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Wednesday Warfare took a break from the usual wrestling action to feature an introspective look back at the first fWo Pay-Per-View event, CyberSlam '98. CyberSlam '98 happened almost a year ago, and as the fWo prepares for this year's CyberSlam, highlights of the last year are shown to prepare the fans and wrestlers for the big event.

Cactus Jon vs. Rudo

Cactus JonRudo

In one of the first matches that the fWo held, a then unknown Cactus Jon scored his first victory against Rudo, another Canadian wrestler. Cactus Jon made short work of Rudo, and would go on to win the fWo World Title on multiple occasions. Cactus Jon would be plagued over the coming months by Death and the Dark Riders, as well as Austin Davis. Jon has recently taken a more aggressive attitude in matches, and has often called in the aid of his TCW companions. On the other hand, Rudo became infamous in his own right, first by losing a long string of matches. Rudo teamed up with temporary partner and recently returned wrestler Melissa Smalls, but wandered away during the match only to return as a member of the Lone Gunmen, and a multiple-time tag team champion.

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall

Flying Frenchie Interview

Flying Frenchie Interview

In the fWo studio, Chris Finn spotted the Flying Frenchie, who was present at fWo towers in Redmond Washington for contact signing. Chris Finn asked the Frenchie if he had any memories of CyberSlam '98 that he would like to share with the fWo viewers at home. The Frenchie stopped to think for a moment, giving the camera a full view of the new fWo Internet Title, which he will be formally given at next week's Wednesday Warfare. The Frenchie finally admitted to likeing when then babyface Machina was demolished by War... although the Frenchie also admitted that he didn't personally give a damn about any of the wrestlers on CyberSlam's card. The Frenchie explained that fellow French Foundation members Mitch Wilson and Primetime were not in the fWo at the time, and the Frenchie was sick that night and was unable to grace the fWo with his presense. Chris Finn wondered aloud about this, and the Frenchie angrily suggested that the fWo cameraman roll the footage of Machina against War.

Machina vs. War


Perhaps there was some irony in the fact that Machina, current leader of the Lone Gunmen and Presidental hopeful, started his fWo career as a winner. Machina has made his name in the fWo by losing, and lost his way into the fWo Tag Title and winning a major battle royal event. Machina at the time of CyberSlam '98 was just starting out on his career as a wide-eyed innocent, and had the poor fortune to sign a match against War and the Dark Riders. Leading up to CyberSlam '98, the Dark Riders challenged nearly every member of the fWo with threats of their eventual takeover. The Dark Riders would make good on their claims at least in part, but going into CyberSlam the group had never been seen. The Dark Riders arrived at the ring en masse, and crippled Machina by literally tossing him into the unforgiving steel. This would set the tone of the Dark Rider involvement for months to come, but not before Machina had his revenge when he cost Death a title shot in a match against then champion Jim Dudley. Machina would go on to form the Lone Gunmen, and become one of the strangest members of the fWo roster.

Result: Machina by DQ

Machina Interview

Machina Interview

Machina and his entourage were spotted in the fWo facilities signing some upcoming matches for the Hardcore champion, the Shocker. Machina was spotted by Chris Finn, and asked for his thoughts on CyberSlam. Machina stated that he felt CyberSlam '98 was the real start of the Lone Gunmen attitude. Machina admited that even though he did not wrestle anymore, and had turned his tights in for a three piece suit and a carbon rod, he thinks back to the ass kicking he took at CyberSlam and wishes that he could do it all over again. Finn asked Machina if he would ever consider stepping into the ring again, and Machina simply replied that he doubted there was anyone stupid enough to want him to return to the ring. Machina encouraged everyone to vote Machina/Rod in 2000, and Chris Finn asked him when he would be unmasking. Machina looked confused, and Finn responded that a number of viewers, including Ultra Violet, had pointed out that you could not wear a mask if you were going to seriously run for president. Machina blew this question off, and left the area mumbling something about a "purple idiot".

Preview to Slaughter

Preview to Slaughter

Chris Finn closed the show reminding viewers that on Slaughter they would be looking at the tag match with Jim Dudley and Briana against what would soon be Ultra Cool, as well as the thirty man battle royal. Also on Slaughter would be special guests Scotty Cool, Scott Slugger, and former fWo wrestler Jim Dudley.