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The fWo invaded East Lansing Michigan with their live presentation of Wednesday Warfare! Chris Finn and James Armstrong were on hand to do commentary, and it was noted that nearly the entire fWo roster was in attendance for this final show before No Escape on Friday. Also announced was that the Road To CyberSlam II Tour show scheduled for March 26th in the Nassau Coliseum was canceled due to events beyond fWo control.

Samuel Smooth vs. Waru

Waru made his way quietly to the ring as loud booming noises were heard backstage. Suddenly, a convertable drove out onto the entrance ramp with Samuel Smooth behind the wheel. Smooth drove the car down the ramp to the ring, and exited over the hood. Smooth gave a shout out to the fans in the crowd, and asked where his bitches were at. Waru choose this moment to attack from behind with a running dropkick. Smooth's sunglasses went off, and Smooth fell to the mat. Waru continued his assault, but Smooth eventally got to his feet and began to repeatedly bitch slap the smaller athelete. As ring attendants drove the car backstage, the trunk opened and Stevie Roberts rolled out of it. Roberts snuck to the ring, and peered over the ring apron. As Smooth dropped Waru with a big boot to the chest, Smooth went into the ropes for his running kneedrop. Roberts picked this moment to attack, swinging a chain into the back of Smooth. Reeling, Smooth went down, and a quick thinking Waru quickly covered him for the surprise pinfall victory. Waru quickly escaped backstage as Roberts and the rest of Doomsday entered the ring and began beating down Samuel Smooth. As Roberts wrapped the chain around the neck of Smooth, Chris Kidman arrived on the scene with a steel chair. Kidman quickly chased Doomsday out of the ring, and helped Smooth to his feet. Smooth and Kidman both looked angrily at the escaping Doomsday before returning to the backstage area together.

Result: Waru by Pinfall

Stone vs. Apocolyptica

Stone came to the ring with the rest of the bWo, who all seemed in good spirits except Fyre, who looked frightened as she stared up at the rafters. Stone waited in the ring as Apocolyptica made her way to ringside, but before she could climb into the ring Stone ran and executed a baseball slide to the outside, catching Apocolyptica in the jaw. Stone rolled Apocolyptica back into the ring and began to work on the leg, keeping the high flyer grounded. Finally, Apocolyptica raked the eyes of Stone and climbed to the top turnbuckle. She exectued a perfect frog splash, and attempted a cover. Stone kicked out in two, and Apocolyptica attacked with a series of rapid suplexes. Sensing victory, Apocolyptica climbed again to the top rope, but a boot fell off of her foot and tumbled to the ground. Apocolyptica dove after it, and then burst into tears screaming "It's coming! It's coming!" Apocolyptica continued to scream and cry hysterically as the ref made the count, and eventually declaired Stone the winner by count out. Stone and the bWo left the ringside area giving Apocolyptica plenty of room, as security and medical personel helped Apocolyptica backstage.

Result: Stone by Count Out

Primetime Interview

Primetime Interview

Primetime made his way to the ring carrying his fWo Tag Team title, and a microphone. Primetime proceeded to shout that he was sick of this masked crap, and demanded that the purple masked man come to the ring to face him right away, provided he was "man enough". A man in a purple mask did come out onto the entrance ramp, and began to walk to the ring. Inside the ring Primetime grinned, and rubbed his fists in anticipation of the upcoming fight with his nemisis. Primetime's smile faded however when several other men in purple masks came out through the crowd and from the backstage area. Soon, men in purple masks surrounded the ring and Primetime looked around himself anxiously. Primetime finally dove out of the ring and made his way backstage, still shaking his head in confusion over the identity of the masked man...

Wild Thing vs. Jackhammer

Jackhammer came to the ring oddly without his tag team partner, and seemed more quiet than usual. Jackhammer waited in the ring as the lights faded and wolf howls were heard throughout the arena. Wild Thing made his way slowly out onto the entrance ramp along with a pack of wolves. As Wild Thing strode down the entrance ramp Wolf Fang ran up from behind, breaking a wooded cane over the head of the feral competetor. Wild Thing fell to his hands and knees, as the pack of wolves growled angrily at Wolf Fang, who beat a quick retreat to the backstage area. The wolves pursued, and Jackhammer exited the ring to retrieve Wild Thing, and rolled him into the ring. Inside the ring Jackhammer methodically dropped elbows, knees, and fists into the prone body of Wild Thing, and then went to the second rope to deliver a splash. Wild Thing rolled out of the way at the last moment, and sprung cautiously to his feet. Wild Thing readied his running spear, but it had little effect on the giant Jackhammer, who batted Wild Thing aside. Jackhammer then set Wild Thing up for a piledriver, but Wild Thing scratched up and into the face of Jackhammer, leaving the large man grasping at his eyes. Wild Thing executed a running dropkick, and quickly rolled Jackhammer up for a pin, who was still clutching at his face. As Wild Thing exited the ring, Wolf Fang appeared again on the entrance ramp, and Wild Thing gave chase. As Wild Thing pushed aside the curtains into the backstage area, Wolf Fang leveled a chair into the face of Wild Thing, dropping him instantly. Security pulled the angry Wolf Fang off Wild Thing as they attempted to restore order backstage.

Result: Wild Thing by Pinfall

Austin Davis & Cactus Jon vs. Judge Steel & Surgeon

Austin Davis & Cactus JonAustin Davis & Cactus Jon

Doomsday came to the ring in full force, still laughing over the events earlier involving Samuel Smooth. With Famine, Stevie Roberts, and Brandi all waiting outside, Cactus Jon came down the entrance ramp for his match, wearing a TCW shirt. Jon entered the ring and waited for his tag team partner. Suddenly Davis and John Willis appeared on the Warfare screen, where Davis was telling Willis that he wasn't going to go out and tag with a pile of human garbage like Cactus Jon. Willis demanded Davis go out to the ring, and the two began shoving each other. Watching this, both Steel and the Surgeon attacked Jon, and the match bell was rung. Jon struggled to get the upper hand, but both members of Doomsday swarmed the former world champion and executed a double suplex to the mat. As Steel attempted to follow up with a standing Russian legsweep, Jon blocked and punched Steel in the jaw, causing blood to spurt all over the ring. Jon then picked Steel up in an invered backdrop, and slammed him to the mat. With a quick cover, Jon won the match under a handicap situation, and left the ring quickly before Doomsday could mount a new attack.

Result: Austin Davis & Cactus Jon by Pinfall

Shane Austin Opens A Can

Shane Austin Opens A Can

Sounds of a fight and a ruckus emerged from backstage, and loud sounds of a motor were heard. Suddenly, a black pickup truck rolled out from the backstage area and into the crowd. Shane Austin emerged from the drivers seat and he stood on top of the cab with a cooler of beer. Austin downed the beer, and began shouting at the audence, daring anyone to climb onto the truck so he could open up a can of whup ass. Austin got no takers, and then asked if they would like to see him drive his truck over Vince McMahon's ass, and to give him an "oh hell, yeah!" if they approved. The crowd remained silent, as several security and mental hospital personel arrived to drag Shane backstage once more.

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Mad Trucker

Flying Frenchie (c)Mad Trucker

Loud sounds of "TOOOOOOOOOOT!" were heard as the Mad Trucker emerged from backstage. The Trucker clasped both hands to his mouth and loudly bellowed "TOOOOOOOOT!" at the crowd who responded with toots of their own. The Mad Trucker enjoyed loud cheers which quickly turned to boos as the Flying Frenchie came out onto the entrance ramp, weilding the French flag. The Frenchie ignored the peasants in the crowd, and rolled into the ring, offering the Trucker a handshake. The Trucker seemed unsure about this, and the crowd urged him not to shake the hand. The Trucker did though, and the Frenchie at once used the other arm that was holding the French Flag to smack the head of the big man. The Frenchie then wrapped the flag around the neck of the Trucker, and began to choke him in the middle of the ring. The Trucker seemed dazed, and then flipped the Frenchie up and over his back, freeing himself. The Frenchie then ran to the ropes to attempt a cross body, but the Trucker caught him and slammed him to the mat. Picking him up again, the Trucker applied a pumphandle slam, and drove the Frenchie into the mat. Only able to get a two count, the Trucker picked the Frenchie up and tossed him into the ropes. The Frenchie got tangled in the ropes, and the ref worked to free him. While the ref's attention was diverted, Austin Davis made his way down the entrance ramp and rolled into the ring behind the Trucker. Davis tapped the Trucker on the back, and delivered a DDD. Davis rolled out of the ring as the freed Frenchie quickly ran over and made the cover. The Frenchie then spotted Davis, and the two shouted at each other. Davis informed the Frenchie that, "Frenchie, that's twice now that I've GIVEN you a win. On Friday, at No Escape, I'm going to give you a LOSS - whether it's your title, or your soul, there will be No Escape. Trust me." Davis made his way back up the entrance ramp as the Frenchie continued to shout at him. Annoyed with this turn of events, the Trucker stood back up and picked up the Flying Frenchie. Looking to the crowd for approval which they quickly gave, the Trucker slammed the Frenchie to the mat before leaving the ring. As the cameras faded out we saw the dazed face of the Frenchie, lying helplessly in the ring...