FWO: PAIN HOUSE SHOW - 03/05/1999

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The fWo Presented PAIN IV, the final show in the PAIN House Show Series LIVE from Salt Lake City, Utah. A sold-out crowd was on hand to see the event, which was hosted by Chris Finn and James Armstrong. Former rock-mainstays Winger performed the National Anthem, but were attacked by Jackhammer and his gutair mid-way through the song. Jackhammer reported being upset with the poor playing skills of the band as PAIN IV offically began.

Darkness vs. Rudo, Sid, Billy James

Rudo, Sid, Billy James

PAIN IV began with a severe handicap match. The Lone Gunmen came to the ring, with Machina and the Rod coming to the ring with them. Machina had the rod dressed in a fighter's robe, and with a tiny towel around the neck of the Rod. Machina began to campaign while encouraging Rod for its match against Stump next week. Sid began to preen for the audence, and show off his legs. Rudo looked to be the only Lone Gunmen taking the match, staring seriously up at the entrance ramp. The lights dimmed slowly and then went to total dark as Darkness made his way down the entrance ramp and out to the ring. Darkness and Rudo locked up, with Darkness easily tossing Rudo into the ropes and up into a snapmare suplex. Rudo tagged in Sid, who looked up at Darkness and promptly ran from the ring and into the backstage area. Billy James came in next, and Darkness picked him up and tossed him into the audence. As Darkness looked down at the carnage he had created, and Rudo attacked from behind with a dropkick from the top rope. As Darkness fell, Machina tossed in the Rod, and Rudo used it to smack the head of his opponent. Rudo went for a cover, but Darkness kicked out with authority, and struggled to his feet. As Darkness attempted a recovery, the Speed Demon came to the ring dressed as the Dark Angel, Darkness' former partner. Spotting the Speed Demon on the ring apron, Darkness picked him up and tossed him into Rudo. Rudo fell backward and Darkness followed up with a drop fist, finally pinning the Lone Gunman.

Result: Darkness by Pinfall

Stone (c) vs. Brandi

Brandi came to the ring with Famine, and the two members of Doomsday awaited Stone and the bWo. Stone came out onto the entrance ramp with Fyre, Fathom, and Wynd, but sent the bWo members back to the locker room telling them that she was going to win the match fairly, like "Scotty would want". Stone came to the ring with a surprising amount of cheers from the fans, and at once locked up with Brandi. Stone overpowered the smaller Brandi, and kept her grounded as Stone attacked with quick arial manuvers. Stone climbed to the top turnbuckle, and ran across the top ring rope halfway, before springing off them in a cross-body splash. Stone signalled that she was going to finish the match with a piledriver, but Brandi shoved her backward and through the ropes to the floor outside. On the outside Famine picked her up and shoved her face-first into the steel barrier, knocking Stone unconcious. Famine then rolled Stone back into the ring where Brandi quickly pinned her. Brandi and Famine then began to attack Stone after the match, but Scotty Cool and the bWo ran out to chase them away.

Result: Brandi by Pinfall

Austin Davis vs. Matthew Zhuk

Austin Davis

Austin Davis made his way to the ring, but was confronted by David Willis, head of the new fWo security team. Willis informed Davis that he had best be on his best behavior, because getting out of line would no longer mean a suspention, but a beating from Willis himself. Davis and Willis stared each other down, before Willis left for the backstage area. As Willis' back was turned Davis give him the finger, and then climbed into the ring. Zhuk came out from the backstage area, but was met on the entrance ramp by a charging Davis, who picked up Zhuk and began ramming him face-first into the entrance ramp. With Zhuk bleeding from the face, both men entered the ring once more, and Davis slowly paced the downed Zhuk before executing a kick sliding kick into the midsection of Zhuk. Zhuk managed to roll to the side to avoid the move, and spun Davis over to put him into a figure four. Zhuk was unable to hold the move however, and Davis broke the hold and stomped the head of Zhuk. Davis then landed a dropped elbow, and put Zhuk in a camel clutch. Bleeding badly from the head, Zhuk passed out, giving Davis the victory and title shot.

Result: Austin Davis by submission

Armstrong challenge

Armstrong challenge

James Armstrong climbed into the ring to announce that two cowards had not had the balls to back up their insults. James Armstrong held up a wooden paddle and announced that he would be making a trip to a bowling alley over the weekend, and would be paddling the "living hell" out of one old dried up pile of crap who looked like he had spent too long in a tanning bed. Armstrong then told the crowd that he had not forgotten about the other "hardcore wannabe", and next week at the Road To CyberSlam tour he would have a little surprise for everyone in attendance.

Shocker (c) vs. Joy


The Shocker came to the ring with the rest of the Lone Gunmen, holding up the title. The Shocker took the microphone, and yelled at the crowd that everyone had laughed at him, but NOW look who is laughing, and NOW look who has the Hardcore title. The Shocker then told the crowd they were all mindless fools, and reminded them to "Vote Machina". Joy came out from the backstage area with rainbow colored suspenders, Fallen, and a single Barney. Joy waved up at the rafters, and hundreds of bright yellow balloons drifted down to the crowd. Joy then got into the ring, and promptly got stomped into the mat by the Shocker. The Shocker continued to maul the smaller Joy, and Joy quickly retreated to the outside. Grabbing a large candy sucker from Barney, Joy used it to club the head of the Shocker. Taking the candy away from Joy, the Shocker rolled him back into the ring and continued his attack. The Shocker had Joy grounded, but as the Shocker went to the ropes to deliver a running elbow drop, Fallen grabbed the leg of the Shocker, tripping him. Joy quickly rolled him over, and pinned the Shocker for the title. As the Lone Gunmen chased Joy, Fallen, and Barney away from the ring, the lights went out, and the arena was cast into darkness. When the lights returned, Joy and Fallen had been knocked out, and only the torn head of the Barney remained on the entrance ramp.

Result: Joy by Pinfall

Ground Zero (c) vs. Elementals


The Elementals came to the ring, but as they entered the ring strange wolf howls came from the rafters. Fyre looked up nervously at this sound, but saw only brief forms pass high above the ring. Ground Zero came to the ring, with Jackhammer looking smug and leering at the two women. Jackhammer and Fathom locked up inside the ring, with Jackhammer using his size to overpower the smaller Fathom, and make kissing gestures as he bent her over. Fathom seemed to be lost in the moment, but then broke the hold by delivering a hard kick to the groin of Jackhammer. Jackhammer howled in pain and tagged in Wolf Fang, who at once took Fathom down to the mat and locked in his Wolf Bite hold. Fathom was too close to the ropes however, and the hold was broken as she tagged in Fyre. With Fyre in the ring the howls from above increased, and a nervous Fyre was distracted and easily overpowered by the faster Wolf Fang. As Wolf Fang tossed Fyre up and over the top rope, the French Foundation (Wilson & Primetime) came to ringside and began attacking Fyre and Fathom, earning them the DQ victory. Primetime laughed at Wolf Fang for this, as Wolf Fang at once charged him, knocking him to the floor. As the two teams brawled on the outside, the Dreamers came to the ring and began attacking the other three teams at random. As all four teams attacked each other, the lights in the arena flickered, and fire shot up from the corners of the ring posts. On the large screen, War and Plague were seen laughing at the scene unfolding beneath them.

Result: Elementals by DQ

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Ultra Violet

Flying Frenchie (c)Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet and Violet made their way to the ring first, with Violet carrying the Internet Title and still looking at it in a confused manner. Violet seemed not to understand why she had the title, or why it was given to her. Ultra Violet meanwhile dipped his hand into a bucket of purple paint and "signed" autographs as he went, slapping his dripping purple hand onto the chests and foreheads of fans he passed. Ultra Violet got into ring and was urged to do the "UV dance" by the crowd, but seemed not to understand what this meant. The Frenchie's music played, and the Frenchie angrily stomped to the ring, with the earrings and necklace still attached to his waist. The Frenchie got into the ring and began to yell at Ultra Violet, who appeared to be thinking about cheese and not the matter at hand. Violet got into the ring and whispered in Ultra Violet's ear, and he seemed to understand what she said. Ultra Violet offered the Internet Title to the Frenchie, who traded them for the earrings and necklace. The Frenchie then took the title and smacked Ultra Violet on the head with it, who went out like a light. The Frenchie then ordered the ring attendant to ring the bell, and began pacing Ultra Violet, trying to decide where to strike first. The Frenchie attempted a drop toe hold, but could not get Ultra Violet up on his feet to execute it. He then attempted a sharpshooter, but actually broke the hold himself by putting one of UV's limp arms on the rope. The Frenchie scratched his chin in thought, and attempted a cover, but UV came to and reversed it, getting a two count. Alarmed, the Frenchie shrugged and left the ring, grabbing his title and telling Ultra Violet that he was finished with him. This earned Ultra Violet the count out victory, but a grim Ultra Violet informed the crowd that their paths had gone different ways for now, but that one day... one day in the not-so-distant future, alas, they would meet once more... to decide their ultimate fate. Violet then showed Ultra Violet her shiny jewlry, and both grew absorbed with this, neglecting the fWo officals who were attempting to get them to leave the ring.

Result: Ultra Violet by Count Out

Scotty Cool vs. Chris Kidman Jr.

Scotty Cool came to the ring alone, looking upset at the situation he found himself in. Scotty Cool waited in the ring for the arrival of Chris Kidman, who came to the ring in a suit, and looking nervous, constantly checking over his shoulder for Doomsday members. Kidman and Cool shook hands inside the ring, and then locked up. Cool was the stronger of the two, and quickly pushed Kidman to the ground. The two traded holds and covers quickly, with neither man gaining the clear advantage. Cool used his strength to his advantage, and Kidman used his speed and quickness, but both countered each other's attempts at significant moves, holds, and covers. Finally, Scotty Cool blocked an attempted reverse jawbreaker, and landed a Scotty Dropper. Kidman went down, but before a cover could be made Judge Steel and the Surgeon exited from under the mat. The two climbed into the ring and each attacked one of the two wrestlers inside the ring. Steel attacked Scotty Cool while the Surgeon attacked Kidman. This earned the No Contest decision by the ref, and Stevie Roberts came out onto the entrance ramp to inform both wrestlers had lost, and now neither would face him ever again. As Roberts laughed, the commissioner came out to the ringside area, and talked with the ringside attendant. It was announced that since Stevie had been so interested in other people's matches, Stevie deserved to get a closer view of matches in the future. It was then announced that next week a steel cage would be constructed, and inside would go Scotty Cool, Chris Kidman, Stone, Judge Steel, the Surgeon, and Famine. Whoever climbed out of the cage first would face Stevie the following week... and Stevie would get to see all of this from his vantage point in a small cage suspended above the ring. This enraged Stevie Roberts, who stomped from the ringside area.

Result: No Contest

Scott Slugger & Mystery Partner vs. Cactus Jon & Tom the Bomb

Scott Slugger & Mystery PartnerScott Slugger & Mystery PartnerCactus Jon & Tom the Bomb

Cactus Jon and Tom the Bomb came to the ring looking angry and bitter, with Jon and Tom both wearing TCW t-shirts. Jon spat on the fans as he walked past them, insulting the American crowd. Scott Slugger came out onto the entrance ramp and waved to the back for his partner. The lights went blue, and Oracle's music played as he joined Slugger on the entrance ramp. Jon smirked at this, and charged up the entrance ramp to meet the pair. Slugger and Oracle caught Jon and did a double suplex, causing him to land on the entrance ramp. However, Tom had grabbed the steel steps and charged up the ramp with them, using them to knock Oracle off the ramp and down to the floor below. Slugger and Tom brawled their way back to the ring, and crawled into the ring still exchanging hard blows. Slugger picked up Tom and suplexed him into the mat, while Jon climbed to the floor to attack Oracle. Oracle picked up a chair to defend himself, but Jon landed a hard drop kick which caught Oracle in the face with the chair. Jon and Oracle continued to brawl out into the crowd while in the ring Tom had gained the upper hand on Scott Slugger and was going to the top rope to attempt a frog splash. Slugger rolled out of the way and quickly rolled Tom up for the victory, which was announced to the crowd. Hearing this Cactus Jon grew enraged, and slammed Oracle down to the floor, covered his face with a steel chair, and began to stomp it mercelessly. fWo security drug Cactus Jon off Oracle, who was beaten badly, and Scott Slugger celebrated inside the ring. As he did so, one of the camera men removed his hat to reveal Ice, and snuck into the ring behind Scott Slugger, attacking him. Scott Slugger fled the ring and ventured up the entrance ramp, but was caught at the top by the Dark Riders, who beat Slugger with what appeared to be metal crow bars. Inside the ring Ice watched all of this with interest as the cameras went off the air...

Result: Scott Slugger & Oracle by Pinfall