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The UTA was live from the RiverCentre in St. Paul, MN last night in front of a  sold out and red hot crowd.

The show opened up by honoring local wrestling journalist, Wade Keller, with a plaque for the last twenty years of service running the Pro Wrestling Torch.

In the first match, IM Hate went over Esteban Awesome. Hate appeared to be back on track after a rough patch following his ex partner leaving the company.

Log Habben defeated Roscoe Shame. Habben continued to show why management is behind him on his ascension to the top.

Tobias Devereux defeated Wülfric.

Sean Jackson came out and told the crowd, that like he has been doing since the pay per view, Madman Szalinski was at home nursing his injuries. Jackson then challenged Abdul bin Hussain to a championship match to set up the main event of the night.

CBR went into singles action against Max Burke, picking up the victory.

In the next match, Yoshii squashed Michael Byrd in thirty four seconds with a clothesline followed by a Yoshii Bomb.

In the main event, Sean Jackson and Abdul bin Hussain battled for control. Just when Hussain was about to hit the Pray to Allah, Vanessa distracted him allowing Jackson to hit a Samoan drop.

As Jackson covered the champion, his attention was pulled away by the screaming fans as Madman Szalinski ran down from the back. Jackson leaped up and rushed the ropes. However, Madman was just too quick, scurrying up the turnbuckle and launching himself off with a cross body block taking down Jackson.

The referee called for the bell, giving the match to Jackson due to disqualification. No title change occurred.

Angry at the match shenanigans, Hussain stayed out of it, dropping to the mat and rolling out before heading up the ramp way, title in hand and disgust on his face.

Getting up again, Jackson tried to surprise Szalinski, but was met with spinning heel kick to lay him out. Szalinski posed on the top turnbuckle to end the show and send the fans home happy.