know damn well your responsible Levine...and friend...are the ultimate game. But the time will come to hunt you once the others involved in the act are taken care of. You alone could never take Trent down on your best day. And I know that for a fact!

::The fans begin to cheer.::

Evan: Was this before or after you thought you could trust me as your friend!

::Fans boo as Kell stares Levine down::

Evan: You see Kell, I remember that night I turned on you. I saw your face and I saw your reaction. But just like me and the Billion Dollar Promotion took you out way back when, I did it better and made sure Trent wont come back. Now with him out of the picture, YOUR NEXT!!

::Phelen smiles.::

Phelen: And as you can tell Evan, it took me...SOOOO long to get over your little turning...I swear...I couldn't sleep for weeks. Hey pal...that was your own loss. I coulda thrown you STRAIGHT into the spotlight...look at Dane think he'da amounted to shit without me? No! Of course not! And as for me being next? Do yourself a favor and place all bets on me. That way when I fucking beat the unholy shit out of you and your drooling and being watched over by some fat disgusting nurse daily and she has to constantly clean the sheets because you can't control your bowels...atleast then you'll have money to pay her with. Because I GUARANTEE you...that when you and I meet....and believe me will happen...when we it in the ring..or in an alley somewhere...I'm gonna leave you in a puddle of your own blood, and the last thing you'll see before you black out will be the spit coming from my mouth and dropping into your eyes! SO FUCKING DEAL WITH IT!

::Phelen is leaning on the ropes looking down upon Evan who is outside the ring.::

Evan: Kell, The IWO ant what is used to be...Infact it’s far from what your old ass used to work in!!! Around here I CALL THE SHOTS!!! John is gone! Dane is gone!!! Titan, Zombie, Ashton!! THERE ALL GONE!! Your time has passed...ITS MY TIME NOW!!! I run the IWO....I am the IWO...and your ass is nothing more then shit on my shoes!!! And just as you say you will beat me...I will PROMIS!!! That maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but soon you will get in the ring with the Real Heel! And you will lose to nothing less then Perfection!!! BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I AM!! And not you and not nobody can say other wise!!! I hope Trent wants a room mate....because he’s about to get one!!

[All of a sudden as Kell is about to speak Tony Davis, HighFlyer, and Rob Kestler come running out of the crowed and into the ring. As Kell turns aroud to meet then they nail him to the mat!]


[As VIAGRA starts to beat a mud hole into Kell Evan drops the mic and gets into the ring. As he does Al Coholic gets right in his face as the 2 have a stair down!]

AK: This is nuts....Team VIAGRA have a 3 on 1 on Kell as Levine and Al Coholic are having a stair down!! What more can happen tonight!

[All of a sudden "Devin" By KoRn starts to play as the fans go nuts!! The world champ Psycho Jay runs out from the back and into the ring and right at Levine!!! Jay starts to even the odds as Kestler goes over and pulls Jay off of Evan!]


JS: Al Coholic is just standing there watching this all go down!

[as the men battle "Kick them in the ass" by Head PE starts to play as the fans give a mix reaction to the arrival of Commish Tom!]

JS: Wow...what a shocker!! Its Commish Tom!

Commish Tom: STOP IT NOW ALL OF YOU!!!

[Everyone in the ring stops fighting and looks up at Commish Tom]

Commish Tom: You should be ashamed of yourself! While poor poor VP Evan is in the hospital you are running rampid all over my.....I mean his show!!! Get your act togeather!!! AND GROW UP!!

[The fans cheer as Commish Tom speaks again]

Commish Tom: Now....seeing all 7 of you in the ring gives me an idea....Why not have are mainevent be a 6 man tag!!! But what can we make it? hmmm....I know TEAM VIAGRA vs Phelen Kell.........Psycho Jay........AND Al Coholic!!!!!

[The fans go nuts as Evan and Team VIAGRA go nuts in the ring!!!]

Commish Tom: And just to make sure everything goes ok....I WILL BE THE REF!!!

[The fans get even louder as all of a sudden "Closer" by NIN starts to play!! The fans start to boo as VP Evan walks out with mic in hand...He walks to the side of Commish Tom and smiles as he looks to the ring! The fans settle down as VP Evan looks to Tom]

VP Evan: Tom....I want to thank you.....

[Tom Smiles]


[The fans laugh as Commish Tom's eyes widen]

VP Evan: First off Tom....this is MY SHOW!!! Not GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! Because tonight I will be the REF!!!

[The fans oddly cheer]

Commish Tom: This is as much of my federation as it is yours....I wont leave...I WAS HERE FIRST!!! YOU LEAVE!! You none spelling asshole!!

VP Evan: Oh....funny man!! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BUILDING!!!

[VP Evan and Commish Tom start to get into a pushing fight as Psycho Jay grabs the mic from the mat!]

Psycho Jay: Why dont you 2 put your dicks back in your pants and stop with the cock fights!!

[Fans cheer]

Psycho Jay: You can both be the refs you weggy basterds!!!!

[fans cheer as it looks like VP Evan and Commish Tom agree to both be refs!]

MR: Well, im glad to see that this damn thing is will be right back!

::cuts to a PPV promo::

[The show comes back on the air with a shot of TEAM VIAGRA talking in the back]

HighFlyer: Man we really kicked the shit out of Kell and Jay!

Davis: Yea...we rule!!!

Kestler: I only wish that I could have beaten Jay in Candy Land tonight.

[As the 3 men talk the door busts wide open as all of a sudden Psycho Jay comes running in with a chair. He nails Flyer and Kestler with it]



[Davis tries to get out but Jay trips him from behind.]



Psycho Jay: Take that you poop heads!!!

[Jay walks out of the room leaving Team VIAGRA hurting on the floor as the scene cuts back into the ring]

JS: Its going to be a long night!!!

AK: When is it not!

MR: Well fans we've got an interesting match up next, it'll be a Holy Grail match between our creator God and Syphon Fission!

JS: I thought this was a HOLLY grail match? Isn't that what the card says.

MR: That's just a typo from VP Evan.

AK: As usual.

MR: The last time this type of match was signed My Dick and Godbert cancelled it, but this time it's gonna happen.

JS: Well, I kinda have to go with God in this one because the grail is His and he is God, normally God wins in the end.

AK: In theory, but this God is yet to win a match here in the IWO due to those Time Warner lawyers either distracting him or assaulting him.

MR: Well when Ted Turner wants something he pursues it to the fullest extent. Not even God can fend him off.

JS: Turner's wrestling organization blows.

AK: Yep.

MR: Ok let's head to our outside cameras as this match is about to get underway. Now remember, the object is to fight your way through the building and make it to the ring where the Holy Grail is sitting.

JS: I don't think that's the real Holy Grail, remember a few days ago it was revealed that Jesus Christ was using the Grail as a bong.

AK: If that's not sacriligious then I don't know what is.

MR: We're about to get started now, on our monitors we can see God standing in the parking lot. He's pacing back and forth now.

JS: Shouldn't he be praying or something? He is holy and stuff.

AK: Why would he pray, he's God there's nothing above him.

JS: Evan Levine is!

MR: Haha, Levine is a jerk. Wait a second, behind God, Syphon Fission with a chair.....NO! God ducked as Fission swung it and leveled him with a clothesline!

JS: God saw that one coming!

AK: Well he's God, he's all knowing.

MR: Now God pulls Fission up by the hair and throws him head first into a van! God nails him with several boots to the ribs and kidney. Fission with a swift punch to the groin......GOD NO-SELLS IT!

JS: He's pulling something out of his pants, that pervert!

AK: No you idiot it's just a cup he's pulling out.

JS: The Holy Cup!

MR: Now Fission is holding his hand and God picks him up and slams him with a huge scoopslam!

JS: Hey, this memo here says that Jesus Christ was supposed to be out to do guest commentary for this match, where's he at?

(The scene cuts to the back where Jesus Christ is in God's dressing room smoking out of his Holy Grail Bong. It then cuts back to the announcer's table.)

AK: I can't believe God's son is a burn out!

MR: Now God is dragging Fission into the building. God pushes Fission through the door, but Syphon slams the door on God's face and locks it. God stumbles back after the blow and kicks the door down! He is immediately hit with a blast from a fire extinguisher. Fission then nail s God in the face with the butt of the extinguisher!

JS: Fission's finally putting up some offense now.

AK: He runs God's face across the jagged locker doors and smacks his head inside one!

MR: God is busted open!

JS: Oh my Go......shit! Did you see that?

MR: God's busted open forehead just mysteriously stopped bleeding and sealed! Fission is backing up now and God is pointing at him and shaking his finger!

AK: Did you just notice the ref is wearing a hood and we can't see who he is?

MR: Good observation Ashley.

JS: Yeah, good genius.

AK: Shut up.

MR: God and Fission are battling down to ringside now, it's only a matter of time before one of these guys grabs that cup and drinks from it.

JS: God smashes Fission face first into the railing. God whips him into the apron shoulder first!

AK: I think I heard something pop.

JS: It might have been Syphon's shoulder.

MR: Now God tosses Fission aside and is going for the grail! This could be God's first IWO win!

JS: NO! The ref just took of his hood, it's a Time Warner executive thug! He has a pipe!

MR: He rears back to nail God with it, but God catches his hand! God turns and kicks the executive thug in the stomach. God then down the wine out of the cup and sends the thug right through the table with a powerbomb! GOD WINS!


AK: God basically dominated Syphon Fission in that one, and was able to fend off the attack by the Time Warner thug!

MR: Now God has headed to the back with a big first win for himself and the other Time Warner thugs are coming out and carrying off the failed one.

[Welcome to the Jungal starts to play as the scene cuts to the back we see Donnie Daze walking to the ring]

MR: OH one hell of a fight is about to happen....Daze!!!! Nick!!! NEXT!!!

[Cuts to a Lugs add]

AK: Fans we welcome you back with a Match where Past meets present, this...this match is heated like hell!

MR: Damn your announcing skills suck!

AK:And fuck you too, through a signet of promo's nick and daze have had an array of verbal assaults and the intensiveness gets closer and closer with each without further ado here we go to the match!

Announcer:introducing first-

**Some former IML Announcers come out and throw the announcer out of the ring.**

IML Announcer:Introducing FIRST! He is the greatest president on the face of the earth he is IMLs greatest specimen he is the master and the greatest move holder...Nick Kostoooooooooooos!

**Nick runs out to the ultimate warrior's music as he rolls in the ring and bounces off the ropes and tries to get face pops, but he is dickless and nonetheless nobody cheers as we hear a pin drop. "Born a broken man" by rage against the machine begins to play. The IML announcer turns off the mic as daze walks out to no announcment he looks around with a pissed look on his face and runs to the ring as he slides in nick slides out as they chase around a few times.**

JS:Looks like nick is trying to lose those 6 grams of subway fat right now, as daze is obviously slower then nick, they round the steps and daze gets drilled with a fire hydrant to the head by a former IML Anounncer!

MR:That was a devastating hit! Nick looks behind him like nothing happened and rolls donnie into the ring as donnie grabs his head, nick rolls into the ring and picks donnie up, and whips him into the ropes right away.

AK:Nick drop kicks donnie with a beautiful drop kick, which he obviously knows the rules of a vteran and how to get there!

JS:Would you shut the hell up? You have no fuckin idea what your saying!

AK:Anyone have any extra MIDOL?!

JS:Fuck you!

MR:Back to announcing! Nick picks donnie up, but donnie goes with a low blow and gets up into a swinging neck breaker! DOnnie gloats to the crowd!

JS:Thats a rookie mistake kostos has time to recouperate, donnie turns around and picks up nick and punches him in the nose, nick stumbles into the ropes. Donnie then whips kostos into the turnbuckle daze charges kostos jumps up over daze and ass kicks him.

AK:He's getting his ass kicked! Ha ha!


AK:Ok that sucked! Daze grabs his ass and kostos kicks daze in his face he grabs his face...Nick with a snapmare, and a spinal kick! He's on fire!

*Nick goes around the ring like he's hulk hogan daze gets up as nick turns back around daze spears nick as nick goes flying with daze.**

MR:HOLY SHIT! Daze gets up and walks to the ropes and does a falling headbutt to nicks shoulder as he grabs it in pain daze begins to stomp away on nick kostos.

JS:Daze picks up nick and whips him into the roeps, and nails dazed and confused! This match could be over, but daze gloats around as he looks back at nick, and picks him up and hits dazed and confused again! Kostos is out!

**Suddenly kim by eminem plays, as aaron kain runs out to the ring the ref gets distracted by IML announcers.**

MR:Thats aaron kain, he gets in the ring fatal facial to donnie daze, he pulls nick kostos onto daze aaron runs out of the ring the ref turns around and counts!

AK:Aaron Kain is with Kostos, he rolls into the ring, they pick daze up and pummel him and then bring him to the middle aaron and nick shake there heads as Murder begins to play, here comes wesley sanders! He slides into the ring with a chair aaron gets behind wesley as nick is infront wesley begins to look around!

JS:Wesley lowers his guard...he holds his hand out to nick, in some sort of alliance, nick laughs! Aaron and Nick give him a superkick from the front and behind! Wesley goes down! They grab daze, the same move!

MR:THis isn't good! Fans are throwing garbage into the ring and booing the hell out of them!

**Suddenly "Beautiful people" by marilyn manson begins to play, as a man in black baggy kargo shorts and a black mask stands at the entrance ramp, he has his arms crossed, he then unfolds them and points to the ring and lipes "The world will pay" as nick and aaron slowly get out of the ring. The man takes a few steps as kain and kostos stop, the man points again and says the words louder "The world WILL pay!!!!!!"**

MR:Who is that guy, nick and aaron, are stood in there tracks as the man exits they stare at each other in disbelief as they walk up the ramp leaving wesley and daze to receive help from the EMTs!

[Scene cuts to the back were we see VP Evan and Commish Ford talking]

Commish Ford: Ah....see thats not right...Nick cheated!!! I think they should have a rematch!

VP Evan: So they cheated....BIG WOW!!! Get over it happens!!

Commish Ford: Not on my show!!

VP Evan: Well this ant your show buddy!!!

Commish Ford: Well....its a darn good thing it isnt because if it was Nick would be suspended....Im not telling you how to do your job.....

VP Evan: Good then dont!!!

Commish Ford: Well....gosh darn Evan no need to be mean about it!!

MR: Fans will be right back!

[cuts to a break]

[Show comes back on the air with a voice over and graphic]

Voice: Now...its time for IWO attack of the week!! Sponsored by Cow Boy Dicks!!! Would you like a mouth full of Cow Boy Dick?

[The Graphic cuts away to last weeks HT]

(We fade back into the arena, as "Sober" by Tool begins to play over the PA system. The fans erupt into cheers as out from the back walks Phelen Kell. He makes his way to the ring, and slides in.)

Phelen Kell:Well, it seems like Evan's little surprise doesn't seem to be going down tonight. Due to the police force here in Scranton arresting Evan, it seems as if the surprise is on Evan's shoulders. However, I want to know who laid me out in the back. Flyer, Davis, I think it's you, but I have no proof. I have no chance to tell if it was you two or not, but I want to know who hit me over the head with that beer bottle!

GP:That's right! I want to know too!

(All of a sudden, "Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit plays over the pa system as out from the back races the Prime Time Soldiers. Scott Stone and Tyler Johnson slide into the ring, as Kell immediatly drops the microphone. Kell tries to fight the two men off, but it doesn't seem to be working.)

JT:They couldn't have done it! Why in god's name would they have attacked Phelen Kell!

GP:They are in Evan's little stable, why wouldn't they?

("Hot Dog" by Limp Bizkit plays over the pa system as the fans being to look towards the entrance ramp way.)




(Coholic and Kell are seen looking face to face, eye to eye. They shake each other's hands, as they both appeal to the fans. They receiving one of the loudest pops of all time, until a shatter of glass cuts through the fans cheer.)




[Cuts back to the graphic]

Voice: That was Cow Boy Dicks attack of the week!!! Remember Cow Boy Dick....You want a mouth full of it?

[Cuts back to the ring!]

MR: Well HT was a night to remember as Kell met his maker!!

JS: Yea....and it will happen again and again because Kell SUCKS!!!

MR: Let's get back to the action on another exciting addition of Monday Night Meltdown.

JS: Our next match-up features two of the IWO's fastest rising and brightest stars in Chris Davidson and Seth Weiland and a superstar who is trying to get back in the hunt here in IWO Fenix.

MR: A win over two topnotch guys like Davidson and Weiland would go a long way toward that effort.

JS: How can you call Chris Davidson topnotch he's a glorified decoy he's an idiot he's been on what seems to be like a rampage without doing much of anything.

MR: You may have a point for once ... let's just go to the ring.

Meygan: Coming to the ring at this time he stands 6 foot 1 inch tall and tip the scale at a fit 237 pounds hailing from the Houston chapter of the Church of Jésus Christo Sanchez Martinez Gutiarez Remirez representing the Frank Zappa look a like in a tuxedo shirt. Former AWF World Heavyweight Champion Chris Davidson!

{Chris Davidson with Koko B. Ware's bird Frankie on his right shoulder walks out trailed by Ike Turner and Rick James to the smooth rhythm of their hit single Love Gravy as performed by Ike Turner and The Jabs. Rick James is carrying a sign that says "Happy Birthday" on one side and "John Lennon:" on the other}

MR: Look at this goof I'm surprised he didn't bring out the white flag of surrender like he did a few weeks ago.

JS: You've got to be kidding Max this guy is great and what can I say I'm a huge Frankie mark.

MR: Wait a second I think Ike Turner and Rick James are coming near us. Clear out it's all yours gentlemen.

{Ike and Rick James put on the head sets as Parker and JT run for cover}

Ike Turner: Man those bitches run fast if only Tina ran like that when I was ready for my TV dinner damn cold potatoes.

Rick James: All right bitches it's time to get down like the super freaks I know all of you are. You people just need to sit back pop open a beer smack your bitch and experience The Rick and Ike Show.

Ike Turner: Hold on we agreed on the Ike and Rick show. You little bitch just like Tina always trying to steal Ike's glory. I wrote all that ho's songs I made her I've done it before and I'll do it again.

Rick James: Whitey is saying we have to go to the ring maybe that bitch didn't hear us this is our show.

{Their mic's cut off}

Meygan: And his opponent an IWO Legend worship before Fenix!

{Pantera's "Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills plays as a strobe effect starts black red black red flash repeatedly.}

Ike Turner: If I ever get cut off again I will go to that production truck myself and do very sinful things that only Araron Cain would enjoy with this head set.

Rick James: So where is this cracker he does realize he's up right.

Ike Turner: Damn it the Ike and Rick show is a tightly formatted program and I'm not going to let that honky asshole ruin it.

Rick James: Sit down Ike.

{Cut backstage where Fenix is down curled in a ball holding his ribs in agony pan the camera up to expose Seth Weiland standing over him with a piece of the rigging. He drops the rigging that looks to weigh about twenty-five pounds on to Fenix's knee cap and kicks him repeatedly.}

Ike Turner: Take that you dumb bastard that will teach you to hold up my mother fucking show.

Rick James: Look at big Seth tossing this overrated freak from wall to wall in that narrow hallway.

{Seth has Fenix by the hair yelling at him.}

Ike Turner: That suckers got some evil intentions.

{Weiland kicks his opponent in the gut and delivers a Death Valley Driver and continues the assault with a snake eyes onto the camera cabling}

Ike Turner: Had I done that to Tina 25 years ago we might still be together

Rick James: Oh-bla-de Ike what the hell oh this is classic here comes Mr. T in a referee shirt. This is beyond great. Welcome to the first ever hard-core match on The Rick and Ike Show.

{Weiland takes Mr. T's chain wraps it around his hand and starts pounding Fenix without mercy followed by several lashes to the back that produces three deep cuts in Fenix.}

Ike Turner: Seth Weiland doing what he does best that's spilling blood.

Rick James: I've got to admit he kinda scares me I mean look at him he's just thrashing Fenix around like a rag doll. Using everything in sight you can do whatever you want to this guy because no matter what you do Seth can turn around and do five times worse.

Ike Turner: Fenix is back up and trading blows with Seth not too many people can go toe to toe with Weiland so Fenix while he isn't a God still may get the Ike Whoop Ass Seal of Approval.

Rick James: This little bastards really going crazy on Seth they're around the catering table Fenix hits a diamond cutter Seth is right back up.

Ike Turner: NO! He's not he falls right back down on to the table Fenix is climbing on top of the production truck. Look at him he's showing he's got something now if he hits this it's over Fenix is 20 feet in the air with a running start take off with a splash.

Rick James: That dumb cock missed! I love it he's not moving.

Ike Turner: He didn't miss Mr. T pull Weiland off the table what a brilliant bastard,

Rick James: It's all the same to me you wife beating washed up coward. Mr. T's the man.

Ike Turner: Seth is back to his feet and standing over the motionless body of Fenix. I don't care much for Seth because he ate the last chicken leg last night but he's being so violent I feel like I have to forgive him.

Rick James: That's the spirit what the hell? Frankie just flew about 90 miles an hour around the corner chased by Davidson!

Chris Davidson: Frankie come here pray with me man!

Frankie: ERAWKK, get this hippie away from me

{Frankie starts trying to peck at Fenix's eyes}

Ike Turner: Oh my God! That bird is using Fenix's face as his personal bathroom!

Rick James: That woke Fenix up! He kips up to his feet and has taken off after Frankie fly Frankie Fly!


[The show comes back on he air with a shot of a limo pulling up! The fans grow silent as the door opens! ITS HIT!!!]

MR: Well, looks like HIT is in the building!

[As HIT gets his bag out of the car Mike Extreme comes running out of nowhere and attacks HIT!!]


JS: YES!!!

[Extreme grabs HIT by the hair and looks to be trying to put HIT's head though the window]

MR: Hes not!!!

JS: HE IS!!!

AK: Oh God!!!

[Extreme runs at the car but...NO!!!! HIT gets his foot up and turns it around putting Mike Extremes head though the window instead!!!]

MR: OH my god.....

JS: Damn!!

MR: Fans we need to take a break will be right back!

[cuts to a PPV promo]

[The show comes back on the air with a shot of Commish Ford sitting alone in his room as there is a nock on the door]

Commish Ford: Yes?

[As the door opens VP Evan walks in with a smile on his face! As he does walk in there is alot of heat given from the fans]

Commish Ford: What do you want now?

VP Evan: Hey only here for the good of the federation!

Commish Ford: Huh?

VP Evan: Well look at it like this Tom. We got one hell of a match tonight here on MNM and well......were both the refs. We need to work out how we want to do this!

Commish Ford: Good idea Evan....see I knew you would come around and see it my way! Now what I was thinking is that we share the count!!! Like I do one you do two and we both can do three!!

VP Evan: Well thats good and all Tom....but I was thinking maybe 5!

Commish Ford: Huh?

VP Evan: Grand in money!

Commish Ford: you want to buy me off?

VP Evan: Yea....we cant have two lets have the good ref get the job done right! Namly me!

Commish Ford: I will not be bought off!!

[Commish Ford nails the money out of VP Evan's hands]


VP Evan: Damn...fine but know this....IM the boss you listen to me...IF I say they win THEY WIN!!!

[Commish Tom slams the door in the face of VP Evan as he walks over to the fallen money and starts to pick it up with a smile on his face]

Commish Ford: Dumb ass!!

[scene cuts back to the ring]

MR: Welcome to our next match, it's between the returning HIT and Mike Extreme! Extreme has recently lost his United States title and well HIT recently came back to the IWO after being a Geometry teacher!

AK: I heard he was Disney's Teacher of the Year, til they found out he was involved in the IWO!!

JS: Nah that's just false acquisitions!

MR: Well both men are already in the ring, and let's get it on!!'

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

MR: And the match is underway! HIT charges at Extreme and a clothesline as Extreme goes down! HIT is pounding away on Extreme and Extreme is just taking this beating! HIT picks him up! DDT!!!

JS: SHIT! Extreme get up!!

AK: HIT grabs Extreme and once again whips him to the ropes, HIT jumps to the ground, back up and a running slam on Mike Extreme!! HIT pounding away on Mike Extreme, HIT grabs Extreme and lifts him up, and a gut wrench powerbomb!! Extreme is now coughin up a lung!!

JS: HIT grabs Extreme, and a whips him into the corner. HIT runs and a splash from HIT! He climbs the middle turnbuckle and starts to punch Extreme! He goes up another step..HEAD SCISSOR TAKEDOWN!! THE PIN!! 1...2...THR! NO!!

MR: HIT grabs Extreme again! And he throws him over the ropes! He runs against he opposite rope comes running and flies over the top rope! HIT grabs a chair and nails Extreme with it!! He picks him up, and nails him again!!

AK: AHH!! This is not good!! Extreme is taking one hell of a beating!! HIT picks him up and slams him over the guard rail!! You see Extreme's back snap in half!! And they are pushing HIT away as the paramedics start rushing to him..

JS: AHH! That bastard HIT hurt another IWO wrestler!!

MR: Hey..I guess HIT wins????

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match, due to....

(All of a sudden VP Evan comes out as Mike Extreme is half way up the ramp on the stretcher..)

VP Evan: Oh no, this match is NOT over yet! Doctor, I don't care what your orders are, let Extreme fight..NOW!!

Doctor Deville: Sorry Mr. VP Evan, but that is not possible, he has a possible snapped spinal cord..

VP Evan: Do you see me caring at all?? Release him so this match can be finished!!


Doctor Deville: Sir..

AK: OHHH! VP Evan just decked Dr. Deville!! Here come his paramedic's to take on VP Evan, they start wailing away, but here come Evan's soldiers!! Tyler Johnson, Scott Stone, LiGiL, and Evan Levine!! They grab each one of the paramedics and execute there finisher's on them!! They grab the stretcher and ghost ride it back to the ring as it crashes hard into the guardrail!!



Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..HARDCORE ISOCELES TRAPEZOID!!

MR: Fans will be right back

[Cuts away]

JS: Up next, LiGiL and Aaron Kain will take on Team Tampax!

MR: This is sure to be a great match!

AK: Now entering, LiGiL!

{LiGiL's music hits as LiGiL makes his way down to the ring.}

JS: Now fore his partner-

{Aaron Kain's music hits as he sits down to the ring.}

JS: Here he comes!

MR: well, these two just partnered up at autumn in Hell, lets see what they can do!

{The Theme to Ranma 1/2 starts up as The crowd goes insane with cheers. The number one contenders for the tag titles step the curtains receiving more cheers. They run into the ring and start to brawl with LiGiL and Kain.}

AK: First in is Aaron Kain and AWS Man (Also known as Bill). Kain with a right to The Insane One, but AWS Man (Also known as Bill) just did knock your freaking' head off!

MR: Kain is dizzy, as AWS Man starts stomping away. Aaron staggers over to LiGiL and makes the tag.

JS: LiGiL with a DDT to The Insane One! LiGiL's climbing the turnbuckle, he's leaping off, but- OH! AWS MAN (ALSO KNOWN AS BILL) ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!

MR: LiGiL is out cold, and AWS Man (Also known as Bill) makes the tag to Schitzo Tod.

AK: The crowd poping as Tod clothsline's LiGiL!

MR: Schitzo Tod, letting LiGiL get to his feet, wait a second.. He's grabbing LiGiL...

Schitzo Tod: TAM BABY! TAM IT UP!

JS: This is it! The Tod-Anhialation-Maneuver, TAM!

MR: Could this be it? The dreaded TAM? IT IS! IT IS! KICK TO THE SHIN OF LIGIL!

AK: ait a second, Todagree to LiGiL! LiGiL is down, and Tod makes the tag back to The Insane One!

MR: Team Tampax, in control of this match, AWS Man (Also known as Bill) with a break your freakin' neck! LiGiL's head must hurt from that one! What's this?

JS: AWS MAN (Also known as Bill) is dragging LiGiL back to Aaron Kain, he wants Kain to come in!

AK: Aaron Kain won't tag LiGiL! OH! A blinding tage from LiGiL to Aaron Kain! Aaron Kain is the legal man in!

MR: Kain stepping into the ring, he's shaking his head, but AWS MAN (Also known as Bill) dropkicks him! Now AWS MAN is stomping away at Aaron Kain!

AK: LiGiL was trying to rest in his corner, but Tod just ran over there and is now brawling with LiGiL!

JS: Tod's got a trashcan lid! He slams it into the head of LiGiL, who is now almost unconsious!

MR: Back in the ring, AWS Man (Also known as Bill) is working on Aaron Kain, who is acting like he's never wrestled before!

AK: Both members of Team Tampax, are pumped and ready to meet VIAGRA on friday, this is just child's play to them!

JS: Tod threw LiGiL back into the ring!

MR: LiGiL is getting to his feet, as well as Aaron Kain. But- AKain just took a swing at LiGiL!

AK: LiGiL can't believe this! He just took a swing at Kain! And they are both brawling now!

MR: Wait a second! Team Tampax is on two opposite turnbuckles... Maximum Menstrual Flow!

JS: The double shooting start press' to Kain and LiGiL!

MR: Tod rolls up LiGiL, and The Insane One rolls up Kain, 1... 2... 3! We've got us some winners!

JS: Wait a second, Tod and AWS Man (also known as Bill) are getting a table! They are setting it up ECW style int he corner.


MR: These men are sending a message to VIAGRA!

[The scene cuts to the back were we see Evan Levine and Discord talking in the back. As they are talking Al Coholic walks up to Evan...the two stair each other down....then there is a smile on both men’s faces]


[Cuts to a break]

(Camera cuts back where Aaron Kain is sitting reading the newspaper. and there is a knock at the door..)

Aaron Kain: Who can this be??

(As he opens the door, it's Scott Stone's girlfriend, Nicole..she walks in with a sad look on her face, and crying..)

Aaron Kain: What do you want??

Nicole: I'm sorry Aaron, but Scott's being a real big asshole today. He threatened to break off our 5 year relationship.

Aaron Kain: Why is that??

Nicole: *Breaking down* Cause of him not winning as of late. It's really getting to him and I'm beginning to get scared. I need a man that won't always be threatning me, and a man that you Aaron.

Aaron Kain: Ahh..I dunno if I should believe you Nicole. I mean you are also part of that big group with Scott and Evan Levine and VP Evan.

Nicole: Please?? I'll do anything...and trust me, you'll like this...



Aaron Kain: Ahh shit what the *bleep*

Nicole: Stupid..


JS: WOW! Nicole is laughing her ass off!! She has just bit open Aaron Kain's penis!!

MR: Wait what does Scott Stone have..

AK: It's salt!!! He is gonna poor it on the open wound!! And he does!! Aaron Kain is screaming in even more pain..

Scott Stone: want bout, and you, Fear the Darkness..with your North American Title on the line..let me know bitch!

Nicole: And Kain, don't believe in love at first site..dickhole!!

Scott Stone: Dickhole??

Nicole: Yeah he has a hole in his dick..


MR: Fans welcome back to MNM.... its now time for are mainevent of the night!!! Its a 6 man tag placing the team of Phelen Kell, Psycho Jay, and Al Coholic vs Team VIAGRA!!! This is going to be one match that none of us forget!!

JS: For once I will have to agree with you!! All night this match has been hyped and all night we have seen things go down between the 2 sides!! And now its finally going to happen....there going to all face off!!

AK: Yea...but with one added stip!!! VP Evan and Commish Ford are the refs!!! There are 2 refs!! And only one of them will make the count...who will it be?

MR: All of these questions will be answered very lets go to the ring and Meygon!!

Meygon: Ladies and Gentlemen this IS THE MAINEVENT OF THE NIGHT!!!! Introducing first!! From Chicago, IL.!!! Standing 6'2" and weighting in at 270 lbs!!! HE IS THE LEGEND!!!! PHELEN KELL!!!!

[The fans go nuts as the lights dim and "Sober" by Tool starts to play!! The fans get even louder as Phelen Kell walks out with a smile on his face. He walks to the ring read to fight as Meygon gets ready to announce the next man!]

Meygon: And one of his partners....From Scranton PA....weighting in at 234lbs and standing 6'4" He is THE DRUNKEN MYTH!!!! AL COHOLIC!!

[ "Hot Dog" by Limp Bizkit starts to play as the lights go out and the fans give a mix reaction! Phelen Kell's eyes sharpen as Al Coholic makes his way out. Al Coholic stops at the top of the ramp and looks around. He then makes his way to the ring with out a word spoken!]

MR: Man...Al Coholic has changed.

JS: If I was Kell I wouldn’t trust him!

Meygon: And there partner....From South Philadelphia, PA standing 6'8" and weighting in at 320 LBS...HE IS THE IWO WORLD CHAMP PSYCHO JAY!!!!!!

[The fans go nuts as "Devin" by KoRn starts to play!! Then all of a sudden Pyro goes off and the fans get even louder as the IWO world champ makes his way out to the ring!!!]

MR: There he is!!! THE IWO WORLD CHAMP!!

JS: I know what a mess!!

Meygon: And the challengers!!! weighting in at a total of 687LBS they are HighFlyer, Tony Davis, and Rob Kestler.....TEAM!!!! VIAGRA!!!!

[I hope you Die by the Bloodhound Gang starts to play as the fans boo!!! All 3 men walk out from the back along with Evan Levine as the fans given even more heat!!!]

MR: I don’t think the fans here in Washington like Evan Levine much!

JS: NO!!! What makes you say that?

[Then all of a sudden "Welcome to the Jungle" starts to play as VP Evan along with Commish Ford walk out fighting over something!!]

Meygon: Ladies and Gentlemen...The VP and Commish of the IWO!!!

[The fans boo as the two guys get into the ring!!]

MR: They don’t like the Staff either!!

JS: Who would?

AK: Good point!

MR: nonetheless....the sides are drawn...LETS GET TO THE MATCH!!!


MR: Flyer and Kell will start they lock up....Flyer wins it and puts a head lock on Kell...Kell gets his hands in place and sends Flyer into the ropes. Flyer comes off hard and is naild with a shoulder arm take down!! The fans cheer as Flyer is right to his feet! Flyer goes right into another hook up with Kell...and wins again this time he gets him in a arm bar as he smiles!!!


AK: Look at Levine...hes smiling!!

MR: Kell looking to be in pain moves in on Flyer and grabs his air slamming him down to the mat and letting go of his arm!! Flyer gets right back up and is met with a forarm to the head by Kell!!! Kell picks flyer up and sends him into the ropes...and OH!!! Flyer slides under the legs of Kell and gives him a low blow!! Kell falls to his knees as Flyer tags in Tony Davis!!! Davis goes up top as Flyer holds Kell down...OH!!!!! Right down on the arm of Phelen Kell!!

JS: Now this is team work!!! VIAGRA is showing the world just how well of a team they really are!!!

AK: IM sure there shocking the world!!!

JS: They might be!

AK: Right!

MR: Daivs is still in control as he picks up Kell and slams him down!!! VIAGRA has really slowed this match down!!! Davis now picks Kell up and sends him into the corner...OH FLYER AND KESTLER ARE BEATING UP KELL AS DAVIS DISTRACKS THE REF!!! Thats not right!!

JS: But really fun to watch!!

MR: Kell falls in to the Davis goes into the other one...OH!!!! Psycho Jay just pulled Davis to the mat with his air!!! Davis is up and is fighting with Jay!!! OH!!! Daivs knocks Jay off the apron BUT KELL IS UP!!! Tony turns around and OH!!!! One hell of a right...another and another!!! Kell now sends Tony into the ropes....Tony comes off...OH!!! SIDE WALK SLAM AND THE PIN!! Ford goes down to make it....BUT Evan pushes him out of the way and makes the count!! 1........2......NO!!! Keslter in to make the save! Jay gets in and nailes Keslter!!! Kestler falls back as both Evan and Tom break them up!!

JS: Good move by both Tom and Evan maken sure that damn Jay cant get into this!!

MR: Kell gets up and picks Tony up with him!! OH POWER SLAM!!! Kell yells out to the fans as he goes into the ropes...OH NO!!! LEVINE GRABED KELL's Leg!!! Kell gets right up and reachs over...HES GOT LEVINE!!! NO!!! Tony makes the save with a hit to the back of the neck oh Kell!! Tony now sends Kell into the ropes and OH back body drop and a elbow...and another....another...and ANOTHER!!! Tony gets up and tags in Kestler!! Keslter gets in and picks Kell up!! NO Kell starts to come back as he nailes Keslter in the midsection...again and again and..NO!!! Kestler blocks and takes Kell of his feet!

JS: Kell is hurting...and its showing!!

AK: Yep....He is all but done!!

MR: Keslter now picks Kell up and OH!!!!! BRAIN BUSTER!!! AND THE PIN!! VP Evan goes to make it...BUT this time Ford pulls him out of the way and makes the count! 1...............2...........3!!! NO!!! Jay in to make the save!!

AK: has anyone noticed that Al hasnt dont anything?

JS: Not true...he came to the ring!

AK: Oh shut up!!

JS: Well its true he did!!!

AK: God!!

MR: Well, VIAGRA in complete control as it looks like Levine is loving every second of it!! Keslter now tags in Flyer again and Flyer goes up top and...OH MISSLE DROP KICK AND ANOTHER COVER!! Both VP Evan and Ford go to make the count!!!! 1..............2........NO!!! KELL KICKED OUT!!! HOW DID HE DO THAT!!!

AK: He's god!!

JS: ITs called...drugs!!

MR: Flyer is now yelling at both Evan and Tom!!! As Flyer is yelling at the staff...Kell is getting to his feet!! Ford smiles as Flyer shacks his head and turns around...OH!!!! STEEL RAIN!!! FLYER IS OUT!!! STEEL RAIN!!! The cover!!! Ford goes to make it....NO!!! Evan pushes him out of the way!! Evan goes to make it....NOW FORD Pushes VP Evan out of the way!!! The two are now arguing over who should make the count!!!

AK: Damn it....Kell has had a 20 count on Flyer!!!

JS: I know ant it great!!!

MR: Kell looking pissed off gets up and grabs both VP Evan and Commish Tom by the shirts and slams them to the ground telling them to make the count!!! 1........2...........NO!!!! Flyer gets the shoulder up!!! Kell looks pissed as he pushes the refs into the corner and is yelling at them!!!

JS: Damn Kell is screaming off a lung!!!

AK: The way the refs are acting they should be yelled at!!

MR: Kell now turns around and...OH!!! DOUBLE CLOSELINE!!! Both men are down as Both VP Evan and Commish Ford make the 10 count.....1......2.............................3......................4...................5...............6....Kell and Flyer are both trying to get to there corner.......7...................8......FLYER MAKES THE TAG!!!! Here comes Tony!!!..........YES!!! KELL TAGS IN JAY!!! THE FANS GO NUTS!!


MR: Jay takes out Davis....Kestler gets in...BODY SLAM!!! Flyer is now in...BODY SLAM!!! Davis is now up OH!!! Slide Walk Slam!!! Kestler gets up now and into the ropes he goes and....OVER THE TOP!!!! Flyer gets back up and......into the corner he goes....JAY IS GOING TO TAKE HIM UP!!!! Jay gets him into the corner as he is going to nail the SuperBomb!!! And......NO!!!! Levine just shook the ropes as Jay falls hard to the mat!!! Flyer now stans up on the ropes...takes Aim and.......YES!!!!! 480 SPLASH!!! The cover!!! Both Evan and Tom count. 1.........2...........NO!!! KELL WITH THE SAVE!!! Keslter is back in!!! but NO!!! STEEL RAIN!!! Keslter is out!!! Jay is now up and its VIAGRA vs Kell and Jay!!



MR: Davis and Jay lock up as Kell and Flyer now do!!!

AK: WHAT THE HELL Al Coholic has not moved from the ring apron at all during the match!!!

JS: Hes afraid of CP!!!

MR: Tony now has Jay as He sends him into the ropes....NO!!! Jay turns it around and...OVER THE TOP GOES TONY!!! Jay goes out there with him!!!

AK: And then there were 2!!!

MR: Flyer and Kell...They lock up as Kell wins...he sends Flyer into the ropes and......OH!!! BACK BREAKER!!!! KELL SAYS ITS ALL OVER!!! HES GOING FOR MALICIOUS INTENT!!!!! CAN HE GET HIM OVER???? WAIT NO LEVINE IS IN THE RING WITH A CHAIR!!! Kell doesn’t see him.....




MR: Kell is about to drop Levine as he turns around....OH NO MY GOD!!! AL just nailed Kell in the midsection droping Levine....BITTER BEAR FACE!!!! BITTER BEAR FACE!!!!! Levine is back up and screaming into the face of Kell!!!



MR: AL has Kell in the Bitter Bear Face....NO...Kell has blacked out from the pain!!! Al lets go and pulls Flyer on top of Kell....Commish Ford gets into the ring.....and the count.....1................................2...............................................................................................



Meygon: Here is your winners......TEAM VIAGRA!!!!


MR: What the hell....Al Coholic just turned on his team mate by putting him in the bitter bear face!!!! The fans are booing Al as Levine and him are now looking right at each other.....wait...Levine puts out his hand........Al looks at it.........NO DAMN IT NO!!! THEY SHAKE!!!!!!

JS AL IS CP!!!!!!! AL IS CP!!!!!!! AL IS CP!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!


AK: This is a dark day for the IWO....



[The scene dies out with CP celebrating in the ring but with Al just standing there.]