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The camera settles on the announcing table. Chris Finn is picking at his teeth while James Armstrong scratches his butt with the passion of a man with a bad itch. Muffled laughter is heard as Finn and Armstrong face the camera. Finn squints, and asks aloud "is that on?"

Show opening

The Warfare show opening rolls, and fireworks burst through the crowd. Chris Finn and James Armstrong are the announcers for the evening, and both remind the crowd that the third and forth matches in the International Title Tournament are tonight, and the Hardcore Title is on the line as well. Cameras cut to the outside where the Shocker and the rest of the Lone Gunmen are arriving. The Shocker is carrying a metal crowbar and looks determined as the cameras cut to the inside of the arena and the first match.

Apocolyptica vs. Mitch Wilson

Mitch Wilson

In the first match of the evening Mitch Wilson came to the ring with the rest of the French Foundation. Apocolyptica entered the ring from the crowd. She looked serious and altogether uninterested in the match, as the bell rang she scanned the crowd for something or someone. Apcolyptica started off strong, but Wilson wore her down with submission holds. Wilson finally applied a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold for the victory. The Frenchie held up one finger, telling the crowd that he would also advance later in the night.

Result: Mitch Wilson by Submission

Ground Zero vs. Elementals

Jackhammer and Wolf Fang came to the ring with Stump, and the Black Quicksilver along with him. The Elementals came to the ring, with Stone and Wynd along with them. Fyre and Fathom looked exhausted and beaten, and could barely stand in the ring. Jackhammer delivered a quick powerbomb to Fyre, and she simply collapsed. Jackhammer quickly pinned her for the victory and they left the area. Inside the ring Stone looked upset at this turn of events, and informed the weary bWo that they would have to train harder.

Result: Ground Zero by Pinfall

Cactus Jon vs. Ultra Violet

Cactus JonUltra Violet

Ultra Violet came to the ring with Violet, and the pair began spray painting hands of fans as they went. Cactus Jon came to the ring along with eight members of the TCW. The two wrestled a normal match for a short amount of time, until Eron the Relentless pulled Ultra Violet from the ring and tossed him into the ring corner. With Sid holding Violet back, the rest of the TCW demolished Ultra Violet gang-style, while inside the ring Cactus Jon held the ref back. Jon grabbed a microphone and told the crowd that he was sending a message to Scotty Cool... that his days were numbered. For in a lumberjack match, outside interference is all part of the rules.

Result: Ultra Violet by DQ

Machina vs. Flying Frenchie

MachinaFlying Frenchie

The Lone Gunmen came to the ring, treading carefully on the shiny entrance ramp. Machina told the crowd that his campaign was going well, and that they should tune their television sets to the Jerry Springer show next week to see his appearance there. Machina then told the crowd that he would not be fighting tonight, but that he special appointed man would wrestle. With that, Machina tossed the carbon rod into the ring and told the Frenchie that he was in for the beating of a life. The Frenchie came to the ring and paced the carbon rod, looking at it incredulously. The Frenchie then put a foot on the rod as the ref counted to three. Machina rushed into the ring and clobbered the Frenchie over the head with the rod, but the match had already ended at that point. Machina mumbled that the rod needed some practice to shake off the "carbon rust". Machina then challenged "Stump" to a match against "Rod" next week.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall

New Ninja (c) vs. Shocker


The Ninja came to the ring as the Shocker rushed the champion. The Shocker began to club the Ninja with a crowbar, beating him down to the ground. The Ninja rallyed back, tossing the Shocker over the guardrail and into the crowd, crushing several fans. The two brawled through the crowd and into the back of the arena, and then the women's bathroom. As they entered Sid Snow exited, holding a steel chain. From there the rest of the Lone Gunmen jumped the Ninja, turning it into a five (or six if you count the rod) on one situation. Too much for the Ninja, the ref determined the match a no-contest, and ruled that the two would face again a week later, with a steel cage to keep outside inference away. As the cameras went off, fWo security drug off the Lone Gunmen...

Result: No Contest