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The fWo came to the fans LIVE from Worcester, Mass and a sold-out crowd on hand to see the fWo's Wednesday Warfare program. Reports were already in that several members of the fWo roster were confined to their locker rooms because of backstage brawling. As Finn opened up the show, Samuel Smooth, Judge Steel, Brandi, and the Surgeon came to the ring demanding to know where Stevie Roberts had been taken, and vowed revenge on the Flying Frenchie...

Scotty Cool & Ultra Violet & Mad Trucker vs. Lone Gunmen

Scotty Cool & Ultra Violet & Mad TruckerLone Gunmen

The crowd came to their feet with cheers as the popular Ultra Cool and Mad Trucker made their way to ringside. Slapping hands with the fans, signing autographs, and "toot"ing with the kids, the three men finally stood in the ring and awaited their opponents. Machina came out first, leading the Lone Gunmen to the ring. Machina waved Rod to the crowd, who was wearing a mini-towel and headband. As Sid, Rudo, and the Shocker entered the ring, Machina "trained" with Rod outside the ring... getting the Rod to do pushups and crunches. Scotty Cool started the match off with the Shocker, and both men traded punches before Scotty Cool got the advantage and knocked the Shocker to the mat. Cool ran to the ropes and delivered a leg drop, then tagged in the Mad Trucker. As the Trucker suplexed the Shocker and applied a headlock, the Warfare Screen suddenly came alive with a shot of outside the arena. A close-up of Darkness was shown, smiling evily into the camera. As the camera panned out, it was shown that Darkness was standing on top of the Mad Trucker's rig Bertha with several buckets of gasoline. As the Mad Trucker looked on in horror, Darkness poured the gasoline all over the truck, and then pulled a flare gun from a bag at his side. Screaming, the Mad Trucker ran from the ring to the backstage area. Meanwhile, Rudo was distracting the ref by pointing to the celing and asking him if he saw "it". As the ref strained, Machina smacked Ultra Violet in the back of the head with Rod, causing Ultra Violet to fall face-first into the ring. Rudo quickly covered Ultra Violet for the pinfall victory, and then the Lone Gunmen ran from the ring as Scotty Cool chased them away. Meanwhile, backstage...

Result: Lone Gunmen by Pinfall

Mad Trucker Afire

Mad Trucker Afire

Cameras caught up with the frantic Mad Trucker, who was racing back to the parking area. The Trucker exited the arena just as Darkness was preparing to ignite his truck Bertha, which was covered in gasoline. Laughing, Darkness quickly turned and shot the Mad Trucker with the Flare Gun, causing the Trucker's shirt to ignite in flames as the Trucker screamed. Over the screams Darkness' laughter could still be heard as he dropped the flare gun and slid away into the shadows, leaving Bertha untouched. Paramedics quickly arrived on the scene with fire extiguishers which they used to spray down the burning Trucker. fWo medical personel tended to the weakened wrestler, strapping him onto a gurny and loading him into an ambulance. Medical doctors winced at the smell of gasoline and burnt flesh as the Trucker was hauled away to the local hospital...

Brandi (c) vs. Fathom

Fathom came to the ring with the rest of the bWo, who stood together outside the ring united. Brandi came out onto the entrance ramp, but after spotting the rest of the bWo in attendance called Judge Steel and Samuel Smooth to accompany her to the ring. Brandi and Fathom wrestled a tight match, with Fathom countering every move or hold Brandi would toss at her, and return fire with quick chops and punches. As Fathom got the upper hand and prepared Brandi for a piledriver, Judge Steel delivered a hard clothesline to Fyre on the outside of the ring. This led to a brawl outside the ring until Judge Steel and Smooth ran to the backstage area after being chased by Stone, Wynd and Fyre weilding chairs. Distracted, Fathom didn't see the brass knuckles Brandi has slipped out of her tights, and went down with one punch. Brandi then locked on a camel clutch, and the ref declared the unconcious Fathom unable to continue. Brandi gave Fathom a parting kick as fWo officals, and oddly Fallen, came to the ring to attend to the fallen wrestler. Suddenly over the PA system loud screams were heard...

Result: Brandi by Submission

Dark Riders and Prisoner

Dark Riders and Prisoner

Cameras found the Dark Riders deep in the bowels of the arena with a battered Stevie Roberts. Roberts was tied to a metal steam pipe, and looked to have been badly beaten. The huge and looming War addressed the camera, claiming that tonight he would bring gold to the Dark Riders, and on Friday he would take the tag title from Primetime and Mitch Wilson. War thanked the Flying Frenchie for his gift in the form of Stevie Roberts, and told the Frenchie that he would repay him by ripping the soul from the Foundation. Somewhere behind War in the dark stood a huge man, wearing the colors of Death...

French Foundation (c) vs. Ground Zero

French Foundation (c)French Foundation (c)

Ground Zero came to the ring first, with Wolf Fang waving the purple mask he had worn in recent attacks on Primetime in the air. Wolf Fang grabbed a microphone and explained how he was going to make Primetime suffer defeat and humiliation at the biggest fWo card of the year... CyberSlam. Primetime then announced that he would be bringing a contract to Warfare next week, and Primetime had best sign it. As Wolf Fang continued, Primetime ran from the backstage area followed closely behind by Mitch Wilson. Primetime lunged at Wolf Fang, and the two rolled from the ring trading hard lefts and rights. The two tumbled out into the crowd as Jackhammer and Mitch Wilson could do little else but look on. As the ref threatened to declare the match a no contest, Jackhammer and Wilson went after the two long-time enemies in an attempt to seperate the two, but only resulted in getting involved in the brawl. As several fWo security staff hit the scene to break up the fight, the ref declaired the match a no contest. As Matt Panzer gave the decision, the "Happy Song" filled the air...

Result: No Contest

Austin Davis (c) vs. Joy

Austin Davis (c)

Joy came to the ring along with his usual assortment of Barney dolls, and the Speed Demon, who was wearing what appeared to be only yellow cellophane. Joy sang to the crowd, who responded by tossing cups of beer at the superstar. Joy told the crowd that tonight he had an epic happy task in front of him, and that was to make the "Baad Ass" Austin Davis into "Everybody's Friend" Austin Davis. Davis came out onto the entrance ramp and simply stared at Joy with a mix of a frown and a smirk on his face. Joy appeared less certain of himself as Davis neared, and began to cower in the corner. Davis stepped into the ring and motioned for Joy to lock up with him, but Joy only stayed where he was in the corner, shaking badly. Davis finally grabbed Joy by the hair, and swung him over his head and down to the mat, ripping out several patches of Joy's hair in the process. Davis stomped at the face of Joy, opening it up and causing it to bleed badly. Davis then let Joy stand, and told him that the pre-show was over, and that *now* Davis was ready to actually get serious in dishing out some pain. Hearing this, Joy's bladder loosened creating a small puddle in the center of the ring. Davis picked Joy up, and tossed him into the crowd, being careful of where he put his hands. Joy crashes into several fans, as Austin Davis, laughing maniacly now, lunges out after him. As the ref calls for the DQ, Davis somehow gets a folding chair around Joy's head, and begins snapping it open and shut with rapid force. The Speed Demon jumps onto Davis' back for an attempted save, but Davis simply swats him backward and continues to pummle Joy. Finally beating the man unconcious, Davis leans into the camera and points to a fan's Joy sign showing a picture of a healthy, happy Joy. Davis says, "Jack... this is you." Davis then points to the bloody, stained Joy and says, "This is you on Friday. Any questions?" Davis stalks back to the backstage area, passing the Black Quicksilver as he walked, who was...

Result: Joy by DQ

Quicksilver and Stump

Quicksilver and Stump

Backstage Black Quicksilver was seen having a heated argument with Stump backstage. The argument seemed to be centered over what Black Quicksilver was calling "Stump's big head" over being undefeated in the fWo thus far. Black Quicksilver listened for some time, then grew angrier as he yelled at Stump to "take that back". Both grew silent for some time, looking in other directions and sulking. Finally, Black Quicksilver told Stump that this Friday he had a surprise opponent in store for him, and that it would settle their differences once and for all. In the arena, the crowd came alive as the World Title Match was announced...

Scott Slugger (c) vs. War

Scott Slugger (c)

War came to the ring silently, a huge man who had Scott Taylor walking to the ring next to him, dwarfed by the big man's size. War stepped easily over the top rope, and awaited Scott Slugger. Slugger came to the ring looking cocky, and carrying a baseball bat. Slugger pointed to Scott Taylor on the outside, and the ref turned to make sure he wasn't interfering in the match. As the ref turned his back, Scott Slugger swung and broke the bat over War's head, causing him to fall backward out cold. Slugger covered War, and as the ref turned he seemed confused as to why War was suddenly unconcious. Slugger explained that he had delivered one hell of a drop toe hold, and the ref counted to three. As Scott Slugger held up his arms in victory, Scott Taylor complained to the ref, leading Scott Slugger to pick Taylor up, and toss him into the ring. As Slugger began to stomp away on Taylor, Plague and the large Death strolled out onto the entrance ramp. Scott Slugger invited the Dark Riders to get into the ring, but was surprised from behind by Ice, who came out from the crowd and delivered a hard lariat. Ice kicked War and Taylor from the ring, and began trading punches with the champion as the cameras went off the air...

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall