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Sunday Slaughter opened to scenes and stills from Friday's very first Road to CyberSlam road tour. Shots were then shown of the triple cage that was being constructed for this Friday's NO ESCAPE Pay-Per-View event. Rules were explained as follows: 12 wrestlers, 6 teams would enter the three cages, with two teams in each ring. Three simultaneous tag matches would proceed, until only three teams remained. At that point, all six remaining wrestlers fight inside the steel cage until only one wrestler is left standing. Shots were then showed of the twelve wrestlers that would be competing.
1. Scotty Cool & Stone
2. Fallen & Speed Demon
3. Wolf Fang & Jackhammer
4. Cactus Jon & Tom the Bomb
5. Briana & VL Tha Murdera
6. Ultra Violet & Mad Trucker

Chris Universal vs. Primetime

Chris UniversalPrimetime

Universal came out to the ring looking annoyed, at one point spotting a fan's Austin Davis sign and tearing it up. Universal got into the ring and informed Davis that he had with him a contract for CyberSlam '99... and that if Davis had the guts he'd sign the contract next week on Slaughter. Primetime came to the ring with his newly won Tag Team Title. Primetime and Universal locked up, with Primetime taking an early advantage and shoving Universal to the mat. Instead of pressing the advantage, Primetime mocked the American crowd and flaunted his tag title. Universal snuck up from behind him, and quickly rolled him up for a two count. The two paced each other before locking up again, and Universal twisting Primetime into a quick headlock. Primetime dropped to his knees turning the hold into a jawbreaker, and Universal fell backward. Primetime attempted a figure four, but Universal kicked back hard and Primetime was sent sprawling to the outside of the ring. While there, a strange man in a purple mask crawled out from under the ring and dropped a knee into the head. A dazed Primetime was rolled back into the ring, and Universal made the cover. After the match Universal spotted the man in the mask, and gave chase, suspecting it was Davis.

Result: Chris Universal by Pinfall

Dreamers vs. Chaos

The Dreamers came to the ring looking annoyed with their loss on Friday. It was announced that the winner of this match would be receiving a tag title shot in two weeks against the current champions. War and Plague came to the ring, with War informing Panzer that this match was a warmup match for their tag match on Friday with Ice and the fWo champion Scott Slugger. War entered the ring first with Prophet, and overpowered the large man with repeated kicks to the stomach region. War tossed Prophet into the corner, and yelling to the crowd that this would be Ice's fate, he began giving Prophet repeated shots to the face from the second rope. Prophet shoved back and sent War off his feet, who scrambled backward and tagged in Plague. Prophet mauled Plague inside the ring, but Plague then bit down on the arm of Prophet, causing the large man to scream as blood was drawn. The ref warned Plague, who delivered a chop to the ref and knocked him off his feet. As Plague continued to taunt the ref, Soothsayer approached from behind and locked on a crossface chickenwing submission hold, and the dazed ref quickly declaired Plague submitted. The Dreamers left the ring as Plague and War beat down the ref. Plague grabbed a microphone and issued a challenge to Ice and Scott Slugger: that their match on Friday be a no-DQ contest... if they had the guts.

Result: Dreamers by Submission

Austin Davis vs. Cactus Jack

Austin Davis

Shots were shown of Cactus Jack coming to the arena, having driven himself in a rental car. As Jack entered the private parking lot in the back of the arena, a large trash truck rammed into the side of his car, sending it spinning into the side of the gated lot. The trash truck backed up, reved engines, and rammed the car again, with Mick Foley rolling out of the rental car at the last second. As Mick got to his feet, the driver of the truck opened the door and leapt onto Mick's back, wielding a metal crow bar. The driver was Austin Davis, and he continually struck Mick with the bar until security arrived to pull Davis off. A bloody Mick Foley was treated by officals as Austin Davis, smirking, was led off by several security officals including John Willis.

Result: No Contest

Brandi (c) vs. Fathom

Fathom came to the ring with Fyre, who clutched in her arms a stuffed wolf, and peered up at the rafters where feral forms could be seen pacing. Fathom waited in the ring for Brandi, who came out onto the entrance ramp with the rest of Doomsday. Brandi looked down at Fathom, seemed to laugh, and sent the rest of Doomsday backstage to relax. Brandi then made her way to the ring, and quickly rolled inside and began hammering away on Fathom when Fathom's back was turned. Fathom went down to the mat as Brandi followed up with hard kicks to the chest and legs of Fathom, laughing at Fyre on the outside as she cheered on her team mate. Brandi finally picked the beaten Fathom up, and delivered a "Brandi"-Bomb before rolling her up for the easy cover. Brandi continued to mock Fyre on the outside, and invited her to a match the following Sunday on Slaughter. Fyre accepted the challenge and went into the ring to check on Fathom, and Brandi delivered a shot to the head of Fyre with the Womens title. Brandi then left the ring, but was approached at ringside by Samuel Smooth, who leered at Brandi and invited her to "get her white ass freak on wit' the Smooth one". As Brandi distracted Samuel by pretending to remove her top, Stevie Roberts ran down the ramp and attacked from behind, knocking Smooth to the ground. Security hit the scene before additional damage could be done.

Result: Brandi by Pinfall

Cactus Jack Interview

Backstage Cactus Jack called over an fWo camera crew as he was being loaded into an ambulance. Spitting and coughing blood, Jack told the filming crew and filming manager Geoff Green, "Well, looks like Mrs. Foley's baby boy is pretty bruised up curtosy of that big skinhead with the 'bad ass'. Now I don't pretend to know what condition Mr. Davis has that makes his ass so unplesant, but I'm sick and tired of having to explain to rental agencies why I'm returning broken cars. So Davis, if you have what it takes... and my friend Chris Universal seems to think you do... then I'm challenging you to a match next Sunday. But not just any kind of match Mr. unplesant ass. You see, I gave this other monkey boy a match called an empty arena match... and let's face it, it pretty much sucked harder than a Tijuana street whore. Now I've known Chris Universal for a long time. We used to wrestle in this country you might have heard of called Japan, and he's one of the few people I actually call my friend. So if Chris says you can get it up for an empty arena match, then who am I to disagree? So Davis, check down around that unhappy ass of yours and tell Cactus Jack if you've got the testicular fortitude to meet my challenge." Jack was then wheeled into the ambulance and it was driven away.

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Oracle

Flying Frenchie (c)

Oracle came to the ring along with the new challengers to the fWo Tag Team Titles, Prophet and Soothsayer. Oracle came to the ring bathed in blue light, and complimented the team, and especially Soothsayer, on the fine job winning the match against the Dark Riders. The Frenchie came onto the entrance ramp, and called out the other members of the French Foundation to come to ringside with him. Wilson and Primetime came to the ring with the Frenchie, and stood on the opposite side of the ring as the Dreamers, eying them wearily. The Frenchie got into the ring and attempted a shot to the face, but Oracle caught the fist and swung the Frenchie around and down to the mat. Oracle at once worked on grounding the champion with a series of leg and elbow drops. The Frenchie finally managed to roll out of the way to avoid a drop, and went to the ropes for a clothesline. The Frenchie hit it, and went to the ropes for another, but his leg was caught by Prophet. The Frenchie went down hard, and Oracle used the advantage to go to the top rope, where he executed a perfect frog splash from the top turnbuckle. During this Primetime ran to the other side of the ring and began to brawl with the Dreamers. Oracle covered the Frenchie, but the ref was warning Primetime and the Dreamers to stop brawling. As he was distracted Mitch Wilson slid into the ring weilding the Internet Title and used it to clock Oracle, who went out like a light. Wilson then put the Frenchie's arm over Oracle, and pushed the ref over to the two. The ref counted and awarded Frenchie the match as the Dreamers and Primetime hit the ring as well. All six men brawled inside the ring, while up on the entrance ramp the Mad Trucker emerged to watch the Frenchie with interest. As the cameras went off the air, security hit the ring in an attempt to restore order...

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall