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WARPED90 - 5/10/14 - Wichita, KS - Wichita Ballroom

The Murder Mitten Mayhem Tour was our first state-wide tour and it was a great success. We take a brief stop by Wichita, KS, WARPED headquarters, for a quick show before beginning the next state-wide tour of Ohio in the Ohio Is For Fighters Tour.

In a pre-show match, Jason Richards defeated Chris Moore via pinfall.


WARPED90 - 5/10/14 - Wichita, KS - Wichita Ballroom

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WARPED90 opens as we see the packed 550 seater at the Wichita Ballroom of rabid fans ready for a great time. At ringside is our commentary team - Tony D and Kris Red.

Tony D: "Welcome in to WARPED90! We are live from Wichita, Kansas and tonight, Kris, we get somewhat of a breather."

Kris Red: "A breather in more ways than one. We just came off our biggest crowd yet with near 12,000 soldout in Detroit at Cobo Center. I could hardly breath let alone hear myself talk in that place. So packed and loud! But here we are with 550 rabid hometown fans in the ICT."

Tony D: "Tonight, we hope to hear from William Wallace and Mr. Rottentreats after the result of their main event World Title match at WARPED89 when the referee stopped the match due to what looked to be a horrible accident involving Mr Rottentreats."

WARPEDVision~Conclusion of the Match: He then pulls out his special MAGIC BLUNT and this is when he makes his huge comeback and WILLIAM WALLACE HITS A GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE AND MR ROTTENTREATS WAS SENT TUMBLING TO THE RINGSIDE AREA THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!! The fans, of course, let out the loudest and longest HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT chant you've ever heard. Its not known whether Wallace intentionally threw Treats over the ropes and through the table, but it looked like he didn't mean to do that at all. In fact, it looked like Treats attempted to grab on to the top rope and may had jacked his arm up. His landing was NOT pretty.

Tony D: "We know that Treats is just fine as he competed two weeks later at our joint show with FRONTIER, but we must wonder how he feels about referee stoppage of the match."

Kris Red: "I hear via Twitter that he's not happy about it whatsoever."

Tony D: "And speaking of Twitter, one of the hottest feuds on Twitter of the last week has been between Hugo Strange and Dylan Daniels as Hugo continues to convince Dylan Daniels to come out of retirement for an FnX match."

Kris Red: "The back and forth between them has been amazing. As you can see.."

WARPEDVision lights up scrolling through a few of the tweets.

Kris Red: "The restraining order.. that's the line."

Tony D: *laughing* "Well no matter how entertaining their Twitter exchange has been, one could only imagine what it'd be like if the two of them meet in the ring in the FnX world."

Kris Red: "FnX is making a big comeback. Who knew that little division Joey Matthew started in 2003 would still be around and so popular?"



Should Dylan Daniels Accept Hugo Strange's FnX Challenge?


Tony D: "You can vote now on whether you think Dylan Daniels should accept the FnX challenge from Hugo Strange or not! And speaking of things making a comeback.. let us not forget that the Junior Heavyweight Title is making its debut in WARPED soon!"

Tony D: "That's another huge story as Joey Matthew announced at 88 that the Junior Heavyweight Title was making its debut in WARPED. In the past, at Headstrong Wrestling, the Junior Heavyweight Title was considered one of the top titles due to the incredible talent and matches. There's now a tournament ongoing to find ourselves the first champion. Tonight, in first round matches, Triple J and Evangelista face off, plus 1/2 the Tag Team Champions Cameron MacNichol faces Ariel Shadows. The winners will join a first round winner Malik Logan in moving on."

Kris Red: "Malik Logan has himself some heavyweight action tonight as he faces William Wallace in the main event too. Tony D, tonight is s-t-a-to the c-k E=D!"

Tony D: "Let's jump into the first match in just a moment as we have tag team action to kick off the show. But first, allow us to take you to a pre-tape from earlier today of one of the new participants in this upcoming match."



Before the Show:

[ filmed before the show ]

"There's a storm coming!"

The camera fades into the scene which is located outside in the parking lots of Wichita Ballroom. An unrecognizable voice reverberates in the air as the camera pan to the direction of where the voice was coming from.

"You see, there are people in this company that would have never heard of me until last week when I put paper to pen and signed for this company. There are going to be people that vilify me in the locker room, people that dislike me amongst the audience. But you see, I'm not here for them. I'm here for myself. I'm here to prove to the world that I am the future of professional wrestling. You can hate me, you can boo me, you can even throw your crappy merchandise on me but that's not going to stop me from reaching greatness here in Warped Wrestling."

Mark Storm finished and licked his lips, grinning from ear to ear before regaining composure and speaking again.

Mark Storm: "This company has produced legends over the years who have gone on to bigger and better things. I want to be apart of that alumni, but I don't want to be another face that walked into this company and didn't make an impact. I want to be one of those wrestlers who will be remembered here. A wrestler who's name will be encrypted in the history books. My goal here in Warped Wrestling is to become the best wrestler that ever stepped into the four sided ring, in front of the greatest audience. I don't just want to be remembered, I want to become a dynasty!"

He pauses once again, nodding his head in approval.

Mark Storm: "Tonight, I make my debut here at Warped Wrestling and you better believe that this is going to be a victory for me. Teaming alongside Mike Conrad against the MC Incs who I have to admit are a great tag team partnership. But you see boys I know what to expect from you. You guys, you've wrestled over the globe and I recognize the names Casey Black and Lance Murphy. However you guys, you don't recognize me. You probably don't recognize Mike Conrad. You guys probably already think that tonight you've got the easy victory. I'm telling you this now boys, I am going to contract your expectations. You look at me, and I know that you don't see anything special."

"You just see another rookie who is trying to breakthrough the independent scene. You see, its people like you who underestimate my abilities because you never heard of the name Mark Storm however after tonight that name will be embedded in your minds. I'm not a carbon copy of what a wrestler should look like, should act like, and should behave like. I'm far from it. I'm not a model. I'm not particularly good looking. But I am.. I am a fighter. I've had to fight for most of my life. I grew up in New York, Brooklyn you had to fight otherwise you would get eaten alive. From a young age, I had to learn to master a craft of fighting."

"I'm not sponsored. I'm not advertised. I'm not 'straight edge'. I've experimented with drugs, I never knew my father. I've been behind bars. I've seen things that will haunt me forever when I was growing up as a kid. But you see I managed to bounce back from that, even though I went through all of that shit I'm still standing, I'm still here!"

"Tonight, I'm going to show you why they call me the future of professional wrestling. Why they call me the next big thing to land. A storm is coming!"

Storm chuckled as he finished his sentence, his chuckle reverberating in the air as he retreated backwards, with a smirk laying on his face as he clasped his hands together. The cameras then fade out.


Tag Team Match: MC Inc vs Mark Storm & Mike Conrad

Fade back in to the live ballroom crowd as Randy Long is in the ring ready to announce the match.

Randy Long: "The opening contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall."

The opening sounds of Nyan Cat hit the speakers. The music is allowed to play until the opening Nyan are heard and Casey and Lance are deployed. Two sophisticated killing machines sent back in time to protect John Connor and save the world.

Randy Long: "Introducing the first team - they are Lance Murphy and Casey Black - MC Inc!"

Making their way down the ramp, Lance and Casey slap hands with all of the fans that they are able to (even those who do not have their hands out) and pause to sample their beverages and pose for selfies with them before Casey drops someone's phone and Lance swiftly backhands him. Cowering in fear Casey watches on as Lance enters the ring, waiting, before he finally feels safe enough to follow suit.

Randy Long: "And their opponents - first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds, Mark Storrrrrm!"

The lights in the Wichita Ballroom engulf into darkness, as the eyes of the audience are now glued on the entrance ramp as they wait patiently for the arrival of Mark Storm. Playing through the PA System "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz as the audience get up on their feet and cheer as emerging from the tunnel is Mark Storm who stands on the top of the entrance ramp. Behind him walks his tag team partner Hiroyoshi Suzuki. With a smirk on his face, the future of wrestling raises his arms up high in the air, embracing the love of the audience before making his way down to the entrance ramp, with Hiroyoshi walking behind him.

I wish that I could fly
Into the sky
So very high
Just like a dragonfly

I'd fly above the trees
Over the seas in all degrees
To anywhere I please

Oh I want to get away
I want to fly away
Yeah yeah yeah

At this point, Storm has reached the bottom of the entrance ramp, after connecting with high fives with a few of the audience members by the ramp. He jumps onto the apron before entering the ring, immediately he hoists himself up onto the nearest turnbuckle, with his hands crossed together in an x position he raised his arms up in the air, glaring at the hundreds in attendance holding their WARPED merchandise and chanting his name. Storm jumps down from the top rope, licking his dry lips as he goes over to his corner clasping his hands together as he is prepared for action! Hiroyoshi stands nearby at ringside clapping his hands for his partner.

Randy Long: "And his partner...Mike Conrad!"

The greasy chip butty rages out of the arena speakers...but no Mike Conrad.

Randy looks around. Mark Storm talks to his friend Hiroyoshi. The camera shows MC Inc screwing off in the corner of the ringside area.

Randy Long: "Mike.. Conrad!"

The music fades out and the fans chant "WHO IS THAT? / HE'S NOT HERE" dueling chants.

Randy Long: "Introducing Mark Storm's partner... Mike.. Conrad!"

The Greasy Chip Butty Song hits the PA System.... and again no partner. MC Inc hop up on the apron and tell the ref to just start counting! Mark Storm cuts the referee off and tells him that if Mike Conrad isn't making it out here then how about Hiroyoshi Suzuki as his partner? The referee discusses with Hiroyoshi and confirms with him. The referee goes to confirm with MC Inc then decides not to as they are once again screwing off at ringside. The referee tells Randy Long what's up.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen I have just been informed.. taking Mike's spot in this tag team match, Mark Storm's new tag team partner, Hiroyoshi Suzuki!"

The fans pop and Hiroyoshi hops up on the apron and interacts with his partner in the corner.

Tony D: "Well it looks like we've got ourselves a little switch-a-roo with this tag team match. Mike Conrad is MIA but Hiroyoshi Suzuki is here with Mark Storm so we've got ourselves a replacement partner!"

Kris Red: "You know I'd say that MC Inc is at a disadvantage here cause they didn't prepare for Hiroyoshi but then again I don't know if they actually prepare at all."

Casey Black and Hiroyoshi Suzuki look to be starting this match off for their teams.

Tony D: "Two 26 year old competitors here going head to head as we kick off WARPED90 in a sold out Wichita Ballroom in Wichita, Kansas."

Kris Red: "Its the bi-curious Casey Black versus the bi-lingual Yoshih.. uh.. Shiro.. "

Tony D: "Hiroyoshi Suzuki, Kris."

Kris Red: "Hiroyoshi! That's it."

Collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring between Casey Black and Hiroyoshi Suzuki.. Casey with a headlock but Hiroyoshi pushes him off. Casey hits him with a clothesline and covers.. but Hiroyoshi kicks out immediately. Mark Storm cheers on his newfound partner and Lance Murphy shouts across the ring for Mark to shut up!

Tony D: "You know I have to hand it to Mark Storm for bringing Hiroyoshi to the show. None of us knew that Mike Conrad would no-show."

Kris Red: "Is it good? We haven't seen anything yet!"

Casey continues the offense with an irish whip and a hip toss, followed by another pin attempt but isn’t able to end the match as Hiroyoshi kicks out quickly. Casey Black tries a headlock. Hiroyoshi easily to get to his feet. Mark Storm is stomping on the apron which distracts Casey. Hiroyoshi capitalizes with a quick firemans carry takeover(Rainfall bomb) and he plants Casey hard on his back!

Tony D: "Well that was absolutely a quick and effective move!"

Hiroyoshi then tags out to Mark Storm but Hiroyoshi then hits the ropes and hits a Springboard Moonsault onto the downed Casey Black! The referee insists that Hiroyoshi gets out of the ring and he does as Mark Storm stalks Casey to get to his feet but then he spots Lance Murphy being ever so impatient as he hits the ring and Mark Storm lays him out with a superman punch!

Kris Red: "That's some New York Hustle for Lance Murphy! Thanks for comin'!"

Casey Black is up and he locks his hands around the waist of Storm from behind but Storm elbows out. He then lifts Black up on his shoulders for a Samoan Drop and Hiroyoshi Suzuki leaps off the top turnbuckle and as Storm executes the Samoan Drop, Suzuki hits a diving neckbreaker!

Tony D: "Whoa what was that!"

Kris Red: "Damn cool, that's what!"

The crowd pops and is on their feet as Hiroyoshi stands guard and Mark Storm covers...




The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - Hiroyoshi Suzuki and Mark Storm - they are the Society of Sovereignty!"

"Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz hits the PA System as Mark Storm and Hiroyoshi Suzuki stand tall with their arms raised up by the referee. The fans applaud the team's impressive efforts and quick work of MC Inc.

Suddenly "Headstrong" by Trapt interrupts and out comes President Joey Matthew onto the stage. His music dies down as the fans chant "Joey! Joey! Joey!"

President Joey Matthew: "Wichita Kansas what is UP!"

His hometown pops for him bigtime!

President Joey Matthew: "You know its great to be back in Wichita and its great to be a part of WARPED Wrestling in times like these. We have had a fun year so far with recently celebrating our Four Year Anniversary, our first ever state-wide tour of Michigan, and our joint show with Pro Wrestling Frontier which, by the way, WARPED did pretty damn good at!"

The fans cheer.

President Joey Matthew: "And up next we have our second state-wide tour of OHIO on the way. But I'm not here to talk about where we'll be next and where we've been recently. I want to talk about tag team wrestling. And ri-"

The fans pop for tag team wrestling.

"And you should love it! Right here, tonight, I have a decision to make regarding the division. You see its no joke that the Tag Team Titles haven't quite been as prestigious and saught after as I had hoped they would be from the beginning. And as I always am with you, I'll continue to be honest when I say that over the last two months I've put a lot of thought into getting rid of the titles."

The fans boo and Joey nods in approval.

"I figured that wouldn't be a popular decision. But you know what? Sometimes you have to do drastic things to rally the troops. Just this week I let the roster know that the division was in dire straits and now look at Mark Storm stepping up bringing in Hiroyoshi Suzuki for a meeting with me tonight about forming a tag team and low and behold it worked out anyway! That right there is inspiration to continue. But is it enough inspiration? That's what I have to decide. You'll hear more later tonight. So, Mark and Hiroyoshi, congratulations. MC Inc, eh. Thanks. Everyone, have a great night!"

Joey heads through the curtain as the camera pans back to the Society of Sovereignty in the ring nodding in approval. Fade out.




Tony D: "Well I can't wait to hear what Joey has to say about the Tag Team Titles tonight!"

Kris Red: "Ditto, Tony D. And of course I can't wait for the Reactions to pour in after the show is over. Every show, one camera gets set up backstage at the EXIT and the wrestler's of WARPED give their reactions to what went down. We're fresh off of 89.."



Hugo Strange walks up to the camera blood still covers his face and broken glass.

Hugo: Dylan, we are waiting for an answer, don't make this harder than it is just say yes.

Hugo starts to laugh as he walks away. Missy comes up and looks into the camera.

Missy: I am sorry Dylan, I am so sorry.

Missy walks off.


”Hugo, the answer now and forever shall be, a resounding no.”

The lens cap of the WARPED Reactions camera falls away; revealing Dylan Daniels wearing his trademark canary yellow sport coat.

”You can goad me all you want. It’s not going to happen. Why? Because, I’m retired. Do you see my picture anywhere on the WARPED roster page? Hell, it isn’t even in the staff section; but that’s a whole other conspiracy theory for a different day.”

Dylan Daniels cups his hands over his mouth; letting out a sigh.

”As far as the light in my eyes. That light stems from pride, not want. See, I’m proud of you. Because, I take great pride in knowing that the hottest rookie that WARPED and professional wrestling has ever seen was molded by, yours truly. I take great pride in knowing, that the current WARPED Evolution champion was also molded by, yours truly. Hell, I take great pride in knowing that a majority, albeit a silent one; passed through the Daniels Family Finishing School of Professional Wrestling.”

Dylan allows another sigh to escape his lips as he crosses his arms.

”This time last year, you were on your way to becoming the first man in the history of WARPED to have held the WARPED Triple Crown, Hugo. Now look at you.”

Another sigh escapes the surviving Daniels brother; as he rolls his eyes.

”You’ve went from commanding everyone’s attention; to begging for mine. The darkness of disappointment is about to overtake that light of pride in my eyes. With that said, I’ve got bad news for you. I’m tuning out.”



Crowbar limps past the camera, with a neck brace on. He turns his whole body to face it.

Crowbar: "....Not again. Well done Anton."

He turns and hobbles off mumbling about needing a walking frame after this.


"Am done with Treats, a have proved he isn’t in ma league, his win was a fluke an now there is no denyin it. It is time for me to look to the future focus on my next challenge, so who is next? What fool wants to come in an try to take ma championship? Who wants to be on the receivin end next time? Maybe this idiot from Headstrong that just can’t accept that company is dead? Am sure a can send him the way of that company pretty quickly just like a did to previous Headstrong alum Taurus Capone. Or maybe Hugo Strange, perhaps he wants to come for his rematch, maybe he wants to try and take ma title again, or maybe he is too busy tryin to make himself look good by beatin up has-beens and never-will-be’s in FnX matches. Perhaps we will see the return of Kandi Washington or Emily Corlen, they two always wanted to prove they could cut it with the big boys, but went runnin when the heat got too much for them. A don’t know who will be thrown at me next, an a don’t really care because the way a see it, there is no one on the WARPED roster that can legitimately challenge me for this title. A am simply the best there is, you will all just have to deal with that."

Wallace smiles and begins to walk away before Gefahr pulls him back and whispers something in his ear.


In the dark of the growing night, the back door of the arena for WARPED 89 opens slowly. With the gradual opening of the metallic door, a sea of light cascades down over the concrete floor on the exit, the camera picking up the silhouette of a tall figure appearing. The man steps out into the light, revealing the solid figure of a 6"8 man, with a black tank top and the blue letters "H-S-W" across the middle, cased in white flame...a throwback to the now defunct Headstrong Wrestling federation of the late 2000's.

The man wears a black hockey mask, a lead pipe resting on his shoulder. He steps further into the light, the eyes, barely visible in the shadows peering through the scratched mask.

Quietly, the man lifts the lead pipe, examining it whilst running his free gloved hand across the surface, as slow warm breaths create steam in the cool air.

Man: "You know, it's been almost a decade since..."

The quiet takes the exit again, as the man continues to embrace his weapon of choice.

Man: "It doesn't matter. It feels good to be back. To etch my name in the stone again."

The masked intruder looks at the camera, holding the lead pipe in his open palm, the other holding it in place.

Man: "Malik...I...nothing personal kid. Let's just say, right time, right place and the face fits."

With that, the man drops the pipe onto the concrete making an echo to break the stillness and walks off into the night, leaving more questions unanswered.

Fade out from Reactions promo...


Backstage: Headstrong?

We cut to the corridors backstage in the Wichita Ballroom where 'The Hitman' Malik Logan is pacing around with a purpose, visibly looking for something at every corner.

Malik Logan: "I'll get you, Headstrong guy! I know exactly who you are!"

Malik pushes open a door and peaks inside but doesn't find what he's looking for. He continues down the corridor and turns a corner, he stops in his steps and grins.

Malik Logan: "Busted!"

The camera man runs to Malik to see what he's looking at. We see a male of Asian-American descent wearing a black button-up shirt with the WARPED 'W' logo on the right breast pocket and a pair of baggy green cargo pants. Part of the crowd pops as they realize it's former HSW wrestler - Tai Hashi. In his hand is a red clipboard with show notes on.

Tai Hashi: "Hey Malik, how's it going?"

Malik points a finger into Tai's face, Tai seems quite taken aback.

Malik Logan: "Don't act so fucking innocent, Tai!"

Tai seems stunned. With his right hand he moves Malik's hand down away from his face slowly and calmly.

Malik Logan: "Warped Eighty-Nine, isn't it such a coincidence that YOU become a WARPED Road Agent and the same damn night I get jumped by a masked man in a HSW you think I'm stupid?"

Tai composes himself by straightening his collar.

Tai Hashi: "Look, I understand it's a huge coincidence but I'm a backstage guy now. I don't have no 'beef' with anybody in that ring, my job is to make sure the show runs as smoothly as possible. What makes you think I'd want to jump someone like you, Logan? I'm a behind-the-scenes man now..."

Malik Logan: "I'm watching you, Tai. I'm onto you."

Malik points at his eyes and then back at Tai to signal he's watching him as he backs off and heads back down the corridor he came from. Tai smiles awkwardly towards the camera.

Tai Hashi: "Wanna switch that off now?"


Junior Heavyewight Title Tournament - Round 1 Match
Triple J vs Evangelista

We cut to the middle of the ring where Randy Long is standing poised with a microphone to his lips.

Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall and is part of the WARPED Junior-Heavyweight Championship Tournament...”

The Wichita faithful pop in anticipation as a choir of children invade the PA with a rendition of popular playground classic 'John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt', the fans join in gleefully as the man himself, Triple J, walks out from behind the curtain. He reluctantly awknowledges the chants attempting not to let them get under his skin. By his side, his manager, girlfriend and therapist, Dr. Evie Everhardt, helps him with this, by constantly keeping him engaged in conversation or dispensing advice.

Randy Long: “Introducing first, from Rochester, New Hampshire. He weighed in this morning at one-hundred and ninety pounds...TRIIIIIIIPLE J!

Triple J makes his way into the ring as 'No Good Advice' by Girls Aloud hits the PA system and the fans cheer loudly. Evangelista runs out from behind the curtain and straight towards the ring, absently high-fiving the fans on the way.

Randy Long: “His opponent, hailing from Saint Helens, England, she weighs in at one-hundre and thirty-three pounds...EVAAAAAANGELIIIIISTAAA!”

She rolls under the ropes and makes her way to her corner with minimal fuss, keeping herself to herself as she psyches herself up. She crosses herself and shakes out her wrists before bouncing on her toes, warming herself up for the contest.

Tony D: “Evangelista looking as focused as ever!”

The WARPED referee signals to the timekeeper that it's time to get underway, the bell rings and the fans make some noise in anticipation for the contest. At ringside Dr Evie Everhardt thumps the ring apron with closed fists to encourage her boyfriend on. Inside the ring Evangelista glances an icy glare towards her opponent. She runs at Triple J who see's her coming and takes her down to the mat with an effortless hip toss. Evangelista pops straight back up to her feet, ricochets against the ropes and runs towards Triple J yet again, Triple J extends an arm to clothesline her but she drops to the mat early and takes down Triple J with a drop toe hold. She grabs his ankle and attempts a leg lock submission move but gets a kick to the gut for her worries. As she keels over clutching her torso area Triple J grabs her head and drills it into the mat with a DDT.

Kris Red: “Did you just see her head BOUNCE?”

Tony D: “That was certainly a hard DDT, it'll take awhile to shake that off.”

Triple J picks up Evangelista by her hair and irish whips her against the ring ropes, she ricochets off and hits a cross body but Triple J catches her. Triple J grins and surveys the Wichita faithful, however, before he can do anything Evangelista elbows him in the face once, twice and then after the third elbow Triple J lets her go, he holds his face and tries to click his jaw back into place but before he can sort himself out he gets a Bulldog to the mat. Evangelista then wraps her arms around his head and locks in a chickenwing submission.

Tony D: “Chickenwing! Evanglista showing great mat presence.”

Triple J wails in pain and stretches out a hand in the hope of grabbing onto a nearby ring rope. The fans look on in anticipation to see if he will tap out but he holds on, he shimmies slowly towards the ropes as Evanglista keeps on the hold.

Tony D: “Triple J is just centimeters away!”

With an almighty stretch Triple J clutches onto the bottom ropes forcing the referee to demand Evanglista breaks the hold. Hesitantly, and with a visibly annoyed expression adorned across her face, she releases. She stomps a few boots into Triple J's back as he rolls under the ropes and onto the edge of the ring apron. He picks himself up using the ring ropes and stands on the ring apron, Evanglista runs towards him, baseball slides through his legs and on her way through she grabs his ankles and pulls him to the floor outside. Triple J's jaw bounces off the ring apron and he falls to the mat at ringside.

Tony D: “Clever move by Evanglista.”

Kris Red: “That'll knock the taste outta your mouth!”

Evangelista doesn't waste a second and knocks an elbow jab to Triple J's face before headbutting him in the jaw. Triple J falls back against the guardrail where fans are cheering their appreciation at The Prodigal Daughter. Evanglista throws her much larger opponent back into the ring before either of them get counted out. She follows him in and as she makes her way to her feet she's met with a stiff uppercut to the jaw sending her back against the ring ropes. Triple J unleashes a vicious chop to Evanglista's chest before throwing her hard against one of the turnbuckles. He rears back before sprinting towards her and digs a hard shoulder into her gut. Evanglista keels over and falls into a sitting position, she's soon gasping for breath as Triple J places a boot onto her neck and holds.

Tony D: “I think Triple J is starting to get frustrated.”

The referee starts his count but John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt releases the hold at just a two count. Triple J awknowledges the referees warning and then proceeds to lift Evanglista up by her head. He holds her in position and hits a snap suplex into the middle of the ring, he hooks a leg.



Evanglista lifts up a shoulder!

Tony D: “Close! Just a two count.”

Triple J wanders over to the ring ropes and looks out at the Wichita crowd wondering what on earth he can do to keep his oponent, all of a sudden he's rolled up in a schoolboy pin!



Triple J kicks out! He rolls back to his feet but is soon dropped again by a huge missile dropkick knocking back to the mat. Evanglista wipes her hands before jumping and dropping a hard elbow to Triple J's sternum. She rolls him to the middle of the ring and locks in a Camel Clutch submission hold!

Kris Red: “IT'S OV.....”

Tony D: “Not yet, Kris!”

Triple J's hand hovers above the canvas as he wails in pain, the referee is now on all fours checking that he is okay to continue. Judging by the wails of pain he's not but he hasn't officially surrendered yet. Sweat drips down Evangelista's face as she blows the hair out of her eyes, trying to maintain focus and keep the submission move held on as much as possible. Triple J shimmies about on the mat and manages to get up to his knees but the submission hold is still firmly locked in. With a huge grunt he manages to get up to one leg but STILL the camel clutch is firmly held, suddenly with one giant burst of energy he picks himself up to his feet and throws Evangelista over his head and onto the mat. He falls to the floor and regains his breath and his composure.

Tony D: “Somehow, someway, Triple J manages to escape the submission move! Both competitors seem exhausted!”

Evanglista is the first to her feet, Triple J is using the ropes to help himself up. Evangelista kicks him in the gut to stop him from regaining his breath and pushes him against the turnbuckle. She digs an elbow into his face for good measure before climbing up to the middle turnbuckle, she gives another punch to Triple J's face before jumping high up in the air, landing on Triple J's shoulders and hitting a hurricanrana...

Kris Red: “Oh oh! She's been caught!”

Evanglista attempts a hurricanrana but Triple J holds on to her legs and stands his ground, Evanglista is now dangling upside down from Triple J's shoulders.

Tony D: “This does not look good for Evangelista!”

Evanelista uses all her core strength to lift herself back upright but she's still held onto Triple J's shoulders, before she can gain an offensive manouver from his shoulders...


Evangelista's skull bounces off to the mat, her shoulders pinned squarely to the mat. The referee slides in and makes the count.



THR....Evanglista kicks out!!

The crowd gasp! Evangelista somehow gets a shoulder up at the very last minute!

Kris Red: “I thought she'd died, Tony!”

Tony D: “I wouldn't go that far, Kris, but her head did hit the mat very hard there, she was surely seeing stars.”

Triple J, visibly frustrated, picks up Evangelista and picks her up onto the top turnbuckle facing the ring. He follows closely behind climbing to the second turnbuckle. Evangelista makes contact with a body blow, Triple J retaliates with a stiff punch to the skull, both combatants start exchanging blows on the top of the turnbuckle.

Tony D: “This doesn't look good for either of these two, neither are giving up!”

Kris Red: “This is what the Junior-Heavyweight Championship means to these WARPED Wrestlers, Tony. It's kinda a big deal!”

All of a sudden, Evangelista leaps onto Triple J's shoulders and slings him out of the ring crashing to the outside mats with a devastating headscissors! Triple J's body bounces off the mat as he lays lifeless, Evanglista rolls around clutching her abdomen area in agony!

Kris Red: “OWW!”

Tony D: “My word! I think they just fell from fifteen feet in the air!”

Kris Red: “Y'know, I don't think anyone came out of that a winner!”

The referee checks on both wrestlers, Evanglista squirming in pain and Triple J is still lifeless. The referee is giving him a few gentle slaps to the face to revive him. The referee slides back into the ring and has no choice but to begin the ten count.






Evanglista is starting to get to her feet using the ring steps. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Triple J has rolled onto his torso and is working out where he is and who he is with help from Dr. Evie Everheardt who is trying her best to knock some sense into him.



Evangelista rolls into the ring.

Tony D: “Triple J could get counted out here!”

Evie Everheardt tries to pick up Triple J with all her strength,


She manages to get Triple J to a standing position.


With an almighty thrust she pushes her boyfriend back into the squared circle, breaking the count at the very last moment!

Tony D: “The match continues!”

Before Triple J can get to his feet, Evangelista locks in a double grapevine dragon sleeper.


Almost immediately we can audibly hear Triple J shouting to end the match, the referee calls for the bell and Evangelista releases the hold.

Kris Red: “Wow, that look like it hurt like hell!”

Triple J rolls around on the mat and rolls outside of the ring towards Evie Everheardt. In the ring, the referee raises Evangelista's hand in victory.

Randy Long: “Here is your winner and advancing to the next round of the Junior-Heavyweight Championship tournament....EVANGELISTA!!”

The crowd pops in appreciation. Girls Aloud's "No Good Advice" hits the PA System as Evangelista celebrates her win.

Tony D: "Evangelista now advances in the Junior Heavyweight Title tournament tonight and joind Malik Logan as a 1st round winner!"

Kris Red: "Cameron MacNichol and Ariel Shadows is still to come as well!"

Evangelista makes her way to the ropes following her victory in the Junior Heavyweight tournament.

Tony D: "A good solid victory for Evangelista there, we could be looking at the inaugural Junior Heavyweight champion Kris!"

Kris Red: "Absolutely Tony. She looked fine in the ring. She always looks fine..."

She lifts the top rope and makes to leave, when suddenly the lights in the arena go out.

The usual lights are replaced by blue lighting and a silhouette is seen in the ring. Evangelista turns back into the ring just as the lights return, showing the large man with the black hockey mask and HSW sleeveless vest standing in the ring, lead pipe in his right hand hanging down.

Tony D: "That's...that's the same guy we saw at 89! Maybe we're gonna get some answers to why he attacked Malik Logan a couple of weeks ago!"

Kris Red: "I think he already explained that in his Reaction, no? And it might just be me Tony, but it doesn't look to me like that's a mic in his hand."

Immediately Evangelista runs at the man, who sidesteps her attempted forearm and dives forward with a chop block on her left knee, using the lead pipe. She falls to one knee, the masked man rising to his feet quickly and booting her in the face, forcing her onto her back. He then brings the pipe down against her head as she tries to sit up, leaving her motionless in the ring.

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA system as the masked man stands over Evangelista, shuffling in his pocket and retrieving a blue and black ribbon with the letters HSW across it. He drops it down onto her chest and leaves the ring via the ropes and jumps the guardrail, fans booing the actions incessantly.

Tony D: "What the hell? This only leaves more questions. Who is this guy? And why does he keep showing up here? Security have got to do something about this!"

Kris Red: "And he's using the old Headstrong theme... the same theme Joey Matthew uses..."

Tony D: "Coincidence, I'm sure..but we need to make sure Evangelista is okay.."

Referees hit the ring to check on Evangelista as this scene CUTS-





Mr. Rottentreats: “Selfishness.”

Live via satellite from Puerto Rico.

A familiar voice overtakes the static on WARPEDVision, Mr. Rottentreats appears; a mixture of blood, sweat, and face paint dripping into a puddle at his feet. The Wicked Clown Of WARPED removes the bloodstained towel from atop his green mane; that too is stained with blood.

Mr. Rottentreats: “The number one driving factor in this business is selfishness. Don’t let anyone fool you, WARPED Faithful. It’s not desire, it’s not heart, and it’s not even their dreams. It’s selfishness. Whether it be for the spotlight, air-time, or even that wad of cash Joey Matthew hands us before we walk through that curtain. The only thing these people I share the WARPED locker room with desire, is their egos being fed. They don’t let their heart show, until Joey shows them the cash; then it appears in the form of dollar signs in their eyes. And the only reason, they dream of being in the main event; is for the main event pay. Surprisingly, I’ll be the first to admit this of myself.

The camera tilts to show the WARPED Evolution and one of the Tag Titles draped across Treats’ left & right knee, respectively. Spread across these two WARPED championship titles; is close to three grand, all hundreds.

Mr. Rottentreats: “But unlike those people I’d rather earn my title shots; than politic for one. And unlike our current WARPED World Champion, William Wallace; I’ve proven that I can and will decisively defeat anyone and everyone that Joey puts in my path. I know for a fact, this is eating Wallace up from the inside. I outsmarted him! Then, when his title was on the line; it took a referee for him to win. A referee that had no right deciding whether or not I could continue with the match; designated WARPED official, or not. Am I pissed? OF COURSE I AM! But, here’s the thing. As long as I hold this; and continue to defend it.”

Treats swipes the hundred dollar bills across his gold covered lap; forming a stack. The elastic band around his wrist is quickly wrapped around the stack of cash; before he proudly displays the WARPED Evolution Title to the camera.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Joey Matthew will have no choice but to continue to award me with title shot, after title shot. With that in mind, eventually; I’ll surpass even William Wallace’s reign as Evolution champion. Sooner, or later; I’ll have both the World and Evolution titles within my grasp. Along with this.”

The Whole F’n Sideshow snaps his finger; causing Vaughn Ronie Jr. to enter the frame and withdraw the Evolution title. VRJ stands stoically beside his older brother; cradling the Evolution championship. Treats sits his ½ of the WARPED Tag Team titles upon his blood stained lap.

Mr. Rottentreats: “It seems that with the introduction of the Junior Heavyweight title, and the rumors of the Fn’X division making a comeback; these WARPED Tag team titles have been pushed to the wayside. Which, brings me back to the aforementioned; selfishness. Selfishly, I want both tag titles. Only because it would seem as though Cameron MacNichol is far more focused on things that he deems more important. As for me, if Cameron isn’t down with the clown; I’ve got plenty of other options..”



The door to Joey Matthew’s office for the night swings open. Crossing the threshold, with an impeccable tan, and rocking the hell out of a custom made suit; is “Dee-Licious” Douglas Divine. Douglas Divine places his hot pink framed sunglasses back on his face; before shaking Joey Matthew’s hand.

Douglas Divine: “No sir, the pleasure was all mine. The Tag Titles need a shot in the arm; you can just consider Treats and I, intravenous therapy.

Joey Matthew crosses the threshold into the hallway; shaking his head, as if he’s unsure about the decision he just made. Kelly Calloway approaches Matthew on cue.

Kelly Calloway: "Mr Matthew, can you tell us what that was about? Douglas Divine is back with WARPED???"

He nods.

Joey Matthew: "Remember how I said I had a decision to make regarding the Tag Team Championship? Well, I've made one. At WARPED91 in the beginning of the Ohio is for Fighters Tour, Cameron MacNichol will put his half of the Tag Team Titles on the line against Douglas Divine. I can't say much else yet but, that's what I have for now."

He nods at her and walks off as Kelly looks on. Fade out.



Junior Heavyewight Title Tournament - Round 1 Match
Cameron MacNichol vs Ariel Shadows

The camera fades back to the ring area as we're ready for the next match.

Randy Long: “The following is a first round contest in the WARPED Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan; accompanied to the ring by his sister, Dyan!”

Lights around the arena flash in time with the music as the manic riff of "Rock Bottom" plays over the speakers. After a moment or two, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain with his sister Dyan.

Randy Long: “He weighed in tonight at 200lbs; and is one half of the WARPED Tag Team Champions. He is The Dirty Mac, CAMERON MAAACNIICHOOL!”

Tony D: “The Dirty Mac is looking to start a streak tonight, Kris.”

Kris Red: “Another one? Isn’t he already on a losing streak, Tony D?”

Stopping at the top of the ramp, he takes Dyan's hand and gives her a once-around twirl. As they reach the ring, Cameron slides under the bottom rope into the ring, and jumps to his feet, his arms raised in a triumphant gesture.

Tony D: “I would hardly call one loss a losing streak.”

Kris Red: “Why do you always have to present the facts, Tony D?”

Randy Long: “And his opponent for the evening; She weighed in today at 146lbs.”

Kris Red: “Randy Long needs to learn how to be more gentleman like. You never reveal woman’s weight!”

Tony D: “I definitely wouldn’t take any chances being anything less than a gentleman toward Ariel Shadows. She’s a multi time martial arts champion, Kris.”

Kris Red: “Yeah, Tony D; when she was a kid!”

"Ducktales: The Moon" begins to play. Ariel pulls up the collar of her denim jacket upon stepping through the curtain. Many fans cheer, with the majority of them singing along with the trademark theme.

Randy Long: “From Anchorage, Alaska; Ariel SHAAAADOOWS!”

Ariel slaps a few hands, quickly jogging down to the ring. Ariel leaps onto the apron, and leapfrogs the ropes. Quietly, she throws her jacket to the outside and runs the ropes a time or two.

Tony D: “This is quite the interesting match-up, Kris. We’ve got the submission specialist, Cameron MacNichol versus a martial artist; Ariel Shadows.”

Kris Red: “Or as I like to call it, the tap or pass out technique versus the swipe and slap technique.”

Cameron and Ariel circle each other; Cameron attempting to grab at Ariel’s hands. Cameron swoops in for a collar and elbow tie up; Ariel evades and trips Cameron up. Cameron down on a knee nods in approval; as he rethinks his game plan. Ariel throws a spinning heel kick at the head of a kneeling Cameron; he rolls out of the way and up to his feet.

Tony D: “Seems Cameron MacNichol has been scouting his competition.”

Kris Red: “That’s a good thing, Tony D. She damn near took the Dirty Mac’s head off with that kick!”

Cameron offers a handshake in a show of sportsmanship; Ariel obliges.

Kris Red: “Alright ladies, this isn’t the time for hugs and kisses!”

Tony D: “Nothing wrong with a show of sportsmanship.”

Kris Red: “Save it for the end of the match!”

No sooner than the two Junior Heavyweight Championship hopefuls exchange pleasantries; Ariel sends a swift kick into the left thigh of Cameron. Cameron shakes the pain off; then attempts a thigh kick of his own. Ariel evades and tosses a thrust kick into the midsection of Cameron. Ariel follows up with an attempt at a Running Bionic Elbow; Cameron counters with an arm drag!

Kris Red: “Ooo merthay dadday! She almotht thplit hith cranium with that bionic bow of herth, eef ya weel!”

Tony D: “Are you o.k. over there?”

Kris Red: “Fine ath wine and feelin’ like da bull of da woodth, Tonay D! MOOOOOO!!”


Tony D: “While my broadcast colleague recovers from his Funky Like A Monkey syndrome; Cameron MacNichol cranks on the arm of Ariel Shadows.”

WARPED Faithful start to get behind Ariel as Cameron applies pressure on the Armbar. Ariel rises to her feet long enough to send Cameron over with a Judo Hip Throw; then throws a stiff kick to the back of a seated Cameron. His face reeks of extreme pain; Ariel takes advantage of his writhing by rebounding off of the ropes and hitting a dropkick to Cameron’s face. Ariel attempts a pin.



Ariel holds back her frustration with the referee; Cameron rolls to the corner to check his mouth for blood. Ariel charges at Cameron; as he rises to his feet. Cameron attempts a back body drop into the turnbuckle; Ariel commits to a headstand on the top turnbuckle. Cameron confused by the lack of a thud; turns into a mule kick from Ariel that staggers him. Cameron runs at Ariel; now seated on the top turnbuckle. Ariel greets him with a stiff forearm to the jaw; then applies a front face lock.

Tony D: “Ariel is signaling for the Facepalm!”

Kris Red: “No dythe dadday!”

Cameron blocks the bulldog attempt with an atomic drop. Ariel clutches her tailbone in agony as she drops to the mat; Cameron with a pin attempt.


Cameron reverts to his days as the Dirty Mac and pulls Ariel to her feet by the hair. Ariel pushes Cameron off of her; Cameron throws a closed fist! Ariel evades; Cameron throws another closed fist! Ariel evades and counters with a European Uppercut!

Tony D: “Ariel displaying an impressive array of Aikido Parries, Kris.”

Kris Red: “You’re welcome.”

Cameron stumbles back; Ariel attempts to capitalize with another series of kicks. Cameron isn’t having it and begins to toss kicks of his own. Ariel catches one of Cameron’s kicks. The crowd fires up with a Sweep The Leg chant. Cameron doesn’t give Ariel time to register the chant and nails her in the side of the head with a swift enziguri. Cameron shakes the cobwebs out of his legs; before attempting a pin.



Tony D: “These two are giving these great WARPED fans some incredible back and forth action!”

Kris Red: “You’re not kidding, Tony D! These two aren’t even going to let concussions stop them from becoming the first WARPED Junior Heavyweight Champion!”

Cameron brings Ariel to her feet once more; this time attempting a pile driver. Ariel reverses with a back body drop; Cameron lands on his feet. Ariel turns into a swinging neck breaker attempt; which she blocks. Front face lock applied by Ariel; she lifts up Cameron up and drops his legs on the top rope. Ariel is successful with the slingshot Suplex. Ariel rolls through bringing Cameron to his feet; still holding a front face lock. Ariel quickly transitions that into a bulldog; for the Facepalm! Cameron loopily rises to his feet; only to be met with a jumping spinning shin kick to the head!

Tony D: “The Kicker!!”

Ariel covers Cameron; hooking the leg.




Kris Red: “It’th ova, rova!”

Randy Long: “Your winner, and advancing to the 2nd round of the WARPED Junior Heavyweight title tournament; ARIELL ssSSSHAAAADOOOWS!”

Tony D: “You’ve got to wonder how this is going to affect Cameron going into WARPED91; with his half of the WARPED Tag Titles on the line!”

Kris Red: “Losing to a girl is never easy, Tony D! It’s definitely going to mess with his head!”

Tony D: “Would you stop it?!”

Kris Red: “Only when the money stops rolling in, Tony D! I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.”

The camera cuts to Tony and Kris.

Tony D: "Well Ariel Shadows now joins Malik Logan and Evangelista in the 1st Round winners circle. Speaking of Evangelista, we can tell you that she did leave the ring earlier on her own volition but she looked pretty banged up."

Kris Red: "She's a fighter though, no doubt. Thing is, why did the Headstrong masked man attack Malik, and now Evangelista? We need to kno-"

Tony D: "Hold on just a second, Kris. I'm being told we have a video to play concerning this.."




In the back, the cameras have caught up with the masked man with the hockey mask still on. He still wears the HSW top, but has a dark hoodie over it, the hood over his head slightly obscuring his face. The lead pipe is in his right hand hanging towards the floor as he slowly paces back and forth. Looking at the camera, he pauses.

Man: "Tick-tock, tick-tock. Another fortnight, another victim. I'm disappointed Joey, where did you find these guys, the Louisiana Job Center? There was a time when the Junior Heavyweight Title meant something...when 32 or 64 of the industry's best would enter the Total J Cup for a shot; it was the envy of the once proud Primetime Central. But now?"

The man paces back and forth again, lifting the pipe up and letting it fall idly against his palm. He sighs out slowly.

Man: "You may not see it yet, but I'm doing you a favour. This company is a poor imitation of what was. Busking from small town to small town for a few dollars at the circus...where did the lights, action and passion go? Once upon a time men and women would bleed themselves dry for a shot at the Headstrong championships. But I guess like everything else in life the competition got fat and lazy, paycheck over legacy."

The man stops again,,lifting the hood from his head, to reveal his eyes piercing through the mask.

Man: "Evangelista...I'm gonna tell you what I told the other kid last week. Nothing personal. Right place, right time, right statement. See you next time, Warped."

With that, the man turns his back on the camera and walks off, the sound of the lead pipe being dropped onto the floor echoing...


Main Event: William Wallace vs. Malik Logan

Randy Long: The following contest is set for one fall and is the main event of the evening!"

The ring lights go dim in the arena as the stage lights flash a dark red. Hollywood Undead's "Undead" blasts on the PA system to a pop from the WARPED faithful as they await the HitMan.


The chorus kicks in and the lights come up. Bursting through the curtain comes WARPED original Malik Logan. The Wortown Warrior stands at the top t of the stage, soaking in the reaction he's getting from the WARPED fans before raising one arm and making his way down the ramp.

Randy Long: "Introducing first; from Worcester, MA, weighing in at 220 lbs... THE HITMAN... MAAAAALLLLIIIIKKKKKK LOOOGGGGAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!

The announcement from Randy Long pumps the crowd up even more as The Worcester Tornado continues his way to the ring. He moves to his left side and gets some of the hands of the fans at ringside before finally making it to the ring area. Logan walks past the steps and slides right on the apron a la Dolph Ziggler and then immediately pops up to both feet. He quickly steps in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle diagonal to the steps. He climbs on the middle rope, puts his head down, and then throws both arms up bring his head up with them. Malik hops down and the music dies out as he awaits his opponent.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Inverness, Scotland. Weighing in at 254 pounds, he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling World Champion... William Waaalllllaaaaaaaace!"

The arena blacks out as Crank begins to fill the arena. 30seconds into the song Wallace appears, standing at the top of the entrance way lit up by one single spot light with his head down. At the 40second mark he kicks into life raising his World Title up and shouting abuse at the booing fans as he makes his way to the ring. As he approaches the foot of the entrance way he jumps and rolls under the bottom rope, getting to his feet and spinning a few times before taunting the fans and raising the World Championship high above his head.

Tony D: "Well we've already heard from Mr. Rottentreats tonight but no word from William Wallace thus far. For the first time ever in WARPED, a World Title Main Event was stopped by a referee at #89 and Wallace is still the World Champ."

Kris Red: "Well he looks all business to me tonight Tony D. Perhaps he's said all he's going to say with his promo a couple days ago?"

Tony D: "Well I know in that promo he did mention that he'd be ready for any future challengers, be it the Headstrong masked man, Hugo and his rematch, or anyone else."

As the bell sounds, William Wallace walks up to Malik Logan with a look of confidence on his face. He's quite sure of himself as he looks down at Logan in the eyes. He taunts him and tells him to take the first shot and Malik Logan doesn't wait for him to change his mind as Logan drills him with a hard right hand. The fans pop! Logan's jaw drops!

Kris Red: "Good lord thank the HEAVENTHS, jack, that Wallace doesn't have dentures. They'd be at the other end of the building!"

Logan shakes his hand and grabs his wrist as Wallace decides that was a horrible idea and he hits a BIG BOOT to the FACE of Malik Logan. He adjusts his jaw and spits down on Logan as he stands over him. Wallace shakes his head 'ah, never again' as he grips the dreads of Logan and brings him to his feet... but Logan suddenly leaps and hits a DROPKICK and that takes Wallace off his feet! The fans pop!

William Wallace gets to his feet and Malik Logan delivers repeated right hands, backing him into the corner, but as soon as he backs him there, that's when Wallace decides he's had enough as he grabs him around the waist, lifts him up and places him in the corner. Wallace then delivers ridiculously loud and hard knife edge chops to the chest of Logan. With every chop, Logan starts to drop to the mat but Wallace says 'ah no no' and keeps him up, and delivers another chop. By the fifth chop, Wallace pulls Logan by the hand out of the corner and lays him out with a short-arm clothesline. Wallace with the cover..


Kick out!

Wallace brings Logan to his feet and he tries fighting the champion off..but Wallace delivers a kick to the gut. He now sets him up for a vertical position and lifts him in the air but Logan lands on his feet and leaps high in the air for a big dropkick that sends Wallace through the ropes and to the ringside area!

Kris Red: "Nice counter from the hopeful Junior Heavyweight Champeen!"

Malik claps his hands and the fans start clapping along as he prepares for a dive. He hits the ropes and runs toward Wallace and as he leaps through the ropes Wallace drills him with a huge right hand and he's caught in no-man's land hanging on the ropes. Wallace then headbutts Logan and he falls back into the ring.

Tony D: "That definitely didn't work out for Malik Logan."

An angered Wallace quickly gets into the ring and yanks Logan to his feet. He sets him up again for the vertical suplex. He lifts him up in the air and releases as Logan drops on his back!

Tony D: "Sinister Urge! William Wallace is taking it to The Hitman Malik Logan!"

Wallace covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "William Wallace is using more force than we've seen him use in some time and you know I wonder if Mr. Rottentreats had something to do with it."

Kris Red: "What are you speculating about now?"

Tony D: "Ever since that victory over Wallace by Treats a couple of months back, Wallace has been getting more intense in the ring and you saw how the World Title match at 89 ended!"

Wallace proves Tony D right as he hurls Logan over the top rope and he crashes at ringside. Wallace follows out.

Kris Red: "You might have a point actually."

Wallace hoists Logan up on his shoulder and torpedo tosses him into the steel ringpost! The referee yells at Wallace to bring it back in as he starts a 10 count.


Wallace puts the boots to Logan on the floor.



Wallace taunts Logan to get up. He points to the fans nearby in the front row that are cheering him on. Wallace mocks them before bringing Logan to his feet and leaning him up against the apron.


Wallace delivers a big kick to the gut and Malik doubles over. Wallace grabs Logan by his dreads and pulls him to his feet.


He leads him around the ring toward the commentary table.

Tony D: "We better move!"

Tony and Kris get out of their seats as Wallace slams Logan's face off of the wood table!


Wallace taunts the crowd as they continue to boo him and cheer for Logan. Wallace boots Logan in the gut and slams his face off the barricade and holds his face there to show the fans how hurt he really is. Wallace releases him and he drops to the floor.


The referee shouts at Wallace to bring it in the ring! Wallace grabs Logan by the head and adheres to the referee's request? He brings Logan up on the apron and tells the referee that he'll gladly bring him back into the ring and he proceeds to put Logan between his legs, lift him in the air and poewrbomb him into the ring. The referee jumps out of the way from the unexpected powerbomb. Wallace smirks as he enters the ring and asks the ref if he's happy now? He covers..



Wallace uncovers him and shakes his head. He playfully slaps Logan around a few times to wake him up. Wallace stands up and walks away from Logan, shouting "get up! get up!" as he walks away to the corner. Logan in fact does rise up slowly as Wallace then turns and charges, SPEAR!

Tony D: "What a spear from William Wallace!!"

Kris Red: "Tony D, William Wallace is tearing apart Malik Logan!"

Wallace leans up against the corner yet again as he watches Malik Logan, clutching his midsection, slowly rise to his feet.

Tony D: "What do you think he could be up to now?"

Wallace tells Logan to hurry it up. Logan slowly rises enough for Wallace to charge in again with another SPEAR!

Kris Red: "Oof!!"

Tony D: "A second spear from the World Champion!"

The fans chant "Let's go Malik! Let's go Malik!" and Wallace gets to his feet and scoffs at them. He rolls his eyes as he turns around and slowly walks to the corner for a third time. He shouts out at the 550 fans "chant all ya want! A think you're wastin' your time!"

Kris Red: "I tend to agree with him actually... Logan needs to just stay down."

Logan doesn't stay down, though. He pushes himself up once more and Wallace charges in with a third spear!

Tony D: "Ugh, another one. A hat trick of spears from William Wallace. Just cover him already."

Wallace does cover him..



But he pulls Logan up off of the mat from the final count. He isn't done with him yet. Wallace brings Logan to a vertical position and whips him into the ropes. Wallace ducks down as Logan comes back and kicks Wallace in the face!!!

Tony D: "Wha!"

The fans pop and Logan comes after Wallace and SPINEBUSTER FROM WILLIAM WALLACE!"

Kris Red: "Well so much for that.."

The fans erupt in boos as William Wallace scowls and pulls Logan to his feet. Wallace brings him onto his shoulders and delivers an aggressive TKO!

Tony D: "Highland Fling.."

Wallace has a smug look on his face as he covers Logan, hooking the leg..




Kris Red: "Finally over.."

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - William Wallace!"

"Crank" by Psyko Dalek hits the PA System as William Wallace demands his World Championship. Once he's given it, he holds it in the air for all to see. The fans continue to boo him and he continues to taunt them with the big gold belt.

Tony D: "What a decisive victory for William Wallace tonight. Malik Logan tried to put up a fight but Wallace was on his game tonight."

Kris Red: "Wallace is ALWAYS on his game, Tony D!"

Wallace kneels down next to the lifeless body of Malik Logan and holds the World Title up to his face. Wallace grins as he shoves the gold plate into the side of Logan's face. He rubs it in and then stands up and puts a couple boots to Logan while the referee pleads for him to stop. Wallace backs up and heads through the ropes as his music plays and boos rain down. WARPED90 comes to a close and fades out.