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Warfare began with the usual fireworks and explosions, this time sounding loud enough to set-off various car alarms in the parking lot, and cause several members of the audence to wince in pain. As Chris Finn and James Armstrong took to the announcing booth the Black Quicksilver's music began to play, and the Black Quicksilver made his way to the announcing table. Donning a headset, the Black Quicksilver explained that he had to get the word out on his new wrestler, Stump, and he would be doing commentary for the evening with them while scouting for future Stump opponents. As James Armstrong rolled his eyes, air-raid sirens began to sound, and out came Doomsday.

Doomsday Interview

Stevie Roberts and the rest of Doomsday made their way to the ring, with Stevie waving a tattered blue Doomsday jersy in the air. Stevie got into the ring, and then instructed Famine to grab an attractive female fan from the crowd and bring her into the ring with them. A smiling Famine complied, and brought an angry by helpless girl to the ring. Roberts then explained that Doomsday was doing a little "spring cleaning" and discovered that one of their members didn't have quite have the same "drive" as the others, and Roberts stated that he was starting to suspect that one of their members was turning a "Sid Snow" on them. The Surgeon and Famine then attacked Doomsday member Stevie Richards from behind, driving him to the mat. As all members of Doomsday beat down the helpless Roberts, Judge Steel arrived on the entrance ramp. Steel ran to the ring and Roberts looked as though he was about to attack the newcomer, but then pointed to the helpless Richards, and Judge Steel joined in on the attack. Stripping Richards of his shirt, Stevie Roberts pulled out a can of black spraypaint and sprayed "WWF" on Richard's back before kicking him from the ring. Roberts then informed that Doomsday didn't have any tolerance for slackers and freaks, and if the crowd didn't like it, they could "shag it". Roberts then told Markus Cairn to get his pale ass to the ring and get prepared for a severe ass kicking.

Stevie Roberts vs. Markus Cairn

Cairn came to the ring running, but rather than get into the ring he launched himself at his long-time rival and former tag team partner Judge Steel. Cairn tossed Steel into the metal barrier, but was quickly fell upon by the other members of Doomsday, and Famine and the Surgeon rolled Cairn inside the ring. Roberts quickly applied an armbar and taunted Cairn by smacking his head and laughing at the larger superstar. Roberts tossed Cairn into the ropes for a quick lariat, but Cairn reversed under and hit a strong running forearm. As Cairn went to the ropes again his legs were grabbed by Judge Steel. Cairn turned to confront Steel and Roberts readied a superkick. As Carin turned, Roberts landed the superkick and rolled by Cairn for the pin. The rest of Doomsday entered the ring then, and Roberts sprayed "D" on the forehead of Cairn before giving Carin several crotch chops. Roberts then grabbed the microphone and shouted that Doomsday had some unfinished business to take care of, and that Chris Kidman and Matthew Zhuk had better watch their backs, and "old man" Scotty Cool had better get off their backs. Doomsday then left the ring, dragging the protesting girl with them.

Result: Stevie Roberts by Pinfall

Apocolyptica vs. Mitch Wilson

Mitch Wilson

Apocolyptica came to the ring through the crowd, looking around herself nervously as she went. Mitch Wilson came to the ring with Primetime, and cameras picked up the Flying Frenchie backstage arguing with the Commissioner of the fWo. Mitch and Apocolyptica quickly traded holds and counterholds, while Primetime watched the action from ringside. As Primetime watched, a man wearing a purple mask made his way to ringside, and snuck up carefully behind Primetime. The masked man tapped Primetime on the shoulder, and delivered a quick DDT when Primetime turned around. With Primetime on the ground the masked man quickly escaped through the crowd. Mitch Wilson was momentarily distracted by this, and Apocolytpica rolled him up for a two-count. Mitch Wilson reversed the pinfall attempt and quickly grabbed the ankle of Apocolyptica in an ankle-lock submission hold. Apocolyptica edged close to the ring ropes, but a slowly standing Primetime batted her hand away when she reached for the ropes. Unable to get to the ring ropes, Apocolyptica submitted to the hold. Wilson and Primetime slowly walked backstage, with Primetime rubbing his head and grumbling about the "purple fool".

Result: Mitch Wilson by Submission

Flying Frenchie Strikes A Deal

Flying Frenchie Strikes A Deal

Backstage the cameras pick up the Flying Frenchie beaming as the commissioner signs a contract looking upset and generally disgusted. The Frenchie examined the contract carefully, and informed the commissioner that he had made a spelling error in the agreement. Cursing loudly, the commissioner ripped up the contract and sent an assistant to get a new, blank contract. Still beaming, the Frenchie patted the commissioner on the head.

Ultra Violet Arrives

Ultra Violet Arrives

In the parking lot of the arena, cameras pick up Ultra Violet, who is trying to figure out how to convert his American dollars into an Asian currency. Spotting Doomsday walking around the parking lot looking for signs of Kidman and Zhuk, Ultra Violet asks for assistance in making the currency conversion. Roberts and Judge Steel exchange a glance, and ask for Ultra Violet's money. Ultra Violet happily hands it over, and Roberts hands over some Monopoly money in exchange. Ultra Violet looks at it skeptically, and Roberts explains that the cartoon man on the money is the *old* Prime Minister of China. Ultra Violet nods with understanding, and enters the arena.
Watching all of this on monitors inside the arena is Primetime and Mitch Wilson, who look confused as Primetime wonders aloud just who that masked man was.

French Foundation vs. Dark Riders

French FoundationFrench Foundation

The French Foundation came to the ring, with the Flying Frenchie and Primetime wrestling for the evening. The Frenchie was beaming, and before getting into the ring walked over to the announcing table and whispered something in the ear of James Armstrong, who puffed up and looked pleased. The Black Quicksilver then asked Frenchie if he was man enough to face stump in a match at next week's Warfare. The Frenchie sniffed into the air, and informed the Black Quicksilver that he would not step into the ring with such a smelly bunch of scalp. At that moment the lights went off, and fire erupted from the entrance ramp. Plauge and War made their way to the ring with Scott Taylor, and from behind them a large shadowy figure could be seen standing just beyond the entrance door. The Dark Riders both leapt into the ring and forced the Foundation from the ring. Plague began to scream and drive his own head into the mat, hitting it repeatedly until blood began to freely flow over his eyes. War started the match with Primetime, using his strength to bat the smaller man from post to post. Primetime used his speed and agility to escape a running tackle and jumped on War's back, where he attacked with rapid rabbit punches until War was sent to his knees. The Frenchie and Plague were tagged in, and Plague at once began to bite and claw at the Frenchie, laughing histerically. The ref attempted to get this stopped, and Plauge smacked him to the mat with a hard chop. Plague began to deliver multiple head butts to the Frenchie as the ref called for the DQ. fWo security and officals hit the ring to get the Foundation to safety as the Dark Riders looked on from the ring. Plague began to scream, but was interupted by the sound of howling from the rafters. Looking up a wolf was spotted roaming the upper tier, and from the darkness a pair of human but unmistakenly ferral eyes looked down.

Result: French Foundation by DQ

Ultra Violet on the scene

Ultra Violet on the scene

Ultra Violet come to the ring with Violet. Both are carrying armloads of Barney records, posters, and other merchandise. Ultra Violet sets the material next to the ring explaining to Chris Finn that he is dropping the material off for Joy, who most likely needed some cheering up after dropping on all those fat Internet reporters at Invasion! Ultra Violet then looked around the arena in confusion, noticing for the first time the Chinese crowd, who have begun to toss ribbons into the ring. Ultra Violet panics, as he and Violet runs into the ring and cover their eyes. They then await the arrival of Joy, who does not come to the ring. Officals inform Ultra Violet that Joy is hospitalized from massive injuries. Ultra Violet looks put out, as now he will have to find his way backstage again for no reason. At that moment, Plague and War walked onto the entrance ramp. Violet spotted them, pointed, and nudged Ultra Violet that the "Dork Riders" were here. As Ultra Violet looked on with a serious look on his face, the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on a moment later, Ultra Violet had been laid out in the ring. War and Plague stood where they had been, and now a large shadowy figure stood behind him...

Scotty Cool (c) vs. New Ninja


The New Ninja came to the ring and was at once approached by the Black Quicksilver, who asked the Ninja if he was interested in giving Stump a Hardcore title shot. As an answer, the Ninja grabbed the stump from the Black Quicksilver and tossed it up the entrance ramp and into the backstage area. Meanwhile, backstage Scotty Cool was looking in with concern on Ultra Violet, who seemed to be recovering from his attack. Scotty Cool left Ultra Violet in the care of Violet and walked to the entrance ramp, grumbling about the multiple problems he had in front of him. Darkness on Friday, showing Stevie Roberts the light, and finally putting an end to the Dark Riders before things got too far.

Result: No Contest

Doomsday Attack

Scotty Cool got onto the entrance ramp but was quickly attacked by Stevie Roberts, Famine, Surgeon, and Judge Steel. The New Ninja ran up the entrance ramp to stop the ruckus, and quickly a pier-six brawl broke out on the entrance ramp. Looking on from a backstage monitor was Darkness, who watched the events unfold with keen interest.