Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Wrestle UTA has a lot of headaches recently with a pair of superstars apparently putting not only themselves at risk, but also many people around them.

After the previous edition of Wrestleshow, Kendrix has been very outspoken of his desire to seek retribution against Chris Hopper for costing him a shot at the Legacy Title. This has led to a series of skirmishes in placed UTA probably wishes had not happened, culminating in yet another "Plane Ride from Hell" in the wrestling business.

Hopper and Kendrix came to blows at an autograph signing in Dubai two days after Wrestleshow. The veteran was taking photographs with fans and doing public relations appearances when Kendrix came out of nowhere and leapt over the table and began throwing fists at Hopper's head. Security broke it up soon after and no fans were injured, but it was the beginning of a downward spiral.

Saturday, October 10, it happened again at the baggage claim in Athens, Greece. Hopper was putting his bag with the company for carrying it in the plane and he turned around to get Kendrix leaping off the counter and again attacking him out of nowhere. Airport security was called in and both men were separated.

But the true danger came a few hours the air.

Hopper was sitting in his seat in the first class section of the plane, resting on the flight to London with a hot towel on his face. Kendrix again came into the section and used the silver covering dish as a weapon, bending it over his face with force. The two began throwing wild punches at each other and the plane's security officer rushed in with his weapon drawn in order to gain control.

The fight nearly caused the plane to make an emergency landing, but the armed agent restored order and allowed it to continue. No passengers were harmed, but both men were secured and handed over to police upon landing at Heathrow Airport in London.

They were held overnight Sunday evening and released on bond Monday afternoon.

No comment from Wrestle UTA on whether or not there will be disciplinary action taken against these two men for causing disturbances and safety problems for fans and those on the flight to London. They are both scheduled to appear at Wrestleshow next Monday, October 19.