Posted by Rumor Man Stan

It’s rumored that Marie Van Claudio is set to pay tribute to her father at this week’s Victory in Paris, France. Paris, France has a lot of history with the Van Claudio’s as Jacques Van Claudio started and ended his career. This is also the same place Marie lived until she was three years old before settling back in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her birthplace that she calls home.


It is said that this tribute could have Van Claudio coming out to her father’s theme song, “Come Together” by the Beatles, but adding her own version with Godsmack, who has covered the song or she could keep her current theme song and dress in the same attire her father had, but make it sexier. There was also word going around that she could use his finisher, but it would be too similar to current UTA star, Chris Hopper’s finisher.


Stay tuned to Victory for what Marie could do as she looks to get her first win since the May 18th edition of Wrestleshow when she takes on BR Ellis!