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We are taken to a shot of Madman Szalinski and Peach in an unfurnished conference room. Beside them is a table with several colored bones sitting on top of it.

Madman: It’s ya boy, Madman Szalinski…

Peach: BARK! BARK!

Madman: That’s right, Peach. It’s time for...Peach’s Predictions!


Madman: Ight, this is how it works. Ready, Peach?

Peach: RUFF!

Madman: We’ve got these two rawhide bones, Peach’s favorite, exactly the same. What’s the difference? One is dyed red, and the other dyed blue. Now, we’re going to take each match on Wrestleshow next week, like this…

A placard appears on-screen with the first match for a few seconds and disappears.

Sianzo vs. Log Habben

Madman: Now, you see how one name was red and one name was blue? You see where this is going?

Madman holds the two rawhides out towards Peach.

Peach: RUFF!  

Peach jumps up onto her hind legs, falling back onto her ample posterior with her front paws still up in the air.

Peach: BARK! BARK!

Madman throws them out into the middle of the room. Peach drops down, sniffing around at both bones for a while before choosing the blue one, bringing it up to Madman with her tail wagging.

Madman: Good girl. See how easy it is? Now rinse, lather, and repeat until we’re out of hot water...or matches on the show, I don’t know…

Wülfric vs. Max Burke

Both bones are tossed out. Peach runs right for the red one, tripping over it and falling over.

Madman: Wow. Think it’s clear who she picked to win that one…

Esteban Awesome vs. CBR

Peach takes her time to sniff around and flip each bone over with her nose. Finally, she grabs the blue one, bringing it to Madman and laying down.

Madman: Hmm...interesting selection, fuzzball.

Sean Jackson vs. Dr. EMO

Peach grabs the red one first, then drops it after bringing it halfway to Madman. She goes for the blue one next, carrying it a similar distance. Peach looks back and forth at the two bones before taking the red one the rest of the way up, then going back over and laying down in front of the blue one

Madman: She had some trouble on that one…I know, puppy. I know.

Frank Dylan James vs. Roscoe Shame

Peach sniffs at the red one, jumping back.

Peach: WHINE!

Peach drags the red one to Madman very slowly with her tail tucked down, then backs away whimpering. Madman pets her, calming her down.

Madman: It’s okay, fuzzball, he’s not going to mess with us. I’ll sic Ariel on him.

Peach: BARK!

Abdul bin Hussain vs. Yoshii

Madman: I sure hope these bones are halal. And let’s go ahead and do this know, for realism!

Madman replaces the blue bone with a much larger one, still colored blue. When he throws it down, Peach jumps back. Peach approaches it, using her body to push it around the room towards Madman. She also goes to the red one, sniffing around it and carrying it around a bit too. Finally, she brings the red bone towards Madman.

Madman: Okay, puppy, you got one more...

Chance Von Crank & IM Hate vs. Madman Szalinski & Lucius Jones

Peach pees on the red bone, then runs off camera as Madman gives chase, yelling the whole way.

Madman: Come back Peach!

We fade.