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(The cameras cut on in the back of the arena. There we see President Jamie
talking on the phone with someone.)

Jamie - Yeah... I know. I'm going to do something about that tonight... Yeah,
that too.. Don't worry about it man. You take the time you need. I'm going to
run your show. It will be ok when you get back.

(All of a sudden someone barges into Jamie's office. It is none other than IWO
superstar "G-Dogg" Gunnar Smith.)

Jamie - What do you want?

Gunnar Smith - Man, we need to talk.

Jamie - I really don't have the time....

Gunnar Smith - No, you do have the time. Do you know how many times I've been
screwed out of titles here in the IWO?

Jamie - So you are saying that you lose because you are being screwed, not
because you suck?

Gunnar Smith - Listen.... All I'm saying is this. You make sure that Mike and I
don't get screwed tonight. You understand what I'm saying?

Jamie - Sure... Whatever...

(Gunnar Smith leaves Jamie's office.)

Jamie - What a dumb ass... Let me win this, let me win that. Go to hell you

(The cameras cut to the locker room of Michael Dudley and G-Dogg. He sees what
Jamie just said about G-Dogg. Just then G-Dogg returns to the locker room.)

Michael Dudley - Hey man.. Jamie just dissed you really bad.

Gunnar Smith - What the hell?

Michael Dudley - Yeah man, as soon as you walked out he called you a crybaby
and a dumb ass. I don't think he likes you.

Gunnar Smith - That mother *beep* er.

(Gunnar Smith and Michael Dudley storm out of their dressing room.)

(the scene fades)

(the screen goes black)

(cue MNM logo)

(melt away)

(cue IWO logo)

(oh how pretty it is)

(isnt it so pretty)

(pretty pretty logo)

(the logo explodes)

("Judith" by A Perfect Circle begins to play. Scenes from pasts Monday Night
Meltdowns are shown... All of a sudden the intro cuts off.)

(All of a sudden Pyro goes off and "P.O.S" by Head starts to play and the fans
get to there feet...The camera pans around for a while and then shows not
Jessica....NO! TARA!!! Yes, Tara Raymond...Former Valet of Evan Levine coming
out...The fans jump to there feet as Tara stops at the top of the ramp and
turns and claps....Then all of a sudden "Your US champ" Evan Levine walks out
belt in hand and smile on face. The fans give him a warm reaction as he makes
his way to the ring.)

GP: My God Tara is back?!?!

JT: Thank God she was better then Jessica any day!

Nikki: At least she was smarter then Jessica...Tara always had one on top of

(Tara gets in the ring as Evan opens the ropes for her...Evan then gets in
the ring behind her and walks right into the middle raising his arms and belt
in the air as more Pyro goes off. The fans are going nuts as Evan pulls a mic
out of his pocket and drapes his US title over the ropes.)

Evan: Welcome TO MONDAY NIGHT EVAN!!!!!! (The fans go nuts)
not promoting my own show tonight...But....with the sounds of such a warm
recption....I Couldn't hold back....You know, tonight I will be pulling
double duity.....yes your US champ will not be in the ring once....But
TWICE!!! The first time will be in a match that....for one I know to be a
trap...Its Al..I have a liver bigger then my head....Coholic....Rob...300
plus is not fat just wide...Kestler Vs Kestlers funny buddy...Vagrond
and....YOUR US CHAMP....EVAN LEVINE!!!!(The fans go nuts) Now I only have a
few simple thoughts...But the first is you would think Coholic would have
gotten the message not to mess with the champ....Same goes for Kestler...but
there like that small.....little peace of...BEEP..that stays after everything
else is flushed!!! YOUR THE NUGGETS OF THE IWO!! Now...I could stand out here
for the next 5 min talk all about you two and then have you come out here and
pull a WWF opening...But it ant going to work like that....because I ant
going to talk to going to let my feet do my talking when I take
this foot AND KICK YOU A NEW *BEEP*HOLE!!! (The fans go nuts)

Now.....This takes me to the next match of the night that I will be
in....Psycho Jay! now....This match is nothing more then "Kick Evan's ass
match" Jamie set it up so that I cant win....the cards are stacked and
well....Im just going to need to get me a fan to blow that deck
away....Jamie....You lost the War...and you know it give it up boss...and
just go running back to the arm pit of America...(NJ) and cry to your yes
men....Because no matter what you do...What you say....Or hell even if you
did it your could not beat me....Jamie...GAME OVER!!!

(All of a sudden "Low Rider" starts to play and the fans get to there feet to
see who the IWO superstar is to have the balls to take air time from the US
champ! All of a sudden Jamie walks out with a mic in hand and a smile on his
face...The fans start to boo as Evan smiles and looks with a waiting look to

Jamie: Levine.....Who the hell do you think you are? (The fans boo) Your
nothing but..........

Evan: YOUR US CHAMP!!!!!

(The fans go nuts as Jamie looks out to the people with a sick look...He then
shakes his head as he talks again)

Jamie: Levine....i made you boy and I can break you....Since you don't like
to play by the rules and you don't want to be a "Team Player" I think its
time that we up the anti a bit.....Tonight in your match with Psycho
Jay.....There will not only be a special guest refree...But there will be a
special guest time keeper as well! (The fans boo) A man that will keep a
close eye on the time and a close eye on the match.....And that time Keeper
will be none other then.....ME.!!!

(The fans boo as Evan smiles and pulls into the middle of the ring)

Evan: talk and you want a got a war...But
this game is just about over...Because when you mess with the game you
lose....Have a nice day...I know your US CHAMP WILL!!!

(P.O.S by Head starts to play and the fans go nuts as Jamie looks on and
exchanges words with Evan..)

GP: Fans....Tonight...The Evan Levine Vs Psycho Jay match now just got yet
another card added to the deck!! Fans we will be right back don't go any
where! We will be right back to start the show off...

JT - Yeah, we have High Flyer against LiGiL. Wow... What a match... Sheesh...


GP - We are back here on MNM!!! Our first match is about to kick off...

(From the back storms "G-Dogg" Gunnar Smith and Michael Dudley. They hit the
ring with a microphone.)

JT - Oh joy...

Nikki - Why do people just get to walk out here like that?

Gunnar Smith - Jamie... I heard what you said behind my back. I really don't
appreciate it. I figured you would be a MAN and tell me what you think about me
to my F'N FACE.

(All of a sudden Jamie comes back out. He looks REALLY pissed off.)

Jamie - You know what... John is not here yet. He told me to take control of
the show til he got here. But you know what? It really isnt worth all this shit.
You people always complain, now I know how John feels all the damn time! But
G-Dogg, I'll tell you to your face how I feel. I think you are a complete and
total IDIOT. As a matter of fact.. NEXT WEEK ON THIS F'N SHOW.. WE ARE GOING TO
HAVE AN IDIOT MATCH!!! Evan Levine will face you G *beep* ing Dogg. The loser
will have the title.. THE IWO IDIOT!!!

(Jamie throws down the microphone and heads to the back. Gunnar Smith looks
upset. Michael Dudley is trying to calm him down.)

GP - I'm being told we will take another break but when we come back we will
have that first match we promised you ten minutes ago!!!



Nikki: It's been a great night of talking so far!

GP: That it has Nikki!

JT: Ok, I do admit, it has been a great night of talking so far.

GP: And it's only gonna get better, JT. High Flyer vs. LiGiL is next
up on this montrous Monday Night Meltdown!

Nikki: This is definetly going to be the sleeper match of the night.
We're expecting a great technical masterpiece between two great wrestlers!

GP: It's that time again. Predictions anyone?

Nikki: I'm going to go with LiGiL on this one. LiGiL is feeling awfully
confident after his win over Scott Stone, even though it was via DQ.
High Flyer is fresh off a loss to Evan Levine at Dia Del Nino. I don't
think Flyer is feeling very confident about himself, and that's what's
going to cost him.

GP: I'm going to have to agree with you Nikki. Flyer's lost that spark
that we're used to seeing from him. Plus, I hear that LiGiL's been in
intense training for this match. LiGiL is ready.

JT: Once again, I'm going to disagree with you. Sure, High Flyer's been
on a losing streak, but I feel tonight is the night. Tonight is the night
that we see the Flyer that beat all the IWO greats like Al Coholic, Jax
Stone, Ken War, and yes, even ?¿?. LiGiL can train all he wants, but
it won't measure up to the experience High Flyer brings to the ring.

GP: All good points. Let's go to the...GOOD LORD LOOK AT MEYGON!

(JT sees Meygon and starts panting like a log and sticks out his tongue
like a dog.)


Nikki: Snap out of it!

(JT falls to the floor)

Nikki: Well, at least we won't have to experience the hell that is JT
color commentating.

GP: Good point. Let's go to the ring.

(Scene cuts to the ring where Meygon is. Damn she's looking good. She's
wearing a golden 2 piece suit with....yes! A thong th-thong thong thong!
I don't know about you, but I'm drooling right now! Ok. Let's get to
the introductions. Meygon, if you would?)

Meygon: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing

("No Leaf Clover" by THE GAY ASS OLD MONEY HOUND ASS HOLES plays as LiGiL makes
his way to the ring.)

Meygon: From Portland, OR, weighing 254 lbs... LiGiL!!!

(LiGiL enters the ring and plays to the crowd. They give him a nice pop.)

Meygon: And his opponent...

("Loco" by Local Chamber plays as High Flyer comes out to the ring.)

Meygon: From Bethlehem, PA, weighing 204 lbs...HIGH FLYER!

(High Flyer steps into the ring. He and LiGiL have a staredown.)


GP: And here we go! High Flyer and LiGiL lock up...LiGiL easily overpowers
High Flyer. But High Flyer shows his tenacity and gets right back into
a tie-up with LiGiL. Unfortunately for High Flyer, same result.

Nikki: High Flyer is having a hard time getting on track in this match.

GP: Indeed he did, Nikki. But look at the tenacity of High Flyer. He
rises to his feet.

Nikki: Wait a minute, LiGiL is on a sprint, and WOW! SOMERSAULT PLANCHA

GP: I guess LiGiL was not lying when he said he had been training. Flyer
gets back in the ring the hard way. LiGiL follows him in...and Flyer
takes advantage.

Nikki: That's the inexperience shown by LiGiL. Never be the second man
to enter the ring.

GP: Good point Nikki. Flyer now springboards into an elbow! And follows
up with a leg drop! This is the High Flyer we're used to seeing.

Nikki: Flyer now at the middle rope. He waits for LiGiL to rise to his
feet. NAILS him with a missle dropkick!

GP: Flyer takes the quick cover, 1.......2.....NO! LiGiL kicks out just
in time!

(Out of nowhere, JT comes back)

JT: Welcome back to Monday Night Meltdown!


Nikki: Snap out of it!

JT: Oh. Sorry. NICE move by Flyer.

GP: It was indeed a nice forearm smash that for the moment has LiGiL
laying. Flyer whips LiGiL into the ropes. Flyer lowers his head. LiGiL
capitalizes...into a PILEDRIVER!

JT: Come on Flyer, don't let this rookie upstage you!

Nikki: LiGiL is about ready to end this thing. He sends Flyer to the
rope...he sets him out for the Palindrome....wait! AL COHOLIC IS IN!

GP: And Flyer notices this. He's allowing Coholic to attack LiGiL. OOOOOH!

JT: As Flyer stomps LiGiL, Coholic is getting a chair! YEAH! WELCOME

Nikki: Coholic and Flyer are about lay out LiGiL! Flyer is holding LiGiL
for Coholic! Al winds up!



Nikki: LiGiL's gonna take advantage! He covers....1........2........3!


Meygon: Your winner, LiGiL!

GP: LiGiL is now 2-0! His future looks bright so far! We'll be back!

Can Kestler put aside his hurt feelings as he teams with Al Coholic who beat
him less than a month ago? And how will things turn out against the current
US champ Levine? As for Vagrond and why he's here...Well, we just plain
missed him!
Tag Team Match
Al Coholic/Rob Kestler v Evan Levine/Vagrond

GP: This next match is a rather strange tag team match. Al Coholic and Rob
Kestler team up to take on Evan Levine and Vagrond!

Nikki: Eww! That Vagrond thingy is gonna come out here?

JT: Yeah, it's coming to seduce you! You better cross your legs!

Nikki: Shut up! I'll garuntee you that if that Vagrond thingy comes anywhere
near me i'll take it's oversized head and shove it up it's ass!

JT: Yeah right. You know you're gonna stick it up your own ass!


GP: Damn JT. The match hasn't even started yet.... Oh look its about to start

Meygon: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match.
Introducing first... weighing in at 269 lbs... from Myrtle Beach, SC ... AL

("Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine plays as Al Coholic makes his
way out towards the ring. The fans give a HUGE pop for Al.)

JT: Here comes that always drunken bastard right now!

GP: Al's definatly a crowd favorite here.

Nikki: I wonder if him and Rob Kestler are gonna get along?

GP: That's a great point.

Meygon: And his tag team partner... weighing in at 313 lbs... from
Minneapolis, MN ... ROB KESTLER!!!!!!!!

("Stayin' Alive" by Ozzy Osbourne plays as the camera shifts to the entrance
way... Nobody comes out.)

JT: Rob Kestler's a chicken sh*t!

Nikki: So are you.

GP: She got you JT. But where's Rob?

Nikki: Is Al Coholic gonna have to take on Evan Levine and Vagrond by himself?

JT: That would leave Vagrond free to get up in them panties.


GP: Again.

Meygon: And there... I mean his opponents... weighing in at 247 lbs... from

("P.O.S." By Head plays as the fans give a loud reaction of boos and Evan
Levine makes his way out to the ring area. As he gets in he and Al Coholic
get into a long staredown.)

GP: Al Coholic and Evan Levine are ready to tear each other apart!

JT: Evan Levine's gonna eat AL Coholic up! He IS the IWO United States
Champion ya know!

Nikki: Al Coholic's a former champ though.

JT: key word is FORMER!

GP: Al Coholic's one of the best wrestlers in the IWO. But I don't know if
he'll be able to take on Evan Levine WITH that Vagrond thingy!

Nikki: Eww! Vagrond!

Meygon: And his tag team partner... At an undisclosed weight... from
somewhere not around here... VAGROND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Vagrond's own custom made music plays and the camera shifts to the entrance
way. Nobody shows up.)

GP: Well... I guess this match has turned into a one on one match!

JT: Yeah. We'll find out who the better man is!

GP: Al Coholic and Evan Levine charge each other and duck each other's
clothesline attepmts. They exchange right hands and left hands. Al Coholic
gains the upper hand and whips Evan into the ropes... Al Coholic with a back
body drop! Levine hits the ground hard! Evan is getting back up and is met by
a Al Coholic clothesline! Al Coholic grabs Levine and he's going for a
powerbomb!!!! Wait he's holding him up!!! Hangman's DDT!!!!!!!

JT: Al's on fire right now!

Nikki: I can't believe you're admitting Al's doing good!

JT: Yeah well there's a first for everything.

Nikki: JT! I'm surprised!

JT: Yeah, this is the first time Al Coholic's ever been doing good!


Nikki: I knew it was too good to be true!

GP: Al Coholic grabs Evan Levine and goes for a Vertical Suplex... Evan
counters is into a Vertical Suplex of his own!



GP: Evan grabs Al by the head and SNAP DDT!!! He cover's AL
1..............2..........Kickout by Al. Evan grabs Al and whips him into the
ropes, Al ducks a clothesline and comes back met by a Flapjack by Evan
Levine! Levine is in control now!

Nikki: Yeah, Al went FLYING on that Flapjack!


GP: Levine grabs Al Coholic and applies a side headlock. Al QUICKLY reverses
it into a Side Suplex! Al's going on top! I don't believe it!!! Al Coholic is
COVER!!1..................2......................3NO!!!! EVAN KICKED
OUT!!!!!!! Al Coholic looks surprised! Al grabs Evan and a right hand to the
face, another one, there's a super hard right hand and Evan goes down!

Nikki: Al Coholic's in command now!

JT: Yeah.. but he won't be for long!

Nikki: Sure, we'll just see!


JT: Told you!

Nikki: Shut up!

GP: Levine exits the ring with Coholic and, he picks up Al and rams him into
the steel ring post!

JT: Haha, his head bounced off the ring post!

GP: Evan grabs AL again and whips him into the steel steps! The ref is
telling Levine to get it into the ring. Levine puts Coholic into the ring. Al
get's up and LOW BLOWS Evan!

GP: Al's picking Evan Levine up and Evan with a Low Blow! Damn! The ref is
warning Evan not to do it again or he's disqualified! Evan charges at Al




Nikki: Well This match is a No Contest.

GP: And it wasn't even half way through!

JT: Yeah. But the story here is members of The Usual Suspects just came out
and beat the hell out of Al Coholic and Chris Davidson! And I loved every
second of it!

GP: That's cause you're an ass!

JT: What?

GP: Nothing. We gotta go to a commercial!

Special Attraction Match "A Wes Match"
(just a silly name for a NO DQ match since both guys are named Wes)
"The Real" Wes Anderson vs. Wesley Sanders

GP:Fans, it's time for the battle of the newcomers. Two men named Wes lock
it up in the ring. But they're just not any newcomers, they're from the IML.
So that means they were hand picked by Jamie to move up.

JT:They probably sucked Jamie's d*ck to get here.

Nikki:That's something I'm sure you have hands on experience with.

JT:I know for a fact you do.


JT:OW! So it's ok for you to insult me, but I can't insult you?

Nikki:Pretty much.


GP:Fans, this match is a No DQ match as well, so anything can happen
tonight. Let's go to the ring with the lovely Meygon, and out match.

Meygon:Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is a special attraction match!
It is the battle of the Wes's annd is a no DQ match up. Coming to the ring
first....weighing in at 265 lbs. and standing 6'5" tall, he is former IML
World Champ....he is "The Real" Wes Anderson!

("F*ck you" by the Lox plays as "The Real" Wes Anderson walks out.)

JT:"The Real" Wes Anderson....does that mean there's a fake one or
something? I don't get it. What's up with his name?

Nikki:There's probably meaning behind his name, you never know.


Meygon:And his opponent.....weighing in at 245 lbs. and standing 6'1" tall,
from Atlanta, GA, he is Wesley Sanders!

("Keep Their Headz Ringin" by Dr. Dre plays as Sanders comes out to a soft
round of boos.)

GP:This should be a hell of a match. These two newcomers get a chance to
show their stuff to the fans as well as the IWO contenders, it's their first
match and should be a doosy.

JT:That's a gay word man...Doosy? What the hell are you thinking?

GP:Don't make me sick Shallow on your ass. You knosw he won't take your

JT:I'm not afraid of Shallow.

*Ding Ding Ding*

GP:Nevertheless, the bell has rung and we're off and running with this
match. Anderson and Sanders are circling each other. Sanders goes for a lock
up but Anderson catches a quick arm drag on him. Anderson now picks up
Sanders a gets a headlock on his. But Sanders grabs Anderson and executes a
beautiful back suplex on him!

Nikki:Sanders gets up and runs to the ropes and comes back with an elbowd
drop. He gets a front faclock on Anderson and holds it. Anderson is starting
to stand though.

GP:He elbows Sanders in the gut. But he won't let go. Another elbow to the
gut and now Anderson is loose. He runs to the ropes and comes back with a
shoulderblock. Anderson goes for a boston crab, but Sanders extends his legs
and flips Anderson over. Sanders now takes Anderson and tosses him into the
ropes and catches him with a back body drop! He covers Anderson!



JT:Not quite yet.

GP:Sanders picks up Anderson and body slams him to the mat. He climbs to the
top turnbuckle and dives off and connects with a knee drop from the top! He
follows up with rapid punches to the head. Sanders picks up Anderson and
executes a swinging neckbreaker on him!

Nikki:Sanders now stomps on Anderson and goes to the outside. He grabs a
chair and tosses it inside the ring. He gets in the ring and picks up
Anderson, but Anderson gets a low blow on Sanders! Now Anderson has the
chair and is waiting for the moaning Sanders to stand. Sanders is up and
Anderson swings with the chair, but Sanders duck, executes a kick to the
midsection. He grabs the chair and nails Anderson over the head!

JT:I'm startin to like this Sanders boy. He seems to be showing some

Nikki:Oh, 5 minutes ago you were dogging him, but now you love him?

JT:He just seems like a a good future star.

Nikki:You'll do anything to get someone's back pocket.

GP:Sanders now has the chair and he jams it into the chest of Anderson. He
sets up the chair in the ring. He picks up Anderson and puts his head in
between his legs. He picks Anderson up and powerbombs him right onto the
chair. Sanders makes the cover!




GP:Anderson jumps up and punches Sanders several times. He send Sanders into
the ropes and catches him with a dropkick! Sanders is up again but Anderson
takes him down with another dropkick!

Nikki:Anderson picks up Sanders and DDTs him to the mat. Now Anderson climbs
to the top turnbuckle. Sanders is up and Anderson goes for a double
axe-handle off the top but Sanders catches him with a hit to the stomach!

JT:Sanders grabs the dented up chair and nails Anderson across the back! He
covers Anderson again!




GP:Sanders is no stomping away on Anderson! He picks Anderson up and throws
him over the top rope and to the floor. Sanders climbs to the top turnbuckle
and jumps to the floor. He gets a flying cross body block on Anderson!
Sanders picks him up and slams his head into the guardrail!

Nikki:Anderson starts to fight back with several kicks to the midsection but
Sanders executes a clothesline on Anderson! Sanders looks under the ring and
finds a table. He pulls it out from under thr ring and tosses it on the
inside. Sanders takes Anderson and rolls him in the ring and follows him in.

GP:Now Sanders sets up the table and picks up Anderson. He goes for the ATL
Death Drop, but Anderson reverse it with a belly-to-belly suplex!

JT:Now Anderson picks up Sanders and goes for a vertical suplex onto the
table, but Sanders reverses it with a vertical suplex of his own! Now
Sanders is eady to end this match!

GP:Sanders picks up Anderson and locks a full nelson on him! Sanders looks
around with a angry look in his eyes and executes an ATL Death Plex right
throught the table! He covers Anderson!




*Ding Ding Ding*

Meygon:Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner.....Wesley Sanders!

("Keep Their Headz Ringin" by Dr. Dre plays over the loudspeaker as Wesley
Sanders leaves the ring.)

GP:What a debut match by Sanders. If he keep up with those kinds of wins,
he'll be sure to make it big in the IWO.

JT:I've got to admit, that kid has a lot of heart and the will to win.

GP:Fans, we'll be right back.


("Loco" by Coal Chamber cuts off Greg as the fans rise to their feet.

Now, something's falling from the ceiling here at MNM.... it's...
it's... fake snow! Fake snow is flying down from the ceiling here at
MNM, as white pyro shoots off at the entranceway. High Flyer walks
from the back recieving a pretty good pop, carring a cookie sheet and
a hose? What the hell is he doing? He tosses the cookie sheet in the
crowd, and then goes back behind the curtain once more. He then drags
out a huge box that is covered by a white sheet. High Flyer stays at
the top of the rampway, and has a microphone. He looks around to the
crowd, soaking in any type of applause he can muster up.)

High Flyer:Well, Well, well... WELCOME BACK TO MONDAY NIGHT

GP:HEY! That's my line!

JT:Get over it, it's old, it's stale, just let Flyer have it.



High Flyer:You all probably are cheering for me, the super-face,
because we all know your applause isn't for Michael Dudley, because
he's a retro hippie... and we all know your applause isn't for Pyscho
Jay, because he humps bunnies. No, no, no, you're applause isn't for
G-Dogg either, because he works for Nasa. No, no, no, we all know your
applause is for the super-face, High Flyer. The man, who sells you
all... SNOW! And of course, we all know you want to buy it...

(A couple fans hold up "Buy The Snow" signs in the audience.)

Flyer:And we all know that the king of bin shouldn't be the United
States champion, but that the snowman should. And that the new self
proclaimed Super-Hell.. oops, sorry, super-heel should copy someone
else instead of Dane Wilt, because nobody cares about you. You see,
tonight, is a night, of change. And no, I'm not talking about what's
in your pockets. Maybe if you have 50 dollars of change it would be
good, because then you could all buy mounds and mounds of snow... ok,
just a foot, but still, that's alot of snow. But, what I am talking
about, is an idea... an idea so revolutionary, that it will absolutly
astonish you, and amaze you. An idea, that, although I didn't think so
at first, after a couple tries, has made my snow selling idea ALL THAT
LESS IMPRESSIVE. I'm talking about what's under this blanket. Now, I'm
sure you're all saying... "By god, it's a huge box under there!" I
mean, of course, that's what I was saying. But when I took a closer
look, I bought it that instant. So, instead of walking around the
issue, I'm going to go right to the video tape... Roll it Vinnie.

(The scene cuts in to the Psychic Porn n' Go. The fans immediatly pop
at the idea of a porn shop on television.. but to think of Flyer going
here? The camera cuts in with Kestler maning the cashiers desk. High
Flyer walks in, and Kestler gives out a shout.)

Kestler:HEY! Flyer! How's it going man! Long time no see.

High Flyer:Yeah... too bad we didn't get to have our match.

Kestler:Yeah, true... so, what can I do for you? You want some porno?

High Flyer:I think I'll pass, at least for now.

Kestler:Well, every male needs pornography, just not all t... nah...
scratch that.

High Flyer:Well, what I was intrested in was something that you were
using about six months ago in your interviews...


(Points to Vagrond who looks up after still eating a Michael Dudley

Kestler:Nah, we've used Vagrond for a long time. I love it when he
eats those midgets.

Flyer:WEll, actually, it wasn't Vagrond I was talking about, I know
you would never sell Vagrond...

Kestler:Of course not... hey! A bell!

(Another customer walks in and looks at the magazines a little bit.)

Kestler:Hey, no browsin... BELL! AGAIN!

(The door closes, and Kestler is amused. He walks over to the door.)

Kestler:Hey, look, when I open the door, the bell goes off... and
when I close it... it goes off again! (Ring) Ah man! I could go on
like this all day.

(Kestler continually opens and closes the door while Flyer tries to
gain his attention.)

Flyer:Kestler... KESTLER!


Flyer:Remember... our business deal?

Kestler:Oh, I completely forgot... which video did you want...

Flyer:Well... no, actually, I came here looking for something you
used in your interviews... it's in a big box.

Kestler:You mean Pyscho Jay? No, he's not in a box... he's just a
little edgy.

Flyer:NO! I'm talking about your time machine!

Kestler:My time machine? I have a time machine!

Flyer:I think so... you used it a while ago.

Kestler:Let's check the back room.

(Kestler and Flyer go to the back room, which is engulfed in twenty
year old porno, and weird various objects.)

Kestler:LOOK! A scooter!

Flyer:Rob... the time machine.

Kestler:Oh, sorry. Well, hey! Here it is! It's in this box!

(Kestler takes off the tarp which has a big metallic structure that
says "Time Machine" on it.)

Kestler:Well, what do you know. I could go back in time and get my

Flyer:Well, I wondered if I could possibly buy it from you?

Kestler:Buy it? I would never sell it.

Flyer:Well, I'm not sure of that. I've got some great things lined up
for you. How about... this shiny nickel!

(Flyer pulls out a shiny nickel out of his back pocket.)

Kestler:Well, it is pretty shiny, but I think this is more shiny!

Flyer:Well, I've got an idea... how about... I barter with you. You
could give me your time machine, and I'll give you, SNOW!

Kestler:SNOW! Snow's white! It's fluffy! Of course! You want the time
machine! It's all yours! Just get me my snow soon!

Flyer:Don't worry, it takes a week to deliver though.

Kestler:Okay, I guess that's good. Take the machine away though,
before the shininess makes me take it back...

(Flyer pulls the time machine out as the scene fades back to the

Flyer:See! Under this box is my very own time machine! And you guys
are going to be the first ones to witness the Fly one, the Super-face
go back in time!

(Flyer breaks the box with a crowbar... and gets into the
contraption, as the lights flicker. After a while, there's a huge
spark at the top of the metallic thing. Without realizing it, the
crowd has witness High Flyer travel back through time! Considering
that they don't have a camera man with him, there's no way you can
tell if he's there or not. Flyer then comes back a minute later,
pretty much without any flashiness.)

Flyer:There! I went though time... wait, what happened with my hose?
HOSE! Where is it! I better go back and find it! With that, I bid you

(Flyer pushes the box into the back, as the camera fades to a

(President Jamie is making his way out. He has the Extreme Title in his hand
and a microphone. He gets in the ring.)

Jamie - We all know that The Raging One recently retired. As he retired he
still had the IWO Extreme Title. Well... Tonight, I am giving you a new Extreme
Champion... And that new Extreme Champion... is... none other... than... FENIX!!!


Nikki - AMAZING!!!

(Fenix makes his way down to the ring. He looks surprised.)

Jamie - Fenix, it is my honor to give to you the Extreme Title!!!

Fenix - You are just giving me the belt? Just like that?

Jamie - Yeah...

Fenix - So I get to defend the belt?

Jamie - Umm.. You are the champion.

Fenix - HAHA!!!

(All of a sudden the lights in the arena go out.)

JT - Why does this ALWAYS happen?

(The lights come back on. Cyanide is in the ring beating up Fenix. He has him
down on the mat. He is on top of him punching away. All of a sudden from the
back runs Ike Rogers. He gets into the ring and shoves Cyanide off of Fenix!!!)

GP - Ike Rogers is helping Fenix!!!


(Cyanide gets out of the ring. He is shouting at Ike Rogers. Rogers is checking
on the fallen Fenix.)


GP: Well fans this next match will be one hell of a match....It will be
placing the unstoppable US champ Evan Levine...ageist the head humping man
him self....Psycho Jay!

JT: This match is nothing but a death call for Evan Levine...he pissed off
Jamie and Evan is finding out what Jamie is made of!

Nikki: Yes, Evan has his hands full with this one.....Not only will Evan have
to get past the problem of Vincent being the Ref....but now as we found out
at the start of the show....that Jamie will be the time keeper....This does
not look good for the US champ!

JT: This will just add more wood to the fire....Jamie wants Evan to learn
what it means to be...a "Team Player"

GP: This is all really good points....As I would like to point out now this
is not a US title match so....nothing is on the line but the life of Evan
Levine and the pride of both wrestlers!

JT: Psycho Jay has Levine right were he wants the ring and ready to
be humped!!! God and I used to like Evan....Ever since he took the high road
he has bin nothing but.......

Nikki: Unstoppable ....Evan cant be stopped. That's why I am going with Evan
on this....He might not have everyone on his side....but he doesn't need
everyone to make things work for him...

GP: Well....only time will we go to Meygon....IN THE RING!!!

Meygon: Ladies and Gentleman ....This next match is for one fall....AND IT IS
A HEAD HUMPING MATCH!!!! Introducing first, he is the special guest refree!

("Divine" by Korn starts to play and Vincent comes out with a ref offit
on....The fans boo him as he gets into the ring._

Meygon: Introducing next....He is from South Philadelphia, PA......weighting
in at 323 lbs......Psycho Jay!!!!!

("Divine" by Korn starts to play again.....and the fans start to boo as
Psycho Jay walks out with Pyro shooting up from behind him.)

Meygon: And introducing last.....He is from Philadelphia, PA....weighting in
at 247 lbs....He is "YOUR US CHAMP" EVAN LEVINE!!!!

(The fans go nuts as "P.O.S" by Head starts to play....Pyro shoots off and
Evan along with Tara...walks out....and too the ring! As Evan gets into the
ring "Low Rider" starts to play and Jamie walks out with a smile on his
face....He walks right to the ring never taking his eyes off of Evan....He
sits down at the time keepers table and grabs the time mallet!)

JT: YAY!! Jamie is here!! He will show Evan how to be a team player!!!

GP: This is nothing but fair!!! Jamie this is not should stick
to your day job!

Nikki: I know right....

JT: What's the matter....BUSSNESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP!!!


GP: With two too many rings buy Jamie this match is on the way.....Psycho Jay
and Evan are starting things out slow...They seem to be stalking each other...

Nikki: I think Evan is trying to keep his eyes on not only Psycho Jay but
Vincent and Jamie...This is not an easy match for Evan!

GP: Well finally the two lock up....Evan wins it and tosses Psycho Jay to the
mat...Jay is right back up and runs back to Levine and the two lock up
again...Evan wins again and Jay goes back to the mat....Psycho Jay back up
again and runs at Levine...Levine ducks him and takes Jay down with a drop
toll hold! The fans cheer as Evan and Jay get up right away...The two lock up
and this time Psycho Jay wins...he sends Evan into the ropes...He leap frogs
Evan....Evan comes off the other side and right into a foot of Psycho Jays!

JT: X FACTOR!!!!!! Jay pins...1..2...NO!!!

Nikki: Fast count...That was a Fast count by Vincent!

JT: No it wasnt....It was a fair 2!....If anything it should have bin a 3!

GP: Nonetheless Jamie didn't seem to happy that Evan kicked out! Psycho Jay
picks up Evan and back breaker! Evan falls in pain...Jay with an odd smile on
him...Picks up Evan again...Tosses him into the turnbuckles!! Jay takes
aim....STINGER SPLASH!!!! Evan Falls to the bottom turn buckle.... Psycho Jay
looks to the fans..


Nikki: Oh shit!

GP: Psycho Jay walks back over to Levine...He picks him up to his
knees....and...NO!!! Low Blow by Levine...and Jay falls to his knees..Vincent
didn't see it...

JT: Jamie sure as Hell did...He is yelling at Vincent!!

Gp: Levine back to his feet! He Jay is back up and runs to Evan....Spine
Breaker!! Jay is down!!! Evan
....NO!!! My God could that count get any slower!!!

Jt: Yes!

Nikki: Shut up!

GP: Levine gets to his feet picking up Jay....He tosses Jay into the
ropes...Evan misses with the closeline...Jay comes off the other
side...FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!!! Evan is down. Jay doesn't wait any...He goes
right for Levine...He's on top of
him...1...2..3..4...5..6..7..8.9..10!! 10 closed fist
punches to the head!!! Evan's eyes are glazed over! Jay...Picks up Evan and
toss him to the outside!!! Jay is now talking to Vincent!

Nikki: Look out for Jamie!!!

GP: Jamie is up....OH...he just kicked Evan right in the side....Jay turns
around and gets out of the ring...He picks up Evan and drops him right on the
ring side!!!


Nikki: Look at Jamie cheering on Psycho Jay! This is sickening!

GP: Well....not giving Evan anytime...Jay is picking up the steal steps....
He's waiting for Evan to get up...Evan's up and Jay runs right at
him....OHHH!! Evan is down and out....Jay now drops The steps on Evan's
face!!! My god....Jay now gets into the ring to break the 10 count....Jamie
is like a wolf waiting to strike its pray!!! Evan is up....Jamie takes
aim...NO!!! Evan blocks Jamie's punch and nails him right in the head...Jamie
falls back and the fans are going nuts!!!! As Levine is yelling over
Jamie...Psycho Jay is on the top ropes....Evan turns around.....OH!!! Jay
with a missile drop kick off the top....Psycho Jay picks up Evan and tosses
him back into the ring....Jay walks back over to Jamie and yells something..

Jay: I want what you promised me!!

GP: Jay...gets back to the ring and is nailed but a desperate Evan....Evan
picks up Jay and tries to toss him into the turn buckle....But Jay turns it
around and sends Evan into the turn buckel....Jay...sees this as his
time....He is signaling for it....He walks over to Evan and puts him up on
the top ropes....He gets up there him self....

JT: Time for the SUPERBOMB!!! YAY!!!

GP: Jay sets him up....AND.....NO...NO!!!! My god....My GOD!!! What a move!!!
The fans are on there feet!!! Evan Levine just turned the SUPERBOMB!! Into a
DDT off the top ropes!!!!

JT: NO!!! NO!!!

Nikki: Evan covers!
...NO!!! Jay kicks out...What a slow 3 count...That was even
slower then the first!! Vincent makes me sick!!!!

GP: Evan is not happy with that....He gets up and he grabs Vincent.....The
fans are on there feet....Evan is yelling at Vincent...GAME TIME!!!! GAME
TIME!!! Levine nocks out Vincent with GAME TIME!!! The fans are going
nuts...Look at the face of Jamie....

JT: What is Jamie doing?

Nikki: Jamie just grubbed the time mallet from the time keepers table....He
is getting into the ring.....Evan is on the turn buckle calling out to the
fans....Evan gets down and turns around....NO!! DAMN!!! Jamie nails Evan
right in the head with that hammer!!! Evan is busted wide open!!!!!

JT: HAHAHAHA!!! YES!!! Thats why he's the boss!!!

GP: Jamie....Runs over to Jay and pulls him over to Levine...He puts him on
top....and he walks over to Vincent...He pulls off Vincent's Ref shirt!!! He
puts it on. and goes for the count..1...2...3.!!!!!!!! DAMN....DAMN!!!


Nikki: It cant end like that!! That makes me sick!!!

GP: Well, fans this one is over....Psycho Jay pulls out with the win....

Nikki: Yea all it took were 3 with a hammer...and another with a
steal step!!! All three of these men make me sick!!! Jamie screwed Evan


Meygon: Here is your winner.....Psycho Jay!!!!!!

("Divine" by Korn starts to play as Jay raises his hands in the air....Jamie
gets out of the ring and starts to make his way up the ramp....back in the
ring Evan Levine is starting to come too....He starts to get to his feet as
Psycho Jay gets the mic_

Psycho Jay: Hey....Levine the stips to the match was....that the winner gets
to hump the head of the loser!!! So get down on your knees and get ready for
the ride of your life!!!

(Jamie Stops at the top of the ramp too look on....Evan doesn't look to
happy....He closes his eyes and falls to his knees...Jay walks over to Evan
and is about to hump his head....But right when Jay is about to Start...Evan
nails Jay with a low blow...He gets to his Feet...and GAME TIME!!! Evan
knocks out Psycho Jay!! The fans go nuts!!! Jamie's mouth falls....As Levine
turns around and points right to Jamie!!! With a white face Jamie turns
around and runs backstage!! Levine jumps out of the ring and follows!!!)

GP: MY GOD!!! What a match!! Levine gets the last laugh!!!!

JT: Damn him!

Nikki: Yes....and now Levine wants to blood of one Jamie!!!

GP: fans don't touch that dial....we will be right back!!! WHAT A NIGHT!!!

Extreme Three Way
Phyre vs. Chris Davidson vs. Fugite

GP:Well, up next is the three way extreme matchup. What was once
under a special gimmick was changed due to concern of death. Now, this
is just a regular hardcore three way matchup.

JT:Just the way I like it. Blood, and lost of it.

Nikki:You're a sick, sick man JT. There's not much background to this
match, is there?

GP:Not really. Fugite, a former multi champion is here. Chris
Davidson, a member of the Usual Suspects, and Phyre, a former IML
extreme champion, is looking to make an impact here in the IWO.

Nikki:We need new blood, I mean, with all the stars leaving, these
newcomers will definitly show off their skills. Wes Anderson, Phyre,
LiGiL, even Allan Gallant, are all going to show off their skills.

JT:Why don't we get to the match?

GP:What about introductions?

JT:It's called you talk to much... they're in the ring.

*Ding, ding, ding*

JT:Phyre comes charging out of the corner and catches Fugite sleeping
with a right hand, sending Fugite into the corner.

GP:Fugite is on the receiving end of a couple of shots, as Chris
Davidson comes in from behind, and grabs Phyre in a waste lock, german
suplex by Davidson!

Nikki:Fugite waits for Davidson to get up, and he kicks him in the
gut, front head lock, suplex... into a powerbomb by Fugite! Cover,
1-2-NO! Phyre breaks it up.

GP:Phyre starts hammering away at Fugite, and whips him off the
ropes. Fugite comes back off, ducks a clothesline, back off, Fugite
with a clothesline of his own knocks Phyre down to the mat, as Phyre
slides outside.

JT:Were's the damn blood!

GP:Calm down JT, the match just started.

Nikki:Davidson turns Fugite around, kick to the gut, quick ddt into
the mat! Fugite is down, Davidson with a cover, 1-2-NO! Kickout by

GP:Look, Phyre has a... that's a barbed wire steel chair! Phyre, from
the top, leaps off, Barbed wire chair to the head of Davidson!
Davidson falls limp! Phyre drops the chair, cover...

JT:1-2-NO! Fugite breaks it up. Fugite grabs Phyre, Samoen drop!
Right onto the steel chair! Fugite with a cover, 1-2-NO! Davidson
barely gets the hit on Fugite.

Nikki:This is a lightning fast match! Davidson kicks Fugite in the
face, and knocks him down to the mat. Davidson slides out of the
ring... and he just pulled out a table!

GP:He slides the table into the ring, and he grabs another one! What
is this! It's not a table match!


GP:That's right! It seems Phyre's back has been sliced open, due to
that steel chair!

Nikki:But Phyre has Davidson now, and throws him off the ropes...
just pain!

JT:Yes! Pain! That's almost as good as blood!

GP:And Phyre is in firm control... NO! Fugite! Powder in the eyes of
WIRE CHAIR! Dear god!

Nikki:Look! Davidson, picks up Fugite... SEVEN SECOND DELAY OFF THE
TOP! TOP ROPE DIAMOND CUTTER! Davidson draps the arm onto Fugite...

(The lights go out and fade into orange. Davidson gets up looking at
what's going on. "Hell beyond Earth" By IWO Crew starts up as the fans
go nuts!)

TB:What the hell is this!

JT:It's Hellfire and Brimstone with Chair and Primal! They are coming
out here to make themselves felt!

Nikki:They slide in, the lights go back to normal. Fugite is down,
and they focus on Davidson... Th E Unknown.... WHACK! Right across
Chris Davidson's face... and what is he doing? He's talking to chair

JT:Wait... Draven hoists Fugite up top... STUNNER! STUNNER OFF THE
TOP! I think that's his finisher! I'm not sure! Phyre drops down onto
Fugite... 1-2-3! Phyre wins the extreme match! And he's bleeding too!


GP - Welcome back to Monday Night Meltdown. I don't really know what is
scheduled to be next but what I do know is that next week... We already have several
matches signed. Including... Gunnar Smith against Evan Levine... Cyanide will
face Ike Rogers... Fenix will defend his Extreme Title against Phyre... Plus much
more action!!! That is all next week right here on Monday Night Meltdown.

JT - Wow...

(Co-VP John is making his way down to the ring. He has a microphone.)

Nikki - I guess John is finally here.

Co-VP John - I'd like to thank Jamie for taking control of the show while I was
gone... Now... Onto tonight. In the main event... We WILL have NEW WORLD TAG
TEAM CHAMPIONS... And the new tag team champions will be MY NEW FRIENDS. No, it
isn't Eye Suk, no it isn't Titan, and no, it sure as hell isn't any Usual
Suspects. Tonight, a new era will fall over the IWO. It will shock you. And oh yeah,
complain, and pay the price... Now, onto other business. The next match here
tonight between Falcon and The Hardcore Isoceles Tangent. So, the deal is this.
Falcon is NOT here, he is no longer with the IWO. So... I have a dilema. That
dilema is that NO ONE is the Television Champion. Who should be the Television
champ? Should I just give the belt to The Hardcore Isoceles Transistor? No... So,
Mr. Tangerine, here is how this is going to work. You want a chance at the TV
Title? That's cool... But it will be next... Live... And you will have to
face... Oh... ummmm... You'll have to face... The Prep Kids!!! That's right!!! So...
see you in a second Hardcore Isoceles Transformer.

(John drops the microphone and heads to the back.)

Television Title Match
Hardcore Isoceles Trapezoid vs. Randal McCloud & Jordan Howitt

(HIT is already in the ring. He has a microphone.)

HIT - What the hell are you trying to prove John? I really don't know what you
have against me... But hell, if it takes me beating the tag champs... Then so
be it... I'll be the first ever North American Television Champion!!

(The Prep Kids come running down to the ring. They immediately go after HIT.
They take him down and start the double team.)

JT - This is SO fair!

GP - Yeah...

Nikki - Why did John order this match?

JT - Who knows. Maybe he has had one of those "bad days" he always has.

(The Prep Kids have HIT down. Randall sends him into the ropes, Jordan catches
him with a stiff dropkick. Randall rolls out of the ring. He looks under the
ring and pulls out a table. He slides the table into the ring. Jordan sets the
table up. He picks HIT and puts him on it. Randall is going to the top... 360
THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The refree calls for the bell!!!)


The refree makes a count!!! 1...2....3!!! WINNER AND NEW TELEVISION CHAMPION..

GP - Randall McCloud is the new IWO Television Champion!!! This is shocking!!!

JT - This wasn't fair!!!

(McCloud is handed the belt. He holds it up high. From out of the crowd appears
Michael Dudley and Gunnar Smith. They blind side the Prep Kids with chairs. The
Prep Kids go down. Dudley and Smith are stomping away on them. HIT is slowly
coming too. He looks around. He realizes what has happened. He gets up and grabs
demanding a microphone.)

HIT - That was bull *BEEP*!!! You know what, I don't need a stupid Television
Title. You know why? Because I am going to be the WORLD CHAMPION!!! Dudley is
nothing. Look at his ass.

(Psycho Jay comes out of the entrance way. He has a microphone.)

Psycho Jay - Hold up there you little geometric fairy. I think you MAY be
wrong. BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS that their friendly neighborhood PSYCHO is going to be

HIT - You know what Jay? I really doubt you could be a champion anywhere. After
all, from what I've seen. You really suck!

Psycho Jay - I suck? Hell, atleast I don't a *beep* ing geometric fetish. I bet
you just love going home at night and wacking off to pictures of squares,
circles, and hexagons.

(The crowd laughs.)

HIT - You Mother...

Psycho Jay - Speaking of Mothers... How does an Octagon have an ugly ass baby
like you!!!

(HIT gets out of the ring. He runs down to where Psycho Jay is. They start
brawling. Psycho Jay slings HIT into the guardrail. Michael Dudley is getting up in
the ring. He grabs the microphone.)

Michael Dudley - You know what? I'm sick of this. Next week... Right here...
World Title Match... Me, H.I.T., and Psycho Jay...


(HIT and Psycho Jay stop brawling. They look in the ring.)

Michael Dudley - I'll see you guys here next week.

(Gunnar Smith looks confused. He wants the microphone.)

Gunnar Smith - What about me man? Where is my title shot?

Michael Dudley - This isn't between me and you.. It is between me and them.

Gunnar Smith - But I'm your partner.. your pal. Come on, give me a chance.

Michael Dudley - Not now Gunnar... Not now...

GP - NEXT WEEK!!! Main EVENT!!! WORLD TITLE MATCH!!! Michael Dudley, Hardcore
Isoceles Trapezoid, and PSYCHO JAY!!!

JT - What a show!!!

Nikki - I can't wait.

(The scene cuts to Jamie packing up his bangs and ordering cops around....The
fans...are going nuts as VP Shaun walks into the room)

Vp Shaun: Jamie.....last time I heard Evan was looking for you on the other
side of the area....So I think your good to go.

Jamie: What are you talking about.....IM not worried about that little
nobody....please..I pay his pay checks...he's not that dumb....So calm down
Shaun and lets get out of here!

(Shaun and Jamie along with a hole lot of cops leave the they start
to walk down the hall way two drunken men jump out from the bathroom and
start Screaming EVAN!!! At that point the cops jump on them and hold them
down...The camera pans back up to see Shaun looking at men and Jamie not be
found. The camera pans around and finds Jamie cowering in a corner.)

VP Shaun: OK? What are you doing down there?

Jamie: IM fine...IM just looking at this cart...I don't think it meets IWO

VP Shaun: What are you talking about?

Jamie: Nothing....LETS GET GOING DAMN IT!!!

(Jamie and Shaun along with the cops start to walk down the hall again.)

(Cut back to the ring. The Prep Kids have made their way out. Randall McCloud
is wearing his newly won IWO TV Belt. He has a microphone.)

Randall McCloud - Tonight, John, you said that we would NOT leave here the tag
team champions. Well, sorry Johnny boy, these belts are gonna stay RIGHT where
they belong!!!

(Gunnar Smith and Michael Dudley run out with ball bats. They hit the ring and
go after the Prep Kids.)



(They are beating down The Prep Kids with baseball bats. The Prep Kids are

GP - This is going to be another unfair fight! Dudley and Smith are gonna win
the tag titles easily!!!

("The Boys Are Back In Town" begins to play. Co-VP John and Two Masked Men come
walking out. Dudley and Smith look up. They are yelling at John to send the Two
Masked Men on. John points to the masked men.. They slowly remove their
masks... MY... GOD!!! IT IS...)

GP - Enrage and Da Bronx Bro!!!


Nikki - They'll never be the tag team champions!!!

GP - I thought they both left the IWO!!!

(Smith and Dudley are in the ring laughing. Enrage and Da Bronx Bro slowly walk
KAIN!!! ENEMIES OF THE STATE!!! They get in the ring!!! DOUBLE ROLL UP!!!
1...2....3!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!)

Winners and new Tag Team Champions - Enemies of The State



(Enrage and Da Bronx Bro run to the back crying. Co-VP John runs to the ring.
Dudley and Smith are in shock. The ref hands Enemies of the State the tag

Nikki - This is nuts.

(Dudley and Smith are up. They grab the ball bats and go after Enemies of the
the bats. The Prep Kids pick them up... THE CHASE IS ON!! The Prep Kids are
after Dudley and Smith!!!)

GP - Someone please tell me what is going on here!!!

(Co-VP John gets in the ring. He has a microphone.)

Co-VP John - And we all are very happy. You see Dudley... you see Smith... You
give to someone, and they give back to you. The Prep Kids were basically
unbeatable. I felt it is time for a chance. So I toss them a bone and give them the
Television Title. And the new guys... The greatest Tag Team in IML history...
Enemies of the State... They are now the IWO World Tag Team Champions... AND DAMN

("Hot Boyz (EotS edit)" by Missy Elliot f/ Nas, Eve, Q-Tip, and Lil Mo begins
to play. Anthony Coles, Nicholas Kain, Bandit, and Co-VP John all celebrate in
the ring.)

GP - I'm being told we will be back after this...


(We see Psycho Jay in his dressing room. He is getting ready to leave the
arena. His door busts open... TONY DAVIS!!! HE HAS A FUCKING KNIFE!!! He lunges at
Psycho Jay with rage in his eyes. Psycho Jay starts yelling for help. He backs
up against a wall. Davis lunges again. Psycho Jay drops to the floor. Davis rams
the knife against the wall. Jay runs out of his dressing room screaming. Tony
Davis follows. Psycho Jay runs out to the parking lot. He sees some police
officers. He tries to tell them what happened. Too Late... Davis is right there, he
lunges at Jay again. This time the police are on it. They try to grab Davis...
BUT HE SWINGS THE KNIFE AT THEM!!! Jay sees his chance. He tackles Davis down
to the concrete. Davis drops the knife. The police jump in.)

Tony Davis - I'm gonna kill you, you mother fucker... I PROMISE YOU THAT.. YOU

(Psycho Jay goes over and grabs the knife. He looks at Tony Davis.)

Psycho Jay - You need help man...


(Psycho Jay is in shock. Davis is trying to kick at him. But the police have

Tony Davis - Come on you asshole. Im being held back. Don't be scared.

(More police rush in. They take Tony Davis away. Psycho Jay starts to shake and
drops the knife to the ground. The camera fades out on the knife.)


Next Week

Main Event
World Title Match
Triple Threat Anything Goes
First Person to get a pinfall is the IWO World Champion
Michael Dudley -c- vs. Psycho Jay vs. Hardcore Isoceles Trapezoid

Special Guest Refree Co-VP John
Jordan Howitt w/Randall McCloud vs. Anthony Coles w/Nicholas Kain

A match that has been ordered by Co-VP John
High Flyer vs. Al Coholic

IWO idiot Match
Special Guest Refree Jamie
Gunnar Smith vs. Evan Levine

Extreme Title Match
Fenix -c- vs. Phyre

Extreme Style
Ike Rogers vs. Cyanide

Scott Linx vs. LiGil